I’m Not Calling You “Daddy”, Asshole! The French & British on the Joys of Fatherhood.

By Rei Tanotsuka, 28 February 2022.

“……the Annamites already have: 10 schools, 1,500 alcohol and opium outlets for 1,000 villages”. Albert Sarraut aka, “little father to the natives of Indochina”.

*Heads up, this LONG post is mainly about the despicable colonial rule of the French in Vietnam, and the British in Hong Kong.

Salutations 2022! Are we finally waking up? Obviously there are still a few of us who perk up to the sound of the white whistle, but we are definitely emerging from the narcotic slumber of Western supremacy.

We have elite athletes abandoning the stars and stripes for the hammer and sickle, in addition to little “sea turtles” (haigui, aka Chinese Silicon Valley engineers) sick of playing second fiddle in the US, returning to China to become a big catch. Incase you haven’t heard, Asia is back in vogue!

Sure we still have the likes of the West prostrating Nathan Law, flanked by two Indians at an anti China “debate”. This matinee performance starring the cast from Francis Galton’s Hereditary Genius, paints the trinity of racial caricature at it’s finest! We have the British Catherine West as the exemplar of evolutionary “superiority”, and beaming with pride at being the chosen coloured knights, the three descendants of the people West’s ancestors used to flog with impunity! Ah, such is the circle of life.

But among these subservient Asians, a burgeoning current is sweeping to shore a nouveau Asian class. These Asian 2.0s are titans who no longer believe in, nor need the West’s validation. Why? Because for far too long, we’ve been duped. Instead of asking for the metrics to join the “American Club” in HONG KONG, we are now donning on our hanfu, singing Butter while rectifying the historical distortions indoctrinated into us to make us believe we were savages who needed saving!

*Anyone interested in the brilliant debunking of  India’s Aryan Invasion, I cordially invite you to read DR.B.R Ambedkar’s, Who Were the Shudras?

Clubs like this are so 1920s! All that’s missing is the ubiquitous colonial plaque stating NO ASIANS ALLOWED.

You’re not my dad, just an asswipe who wants to bid away my dignity!

I have no idea what the familial significance is in Western kinship, but to me, it borders on psychopathic perversion. I mean who on this planet would insist on being called “The father of XYZ”, while taking the greatest delight in raping, amputating and stealing from their “children”? How many sessions of therapy must we sign up for, when daddy says “Let me fuck you to reproduce children I can enslave on my plantation?”.

Lest you want to assert that we can’t hold the current generation accountable for their father’s sins, this demoniacal idiosyncrasy persists to the very minute I’m typing this. Biden just nonchalantly declared that Afghanistan’s $3.5bil would go to Americans as reparations for 9/11. Firstly, how abominable to ask Afghans to fork the tab for a disaster that involved NO AFGHAN PILOTS. Secondly, that’s THREE POINT FIVE BILLION DOLLARS OF SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY that bottom belching Biden STOLE! This degenerate septuagenarian isn’t even attempting a Robin Hood where he loots another WESTERN IMPERIAL COUNTRY. He’s snatching the half melted ice cream from a tear stained Afghan child who was salivating over the ONLY “MEAL” HE’S GOT! My biggest indignation is that this thievery isn’t even necessary. Through military coercion and financial manipulation, the US can print as many greenbacks as there are trees. Biden robbed the Afghans of life support money just because HE COULD! This kind of big daddy hubris is still the wrecking force in our world today, where the least pigmented unflinchingly think they have the divine right to rule!

From Elon Musk emphatically stating that capitalists can coup whoever they want, to a condescending French journalist asking the enigmatic author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, whether there are book stores in Nigeria, (euphemism for “does Nigeria even know how to read?) it seems as though noone in the West has any rue over the calamities they’ve caused. It’s like their conscience went cryogenic at the advent of colonialism and never warmed up to the idea THAT THEY ARE NOW IN DECLINE.

Is it wrong to feel euphoric when you see an arrogant expat get “SERVED”? Hell no!

I’m not a fan of OFFENSIVE VIOLENCE, but if you instigate trouble, and try to dominate locals on the fallacious belief that somehow justice must always accord itself in your favour, I’m all for a smack down. We all need an occasional slice of humble pie, and what better way to serve it than on the bitumen? Two Thai pies comin’ up!

Click here to view.
Click here to view.

Incase you are incensed by the “injustice” of it all, let me remind you of the usual pecking order…..

Here’s an old, follicularly challenged expat asphyxiating, slapping and pushing a petite Thai woman against a wall. Now REMEMBER, this used to be de rigueur throughout the colonies without punitive measures for the Western national. Click here to view.

Why do expats act this way?

Oh, you mean randomly groping women, or pulling out a machete to threaten a local? Because imposing oneself on the natives used to be sanctioned as a civilising strategy, so much so that accolades and promotions were meted out. I KID YOU NOT!

Here are a few episodes from Ho Chi Minh’s (Nguyễn Ái Quốc) deposition when he launched a case against the French colonial rule in 1923. The next time you want to wax poetic about the exquisite touch of picante in a glass of vin chaud, remember this is how they USED TO plug their grog in Vietnam!

Son-Tay, a province in Tonkin (North Vietnam) was ruled by a colonial frog (CF) who got his scruples straight from the sewers. The population in Son-Tay was estimated to be at 200,000 but for coercive consumption practices, he marked it up to 230,000.

Since there were only 200,000 people IN REALITY, the total alcohol consumption fell below what was deemed “normal”. A person devoid of mental impairment would say “Yeah, I fudged the population figures, oopsy. My bad!”, update the spreadsheet, thus ending the need to induce a program of social destruction. BUT, we are not talking about normal people, we are talking about avaricious French bastards. CF decided to  STIPULATE A SET QUANTITY OF ALCOHOL TO BE CONSUMED! Yes, this Résident of Son-Tay mandated 560,000 litres of booze to be consumed per annum, AND was duly congratulated by his fellow anuras for forcibly inducing the Tonkinese to a perpetual state of inebriation.

“And when we say each native, we must not forget that it is not only adult natives; it is the entire population; it is old men, women, children, even those at the breast; the parents are forced in some way to substitute for them to consume not one, but two, or three liters of alcohol. The inhabitants of a Tonkin village, forced to consume, seeing the threat to themselves, addressed themselves to their European official: “We do not even have enough to eat.” The officer replied: “You are accustomed to three meals of rice a day; You just have to eliminate one meal, or, if necessary, a meal and a half to consume the government alcohol.”, The Case Against French Colonization (Translation): by Ho Chi Minh, by Joshua Leinsdorf, Ho Chi Minh.

I know what just crossed your mind, you’re thinking “Hey, drinking champers in the balmy Southeast Asian heat ain’t half bad….”, think again moonshine!

“The Annamites were used to an alcoholic content of 20 to 22 percent; alcohol of 40 to 45 percent is imposed on them. They were accustomed to drink alcohol that had a pleasant empyreumatical taste, due to the quality of the raw materials they employed, including a more delicate rice: the drug Annamites are forced to swallow is made with cheap rice, chemical ingredients and has a dirty taste.”

What’s the biggie? It’s just a few drinks in the end!

Actually it’s not. Opium was prohibited in France, and as genetically predisposed as the French are to alcohol, a fixed consumption certainly wasn’t mandated. However in Vietnam, opium dens were opened with great fanfare, in addition to forced alcohol quotas. Why? Read the opening quote. As soon as the population became addicted to these substances, Daddy Dickhead (Albert Sarraut) told his subordinates to increase the alcohol and opium levies. This is truly DIABOLICAL. Get them hooked on an addiction, then tax them till they bleed. Can’t pay? Imprison them, then opine about the “savage” natives as the French rulers allowed their own wives to beat up the prisoners. This was concomitant with their own abuse, with one Annamese sergeant having his eye burst open with a cane. Lovely sense of fraternity!

*FYI: Just how much opium do you think Sarraut pumped through Vietnam? 150,000 kilos….PER YEAR during his brutal reign. A criminal court case at that time (Esselin, Gere and Cordier) gave a sentence of 36 months imprisonment for every one kilo of opium sold. Going by this standard, Sarraut ought to have his saggy French ass in the slammers for at least 112,500 years.

Subjecting the natives to acoholism and opium addiction wasn’t the only form of entertainment for the French. Here’s a snippet of other miscellaneous human rights abuses they engaged in:

– the Governor General used to prick the thighs of prison inmates with his sword for shits ‘n’ giggles.

– when they couldn’t reproach another European, they took out their frustration by breaking the fingers of natives using iron rulers.

– when the Vietnamese stopped working on construction projects due to exhaustion, French officers went to their homes in the middle of the night to burn down the village. They were expected to work 24 hours a day on “important” projects.

– under the guise of “road construction and civilian buildings”, the French rulers used 65 million piastres and 45 million francs. After 10 years, no road or building had materialised (kinda like California’s approval of Proposition 1A for the construction of a high-speed rail…..that happened in 2008! Maybe Americans use French engineers?). The money just went to line their pockets.

– making up “laws” which transgress all semblance of logic and ethics, such as Article 4 (I can’t find information on the exact statute or code this pertains to). Article 4 gives the French rulers the right to make AN ENTIRE VILLAGE ACCOUNTABLE for an INDIVIDUAL’S action!

Like Paul Vigné d’Octon (politician) said so eloquently: “Law and justice for the native? Come now! The stick, revolver, and rifle, that’s all they deserve, these vermin!”

When Daddy is of sick of screwing the Annamite corvée…..

…….Daddy pounds a WHOLE CITY!

*The following quotes (except for “Digression”) are taken from: Hastings International and Comparative Law Review Volume 18, Number 2 Winter 1995 Article 1 1-1-1995 Law and Racism in an Asian Setting: An Analysis of the Britsh Rule of Hong Kong, by Richard Klein

“The highest level British official in China in the late 1840s described Hong Kong as the “great receptacle of thieves and pirates protected by the technicalities of British law.”

The above quote certainly says it all! I’ve written about Hong Kong quite extensively before because I can’t believe the level of historical amnesia that envelopes the city. Clearly it is the minority who take part in the waving of British and American flags, but even moderate Hong Kong Chinese today seem to be mired in a utopian fantasy on how things “used to be” under the poms.

Digression: When I was a child, mum used to rent a lot of Hong Kong movies to baby sit us. We were exposed to early Jacki Chan drunken fists, and Anita Yuen’s gender bender roles which initially earned her alot of accolades.

I really enjoyed Chinese movies and loved them as much as my daily “Neighbours” Aussie soap, and American propaganda films (white guy hero genre). As I made my way to puberty, I began to notice something highly misogynistic about HK movies. It went from innocent Stephen Chow slapstick humour, to featuring an “unattractive” (read old or fat) woman making a cameo, spitting out this line : “Why don’t you rape me?”. She was ubiquitous. She was in Stephen Chow films, action movies, anytime a “comedic” staccato was required, she made her debut and said the rape line.

This turned me off completely. It got to the point where I had heard it enough times to make the connection between this degrading meme and the value of being a woman – she was supposed “deserve” rape only if she was beautiful. How pathological is this form of indoctrination? I asked my mum to stop the rentals as I was the only one watching them. My siblings lost interest way before I did. I resigned this state of cinematic degradation to chauvinistic “Chinese” culture in the same manner as you still see in today’s Asians – quick to blame our Asiatic values rather than understand how they got corrupted.

If curiosity ever piqued your interest to question how a nation reared on a steady diet of Confucian propriety, could ever plummet to the depths of YOLO and bong till ya drop, here’s the mantra:

The Governor of Hong Kong in the mid-
1850s, Sir John Bowring, captured the all-encompassing importance of trade with his phrase, “Free Trade is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is Free Trade.”

Life under the Brits wasn’t one of unbridled freedom, it was one of unbridled licentiousness. EVERYTHING was sanctioned if it brought in the coins! Nouveau slave trade? Ok! Prostitution? Ok! Gambling?Ok! Police corruption? Ok!

What are you smoking Rei? British Hong Kong didn’t have SLAVES!

Oh yes they did! From 1838 -1918 Hong Kong under Britain, saw a flourishing trade of the “coolie”. These indentured unskilled Chinese labourers were sent to America and Jamica to pep up British coffers. Coolies clandestinely toiled for the glory of the unbathed ones (known to the world as CHINESE coolies rather than BRITISH COLONIAL KIDS) as the English boldly declared to the world that it ceased participating in the slave trade from 1 May 1807……bwahaha!

The coolie trade was an “organized slave-trade, no voluntary emigration took place at all, the unhappy men sent away were kidnapped and forced into slavery by those who made a business of enticing them on board small vessels up and down the coast.”.

The Brits also kidnapped 75 Chinese women from Canton to Hong Kong for another export venture. This time as prostitutes to service the coolies they exported prior. Fearing that Chinese men would end up screwing the more than willing local fauna- white women (who delight in exotic flavours, but are equally as quick to denounce the amorous rendezvous as one of chaste victim and beastly oriental who can’t control his lust for large pores and inelastic skin), the Brits engaged in pimping Chinese women.

And now that we are on the topic of turning tricks, did you know that the Brits engaged in prostitution apartheid? There’s no crack that can’t be furthered divided so that there’s always someone at the bottom (pun!).

Hookers for Europeans worked the eastern side of Hong Kong, and for the Chinese, the western side. “But even within this group there were distinctions based on race. The Chinese prostitutes who served the Europeans had to go to a hospital for the medical examination, whereas the European prostitutes could be examined at home.”.

“The prostitutes in the brothels which serviced the Europeans were required to submit to regular medical examinations, whereas the women who were available for Chinese men were not so obligated. Syphilis grew to epidemic proportions. The Colonial Surgeon reported in 1856 that
“some of the worst forms of venereal disease” were to be found in Hong Kong and that prostitutes were “suffering from the disease in
the most shocking form I ever beheld. Death at last put an end to their sufferings.”

Hong Kong to Britain, was nothing more than an adopted child whose fait accompli lay in a short lived “career” as an organ donor. What ever can be harvested as a valuable is sold, and what’s leftover is itemized as fertilizer, ever fecund to grow industries leading to moral bankruptcy.

“Opium dens, whorehouses, and gambling parlors thrived in 1859. The Times of London reflected the perception in England of Hong Kong as a place “always connected with some fatal pestilence,
some doubtful war, or some discreditable internal squabble……”We cannot wish that the sea
should take [Hong Kong] back to itself, because English life and English property would be endangered;…”.

Who remembers a couple of years back when Hong Kong rioters in Germany got owned by ONE CHINESE GIRL? Literally an entire group of idiots could NOT hold their own against ONE solitary Chinese girl! She mocked the shit out of their “demands” for PORN, which goes to show the legacy of British “freedom”.

To view, click here.

Now here’s the kicker. What egregious acts are committed, irrespective of how deplorable any sentient being may become due to the veneration of the god of fiat, ALL Western conquerors REFUSE to be held accountable. You butchered YOUR brother with THEIR knife and instructions, YOU’RE the SANGUINEOUS SAVAGE. You live in squalid conditions due to their partitioning of YOUR country? YOU’RE filthy, so filthy that yo yella ass is to be put in the big house!

“An ordinance enacted in 1845 made it a crime to “beg, or expose any sore or infirmity to view.”. In 1854, a doctor appointed by the Hong Kong government to assess the state of the people’s health issued a report describing Hong Kong as having “so much filth,” full of “cowsheds, pigsties and stagnant pools” with crowded, miserable housing. Nothing was done to remedy the situation. In 1860, the Colonial Surgeon prepared a report that described the horrid state of sanitation and health conditions of the Chinese in Hong Kong, but the Governor suppressed the report.”

No wonder a gazette in 1845 made a note that the Chinese in Hong Kong “…. look upon the British settlers as their prey, to be plundered and butchered whenever opportunities offer.”. My question is, CAN YOU BLAME THEM?

Being a father means being RESPONSIBLE for the wellness of a unit, that’s generally how every civilization saw the role. The exception lies in the Imperial West where being a dad just means you have the ability to screw someone, and the West delights in nothing more than fucking people up!