Made in China, Bought by the US. Li-Meng Yan, an all American Shillizen!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 6 June 2021.

“[Her] mother should have thrown [her] away and kept the stork.” Mae West

I sometimes wistfully sigh, if only I can be more of a whitewashed sellout to the West, imagine the accolades, fame and fortune I could accrue. I’d funnel enough Washington funds to my account to get a swanky Manhattan apartment as I roll outta the latest Merc coupe. All that is required, is murdering my own conscience, and spinning enough propaganda to get my brethren killed by contributing to the evil Asian meme. Sign me up!

Just kidding! Only Asian LOSERS take that route. Those of us who are not lobotomized don’t have to that stoop that low, we won’t bargain off our dignity for a few lousy coins and notoriety. Why the FUCK would we?

And then there are the minions like Yan….

To read a very rare, unbiased article in Western media about the fraudulent Yan, click here.

So we all know this wannabe nerd catapulted herself onto American and Western screens because of her cult like zeal in demonizing China. Yan, the bespectacled, thin lipped, heavily accented creation of the Bannon empire, got her 5 minutes of fame by doing the media rounds, pretending to be a legitimate scientist who had tangible evidence of the “malicious” CPC creating a bioweapon to cause unmitigated global pandemonium. She must have downed a fair few litres of discount grog to convince herself that it was her brilliance and courage that garnered her the title of “whistleblower” in the game of Sino blamedemics, and not what 99% of Western people really think – another ugly chink we have under our leash. Bark dear girl, bark loudly on our behalf, afterall we don’t want to appear racist now do we?

Selling your soul for crumbs

I call Yan a “wannabe” nerd, because bona fide nerds not only look like they dress without the benefit of mirrors, they actually have substance. They make our world better through their ingenuity, creating systems which thwart hours of arduous toil – what do fake nerds like Yan do? Nothing much except became the iconography of batshit crazy mired in self-hate, all the while giving impetus for people like me to do a refresher course in highschool biology – we are afterall, smart enough to Google credible virologists and epidemiologists to check for the plausibility of her risible claims!

Sometimes I look at people like Yan and Guo Wengui (another Chinese cast off who boldly asserted that the CPC would have Jack Ma snuffed out on October 5, 2019) and think to myself, this is what low self-esteem drawn to the peak looks like. They know what they are touting is nothing more than a whopping heap of acrimonious horse shit, yet they persist…..

Rule of Law MY ASS!

Both Guo and Yan work for Steve Bannon, a bilious, fallen on hard times Santa lookalike…… say that Bannon looks rough around the edges, is to dismiss the entire parched landscape that is his facial terrain – a creation predating the evolution of water, but just in time for the sun’s searing rays to leather up his epidermis.

Irony as a virtue, must run through the veins of every American with political ties, because it doesn’t dawn on them how conspicuously hypocritical they appear to everyone else.

So what exactly does this bogus Rule of Law (Rol) organisation do besides produce political flatulence for those who have defunct olfactory nerves? Let’s consult their “Vision” statement!

Wait, does anyone have a translation for American? I have no idea which orifice this is coming from. Doesn’t the ruling POLITICAL PARTY MAKE THE LAWS FOR A NATION? Did China get to make American laws for American citizens to live by? Aren’t American LAWS MADE BY THE POLITICAL SYSTEM OF AMERICA? Please tell me their core values make more sense…
Wow I’m on board with the core values! Count me in for protecting free speech and integrity….this sounds lit mate!

…….until you read the fine print……


Hold up, hold up. Isn’t this organisation SUPPOSED TO AID CHINESE PEOPLE IN CHINA? Remember, they are the demographic who we, the flagrantly shameless coup forming, resource stealing, border children locking, kangaroo court trialing, Chevron Amazon poisoning, Radium Girl manufacturing West deem to be needing of our “help” in their struggle for freedom, so why in the name of Rosetta Stone, would the ENGLISH VERSION take precedence over the Mandarin? Oh because one of their most prized lap dogs, Guo Wengui the Chinese Nostradamus who COULDN’T PREDICT JACK MA’S DEATH, is as crooked as a malocclusion mouth…..


Because Bannon hates China that much, he’s willing to work with the smarmy opportunistic devil that is Guo! Every major political epoch draws a tiny group of traitors who will sellout their own for a pittance. During the Opium smuggling Roosevelt days, we had Howqua, and now? We have the Vicky Xu’s, Guo’s and Yan’s eager and keen to step into Howqua’s shoes, hoping for a sideways glance of the White whip master. It’s beyond cringey, it’s downright pathetic!

Hey looky here! I’ve compiled a shitty report!

Ya know what? When I mute myself, but amp up the instrumentals in karaoke, I think it’s only a matter of time I’ll be recognised as the next Houston or Carey….boy do I sound great singing when I can’t be audibly detected! Likewise with Yan’s SARS-CoV-2 report. Seriously, if she had just shown that report, let’s say to her mum and the local asylum, she would have received thunderous applause, a pat on her bonehead, while being rewarded with a stronger dosage of Valium for a hallucination well done. But she didn’t….she insisted on showing the world her non peer reviewed kindy project, vehement in her conviction that the CPC would crumble before her – a mousy, indistinct opthamologist who decided that her route to insta-fame would involve impersonating virologists, biomedical engineers and geneticists.

I know for the majority of us who are NOT in the scientific field think meh, same difference. I mean opthamology involves eyes, corneas blah blah blah, and she studied corneas in lab animals blah blah blah, viruses are tested on lab rats blah blah blah, so what the heck, that’s good enough for me! Afterall, she is throwing China’s repute down the sewers so that in itself is a good reason to believe her 26 page report of irreverent scientific diarrhoea.

Unfortunately for Yan, real nerds will ALWAYS take you to task. Scientists (credible ones) are not going to let you get away with a misdiagnosed allele here, and a skewed sample there. Yan is a grade A imbecile in thinking that her pseudo scientific reasonings, staccatoed with anti China hysteria would go undetected. Unlike Yan, who let self-hate and a few freshly minted greenbacks buy her allegiance, a plethora of dignified members of the scientific community stood stoically by the principles of impartial research and tore her apart!

A Twitter firestorm promptly erupted. Prominent virologists, such as Kristian Andersen from Scripps Research and Carl Bergstrom from University of Washington, took to the internet and called out the paper for being unscientific. Chief among their complaints was that the report ignored the vast body of published literature regarding what is known about how coronaviruses circulate in wild animal populations and the tendency to spill over into humans, including recent publications about the origins of SARS-CoV-2.” National Geographic

The disdain for her unscrupulous ethics roared on with Cambridge’s MIT Press churning out the following critiques by once again, REAL SCIENTISTS!

CAMBRIDGE, MA – September 30, 2020–The MIT Press Journal (RRC:19)

“Collectively, reviewers have debunked the authors’ claims that: (1) bat coronaviruses ZC45 or ZXC21 were used as a background strain to engineer SARS-CoV-2, (2) the presence of restriction sites flanking the RBD suggest prior screening for a virus targeting the human ACE2 receptor, and (3) the furin-like cleavage site is unnatural and provides evidence of engineering. In all three cases, the reviewers provide counter-arguments based on peer-reviewed literature and long-established foundational knowledge that directly refute the claims put forth by Yan et al. There was a general consensus that the study’s claims were better explained by potential political motivations rather than scientific integrity.” Reviewer Dr. Robert Gallo, biomedical researcher and co-founder of The Institute of Human Virology

“Widely questionable, spurious, and fraudulent claims are made throughout the paper about the thought-to-be precursor of SARS-2, RaTG13, found in bat caves. The author’s attacks include quotes which have not been referenced, including how this ‘has been disputed and its truthfulness widely questioned. Soon a paper proving that will be submitted.’ She then goes on to attack several genome sequences as fraudulent, ranging from pangolin coronaviruses to bat coronaviruses, again without evidence. The reference she cites for that, in fact, does not make that claim.” Reviewer Dr. Takahiko Koyama, IBM Research, Computational Biology Center

“[The] authors’ speculation of furin cleavage insert PRRA in spike protein seemed quite interesting at first. Nevertheless, recently reported RmYN02 (EPI_ISL_412977), from a bat sample in Yunnan Province in 2019, has PAA insert at the same site[2]. While the authors state that RmYN02 is likely fraudulent, there are no concrete evidences to support the claim in the manuscript. In addition, argument of codon usage of arginine in PRRA is not convincing since these are likely derived from some kind of mobile elements in hosts or other pathogens. Further investigations are necessary to unravel the mystery of the PRRA insert. For these reasons, we conclude that the manuscript does not demonstrate sufficient scientific evidences to support genetic manipulation origin of SARS-CoV-2.” Reviewer Dr. Adam Lauring, University of Michigan, Internal Medicine

The debunking continues…. for those of you who prefer listening to an affable, credible researcher for corona viruses, Benjamin Neuman will elucidate why the points of proof (the “tampering” of polybasic cleavage sites and restriction enzyme cleavage sites) cited by Yan to incriminate the Chinese government, is the virology equivalent of Christian “science”, enjoy!

Click here. Neuman served on the international committee on the taxonomy of viruses, a coronavirus study group.

When Stupid swipes right to Racism

What confounds me most about life, is the sheer unwillingness by most people to fluff up their “general knowledge” base before forming an opinion. We no longer learn for the sake of understanding things with more nuance, but only for career advancement and bank balances. Nothing particularly wrong with this, except we compound our cerebral laxity with virulent sinophobia, casting aspersions on the Chinese and holding them hostage for all our worldly woes.

The reemergence of the Covid-19 lab leak theory is not only pernicious to Asian lives in the West, it’s commonsense wise, appallingly stupid – think about it. The paper trail showing “Fauci’s” Gain of Function project to Wuhan DOESN’T prove China made a bioweapon, that’s as mind blowingly dumb as saying you have a paper trail of me booking an appointment with the hairdresser’s, and INSISTING that I had a haircut EVENTHOUGH trichologists can discern no difference to my hair in either styling or length. You attest to have “proof” that I had a haircut eventhough there is NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE for such a belief, but YOU believe I had one, on the basis that I made an appointment?

It is improbable that SARS-CoV-2 emerged through laboratory manipulation of a related SARS-CoV-like coronavirus. As noted above, the RBD of SARS-CoV-2 is optimized for binding to human ACE2 with an efficient solution different from those previously predicted. Furthermore, if genetic manipulation had been performed, one of the several reverse-genetic systems available for betacoronaviruses would probably have been used. However, the genetic data irrefutably show that SARS-CoV-2 is not derived from any previously used virus backbone.” Nature Medicine

Here, let me translate the above to bruh speak: “Look folks anything is possible…yes, you COULD have been abducted by the greys, and in gestation as we speak, with an alien baby hybrid who you hope to name Æ A-12, in honour of Earth’s favourite martian, Elon Musk…… HOWEVER, all evidence points to alcohol, and a condomless encounter with a mere earthling, commonly known around this barn as “Alimony Andy”.”

Stop getting your “science” from politicians! Damn.

I’m not going to give you MY OPINION as a bottom of the food chain English teacher in Japan, what I will do however, is give you years of research done by astrobiologists who had to earn their stripes through the traditional rigours of academic prestige, which INCLUDES published findings in PEER REVIEWED research. Not only that, they hold longevity in their field of expertise and pioneered a theory for future astrobiologists to build upon. Unlike Yan, whose conspiracy theory is only believed by global Yellow Perilists, Chandra Wickramasinghe and Fred Holye’s hypothesis doesn’t just hold sway amidst the latest Asian miasma. Their theory that life on earth is based on panspermia rather than abiogenesis, ACTUALLY EXPLAINS what we are witnessing in real time, right now.

*For those interested in reading a more recent experiment on panspermia, click here.

Hoyle on the left, Wickramasinghe on the right.

Wickramasinghe and Holye are awarded academics in the fields of astrobiology, astronomy and mathematics. They have studied the 1918 global pandemic in depth and so far, their explanation is the only viable one for the intermittent explosion of Covid-19 in various parts of the world DESPITE THE FACT that we’ve had almost no international travel for more than a year, with a virus that has a self life of around 2 weeks.

What are viruses anyway?

*The following information is extracted from Comets and Contagion: Evolution and Diseases From Space Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.1, and Chandra Wickramasinghe, Ph.D.2, – Emeritus, Brain Research Laboratory,  2Astrobiology Centre, Cardiff University, UK

Viruses comprise 42.2% of the human genome, and almost half of the genomes of all mammals. We have 200,000 copies of endogenous retroviruses which were given to us through at least 31 infection events.

Viruses come with 2 tagalongs, bacteria and archae but outnumber them by 100:1. Considering how many of these little critters are constantly partying around us, the percentage of destruction or harm caused by them is miniscule. “In fact archae, bacteria and viruses have donated to the eukaryotic genome many of the core genes which made evolution and speciation possible”. Viral genes can regulate gene expression to benefit the host.

“A variety of microbes have been discovered in the upper atmosphere, including those who are radiation resistant (Yang et al., 2010), and at heights ranging from 41 km (Wainwright et al., 2010) to 77 km (Imshenetsky, 1978) and thus in both the stratosphere and the mesophere which is extremely dry, cold (−85 °C (−121.0 °F;), and lacking oxygen.”

The next question is obviously, how long have we known about this? Is this information as old as gran’s knickers or the virology equivalent of blockchain tech?

The answer is, “as old as ya gran’s knickers!”

The Chinese were once again, one of the first civilizations to keep punctilious records of comets which flew past them as they sipped Tiequanyin tea, and nibbled on mooncakes. The “Mawangdui Silk” is a series of books compiled in 300 BC chronicling all the disasters which followed comet sightings. Big deal you say, 300 BC was not THAT long ago – wait for it…..I told you it was COMPILED in 300 BC, but the records themselves span all the way back to 1500 BC, detailing 29 comets and their aftermath!

Every time they appear in the south, they wipe out the old and establish the new. Fish grow sick, crops fail, Emperors and common people die, and men go to war. The people hate life and don’t even want to speak of it.” -Li Ch’un Feng, Director, Chinese Imperial Astronomical Bureau, (648, A.D).”

Was this only a “made in China” phenomenon? Hell no, the Euros noticed the same thing.

Rufus of Ephesus, a Greek physician in the first century AD noted a pandemic infecting Lybia, Syria and Egypt and pondered whether the origins of the plague were celestial rather than terrestrial. Marcus Manilius, a Roman astronomer in around 10-20 AD said:

“Death comes with those celestial torches, which threaten earth with the blaze of pyres unceasing, since heaven and nature’s self are stricken and seem doomed to share men’s tomb.”

The strange trajectory of the 1918 “Spanish” Flu

The very first time I heard about Covid-19, I like many other simpletons thought meh, another flu. Then it became, “….here we go, let’s talk smack about China yet again – draconian lock down, bat eating, cat eating basically everything the Chinese do is wrong” – political BS in a cocktail of racism. I also watched every hocus pocus, noobtube recommendation. Yes I watched Plandemic, Gain of Function paper trail “leaks” and the infamous Andrew Kauffman with his “exosomes are the REAL Covid19 virus!” brand of crazy. Like I always say, I will try to understand all types of reasonings irrespective of how many shades of tin foil they come in.

Then came my “hold up” moment. This started in around May 2020, when the figures in Russia started to go bonkers. I distinctly remembered that in February 2020 there were zero Covid-19 cases in Putin’s world because all their Chinese borders were swiftly closed. Look, I’m no Ramanujan but zero times zero is……(carry the one)…ummm, ZERO. How do you go from zero to almost HALF A MILLION INFECTIONS with strict border control if we adhere to the human transmission theory? Until that point, I never really questioned the axiom that viruses reaching epidemic or pandemic proportions were all due to person to person infection after the intermediary animal vector component.

Taken from Statista

I wrote about panspermia as a possible explanation on Quora, only to have idiots who WOULDN’T EVEN read the links and books I gave, ask me how did viruses and bacteria survive the UV radiation in the atmosphere etc. These points are literally ALL EXPOUNDED ON in the body of literature I linked!

“On average over 2 million pounds of cosmic dust falls to Earth every day……… if microbes are attached to this stellar debris, most would likely survive.  The smaller sub-micron sized particles and any microbes and viral particles attached to them, do not burn up……..they fall upon the upper atmosphere………sometimes staying aloft for years, crisscrossing the planet, gently falling downward, until finally making a soft landing on whatever is beneath them, be it ocean, river, animal, plant, or human”

“Further, as they are caught up in the jet streams of the upper atmosphere, viruses and bacteria may be dispersed over wide areas of land and sea, triggering pockets of contagion which are separated by hundreds even thousands of miles.”

This is the only plausible explanation if you consider the unconventional path the 1918 pandemic took.

If we abide by the orthodoxy of keeping safe by keeping 6 ft away, how do we get the rapid spread of the 1918 Flu in Alaska during the months of Nov-Dec? Remember, Alaska was home to only around 50,000 people back then, on a land patch the size of Europe.

Human spread also can’t explain the synchronised appearance of the virus in two continents. Boston and Bombay simultaneously reported their first cases on the same day, yet from Boston the flu took three weeks to reach New York City? It seems not only Quantum Mechanics can do Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance”, apparently viruses can too according to convention…..

How about the exhibition of funky behaviour by ostensibly the “same” virus, happening in the same country, under local time without a lag to account for mutation?

The lethal second wave also provided striking evidence of local patchiness from one American city to another. Death rates from respiratory disease recorded in the late months of 1918 varied dramatically between different cities. A striking contrast came from Pittsburg and Toledo, neighbouring cities with normally almost identical death-rates and with populations engaged in similar daily occupations. The late 1918 death-rate from respiratory diseases in Pittsburg exceeded that in Toledo, not by a few percent or a few tens of percent, but by an enormous 400 percent.”

Am I staking my life savings (exactly $23.78 AUD) on Wickramasinghe and Holye’s work? No way cupcake. Am I saying that this angle needs to be examined? Bloody hell, YES!

While Halley’s comet had no effect on the 1918 pandemic, Comet Encke came fairly close to us on October 27, 1914 and was almost parking it’s ass on the sun (perihelion) in 1918. Solar flares, while not directly dangerous to us, do have carry over effects…here’s a tidbit on its effects on arthritis– you’re welcome!

Temporary insanity vs agent of global dystopia

I abhor people like Yan, not only because she’s profiting from a cause célèbre that is contentious enough to have life threatening ramifications on a minority group that has historically been persecuted, she’s concomitantly supporting a doctrine for creating hell on earth. We are more than aware of the zeal fundamental religious nutbags express for the Rapture just to prove that their “faith” (which is submerged in a vat of racial and gender oppression, just waiting for a comeback), is “correct”.

It is sick to support a Leviathan that has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but create a Luciferin playground in our only home – planet earth. Look, you can call me racist all you want, but simple VERIFIABLE FACTS unequivocally show that Western “civilization” has caused unforetold destruction, in unprecedented levels. Calling Western people out, SHOULDN’T BE DEEMED RACIST!

Racism is subjugating a continent to the confines of a yoke and chain for 4 centuries, indoctrinating self hate to the point where the descendants of a once noble race, begin to hate their own nose, hair, pigmentation and culture.

Racism is assigning a blanket ascription of malicious intent to Asians, so that the world sees everything we do, not as a biological function for survival, but rather as a pejorative life choice based on the vector of barbarism.

Racism is NOT, after being on the brunt of innumerable genocidal rampages and cultural obliteration campaigns perpetrated by the SAME group of people, us telling them to put a FUCKIN’ LID ON IT!

This is the reality of what ALL WHITE SAVIOUR regimes look life after they’ve blessed the little coloured lambs, and “welcomed” them into the fold. The sacrificial sheeps now have the privilege to participate in the anointed one’s ceremony, inaugurating them into a life of Western “values”. Yes, they get to play the part of scapegoat, and witness the macabre pleasure of having all their national resources and government services eviscerated, ready to be parceled out to Western corporations – the best part is, no anaesthesia for the slaughtered ones! Imagine the delight of lining up for a new kidney, only to find the old ticker gone too! Oh Washington you heart stopper, you! The pleasures of pleasing Washington….is it BLOODY WORTH IT when we need to die a metaphorical and a literal death?

Iraq is the poster nation on why you shouldn’t dial USA when you need advice on how to improve upon a dictatorship situation…… remember Halliburton, Blackwater and Lockheed Martin are not seafood, new age water and sneaker companies…….

“Lockheed Martin, whose former vice president chaired the committee loudly agitating for war in Iraq, received $25 billion ………..The Democratic congressman Henry Waxman noted that the sum “exceeded the gross domestic product of 103 countries, including Iceland, Jordan, and Costa Rica……”

After the Lockheed Martin touch……

“……. the vast majority of Iraqis have no protection at all. They walk the streets wide open to any possible violence, with nothing between them and the next car bomb but a thin layer of fabric. In Iraq, the lucky get Kevlar, the rest get prayer beads.” The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism” by Naomi Klein

Yan’s karmic debt rests not only in betraying her own, she’s incurring a tab that champions a political carnivore who reduces ALL LIFE on earth to a figure on the balance sheet. Only ants, at a population of 10,000 trillion have colonised more parts of the world than the West, but unlike the good for nothing freeloaders, ants ACTUALLY HAVE UTILITY and a life purpose………

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  1. Hello Rei.

    I was one of your followers during the “Quora” days. As an Asian male, I feel happy reading your blog often and gaining knowledge. I never even knew about Vincent Chen until I saw one of your blogs last year.

    Thank you for writing. This really means a lot to me.

    p.s. In the future, I would like to be friends if there’s time haha.

    1. Hi Johann, happy to hear from you. Keep learning about who we really are, it is imperative in being confident both as Asian men and women. Absolutely to the offer of friendship, lmk whenever you need to talk!

  2. Greetings Rei,

    I’m one of the blokes who read and followed you on Quora and we bantered a wee bit concerning racism in Australia .

    It’s extremely wonderful that you wrote this piece as the media has gone crazy with this lie after lies regarding Xin Jiang and HK failed. I miss your presence in Quora (I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way too).

    I’ll be reading your upcoming posts and hope that one day we can be friends. By the way,

    PS. I’m intrigued with the quality of your writing. I would like to write as good as you.


    1. Hi Manabu, thanks for dropping by here. Quora was great but in all honesty, like all platforms the censorship becomes too restrictive after a while.
      Yes, the flare up of the lab leak theory is just too ridiculous that I’m surprised no one is saying the obvious – a paper trail for outsourced research doesn’t prove a bioweapon was created! I’m so tired of twisted logic when it comes to China or any other successful Asian nation.
      Yes to friendship, we need more in our community and I welcome all forms of communication, lmk if you ever need to talk!

      1. Thank you for responding and accepting my offer of friendship, Rei.

        Shamefully, I used to be a self hating Asian due to my own self defence coping mechanism of being bullied and assaulted during my high school years (and I went to one of the most elite high school in Australia). Worse that my attitude was of the conservative (Liberal party and Republican mindset).

        Your writing on Quora slowly opened my mind especially you provided many articles as well as your own experience that I could relate to.

        I changed my mind completely about what it means to be an Asian living in a western centric country (despite the country is near Asia continent and even participate in Asian games sports event).

        So, I owe you a debt of gratitude despite reading what you wrote was a very bitter pill to stomach (I experienced identity crisis for 2 weeks). But now, I’m okay and feel better in building my own character.

        PS. How do I contact you to talk/text? You have my email, perhaps you can initiate the conversation when you’re ready and keen?

        Bunch of thanks.

        1. Yes, I remember our initial interaction, however I had no idea you continued to read me! I never knew I gave you a genuine perspective swift, and am really really happy that you found it in your heart to let me know.
          I will invite you for a chat, do you use LINE, Zoom or Skype?

          1. I attempted to send you a DM on Twitter to tell you my LINE ID. But alas, I couldn’t send you a DM as you’re not following me (not that you have a reason to, I don’t tweet much).

            My line ID is the same as my email address (the one word before the @).

            Sorry for not being straight forward, not a big fan posting my personal contact on public forum.