USA – “Clean Network” for Spying!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 16 June 2021

Ah, the West has such high double standards – they can spy on the world (and on each other) with impunity, yet it’s heretical if we take measures against their spying! What’s good for the goose, is a punitive sanction for the gander! Hey, don’t have a go at me, I’m not the only one who spotted the CCTV in the loo (toilet in Oz lingo)…..

“New York… London, seems to be a cloacina of all the depravities of human nature.” Thomas Jefferson

*Cloacina was the Roman goddess assigned to oversee the biggest drain built in Rome around 500 BCE, yes I’m talking about the poo pipe. The Sacrum Cloacina (shrine), was built to honour the deity for holding down the toughest job in the Iron Age – watching over humanity’s shit… know, like what the Statute of Liberty does today!

Can we be friends? Why?….ummm, so that I can spy on you?

You know how you have that one friend who everyone knows is full of it, but you still let her hang around because she’s kinda unstable and knows where you live? America is that friend to the Euros, except the creepy yank not only knows where Merkel lives, it wants to listen in on all the farticles she reads on the porcelain throne, and bug her yard with enough devices to sprout a new ecosystem.

The kicker is, America is not content with only employing its own contemptible offspring to spy on its bought and paid for Deutsche vassel, it thought the hilarity of the spy mission would receive an incremental boost if it got the not so great Danes to join!

Steinmeier left, Merkel right…..both understand the pain of having someone listen to the pet names you give to your spouse’s private bits…..

So the NSA in collaboration with the Danish knaves, spied on both the German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and his then opposition Peer Steinbrück (along with the chancellor)…. does anyone else think a projector screen and popcorn were involved in the backroom of the NSA? Must be hours of entertainment discovering Steinmeier’s xHamster account, and debating the utility of the naughty items on Steinbrück’s Amazon wish list. Because American ethics is leveraged to its IQ, it sunk to the all time low of spying not only on ONE friend, but on ALL of them! Yes, the world’s most infamous bottom feeder spied on France, Sweden and Norway too! To read a version of this comedy/tragedy, click here.

If we even did half the shit White folk do.

So Huawei gets banned on Western projection alone, with only a whimper of protestation from the global community at large, but Western spyware under the cloak of “encryption”, gets away with having enough backdoors to host a Mardi Gras for a year? What does this really say about who we are as human beings?

Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s ex PM admitted that there was no smoking gun regarding Huawei’s Australian ban, BUT was emphatic that needing a smoking gun would be the wrong assessment to take.

The real question is not looking for a smoking gun but asking whether this is a loaded gun and whether you want to have that risk.” Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm BBC

Of course evidence, aka “a smoking gun” would be the wrong assessment to take in OUTRIGHT BANNING a private Chinese corporation when the problem lies in skin pigmentation, and not at all on “technology”. I mean, how can you prove that slanty eye inventors are ipso facto, “evil”? You can’t, BECAUSE THAT’S A WHOLE BOTTLE OF CRAZY SAUCE waiting for a plastic ham to marinade in….you thought that made no sense? Exactly. Western logic runs parallel to plastic marinaded meat analogies, because racism makes no bloody sense!

The risk is NOT Huawei having backdoors to the Chinese government, the real risk is having China become so successful that the West will have TO SUCK A HIGHBROW MANDARIN’S SHAFT for the next century that proves discordant to Western sensibilities…… afterall, no white man wants his yellow brother to get a head……

Turnbull’s double standard is ubiquitous among Western leaders, where ANYTHING of acclaim achieved by the coloured folks must be measured against perfection itself, but any half-assed, B grade sculpted turd the West makes, should simply be imagined to be the Venus de Milo…….(the only Westerner who hasn’t stolen anything).

Show me a Western country that doesn’t spy, and I’ll show you the miracle in the holy book…….

Look, it’s not just this recent Snowden reveal that juxtaposes Western values to warm blooded human values, the West has been into intelligence hacking and collusion from way back. We all know about the unholy alliance between the CIA and the “Swiss” AG Crypto, luring every country on this planet (except for the incredibly astute and cautious Chinese and Russians), into buying their encrypted spyware. Their most loyal customer was surprisingly Iran, who continued to buy their dodgy products despite inklings of the company’s CIA connection being leaked to the press.

This unsavoury spy matrix had a shelf life spanning decades, with the DIRTY NETWORK sharing it’s goodies with, surprise surprise, their OTHER WHITE BROTHERS! This is the notorious Five Eyes nucleus, where the cardinal qualification to join, is the maximisation of minimal melanin content. Japan, once again the yellow pooch who will wag its tail, play dead (by being bombed to literal death – twice) and shake paws with the White master, has the POTENTIAL to become the much vaunted (SI) 6th eye under the current reign of PM Suga…..ah, how mentally salubrious it must be to offer up one’s ass for the pummeling pleasure of an insatiable prick who won’t even offer you a wet wipe, let alone some decent lube…….(use canola oil bitch, and fry me up some tempura while ya at it!)

“…… even if Japan can become a member, this does not mean the country will automatically be given intelligence by other members. According to former officials of the U.S. and British intelligence authorities, a Five Eyes member often confines the number of recipients of important and sensitive information to only some of the other four countries, in order to prevent leaks.” Nikkei Asia

…….my guess is, the “important and sensitive” information will NEVER flow to Japan’s court, because why in the name of Hirohito should it? Japan only thinks it’s wearing a tuxedo to a swanky black tie function when infact, it’s the Tokio Jokio being served up as the White man’s roast…..

To watch possibly the most offensive cartoon in history, click here

Sometimes I really wonder about us Asians, especially the Indians, Japanese and “Taiwanese” (aka CHINESE PEOPLE)….if you were duped once, why on earth would you trust THE SAME DUPLICITOUS son of a canine who bombed, robbed and betrayed you, AGAIN? Japan was the first post WWII Eastern super power to be assigned the evil Asian sobriquet, and given a litany of charges which it didn’t commit, so why is it joining the Western gangbang to kneecap China now? Is Japan taking direct shots of Fukushima’s waste water as an oblation to the God of Sanctions? Is Japan so enamoured with America’s “soft” power (softening up the grey matter of its people through lead water), that it’s hauling ass on the sprint track to become as stupid as America?

To read, click here

Japan knows full well that American vilification stem from nothing more than a failure to compete. It felt first hand, the envious wrath of the US when it got a leg up on the plaster saint during the bubbilicious 80s/90s. Then Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger, Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldrige and the CIA blocked the sale of Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation to Fujitsu Ltd on the faux vexation of ……(drumroll)….”national security” issues. Getting Americans to say that the real bone of contention is the entrepreneurial impotence of American capitalists would be too difficult…… I mean the average American would find it too difficult to pronounce “entrepreneurial impotence” because it has too many syllables……*dumb ass yanks*.

If you want to argue that the discrimination against the Japanese is a relic of the 90’s and already caged in a posh London museum, let me give you the money shot from the latest G7 meeting on 11 June 2021……

Remember, these dinosaurs started roaming the commercial chambers from 1973 as the boardroom pinup for all the “undeveloped” counties to aspire to. Even as we speak, Japan is STILL the third largest economy IN THE WORLD, yet look at where they placed the obsequious Suga….. ooooh look, there he is, standing right AT THE BACK, BEHIND his underperforming Western counterparts! How quaint that third place should now be put UNDER 9th, 7th, 5th and 4th! This is the plight of the yellow man who so desperately wants to be white, that he will neuter his own success.

From Statistics Times, projected rankings

America is adamant on destroying any contender to the throne because it is a power miser- it doesn’t know how to function in a multipolar world. Realistically, NOONE is threatening America in any which way. Who the fuck even wants America? What for? To get at the cheap glyphosate laced burgers, or for the jiggly plebeians who test the limitations of elasticity by simply trying on a pair of spandex? America has everything you don’t want and none of anything you need!

The Dirty Bastard Network…..It’s never been CLEAN!

Anytime, anyone, anywhere DARES to contend that China and Russia are the spy happy havens, tell them that despite swallowing every Disney tale spun around America’s “gallantry” in cyber warfare, they won’t shit out half a decent proof that the US is not behind the attacks!

I am so sick of hearing about the laxity of ethics regarding freedom, privacy and human rights in China and Russia, when it’s the West that harbours the detritus of censorship, abuse and political voyeurism gone awry.

Here’s the real shit. The next time you hear that Russia or China is doing cyber espionage, keep this in mind. The CIA goes around PRETENDING TO BE these countries! The American government sanctioned thugs (CIA), leave the necessary “fingerprints” to incriminate any country that currently resides on America’s shitlist. According to Ray McGovern former CIA inside man, the language fingerprints include Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic.

“With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the “fingerprints” of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.” Wikileaks Vault 7

Think Umbrage is kinda meh? Well, how about HIVE, a diabolical CIA program that spits out bogus certificates for anti virus companies as it does an info colonoscopy on the organisation? How fucked up are Americans? Very, is the answer.

“Digital certificates for the authentication of implants are generated by the CIA impersonating existing entities. The three examples included in the source code build a fake certificate for the anti-virus company Kaspersky Laboratory, Moscow pretending to be signed by Thawte Premium Server CA, Cape Town. In this way, if the target organization looks at the network traffic coming out of its network, it is likely to misattribute the CIA exfiltration of data to uninvolved entities whose identities have been impersonated.” Vault8, Wikileaks.

Just in case you are tempted to mark off Umbrage and Hive as a two for one deal aberration, here’s a few more CIA “spy on every bloody body” programs which might tickle your fancy: Protego, Angelfire, Expresslane, Couch potato, Dumbo, Imperial, Highrise, Bothanspy. To see full list, go to Vault7.

The good thing about American Intelligence, is that it’s stupid.

When I give America a bit of a ribbing, I’m not using the average sibling dating, nose picker from Idaho to make a point. I’m using their crème de la crème for my irreverence. With such plum pickings of stupidity at the top, why would I need to stoop to the trough to highlight the incredulity of having them lead us?

America is not only cerebrally maimed, it’s evil too. I can forgive an idiot, but messed up evil moron is a bit too much. It not only looks into, and up every orifice we own, it has a corrosive jealousy streak that disdains all prosperity in places it can’t control. Here’s an example of them trying to trip up Cuba (a country that won’t allow American sodomisation of their national assets) by planning to BLOW UP their OWN SHIP, and thereby killing their OWN CITIZENS in a vain attempt to start a war. This grand strategy shoots straight from the large intestine of American Intelligence, and onto a memorandum for deliberation known as Operation Northwood.

Taken from Operation Northwood- The National Security Archive

You thought the above plan was the exemplar of dysfunctional? Operation Acoustic Kitty really puts the crown on the nation of the walking brain dead.

“In an hour-long procedure, a veterinary surgeon transformed the furry feline into an elite spy, implanting a microphone in her ear canal and a small radio transmitter at the base of her skull, and weaving a thin wire antenna into her long gray-and-white fur. This was Operation Acoustic Kitty, a top-secret plan to turn a cat into a living, walking surveillance machine. The leaders of the project hoped that by training the feline to go sit near foreign officials, they could eavesdrop on private conversations.” The Atlantic

Normal people see “pet”……
American “Intelligence” sees Ethan Hunt…..

Naturally, you now want to know if it’s possible to create an eavesdropping pussy right? Well, besides marrying a fine young lass, it’s NOT possible! Apparently the first spy cat was RUN OVER by a CIA officer, and the rest of the litter turned out to be remarkably independent (as all felines are). Basically all the CIA got, was sounds of orgiastic alley cats practicing the 64 Catasutra positions, in all of their nine lives.

I will applaud America and the West in general for their creative hallucinations even without a jab of LSD, and you know what? If it makes them feel validated to believe that they are “clean” rather than 10 shades of gravel licking crazy… be it. The rest of us who haven’t signed on to be Lucifer’s influencers will continue to invent, innovate and live out our lives devoid of paranoia!