Does China need to bail out America AGAIN?

By Rei Tanotsuka, 26 August 2021.

Remember a time when the world was showered with articles like this?……….

Back in the days of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with the ensuing housing bubble burst, Obama went to China with his begging bowl. When Wen Jiabiao expressed his concerns regarding the US making good on the $1 trillion dollar loan, Washington said ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY it has the means to settle the debt. Afterall, there are 2 kidneys and 2 corneas for every American body and only one is required for survival. America’s spare parts industry will pay for it!

Fast forward 14 years and America’s broke ass has continued to decline, while merry making in the markets via the printing press keeps everything artificially buoyant. That’s right, the American paper “millionaire” is a slum dog living in squalid conditions, while multi-millionaires arise from nothing fancier than TikToking and trading in Lockheed stocks. The latest craze is catching the motherload of asteroids to propel everyone to the billionaire stratosphere without once contemplating that when EVERYONE is a billionaire, NOONE IS!

American domestic woes aside, the story of the day is definitely the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. I’m sure we are all aware of the swift success of the Taliban in reclaiming Afghanistan under its banner of non-secular rule, but what’s more transfixing is the rumour mongering of America’s “intelligentsia” crying in unison that once again, this is all China’s fault? Whaaaat?

Holyschmoly, what ISN’T China’s fault?

Let me remind you that this war STARTED by America against Afghanistan, had its genesis in the 1970s Cold War! It was none of America’s damn business to physically get involved because it had already caused an ideological rift between China and Russia. China was already supporting the Afghan forces who were pro Soviet and anti China, and were battling it out when America decided to stick it’s fat head into the fray and give the Soviet it’s “own Vietnam”.

*FYI, “Afghanistan” another artificial creation by the West, was once called KAO-FU and a protectorate of China. Not exactly politically correct these days to be a “protectorate”, but in all honesty looking around the rest of the world during the Tang Dynasty reign, things could have been worse….. actually, no need to go back that far, witness the American INVASION and OCCUPATION for the last 2 decades!

Shoo in the most asinine “intellectuals” in the world – the cerebral prostitutes of the American empire, for they have been swimming in the opioid sewers looking for all types of shit to throw on China over Biden’s withdrawal. I mean for real? All the paid for coloured faces come out for a quick grab of the bonus bucks, to see who can incriminate China with the least amount of evidence and the highest level of imagination?

That’s right Chang, because the more you trash talk China, the whiter you look. How does it feel, to have to look at a reflection you want to beat up everyday?

…….ummmm ok, is Owens like FULL ON DEMENTED? Does she even know what she is saying? “Biden was instructed by China ..”, what on EARTH does she think a POTUS is? A bad mouthed butler who wipes softly on command? Also, can’t she at least learn ONE Asian name? Is her ghetto education so anaemic that “Xi” (2 letters, 1 syllable and America’s favourite Chinese to demonize) is just too difficult to pronounce? 1.4 billion people “instructed” ONE American and he managed to get the memo instead of tuning out the noise?

And then the truth slips out…..”lithium”, it’s always about money with the West.

Owens is nothing but Uncle Tom reincarnated into an even more unattractive package. A pathetic case of denial, devolution and derogation, where a few highly depreciating greenbacks can buy a life time allegiance to a group who whoop assed her mammy for (almost) a good 300 years. Cringe is what Owens looks like to dignified African Americans, and disgust is the accompanying visceral feel. At least Stacey Dash is cute….. whatever.

Stacey “You’re racist to White people, ya plantation slave!” Dash….click here for the slam down of a Black man who dared explain the plight of systemic racism by America’s favourite black, White girl.

Quick, hide! America is coming to help…… itself!

My ex coworker, an American woman who even the Japanese could see was unattractive, used to justify her “towering” (in her own eyes) aesthetic appeal by claiming that the plainest Japanese female coworker, was infact, the prettiest. Did she really mean it? Nope, she deliberately tried to create the illusion that she was HOTTER than the hottest Japanese girl around…..this is the convoluted manifestation of the American psychosis known as LIME GREEN ENVY, eventhough they are too supercilious to admit it.

Perverting a narrative, is not just customary ego polishing one occasionally dabbles in to give a little pep to the step, Americans REALLY do believe in their own press report.

Here’s Angelina Jolie, Hollywood humanitarian of the decade, who may or may not have stolen her first Asian infant from a woman who was more than willing to fulfill her maternal duties. A poverty stricken Cambodian mother has no right to rear her biological child, that’s a job for “kind” White people to do! Jolie continues to carry forth her magnanimous grace by blessing Mosul Iraqis with her ethereal presence – American propaganda at its finest! Imagine, a celestial being who bears all coloured children in her embrace, goes to a war torn country where every family suffers a melange of premature deaths, to tell them how HAPPY they are now, because AMERICA GAVE THEM FREEDOM!

Fuckin’ sanctimonious bitch, and while you’re there, why not grab another kid to add to your zoo?

Watch from 1:05 and look at where she is. LOOK AT THE RUINS of a once normal city, then match that image to the words coming out of her pie hole….. are you kidding me? Would JOLIE HERSELF, swap the METAPHYSICAL NOTION of “freedom” for comfort, stability and LIVING FAMILY MEMBERS? If she would, she’s a flaming idiot, but my guess is, she won’t. She says this is happiness because she doesn’t need to LIVE IT!

This is the same horseshit General Leslie Grove spun after America dropped 2 bombs on Japan, afterall radiation is a blessing and not a DNA mutating death sentence. Hey, everyone should go out with a BANG!

“……..Groves stated, “The Japanese claim that people died from radiations [sic]. If this is true, the number was very small.” In November, Groves also testified before the Senate that radiation poisoning was “without undue suffering” and “a very pleasant way to die”. Atomic Heritage Foundation.

Well then, I wish every American happiness and a pleasant death!

It’s always Golly gosh, we Americans are always goaded into fighting for justice. Is it because we are SO righteous that the world HATES our bloody guts, and if not for our nukes and sanctions, would have us castrated and flayed?”. Excepting a handful, the average American has no idea of the repugnant hypocrisy which laces their very being. “Discrimination” is claimed when forced to engage in the local lingo instead of English, and not being able to rape Okinawan women with impunity is RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, it’s always an attack on Americans! Why oh why?

This ain’t 20 baby…..

The media tells us that this Afghan war is ostensibly 20 years old, just legal enough to drink, do some social pot and go back home…. except it ain’t. It’s positively middle aged, awaiting the crisis of a sports hummer and a young shrink to diagnose another fresh episode of PTSD. The nascency goes all the way back to frigging Carter!

“In an interview in 1998, Brzezinski said: According to the official view of history, CIA aid to the mujahedin began during 1980, that is, after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan on 24 December 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise. Indeed, it was on 3 July 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul.” Freedom Next Time, by John Pilger

The first fistful of bucks came at $500 million, not exactly a princely sum to pay to get the Western vulture culture to play. Remember when Unocal cut a deal with the Taliban in the 90s, all these bastards profited- Enron, Amoco, British Petroleum, Chevron, Exxon and Mobil.

It’s not just unfettered capitalism that irks me, I mean if America had terrorised Afghans with lard tarts, pink slime meat burgers and high fructose beverages (as unscrupulous as that is), the Afghans could refuse the grease, or indulge in the atherosclerosis first, and bypass later. No no no, just because Americans by and large are afflicted with Cotard’s syndrome, they think that the rest of the world should also be clinically dead.

What I like most about America besides nothing, is its sheer willingness to pick the most sanguineous, sadistic dictator and then SUPPORT HIM, having faith in the internecine theory that it’s not the rabies in crazed dogs that’s the problem, it’s how you use them…….

Rashid Dostum……once again a talent misused by America. Dictator? A “before” eyebrow model would have been a bigger boon to capitalism!

A warlord who was the darling of Washington for about 6 seconds was the above brow boy, Rashid Dostum. If you think SAW movies are difficult to digest, try these for appetisers:

– chaining enemies to train tracks.

– pouring oil on Taliban POWS and setting them alight…..wait who were the bad guys again?

– putting wounded prisoners in closed containers to await suffocation, or death by wound infestation.

However, irrespective of how cruel life can be under Dostum, his practices are Disney compared to Yankee Doodle cruelty…..what can I say, Americans really are in a league of their own!

Jamie Dornan, former BBC director interviewed one of Dostum’s soldiers for a documentary, and even he thought the Americans went too far……did you read that properly? A group that runs over people on train tracks THINK AMERICANS ARE CRUEL AND BARBARIC!

I was a witness when an American soldier broke one prisoner’s neck and poured acid on others. The Americans did whatever they wanted. We had no power to stop them.”

Oh but what about the WOMEN? America liberated Afghan women so that they could be educated and walk independently without getting raped or maimed!……Sure, and then what happened AFTER you woke up?

“Saira Noorani, a female surgeon who escaped the Taliban in September 2001, recalled: Every girl could go to high school and university. We could go where we wanted and wear what we liked … We used to go to cafés and the cinema to see the latest Indian films on a Friday … It all started to go wrong when the mujahedin started winning … They used to kill teachers and burn schools … It was funny and sad to think these were people the West had supported. For Washington, the problem with the PDPA government was that it was supported by the Soviet Union.” Freedom Next Time, by John Pilger

Now that we brutally butt sexed ANOTHER country, can you guys provide the stitching and counseling?

First of all, GET FUCKED AMERICA, you broke it, you bought it!

Secondly…..ummmm, didn’t you say China is committing genocide on Muslims? Surely with that huge humanitarian cross you choose to bear for the benefit of the world, you can’t rest conscionably knowing that you are sending Afghans to a “genocidal” country right? Oh, Putin too said GET FUCKED AMERICA, albeit with more decorum than I did.

The only places America can coerce to pick up the refugee tab are it’s white brothers in arms, yes the same putrid coterie that has caused mayhem for a century. Deal with it morons!

Watching this unfold in real time, is as harrowing as it is interesting. This “death of all empires” exit from Afghanistan, provides probably the greatest insight into what true psychopathy looks like.

Watch Western media, it’s filled to the brim with imgaes of Afghanistan breaking apart, a tsunami of refugees fleeing, jumping in and on moving planes, with preliminary accusations that the Taliban won’t/can’t/ shan’t change. Yet China is telling the world an alternative message, WAIT! Give Afghanistan a chance to settle down. Give them some economic incentives to change and HELP THEM through ENCOURAGEMENT! Stop the prophecies of doom BEFORE the new Afghanistan has even had a chance to BEGIN!

China’s CGTN, letting LOCAL journalists speak to the Taliban to allow them to EXPRESS their thoughts.
Gloom and doom. BBC once again delights in show casing the fears of Afghans, naturally using anonymous and unverifiable sources.

Here’s another CGTN format I love. Film the incident in real time, and let viewers see WHAT is really happening. I didn’t watch anymore than a few minutes….. because NOTHING happens!

To watch paint dry, click here!

America, and the West in general, have a messianic neurosis, in that they honestly believe that countries not governed by White people, will have any semblance of law and order egress when they cease to hold the helm.

Are they insane? Practically every country untarnished by the West is in harmony. Some may not have the material abundance to render a sedentary existence, but NONE are trailing behind in the happiness quotient, not by a bloody long shot. Even cultures which the West thinks is uncouth, tribal or primitive, have order and structure which their members adhere to, leading to very few conflicts in daily life.

If the cumbersome West would mind its own damn business and quit propagating ideologies based on avarice and self supremacy, WE, the rest of the world would have very little conflict. Look at the polyandrous families in Tibet, you won’t see the brothers married to ONE woman, scratching out each other’s eyeball, or salivating the demise of a brother.

They have something called RULES which everyone obeys, unlike the feral West that delights in goose and gander laws. The eldest brother is the “dad”, the younger ones are “uncles”, and whoever’s shoes are infront of the wife’s room that night, gets snuggle time. The others respect the sanctity of the arrangement and no bloody INCEL groups are formed!

The United States needs to grow up. China and the rest of the world ain’t gonna be your minimum wage babysitter forever!

“Can there be love which does not lead to strictness with its object? Can there be loyalty which does not lead to the instruction of its object?”, Confucius.