Asians do it better, yes I’m talking about SEX!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 17 September 2021.

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Give me a few pages of a tantalising sex book, and I’m good for the night. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking Harlequin, I’m talking Su Nü Jing!

Growing up in Australia, sex was surreptitiously taught to be used as a tool. Through our media, we imbibed that our sexual status conferred our social standing, measured our bravado and even determined our earning capacity (Australia’s sugar babies). The more flesh we showed while proclaiming chastity (“I’m not that kind of girl”), the more enlightened and contemporary we appeared….naturally the line between being a Madonna or a Pope Gregory Mary Magdalene, was deliberately obfuscating.

*Just to clarify, when I say Madonna, I’m not talking about this vintage poser ok?

Western values can’t discern the difference between sex and the “worth” of a woman!

What has perplexed me for the longest time, is the duplicitous nature of the Anglo West in indoctrinating it’s daughters to disassociate the way they dress, talk and behave as having any correlation to their appraisal as a sentient being, yet in the very same breath, appearing like the local barn’s joyride renders the likeness of a patriot’s valour. Is showing your underboob really so risque, daring or fearless?



Let’s do some thinking of OUR OWN shall we? We need to ignore the anaesthetized opinions of journalists who grovel up to the group who butters their bread. Writers these days would have no qualms in recommending you shave off all your hair to buy the wigs they are assigned to promote.

If going near naked is indeed heralding a legion of nouveau bravery, why not give a shout out to our Koma girls? These Hollywood types are only “fearless” in a glasshouse nursery, flanked by bodyguards who make sure their 13cm heels used to “complete” their outfit (fabric would have been the other option), will never experience the phenomenon of motion. Who can actually walk for more than 5 continuous minutes in a pair of Manolo Blahnik Camparis?

Meanwhile our Nigerian sisters are strolling around with EVEN LESS security than RiRi’s laser precision diamante dress, but they are hauling water, holding rituals and attending to their agricultural duties! Aren’t these women equally, if not more courageous than Megan Fox shopping in a green bodysuit if we use social nudity as a barometer for bravery?


…….yes indeed. Let’s talk about American female insecurity. Imagine being in your mid 30’s (with 3 kids in tow), ditching your life partner of more than a decade for a bottle blonde, while trying to outdo your former 18 year old self – would you like fries with your mid life crisis?

*Something tells me that MGK’s (Machine Gun Kelly) drapes ain’t gonna match the carpet……..

Back to brave nudity, cheers to our Nigerian girls!

Nigerian Koma women in elation, probably after participating in a heated patchwork contest…..or maybe life is just good when THE WEST CAN’T BRAINWASH your self-esteem into the gutters.


What would this look like to ET?

I’m not the first person to use this hypothetical, but it’s a goodie so let’s go with it. Imagine if you were an alien who just landed on earth and knew nothing about the social demarcation (nor fashion) on who is worthy of emulation and who is not, would you not think the following 2 images parallel the same objective?

Colonialism at its finest!
A “celebrity”, Rose McGowan showing how similar Western women are to traditional colonial booty. Ah you say, but women in the West have a “choice” in that they “freely” choose to wear these outfits….mmmmm. Funny how these INDEPENDENT choices ALL adhere to the SAME format. If this is “individualism”, we have no need for CONFORMITY!

If you were said alien, you would get the distinct feeling that on planet earth, one half of the population runs around with exposed secondary sexual characteristics, and the other not. At this point it would be difficult to ascertain who has more strength, does the exposed half have skin capabilities to deflect harmful UV rays? Are there evolutionary defence mechanisms such as camoflauge or Wolverine claws embedded in the mammaries which allow the female of species to use nothing more than a strategically placed string and a bitchin’ attitoode as an apotropaic “shield”?

If upon further explanation, the alien understands that the female not only has LESS muscle mass, she concomitantly comes with weaker abilities in focusing on a target if her body concentration is not centralised (in rifle shooting both genders are equally capable, however in pistol shooting men outdo women consistently. To read, click here), in running, lifting heavy objects, and is more prone to harm upon chemical exposure. The biggest irony of the most exposed half, is that the skin covering her entire being, is actually 20-25% thinner than her male counterpart! Why on EARTH is SHE the one running around buck naked?

By now ET is desperately trying to call home, adamant that he has found an evolutionary paradigm that puts a guillotine to Darwinism – ‘survival of the weakest’ is the de jure law on the pale, blue dot!

ET draws a conclusion – the females emanating from the West are MENTALLY DEFECTIVE! This is the group that looks at “other” women who are much more well protected physically (clothed), as being “oppressed” and deficient in vitamin F (freedom), while they themselves crippled in spine contorting Jimmy Choos, wearing scraps of fabric, unable to run or even walk for 10 minutes on asphalt without becoming bow legged, are infact, liberated and FREE! Hooray, critical thinking has ceased to exist, and true oppression and misogyny has not only made a come back, it has been rebranded as emancipation, and is now embraced with open arms by Western women!

ET has his final epiphany – he at long last, has found a species that can survive WITHOUT A BRAIN!

It’s not only I who can see the banality of Western logic, most who actually use the frontal cortex can. Here is one wide awake Malaysian Millennial (The Curious Confucian) who understands the difference between faux strength (chastising your own culture, pretending you’ve taken the “red pill” because you seek the white applause) and real confidence (realise that we SHOULDN’T EVEN BE SEEKING WESTERN APPROVAL when Chinese, Indian, Persian/ Iranian culture has never met with Thanatos *God of Death* when so many other cultures have perished).

A stupid despot may constrain his slaves with iron chains; but a true politician binds them even more strongly by the chain of their own ideas; it is at the stable point of reason that he secures the end of the chain; this link is all the stronger in that we do not know of what it is made and we believe it to be our own work; despair and time eat away the bonds of iron and steel, but they are powerless against the habitual union of ideas, they can only tighten it still more; and on the soft fibers of the brain is founded the soundest of Empires.”, Joseph Michel Antoine Servan

What is sex?

Look at the following 2 images, which one is SEX?

If you said Monroe with her bedroom eyes, YOU’RE AN IDIOT! It’s number 2……


It doesn’t come in 50 bloody shades, nor is it a mark of man/woman hood. You don’t have to put white sheets under your bed to quiz your hymen and you certainly don’t do it to get an “A” in your calculus class. All these are DYSFUNCTIONAL syntaxes of a perfectly natural body function! This is why I keep reiterating that the West is abominably stupid, and we, the rest of the world became EQUALLY as obtuse when we started believing they are the ones who we should be listening to.

Remember in the beginning when I said I love nothing more than to curl up to Su Nü Jing? Why? Because it’s a sex book about SEX and not a delusional, metaphysical bible on the MAGIC of an ORDINARY act. Here’s the clincher, this book of common sex sense was written before the Han dynasty (202 BC- 220 AD), which means the Chinese of yesteryear already understood that sex was a salubrious practice to engage in, sans remorse and guilt. This manual focused on the art of seduction and body maintenance FOR THE SAKE OF PRESERVING HEALTH. It was NOT a book like The School of Venus, that turned sex into a clandestine, lurid, morally ambiguous concept to be engaged in at the expense of the “other” partner.

*If you are wondering what exactly is the Su Nü Jing, it’s ostensibly a running dialogue between the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di), and the Prime lady. The “Prime Lady” is a celestial being whose sexual repetoire would put Heidi Fleiss firmly in the kindergarten league.

The following quotes are taken from Su Nü Jing, 素女经, by Huang Di.

“….. sexual intercourse between men and women has its inherent regularity and naturally has the laws and rules that it must follow…… that both sides feel happy, healthy and energetic…”.

Well, is there any “shame” in humping, you know like what they indoctrinate you with in Abrahamic religions?

“As long as your five or six organs have no disease, it is healthy and peaceful, your facial features will naturally have luster, and the skin will naturally be rich and fit. After each one-time rendezvous, you will feel that the body is full of vitality and blood, and the energy is extraordinarily full, as if it has increased by a hundred times. Your sexual partner will also trust and respect you more. What do you need to feel embarrassed about?”

If you get your carnal recipes from Porn Hub, maybe it’s time you upped your game by actually understanding HOW men and women are really turned on!

There are five signs, five kinds of desires, and ten kinds of unconscious movements which allow the man to observe the changes in the woman’s emotions and feelings….”

And now, a tip for the ladies! Don’t suck ya gut in, bulge it out for a better effect!

“…..bulge the belly. The purpose of this is to shrink the muscles of the vagina through the muscle tension of the whole body, and squeeze the man’s penis hard…….. thereby increasing his sexual pleasure.”

And now, let’s talk “peony”, or what the uncouth West pejoratively calls the cunt or pussy. Notice the vulgarity of Western vernacular in addressing the sacred organs of the female?…..and Asians are supposed to be “misogynistic”?

Don’t know about you, I personally prefer this……

…… this……..

So how does one keep one’s floral garden in full bloom? “The specific method is: let the woman lie sideways on the bed and bend her two thighs forward; the man is lying on the bed, letting the penis stimulate the woman’s vagina from below, and intersect each other with four nines. That is to say, thirty-six sexual intercourse, and after the completion, stop. Persevering in doing this every day can not only reconcile the blood of both men and women, but also treat the vaginal deficiency of the woman.”

Was it only the Chinese who were sexperts? Nope, Indians were equally as well versed in the carnal arts!

Because of our hubris and single digit IQ’s, we of the Western trained mind see everything pertaining to sex as beastly.

In the same light as viewing Japanese Geishas as prostitutes, we think the Karma Sutra is an ancient porno subscription. It’s not at all. It’s a book heavy on natural laws governing attraction!

“Good sex” in the West these days mean asphyxiation, jamming the baby stick pass the esophagus, or taking one up the Hershey highway. This is the BIGGEST CROCK OF SHIT ever propagandized. Why? Because these sexual psychopathic acts stem from countries WHERE EVERYTHING IS OPPRESSIVE! How perversion initiates and propagates, is by the refusal to see things AS THEY ARE, but rather assign a subjective moral property to it. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the more taboo something is, the more our curiosity is aroused.

Abrahamic fundamentals instill a loathsome and unwholesome weight to sex, rendering it only appropriate for reasons of procreation but NEVER on the prospects for maintaining physical and mental health. This is why homosexuality was NOT A SIN in Asia until European colonisation, but historically condemned to eternal damnation in the West!

So, how was sex viewed in ancient India? In Bharat, the land of mystics, gurus and all things transcendental, wasn’t sex considered too base to be engaged in? Once again, NO. Penalizing nature’s proclivities has its nexus only in the WEST! *The following quotes are taken from the Karma Sutra of Vatsyayana” by Vatsyayana, Richard F. Burton.

“Sexual intercourse being a thing dependent on man and woman requires the application of proper means by them, and those means are to be learnt from the Kama Shastra. The non-application of proper means, which we see in the brute creation, is caused by their being unrestrained, and by the females among them only being fit for sexual intercourse at certain seasons and no more, and by their intercourse not being preceded by thought of any kind.”

Note the explanation, though sex is engaged in by all species, the demarcation between mere brute and human, lie in the fact that men and women engage with each other post coital. We don’t just use a partner for sex and dismiss them after, we form a bond and a society emerges because of this interaction. The notion of ShivaShakti consciousness (male/female) resides in everything, hence it is deleterious to subjugate any gender because it’s harmful to one’s self, as well as to the “other”.

Ah, ya full of it Rei! We all “know” the Karma Sutra is a manual on how to transition from doggy style to helicopter!

Let me say straight up, the Karma Sutra is hard to master (all puns welcome here). Do you actually know what it takes to be “attractive” in ancient India? You think spilling out of a yellow polka dot bikini is all there is? Think AGAIN sweetheart!

To qualify as desirable one must be intimately acquainted with the techne of charm, wit and showmanship! The following is NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST of the learnings one must have to be considered “hot”, but a mere aperitif to whet the appetite.

1. “Solution of riddles, enigmas, covert speeches, verbal puzzles and enigmatical questions A game, which consisted in repeating verses, and as one person finished, another person had to commence at once, repeating another verse, beginning with the same letter with which the last speaker’s verse ended,”.

2. “Practice with sword, single stick, quarter staff and bow and arrow. Drawing inferences, reasoning or inferring. Carpentry, or the work of a carpenter Architecture, or the art of building”.

3. “Gardening; knowledge of treating the diseases of trees and plants, of nourishing them, and determining their ages”.

4. “The art of understanding writing in cypher, and the writing of words in a peculiar way. The art of speaking by changing the forms of words. It is of various kinds. Some speak by changing the beginning and end of words, others by adding unnecessary letters between every syllable of a word,….

5. “Mental exercises, such as completing stanzas or verses on receiving a part of them; or supplying one, two or three lines when the remaining lines are given indiscriminately from different verses, so as to make the whole an entire verse with regard to its meaning; or arranging the words of a verse written irregularly by separating the vowels from the consonants, or leaving them out altogether; or putting into verse or prose sentences represented by signs or symbols.”

6. “Knowledge of the art of changing the appearance of things, such as making cotton to appear as silk, coarse and common things to appear as fine and good. Various ways of gambling”.

7. “Knowledge of the rules of society, and of how to pay respect and compliments to others. Knowledge of the art of war, of arms, of armies, etc.”

And before you get antsy and Tourette out “That’s SEXIST! Why do women need to have such high standards?”, these skills are recommended for BOTH genders to possess! So much for fronting up with half your ass out and expecting all the males to enshrine you – idle butt cheeks are a dime a pair, badonkadonks that can knit you an Alpine sweater is the where the awe is!

No sexual boxes in traditional Asian cultures, you can be YOU!

“Fwit fwui” (onomatopoeia for a wolf whistle), who’s this sexy lass?

She is Ganika, and in Indian mythology, a prostitute who became spiritually enlightened through a chance encounter with an old man and his parrot!

The notion of a woman plying her charms for her livelihood wasn’t censured in India as it was in the West. Common parlance referred to these ladies as “public women”, and terms used to address them were euphemistic. There are 2 types of public women, Ganikas and Nagar-vadhus.

“Ganika”, probably deriving from the myth, means royal courtesan, her less prestigious twin “Nagar-vadhu”, translates to bride of the city. These 2 terms carry much less consternation and stigma than whore.

“Whore itself is perhaps a Germanic euphemism for a word that has not survived. The Old English vowel naturally would have yielded *hoor, which is the pronunciation in some dialects; it might have shifted by influence of Middle English homonym hore “physical filth, slime,” also “moral corruption, sin,” from Old English horh.” Etymology dictionary.

The Karma Sutra not only condones public women, but offers tricks and tips to keep her at the top of her game. She may eventually become the crème de la crème of society if she masters the art.

“A public woman, endowed with a good disposition, beauty and other winning qualities, and also versed in the above arts, obtains the name of a Ganika, or public woman of high quality, and receives a seat of honour in an assemblage of men. She is, moreover, always respected by the king, and praised by learned men, and her favour being sought for by all, she becomes an object of universal regard.”

If are you tempted to argue that fame brings clout, but ordinary women in India could not seek personal fulfillment outside of marriage, wrong again. Mastering the Karma Sutra brought independence for everyone.

“………if a wife becomes separated from her husband, and falls into distress, she can support herself easily, even in a foreign country, by means of her knowledge of these arts. Even the bare knowledge of them gives attractiveness to a woman,”.

The binary of “good” vs “bad” is distinctly Western, barely any other civilization uncorrupted by them, ever thought of life in such exigent terms.

Now let’s move on to ancient Japan BEFORE Western invasion turned them into Asia’s numero uno menace.

To read, click here

That’s right, Japan had a THIRD gender, but it wasn’t anything like our rabid spitting of letters – LGBTQ. Japan had WAKASHU culture, and no one who engaged in it, had to have a “coming out” moment with nan threatening to disinherent little Bobby if he continued to hold hands with George instead of Georgina.

The Wakashu was a young male, from the cusp of puberty, to 3 seconds before the emergence of a 5 O’clock shadow. If you want to know what the Western aesthetic equivalent is, it would be Germaine Greer’s “The Beautiful Boy”.

We are looking at any age between 10-19 (remember in feudal Japan, most people didn’t live past 40), and a boy blossoming into manhood was sexually pursued by BOTH men and women.

This practice was not stigmatized, and the older gentleman who wanted to tap dat young ass, had to prostrate himself to the ethereal beauty. He had to appease the Wakashu by giving him deference (in a society where seniority and respect accords with age) and by pledging his devotion – in short the Wakashu was pursued in the same manner as a girlfriend. If the elderly gentleman was unattractive, the Wakashu may still grant him the pillow on the grounds of sincerity.

The Wakashu concomitantly had sexual liaisons with women who lusted after him too. NOT ONE OF THESE CHARACTERS thus far, needed to pledge allegiance to a term which reflected only their sexual desires, and they certainly didn’t need to hold unsightly parades telling everyone who they liked to have sexy times with. Why? Because it wasn’t NECESSARY!

Sex throughout Asia was always seen to be a natural act. They didn’t assign grotesque, hell ensuing consequences for something as mundane as eating, shitting and breathing.

The next time you hear ANYONE and I mean ANYONE, tell you that the West brought enlightenment, you are now armed with enough historical ammunition to destroy their delusion.

The West didn’t settle iniquities and give rise to liberty, those bastards took them away from us! Don’t bloody thank the person who set your hair alight just because he’s now willing to sell you a discounted wig!