I am 麗. Rei Tanotsuka.

16 May 2019

I am an Asian Australian woman, a chimera spawned from a Singaporean mum and Malaysian dad. I now reside in Japan after legging it from the land of roos and booze.

I am married to a Japanese guy, hence my Japanese surname, but my first name can be pronounced in a myriad of FANTASTIC WAYS! This is the wonderful thing about Asian names, the meaning is retained but there are a billion ways to pronounce them, the hallmark of creativity!

You may call me Rei, Lai, Lei, Li, Ri or Mei as everyone in my family calls me.

I started this blog mid 2019 a little after I started Quora.

Within 1 year on Quora I amassed 5.9mil views, got lotsa little titles and over 3,700 followers in the dull world of global politics… then I got banned because when you ratchet up the views, you exponentially grow your hate base!  To read about the Beta neutered Asian asshole (Canadian Chinese Yukai Wang who runs an online business) who got me banned, click here.

*As a side note, the moderators on Quora are generally of an anti China persuasion, so they will utilise any excuse to ban a popular writer who doesn’t hate on China. The guy who got me banned, violated an objective Quora rule – operating 2 sock puppet accounts. I screenshot the evidence, Quora did not ban him, but banned ME INSTEAD FOR not being “nice”, an arbitrary bullshit excuse that is NOT OBJECTIVE, but a convenient oneliner to censor opinions.

Why I write

Pent up frustration due to years of being accommodating to other’s stupidity and grandiosity, parting sage like advice when sober and detached, but rumbling through the trough when it comes to their own predicaments.

Instead of pretending that I am even more demented and bewildered than they are in solving life’s conundrums, I took to telling people the truth. This lead to a shouting match between me and my bosses before I left my ex job to start my own business. I have simply had enough of pretending to be pleasant and compliant.

I have come to realise that instead of not knowing enough, I know more than the average moron, not exactly an astounding feat but the professional breathers market is already saturated. I have now made public taunting of self haters, headline readers and common racists my strong suit.

So if you ABHOR the status quo of having to  always agree that the West is Best, and want to start seeing what the world REALLY LOOKS LIKE when you awake from the Western supremacy hallucination, then join me, as I take you for the ride of your life! Remember, simulation is for wimps, reality is the champagne of winners – drink up the bitter brew for victory is all the more sweeter!

For more on my why I have the views I do, click here

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As of 9 November 2020, a petty, petulant Quoran got me banned AGAIN, this time definitely a White person. Why? Firstly because the way s/he did it, showcases the usual stupid ‘strategy’ Anglo Western minds hammer out – brute force, through massive rampant flagging of my comments in swift succession. This is an OBVIOUS harasser and if the moderators were impartial, would definitely see that the ban is unwarranted. This ‘number trigger the bot ban’ method, clearly illustrates a blunt animalistic instinct towards attacking an opponent. I’ve appealed the stupid auto trigger bot ban, but in all honesty, don’t have a lot of faith in the humanoids that moderate on Quora.

Secondly, the comments highlighted in the flags, were mainly of me calling out the racism of Anglo Westerners.

Proof of the ban!

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    1. Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you in the future :). Ganbarrimasu!

  1. P.S. I think it’d be awesome to have a sequential list of blog entries so one can take time to devour each post in turn. Cheers and thanks again for truer words.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting. I’m grateful you took the time to know a little about me. I hope you continue to walk this journey together with me!

  2. I find it so refreshing to read your words and every one is the truth and so amazing that someone who can observe the machinations of world powers manipulating the truth for greed and absolute power.

    Like you, I am also a Asian Australian educted in a racist Catholic College and have endured racism the likes of which was so humiliating.

    Now that I have grown up and found my voice, I like you will always write the truth as I know it and nothing but with no alloy.

    Thank you for your illuminating thoughts.

  3. こんにちわ!I came across you on Quora and I’m really enjoying your insights! I’m moving to Japan from Canada in Oct and hopefully will get a chance to meet you one day!

    1. Hiya Gio! Thanks for dropping by :). When you get here in Japan, swing by and have a chat!

  4. Hi Rei,
    As another Asian woman who just realized the depth of the hypocrisy and discrimination that rooted in the US government, I stumbled upon your page while looking for support. Unfortunately, as an immigrant who moved to the US for too long, I still have to live in this hypocritical country with all of its bias and lies. To make matter worse, I served in the US military when I was young and naive and believed in its equality and democratic BS, which make me more conflicted on my identity and beliefs…sorry, I got carried away by my own story, anyway, just want to leave a comment to show my support. Also, I would like to recommend a YouTube channel here. The host of the channel (Nathan Rich) is another truth speaker who sees through the hypocrisy of the western media and government and dares to speak the truth. Feel free to check him out if you want to seek more truths about China aside from the western manipulations. I hope more truths would come through as more freedom-lovers and truth-speakers come out and be united. Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaSlyjhR4WC7QhYuaivxb6g

    1. Hi Wen, nice of you to drop by. Feel free to talk about your story as much as want. I’m really interested in hearing your about your experiences.
      I know how you feel and trust me, true acceptance will never happen until we stand strong as an entire collective Asian identity first, before breaking off into individual nationalities. This is what makes White people so strong. They understand being White overrides being German or French etc.

      The reason why we are still getting unfair treatment despite being the top money maker already proves that getting respect requires more than money and academic achievement. It requires WE DEMAND respect.
      I am very aware of Nathan Rich and watch him to get the truth about life in China. He is doing great things and I hope more people support Asians getting more respect.
      Truthfully, I have no idea why China is even subject to so much hate. It’s ridiculous. Same with the Vietnamese when I was younger. It seems as though the innocent countries that are destroyed by the West, gets the short end of the stick.
      Anyway, once again, feel free to talk if you wish:).

  5. Hi Rei,

    I also came here from Quora. Thanks for your recent posts on Hong Kong, my home town, and of course your other mind-provoking posts here.
    Working abroad, I am helplessly watching my home burning slowly down to ash. The frustration is immense and I am wordless at how even the well-educated could abandon their critical thinking completely when hatred and sense of superiority take over.
    What amazes me is that even here in a Nordic country that emphasises equality, questions or concerns about Hong Kong issues are often expressed with extremely biased if not outright racist presumptions. They are “not even wrong” – as the saying goes.
    Please keep up and I look forward to your future work. Your intricate flow of thoughts is always refreshing.


    1. Hi KK, I know how you feel. Understand that you have people who support the way you think.
      People in the West are generally very unforgiving and obstinate in their beliefs and unless you are a strong debater, it’s going to be difficult. I am here if you ever need to talk!
      I just uploaded a new post. If you have time, give it a go:)

    2. Remember the black hand of CIA front NED, was behind a lot of the incitement to riot. Nevertheless, the gullible HK idiots who swallowed their lies are being held to account under the new security laws, which proves the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. A great move by China.

  6. Hi Rei,
    I came from quora.
    I learned a lot and really enjoyed reading your post on HK riots and “no Chinese and dogs allowed”. Thank you so much for voicing out the truths and posting them online making it available for everyone, very much appreciated.

    1. Thank you for taking the time :). As always, fight the good fight. Please share the story around and let’s do what we can to balance the world against Western white washing and propaganda!

  7. Absolutely Rei! As an Asian in Australia I know too well what you talk about! I have shared it to friends, family, relatives and also posted it in the comments on youtube videos of HK riots ?

  8. I landed on your blog site “Asian Straight Shooter” through Quora. I am very impressed with your words expressing the fire in your heart and end up reading most of your shots on your shot-site. They all straight and hit the target without any doubt.
    I blessed the day I’ve found you.
    PS: I am a 70 years Old China Man, born overseas (Indonesia), now retired and live in Australia.

    1. Hi B! I am so happy to know that you found my posts amusing enough to read! 70 is a fantastic age, a life time of experiences now seen through wise eyes.
      Please stay in touch and feel free to say Hi! whenever you feel like dropping by!

  9. I like to contribute my story of Billy Sing and how the white men has commandeered his life story into one of a White Man instead of a mixed race Chinese Asian who has been discriminated and though a war hero, died lonely and penniless!

  10. I decided after reading your answers in Quora who this Rei person is. Actually, the first few readings I thought it was a older intellect Asian Male ( sorry ) . Why ? Male because of the fire and tone in your writings. The hold nothing back wording, “older” as your knowledge and experiences in your answers. Totally impressed then and more now as I discover you are a young lady who brings awareness to a lot of people. Looking forward to read the rest of the articles in here.

    1. Hiya George, thanks for taking the time. Whatever brings you here, I’m glad. Many people actually think I’m a bloke, you are not the first! Lol. Anyway, hope you will continue to share, care and be aware!

  11. Hi, I also came here after following your answers on Quora. What you are talking about
    is what I experienced myself, being from Hong Kong and having lived in the UK and the Netherlands for a long time. My family travels alot between Europe, USA, Hong Kong and Asia. Looking forward to more articles from you.

    1. Hiya Howan!!! Nice to finally see you here.
      I’m glad to hear that my experiences resonate with you and let’s keep this spirit of truth going! This is a dialogue that needs to be had with every Asian. Feel free to contribute if you wish! See you in Quora soon!

  12. Hi, Rei Tanotsuka, I have never that last name before, is it Japanese?
    I’ve read loads of your articles now and agree with the majority of your thoughts, and I like that you’re shedding light on Western hypocrisy. But I have to disagree with some of what you write, that I feel explicitly tries to flip the narrative in to some part of a giant battle between the West and the East. Also, your writing style is very aggressive haha, I suspected you were male in the beginning!! I just read your article on Hong Kong and agree with a lot of what you say. The West was terrible against Hong Kong, but I don’t think that justifies the gradual takeover from the China, a tyrannical totalitarian one-party state. And it also doesn’t make it ok to call Hong Kongers self-hating racists and dogs to the west. The narrative of the West vs The East is not appropriate here. This should be about Hong Kong and the peoples wishes, Democracy is not just some white brainwashing of supposed virtue, I believe that it’s a human right and should be defended! I also read your article on “Gaijin Hunters” and definitely agree, that certain white people in Japan have this superiority complex, but you are definitely generalizing and being too angry about this. You also have to acknowledge that some Japanese people want to talk to white people solely to practice their English, and I understand the frustration that English speaking Americans might feel in this case, not feeling appreciated as an individual or for your personality. Complaining about though, is definitely stupid, and to be honest something I only think Americans have the audacity for that amount of self-pitying… White people aren’t demons that all have this pompous and smug attitude. I think you have been unlucky or confirmation bias has gotten the worst of you. I saw one of your Quora posts, where you call yourself woke just because you’ve experienced Japanese people being toxic against Americans haha, like that is even remotely enough evidence to let you assert that all Japanese people view Americans this way. You also say this “You can’t blame me either if you actually hear what western foreigners say…… The white westerner is so up themselves it’s not funny.
    The guys will readily trash Japanese women after a liaison like they have no feelings and they talk smack about Japanese men all the time that it gets annoying. Also this “I do not want to be the one to burst their bubble but, who am I kidding, I love it! Lol.” What a vicious point of view…
    Please read this article I wrote explaining everything in detail. No one will believe these are real things said by real people here.” This is not true and just a stupid generalization…
    White it is true that many Westerners that are losers at home and are seeking a better life in Japan where they can sort of “recreate” themselves and boost their ego. I myself want to study in Japan but have no ulterior motives of that kind, being a White European (Danish). For someone who calls race devoid of meaning, you form too many arguments based on race and your assumptions about their motives. When you say that only some white people are woke about race, it sounds like you are saying that white people are inherently more racist than Asians (more woke) and Blacks, this I don’t believe in (I know this might not have been your intention but is insinuated). I am scared that you are harboring hate for The West or white people, when the majority of white people have good intentions. I also found your comment on the Rubik’s Cube situation quite stupid… it was a harmless joke and you chose to interpret it as a fucking ego stroke for Americans to express their “racial superiority” or something. This I simply don’t believe in, I make fun of Chinese products too, they are usually of bad quality due to their incredibly low price. Not that I don’t admire the low cost or understand the incredible feats that the Chinese economy have accomplished during these past few decades. Even Chinese people go to Japan (you of all people should now, living in Japan) to buy loads of Japanese products, because they are of better quality and they don’t feel safe after the countless scandals involving Chinese products (milk powder etc.) Being able to have this dialogue without constant accusations of ulterior motives is really important!!! I found your blog through Nathan Rich (I agree with some of his stuff, but definitely not all) in the comment section. I think it was some Japanese person in the comment, who said that he was against the US government and for the Chinese government. While I personally hate the US government and all the tariffs, that doesn’t mean I am accepting of the Chinese government’s tyranny. Also, the huge amounts of Chinese people straight up disregarding Imperial Japanese war crimes and their wish to invade China and the rest of the East, which America effectively saved them from (I must say I don’t agree with the means by which they did this). Also, your stance on China in Africa is stupid, you can’t call what they are doing in Africa ok, not all western arguments are based upon our supposed constant superiority complex… Even Africans are not all happy with the Chinese influence and when discussing such problems bringing European colonization in to it DEFINITELY a really bad choice. The discussion shouldn’t be focused around the comparison between what China is doing now and what the West did in the past, but lies instead in the actual problems facing Africa due to Chinese influence. The use of the world “colonization” is something I don’t agree with, but like many old terms they get used hyperbole without any grand western conspiracy behind them, I think this is the case for the majority of people using this term. Though I would prefer if the term wasn’t used just like when George Bush used the word “crusade”, it was a bad choice and carried obvious non-secular undertones. I will keep reading your stuff, as they provide interesting perspectives for me to consider!!! Thank you for reading till the end, I know it’s a long message haha.

    1. I have too many things to rebut in your reply, but honestly can’t be bothered typing it.
      If you have the app LINE, I am willing to explain in a conversation, otherwise, you feel free to think whatever you want about me.
      Just a quick note to prove my point, you don’t think that you, as a White, man getting to label China as “tyrannical” despite never having been there is valid. A nation of 1.4 billion people… And my life experiences of literally meeting hundreds of expats, don’t qualify as valid?
      You prove my point better than I can.

      1. I didn’t call the people of China tyrannical, but I know for a fact that the government have used their power tyrannicaly to oppress ethnic minorities etc. If you don’t agree with this then I don’t think I’m willing to carry on the conversation. I don’t talk with blind CCP supporters. Also I have been to China, but I guess your stupid argument works better with lies in it haha

        1. Firstly, define TYRANNICAL. Then define how China fits in, with the nation being ONE OF THE MOST numerous in protests???? How? Please explain.

          Secondly, “oppress” Uyghurs. Once again, tell me the history of Islam from the Ming Dynasty and how they were treated.
          Thirdly, let’s look at HOW MUSLIMS ARE TREATED IN GUANTANAMO, in Palestine and in Chechnya.
          Like I said, you gotta treat like with like.

          So, you a White man, are openly ok with Muslim aggression done by AMERICANS, ISRAELIS AND RUSSIANS as they utilise torture, but ARE NOT OK WITH THE CHINESE in brainwashing but no physical harm?
          Now, onto brainwashing.

          Do you honestly think, that separatism in a country is OK? Wait aren’t you from Europe? Oh so, you mean immigrants don’t have to adhere to a national language, or abide by secular laws?


          As for you personally going to China, OK now tell me YOUR OPPRESSION THERE!!! HOW WERE YOU OPPRESSSED?
          Look, you are a run of the mill, blase Western apologist who is too damn afraid to talk in real time, because you know your knowledge is feeble.
          You make these asinine assertions without apt comparisons.
          You are literally comparing oranges with apples and declaring that oranges are juicier and hence a better fruit. Smh

        2. You do sound like one of those Western know all who knows NOTHING. The “I don’t hate the Chinese, only the CCP” is a fucking excuse that many idiots use. The CCP ARE the people !!!

          1. The CCP is hardly the “people”. Only 92 million Chinese (less than seven percent of China’s population) are members of it.

  13. Damn you really got me there, you seem extremly angry here, but your racism truly comes out when you are angry I see!!! Keep believing in this completely flipped black and white perspective, you keep telling me that I see the west as some kind of non-corrupt place, your whole problem is seeing the west as one entity, educate yourself. You have to bring your race into this for some reason idk why? I guess you wanna believe I have a superiority complex to constitute your confirmation bias? That’s just my guess. “China has single handedly lifted 750mil people out of poverty. It’s poverty rate is under br /
    1%, it did this in around 40 years.” Yeah that’s right due to “socialist market economy” integrating into the global market economy, what does this even have to with the clash between Western and Chinese ideology. Just because Adam Smith founded liberalism 200 years back doesn’t mean we are agree with everything he wrote. But we will see, it seems that China opening up and now slowly closing again now that they got rich was a good idea. But I guess I can’t say that because joining the free global market economy is Western ideology right!!! It was Chinese ideology that brought China out of poverty. Bullcrap!!! All figures show that Chinese corruption is higher than pretty much all Western countries stop talking out of your ass with single incidents. I see you harbor a deep hatred for me for some reason, from the minute we started talking you never once wanted to have one shed of understanding for my reasoning, think about it for a minute. I didn’t start out aggressive, you definitely did. Especially this message is pure ad hominem garbage. “China has surpassed the US in longevity and HK is ranked as the World’s most free place. It wasn’t like this UNDER THE F BRITISH, when protesting included blacklisting.
    You, like the other White supremacists, are shooting the messenger (me), I never made up the data. I only included them in my posts.”
    Lol, how the fuck am I a white supremacist, I literally never talk about the white race as superior and have no such believe, boundless stupidity!!! Who the fuck is arguing for the fact that the US is healthier than China, has nothing to do with our dispute, also fucking stupid. If (I should say when, it’s inevitable) Hong Kong becomes controlled by the CCP it will surely lose it’s ranking in the freedom index. I never once argued for British rule, but since you use the Freedom Index for you argument you surely care about it in Mainland China too? Or does that not matter suddenly? I doubt it will change any time soon.

    How can you even feel that you are eligible to talk about race with those stupid racist beliefs haha. “Dumb, probably blond and stupid” – justify this, that’s right you can’t its racism in it’s purest form, your quora also proves this statement with blatantly racist shit. And apparently because I change names I am a Western Liar haha. I am fucking laughing my ass off. Glad the majority of Chinese people don’t think like you (I have many Chinese friends, mainlanders too), and only the 五毛党 idiots.

    1. You don’t understand the fundamental flaw of the West.

      Here, I don’t know how much easier to make this.
      You claim to have read my posts, did you read the Ebony is Ivory one?
      I literally broke down the logic for you.
      The West is a vast expanse and for example, Slovenia, a country I visited and love is the West, yet I don’t include it in the way mainstream media assigns it’s value.
      Look at how the media defines the West, if I don’t follow the narrative espoused and COMPLETELY MAKE MY OWN ASSIGNMENT, I would literally have to qualify it with each and every post.

      The world leaders use “the West” in the way I use it, that being NOT RUSSIA or the inconsequential European nations, like Slovenia but always includes the US, Germany, Britain and France. Australia, Canada and New Zealand get honorary mentions.

      This is the West, as defined by media and it is a definition that I must follow when writing generally.
      Like recently I wrote a post about Australia and I included it in Asia which is the correct definition if you look at it geographically and historically with the indigenous. This is the same definition used by one of my favourite authors, Parag Khanna and this was already met with a rebuttal.
      You have no idea how hard it is to re-establish a definition that is mainstream. You literally have to qualify it with every post.

      This is why I blanket the term West because IT’S THE RIGHT WAY TO USE IT!!!!

      Also, you think I’m only talking about people from the past regarding Western Values, this is erroneous.
      I didn’t just use Adam Smith for God’s sake! Didn’t I also mention Milton Friedman? Didn’t I mention Naomi Klein for her work in the Shock Doctrine?
      There are way more economists who toe the line of free markets belonging to the West! To refute this is idiotic, because these people are still alive, making there point on the West being unilateral and foolish.

      Damibisa Moya, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Alasdair McCleod, Joseph Stiglitz and a whole lot damn more. I could go on listing them for the next 10mins!
      I have no idea, why you, like so many are shooting the messenger! I’m literally knowledgable about the works of WHITE, WESTERN ECONOMISTS AND POLITICIANS AND PHILOSOPHERS, these people saw what I’m seeing now, but because they are White, people like you have NO ISSUES WITH THEM, but you do with me!!!

      I never contacted you first, and I’m Ok for you to continue to defame China, Asia whatever! People like you, prove my point better than anything I can ever hope to do.
      Why, do you lot insist on changing the opinion of the very very few Asian, especially Asian women who don’t give 2 fs about White people, White men or White opinions??? I don’t ever criticise another Quora writer for defaming China. I don’t give a shit! I only write about how I feel and you lot, can’t leave me ALONE!!!!!! DO you even know how pathetic that is? It’s like there are enough Asian women, willing to suck a White Phallus already, and you meet one who not only does not want a White dick and never will, and that’s already enough to incense you!!!
      Ps( I’m using a crass metaphor here, I don’t literally mean the penis btw. Some people are dense enough to not understand metaphors).

  14. Damn you really got me there, you seem extremly angry here, but your racism truly comes out when you are angry I see!!! Keep believing in this completely flipped black and white perspective, you keep telling me that I see the west as some kind of non-corrupt place, your whole problem is seeing the west as one entity, educate yourself. You have to bring your race into this for some reason idk why? I guess you wanna believe I have a superiority complex to constitute your confirmation bias? That’s just my guess. “China has single handedly lifted 750mil people out of poverty. It’s poverty rate is under br /
    1%, it did this in around 40 years.” Yeah that’s right due to “socialist market economy” integrating into the global market economy, what does this even have to with the clash between Western and Chinese ideology. Just because Adam Smith founded liberalism 200 years back doesn’t mean we are agree with everything he wrote. But we will see, it seems that China opening up and now slowly closing again now that they got rich was a good idea. But I guess I can’t say that because joining the free global market economy is Western ideology right!!! It was Chinese ideology that brought China out of poverty. Bullcrap!!! All figures show that Chinese corruption is higher than pretty much all Western countries stop talking out of your ass with single incidents. I see you harbor a deep hatred for me for some reason, from the minute we started talking you never once wanted to have one shed of understanding for my reasoning, think about it for a minute. I didn’t start out aggressive, you definitely did. Especially this message is pure ad hominem garbage. “China has surpassed the US in longevity and HK is ranked as the World’s most free place. It wasn’t like this UNDER THE F BRITISH, when protesting included blacklisting.
    You, like the other White supremacists, are shooting the messenger (me), I never made up the data. I only included them in my posts.”
    Lol, how the fuck am I a white supremacist, I literally never talk about the white race as superior and have no such believe, boundless stupidity!!! Who the fuck is arguing for the fact that the US is healthier than China, has nothing to do with our dispute, also fucking stupid. If (I should say when, it’s inevitable) Hong Kong becomes controlled by the CCP it will surely lose it’s ranking in the freedom index. I never once argued for British rule, but since you use the Freedom Index for you argument you surely care about it in Mainland China too? Or does that not matter suddenly? I doubt it will change any time soon.

    How can you even feel that you are eligible to talk about race with those stupid racist beliefs haha. “Dumb, probably blond and stupid” – justify this, that’s right you can’t its racism in it’s purest form, your quora also proves this statement with blatantly racist shit. And apparently because I change names I am a Western Liar haha. I am fucking laughing my ass off. Glad the majority of Chinese people don’t think like you (I have many Chinese friends, mainlanders too), and only the 五毛党 idiots.

    1. “Glad the majority of Chinese people don’t think like you ”
      actually most chinese think like rei , your yellow fevered ass is shining bright on secreen all you westerners can leave chine your only purpose there is to take advantage of our stupid naive women ,we don’t want anything to do with skin cancer prone skin which shows bad immune system look what happened to europe in the black plague ,most young healthy asians can even survive the aids virus while you white guys get swollwed by it , do us all a favor stay out of asia , australia will be dealth with in due time

  15. Yeah at this point I don’t wanna discuss, you are too preoccupied with ad hominems and shitty strawmen to actually form an argument. But let me rebut your shitty non arguments. China has many protests and the government is therefore not tyrannical… lol. How they were treated in the Ming Dynasty justifies today… I never said I was OK with tyranny from the side of the west, you dingus. Find a better argument. Yeah I believe separatism is OK, in certain cases it makes more sense to not be united when there are big cultural differences and a strong national feeling. In terms of Hong Kong l am not a separatist though, it depends on the situation though. Personally I am all for 2 systems one country. As a person that complains about whitewashing (to which I agree) , you certainly like asianwashing ay?. I do think that immigrants have to adhere to national secular laws, but you probably don’t care. You just wanna group me in with your confirmation bias of Europeans, admit it. What I don’t agree with is that China doesn’t have freedom of religion and forces people to become irreligous and nationalistic towards the CCP. I want people to immigrate and I have requirements like language and employment but the way it’s done in China is not appropriate. Don’t bring up a cultural relativist argument here, I don’t care if China is China or some shit like that. My morals are my morals I don’t give get out of jail cards just because it’s another country. Do I have to experience oppression to claim that China is tyrannical haha wtf, you spend most of your time just telling me how much of an idiot I am cause you have no arguments… Well let’s take the US, I have been there many times, never experienced tyranny. Is the government tyrannical, yeah in many ways. “asinine assertions without apt comparisons” you base all your moral designs on what the west has done, you love the west haha. Guantanomo Bay is OK in the west, therefore discrimination of Uuyghur is OK in China. You call this western hypocrisy, while some might me hypocritical and not against this, you are just using this as a scape goat to avoid facing an actual moral dilemma going on in China. Winnie must love you??

    1. This is the thing that you and the other apologists don’t get.
      Firstly, I’m not claiming, nor have I ever claimed that Asia, especially China is “good”, my argument stems from the initial accusation OF THE WEST against the Chinese model of government.

      You can not argue, that your system is better, if you produce the same level of oppression.
      You don’t bother to look into the atrocities of the West and, base your argument from a faulty premise, that being that I said China is inerrant.
      Wrong! My claim has ALWAYS BEEN there are NO GOOD PLACES. The people who claim freedom under any nation, are those who have never had a different opinion to the official narrative, hence their freedoms are not eroded.
      So you are wrong to begin with, because the argument from the West has Always been this:
      1. Democracy is the best form of rule
      2. Free market capitalism is the only way to achieve parity in society.
      Both of these assumptions are WRONG, CLEARLY IRREFUTABLY WRONG.
      No democracy has ever produced a society that is equal. What produces equality is an underlying principle based on the notion of “fairness” not one based on “survival of the fittest” with no social system for those fall short.
      Free capitalism, is the offshoot of this inherent flaw in human nature. If you have NO INTERVENTION human greed will see to it that the 1% wil live in gated communities and the other 99% ready to revolt!
      How can you witness historical events, Lybia, Indonesia, Iraq and a whole lotta others and still argue the stupid way you do.

      1. Lol, my country produces no where the same amount of corruption as China, I don’t even need numbers to show that (In case you want them search corruption perceptions index), also Chinese numbers are hard to get cause of the CCP hiding them. Yeah, I don’t argue with people against Democracy, even your friend Nathan Rich calls China a democracy… (he is just playing a game of semantics, “it’s not democracy if it’s not true demoracy” It’s founded on the will of the people and that’s why China is actually a Democracy, bullshit, look at the Soviet Union idiot) You obviously no nothing of European history spreading lies like “free market capitalism is the only way to achieve parity in society”, who the fuck says this in the west. Some ultra liberal dumbass from America!!? Come with a real argument. Also what brought China out of poverty, it sure as hell wasn’t communism in China’s case, it was 江泽民 by making the “socialist market economy”. Btw, Democracy seems to be the best form of rule, democratic countries experience less tyranny, censorship, corruption. All things that China is plagued by, not saying the West isn’t, but not to the same degree. Also you don’t know shit about the Western social system, it’s funny cause you lived in Australia… Where I live we have a much better system for those who fall short… China has no such thing… China is still very poor and millions of Chinese people are suffering… Also China has a shit Ginny Coefficient… like what 0.38 percent or something haha. My country is more equal, but yet you argue with these strawmen… “If you have NO INTERVENTION human greed will see to it that the 1% will live in gated communities and the other 99% ready to revolt!”, that is why we have intervention… No one claimed that one hundred percent democracy worked. “Democracy is the worst form of Government, except all the others” – Winston Churchill. So because of what happened in Lybia, indonesia and Iraq with corrupt political leaders, you use these as an example for Democracy. You think your view is fair and the West is just lying, but the data is right in front of you. I will let you think for yourself and come to the right conclusions. China is a nearly isolationist country, that breaks several human rights agreements, and has had countless scandals and let you blindly defend them. You are truly brainwashed, keep believing in this shit if it makes you happy to be the victim… I’m gonna leave you with that!!

        1. You see the difference between you and I? Honesty.
          You can’t even give a name and with each subsequent reply, you even change that.
          This is what I mean by lies perpetrated by Westerners full stop.
          The alias remains concealed, so that no accountability exists.
          Also, the free market capitalism IS NOT MY WORDS.
          It’s like you Western apologists seem to think, I Rei, personally manufactured all these books written by Adam Smith, Milton Friedman and Naomi Klein. These are works written BY YOUR GUYS, yes, White people Mr Shit for brains.
          It’s like the shock therapy used in USSR, Latin American nations as advocated by the US, somehow doesn’t constitute the West.
          I have no idea wtf you are even smoking!!??
          It’s not me, personally who is making up these figures, you single cell, brain dead pond scum, it’s literally a world standard figure.
          China has single handedly lifted 750mil people out of poverty. It’s poverty rate is under br /
          1%, it did this in around 40 years.
          Look at the disparity of ESTABLISHED EUROPEAN AND WESTERN COUNTRIES, it’s only ahead because it’s supposedly been stable for almost 300 years, in terms of leading the world.
          As for the Ginny Coefficient, that’s but one measurement, but let’s go on another, health. China has surpassed the US in longevity and HK is ranked as the World’s most free place. It wasn’t like this UNDER THE F BRITISH, when protesting included blacklisting.
          You, like the other White supremacists, are shooting the messenger (me), I never made up the data. I only included them in my posts.

          Here, you seem really butt hurt, does it PISS YOU Off that an Asian woman, thinks you’re a piece of shit? What, just because I don’t agree with you!

          As for your quibbles about China’s false figures!!! Lmao. Did you skip the news on Deutsch Bank? Or the Lehman debacle?? Or the US employment figures? Or UN numbers in “collateral damage” in the all of US wars? Or the FDA reports on the safety of gylphosate provided by Monsanto? Or the EPA figures for water safety? Or the meat safety standard self reporting of the US…. Jesus Christ, I could go on all bloody day and still never reach the bottom of WESTERN CORRUPTION.
          THE difference between me and you, like I said right from the start is, I only provide a rebuttal in the INITIAL CLAIM that the world needs to adopt Western ideology to succeed.
          You are just a pathetic creature of denial. Dumb, probably blond and stupid as something I scrape off the bottom of my shoe, after a stroll in a dog walking park.

          1. https://youtu.be/SsWa9fieWSU
            It’s irresponsible to support communist China in this case. Not that Hong Kong should pay homage to their previous oppressors of the west or some stupid shit like that, but they don’t have to agree with Chinese ideology in Hong Kong. If they want democracy, let them have it for God sake. You must agree with this…

  16. Hi Rei,

    I read the comments between you and the prick above. Easy for whites to talk when they have never been subjected to the horrendous treatments the whites have dished out on non-white people!!

    1. Yes, I agree with you completely. It’s easy for them to justify the because they are not on the receiving end. Trust me, in Japan where racism can be directed at them, they are do antsy about it!

      1. Funny how outsiders seem to know better what is better for us poor Hong Kongers. Hong Kong has problems, due to poor decisions in the past, jalousy towards the people who used to looked down on and romaticizing the time under British rule. Screw them, I’m saying it as a native HKer, family living in Hong Kong for at least 3 generations.

        An example here in the Netherlands: There was a song on the radio about the Corona virus in China. The text was really vile (translations from Dutch “all Stinking Chinese should go away” ” keep away from disease ridden Chinese who eats….” All the while the radio DJ was making disgusting jokes
        about Chinese people dying, dancing and laughing.

        When confronted the excuse was that is was just humor and Chinese people should not react so angry. My 4 year old son was confronted with classmates not wanting him near them and making coughing sounds!

        The white dude that got me in his face was acting all surprised that I took it so personally.

        1. That is DISGUSTING, seriously. This is why it’s important to tell people to stfu when they are being offensive.
          People are only like this to the Chinese btw, no one was acting like this when MERS broke out.
          Never stop telling people they are being a dickhead.
          Tell your son the truth and instill a sense of national pride in being Chinese and Asian. This MUST be reiterated enough so that it sticks because trust me, growing up in the West will crush your Asian identity if you as the parent, don’t tell him.

        2. Hi Howan,
          Thanks for the SARS article. So this began in 2016 eh, the creation of a virus in horseshoe bats, that old mice have no vaccination protection from? Interesting.

  17. Hello!
    I am an Asian American (Korean) in my late 30’s.
    I found your site by a wonderful stroke of luck while reading Quora questions and answers.

    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate and respect the heck out of what you are doing, especially for the younger minds that need guidance and a voice to speak for them.

    I grew up experiencing and witnessing racism against Asians, but didn’t realize how bad it has gotten. What is especially alarming is the amount of stories from different Asian mediums (Asian/Asian-American subreddits, podcasts, websites), studies about internalized racism in dating, as well as your articles about the divide between our men and women.
    BTW, I have seen people get called out about having a property mentality..I do not mean one owns the other. I mean OUR as in OUR Asian men and women, OUR people. I really hate that it’s gotten this far…I know Korean culture, as well as many other Asian cultures, refer to everything as our, as a collective. Our country, our house, our mother/father, our people, our men/women.

    Anyways, I really wanted to thank you for being a voice for our younger Asian brothers and sisters.

    I am so glad that you got to a place where you see all Asians as a collective. I wish there were less tribalism between nationalities so that we can all uplift each other…although I fully know the difficulties due to past…tragedies.

    I want to write more about my thoughts, but it’s kinda late where I am so I will come back to comment again at a later time.

    But I really wanted to at least thank you and I hope more Asian/Asian-Americans find your writings, as I believe they can be a great inspiration and guidance.

    1. Hi who ever you are!

      Thank you for your lovely message :).

      I realised a while ago that Asians and Africans are in the same boat.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love White Western people and I see why they deserve respect. They deserve respect, not because they are special, but because they are united.
      Irrespective of whether they are Catholic, Protestant or Christian, Italian, French or British, they unite whenever they are faced with someone who is not white challenging them.

      Take a look at the Berlin Conference in the 1800s when they divided Africa. They squabbled about who got what but only AFTER THEY ALL agreed to conquer and divide Africa.

      Asians and Africans are the first to unite with the “other” to destroy their own kin.
      It happened in China when they bandied up with Russia to get rid of the Japanese, instead of uniting with the Japanese to get rid of the Russians first.
      It’s happening now in real time with Japan banning Huawei without any evidence of it being a national security threat. Germany and the UK are already allowing Huawei in, but not Japan. Japan instantly sided with the US to stop another super Asian tech giant, instead of siding with the Asian in getting rid of the world’s biggest bully first.

      If you take a look at Korea, it was broken up by the proxy cold war mainly between Russia and America. China had a role because it was Communist but in reality it was a proxy cold war by the then bi polar superpowers.

      Yet if we look at South Korea today, the Koreans still look down upon the Chinese, yet hold no animosity towards Americans..
      The only ones who really know history are the North, who understand that they were honestly destroyed by America.

      My Vietnamese friends are the same. They hate China for 1970s war, and early tributary system of Chinese rule (only the Ming Dynasty rule was brutal), yet they ADORE THE FRENCH eventhough the French made their lives a living hell. All resources extracted without local benefits, and they were subjected to physical hard labour, yet they can be grateful for the baguette recipe!

      It’s hearing these things repeatedly, but trying to find the benefit in this self discrimination, but you know what? There are no benefits! None.

      Up to now with all this Asian pandering, where has it gotten us? Crazy Rich Asians with the support of Asian financing? Discrimination in Harvard? Pillorying of Chinese scientists at the slightest whisper of anti China sentiment?

      I honestly don’t know how people can not see this, and infact try harder to prove themselves to a group that NEVER WANTED equality for Asians or Africans, they want the acknowledgement of wanting equality, not the reality.

      I know it’s stupid to expect Asians as a collective to stand united because we are all infact “different” Asians, but guess what? So are Europeans and other Anglo white nations and yet they can unite.

      I know on the surface I sound racist because I emphasise racial unity, but we need to think logically.
      Our world now has one racially united group, going on a geopolitical perspective. Only Russia is an outcast, but that’s because it’s literally straddled between East and West.

      We don’t have a United Asia, nor United Africa.

      In order to achieve equitable discourse in establishing who we are, either the White Western group via, NATO, WTO, IMF, WORLD BANK, G7 must disband and work as individual nations, OR Asians and Africans ALSO FORM A COLLECTIVE BODY, to engage in forming a nouveau WTO, NEW NATO, IMF ETC.

      It’s a weak rebuttal to say that Asians cant unite because China is Communist, because Canada is not a full capitalistic country, nor the UK. They are countries with socialistic flairs.

      If we go outside of the G7, the Nordic countries are even more flagrantly socialistic, yet I see no problems with the other Western nations being friends with them.

      The real problem whether we admit it or not, is not political. It’s looking at the mirror and saying that the eyes which see perfectly well, are not pretty enough. It’s the shame in eating the food that has sustained generations of our people because chicken feet, tripe and tongue is “yucky”. It’s complaining about our music because we can’t sing those powerful notes like they can etc.

      Unless we start seeing ourselves differently, we will continue to assail the boogey political monster for all animosity instead of realising that we created the demon because we can’t stand being ourselves.

      1. The idiot from Denmark should better stop polluting the webspace. The west has been always the predator and the east (Asia and Africa mainly) the prey. But now one of the prey species got jaws and claws…. and the predator got panic attack…. and less food on the table….
        China is the future of Asia… the future that must unite the other nations around…. and China is the nightmare of the west, but its now too late to wake up – the western nightmare has become reality!
        p.s. and I am darn white, for the record

        1. I agree the Denmark guy is an idiot. The truth is that the West has brought about great disparity, it simply won’t drop its ideological stance that we must all live one way.
          I’m fine with Western nations doing their thing, I just don’t see why everyone else must adopt their rules or perish.

  18. Hi REI…
    I came across your contents in Quora on several occasions n am really impressed by your intelligence n eloquence in describing and putting your views across on the many current affairs…so much so…that I have just signed up with Twitter to follow you!!
    You are very fortunate to be able to return to your own country..If I could…I will leave this backward n bigoted country too.?
    Well…will be looking forward to seeing more of your posts!
    Till then….

    1. Hi Tay!
      Thanks for the effort, I appreciate the following :).
      No, I didn’t return to my own country but I am in Asia. My parents are Singaporean and Malaysian, and I live in Japan.
      Eventhough Japan is not my family line, Asian culture is similar. The biggest difference is no racial fear living here.
      I am happy to hear from you and I hope you will share some of your experiences with me too someday 🙂

  19. Found you through your Quora posts. Good takes on China. I also grew up in Australia and like your stance on the China criticism (odd for a Vietnamese, I know).
    Not sure why but some white guys seem really annoyed that I don’t hate China.
    You deserve a bigger platform. Views like yours don’t get heard much.
    But you’ll probably “cop a lot of flak” as they say. Which can get hard to bear tbh.

    1. In all honesty, the historical ties and current tention between China and Vietnam, shows China can be an ass. That is indisputable.

      That’s never been in denial by me. I have problems with the same actions viewed entirely differently.
      Vietnam has been tormented by China, America and France and on all accounts the French and Americans caused way more devastation. It is indeed rare for a Vietnamese guy to realise that out of the 3 asses, China is not the worst.
      However, that being said, I grew up in Oz, when Vietnam was demonised like no one’s business.
      The reputation of Vietnamese people when I was little, was that they were violent. I never even understood what Australia did there to cause the influx of displaced Vietnamese people into Australia.

      The Anglo West is quick to claim glory, and quicker to refute blame.
      Even now with all the anti Muslim sentiment, we wouldn’t even have this problem if America didn’t create the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to begin with! This is why I do acknowledge the violence by Muslims but that’s already a secondary motion, we must address the root cause.

      I am happy that you simply gave my posts a chance.
      While I wouldn’t say I deserve a bigger platform because I believe that things happen at their own pace, I do however, really appreciate the acknowledgement :).

    2. Ps, in reply to your other post. I will make a YT channel but won’t show my face. Lol. Blank screen and me talking. It will be good therapeutically for me!

      1. Hi Rei and Troy, so happy to see the two of you connect =) I have been an avid follower of the both of you and your views totally resonate with me. It is so rare to see our fellow asians fighting for our asian rights when 99% of our bretherns and sisters couldn’t care less and quick to discriminate fellow asians but suck up to white people. Double discrimination at its best. A little background about me, I’m Singaporean but have spent a number of years overseas (Canada and China) so considered me a woke asian who knows and seen first hand how we are viewed and treated by our white masters. I’m currently semi-retired like Rei as well and has an IT background. Feel free to connect with me if you need technical collaboration =)

        1. Hi Jason!
          Great to hear from you. Actually, I have wanted to create a platform like Quora, do you know how to do this?

          1. Do you mean replicating some of Quora’s functionalities on your blog? Creating a platform is major work and not feasible in most cases. Feel free to email me more info so we can discuss more in-depth offline.

          2. I’m not sure as I’m no techy, but a political Q&A where no one gets kicked off is needed.

          3. So what are your plans? I was reading one of your comments saying that working on an alternative to Quora. Any luck?

          4. This is the complex bit. My husband and his group want to do big data business of sorts. I want to create a political platform for TRUE push back against the American Empire. I want to combine this because obviously Quora is a huge business platform.

  20. Onto bigger picture stuff: I think you need to start a Patreon and maybe Youtube channel.
    A well spoken person that is knowledgeable about world affairs is rare.
    And things can fizzle out without financing. I know many many people would support you.
    You have a firm understanding of many different social issues. And the way you explain things engages people and can shift their perspectives on important issues.
    I only agree with you on probably 7% of things (I’m heavily against afro-muslim immigration, I’m anti-Yang and see him as libtard tokenism in the same way Obama was, etc etc etc) but your points always merit attention.
    That talent shouldn’t be languishing away at a menial job. Let your light shine for more people. (If only I was as knowledgeable as you on my geopolitics and history..)
    You don’t know how refreshing it is to hear your lucid thoughts on double standards regarding China etc after wading through a media space inundated with shills and drones bleating the same rhetoric from the same script.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one feels this way.
    That’s why it would also be really cool to see you make a Youtube channel. (Rei from Japan, maybe?)
    There have been others that have started but they all died out because of a combination of lack of funding and/or lack of engagement.
    Funding you can get through Patreon I bet and engagement I think can be maximised by crouching your sharp analyses in dollops of humour.
    The fact you have amassed quite a lot of engagement simply from some Quora posts is testament to the fact that you have some writing chops, so I guess we don’t need to worry too much about your ability to engage.
    Anyways, there is currently no one on Youtube I’m aware of that fills your niche. Nathan Rich is ok but to be completely blunt there’s always something squeamish in me seeing a bunch of asians rally enthusiastically behind a white ‘saviour’ spokesman..
    Numuves is a guy I started watching who’s pretty good.
    Perhaps start with a few regular takes on current affairs from your unique slant :-/.
    But yeh I know these are just some random suggestions exploding on you from out of nowhere, so feel free to ignore.

    1. Firstly, I really don’t need the funding. I am already semi retired and I’m no where near the retirement age. We have investments on top of that, an IT business and my own school. If I needed money to do anything, I could do it without funding.
      I actually had a YT channel before, though I never showed my face because the last thing I need is fame.
      I know that sounds bombastic, because who is to say that I could actually achieve “fame”, but I never want my life to be in jeopardy.

      My opinions, as you know, not only on Asian issues but generally, are controversial because people have little knowledge hence they find me affronting.
      I have received enough death threats from Quorans that putting my face up will be worse in terms of personal safety.
      Also my husband is renowned in his industry and it’s structurally significant, so I don’t ever want to burden him.
      I’m actually in a very good place atm, I would want more time with him, but outside of that, I have no other desire.
      My expression is due to the lack of mental stimulus in Japan. People here are very clever “technically” but have almost ZERO knowledge outside of their work. My mind has been anaesthetised for so long that writing is my therapy.
      I really do appreciate you and your support. I hope you will continue to share my thoughts on this journey :).

  21. Hi Rei…this is Mohammed from Borneo…I think i love you…I mean your mind…your ” I call a spade a spade”..or “..a shovel a shovel…”..go get ’em girl….

    1. Thank you! I’m a bitter pill for most to swallow, so I take any support enthusiastically!

  22. Wondered where you went. As I said internet arguments don’t matter treat threats etc as birdsong. The best revenge is as always to live well and let bad people tie themselves in knots.

    1. Hiya Ken, I missed seeing your comments!! How are you? You went on a trip to Oz right? If I remembered wrongly, I apologise.

      I just went to Tokyo for a lovely trip, am I pissed with Quora? Yes. Is my life in shambles? Absolutely not! Thanks for the message!

      1. Well I’m slowly making my way to Perth. Since I just got past Adelaide it may take some time mostly as I’m getting drunk a bit too often.


  23. Enjoyed your post especially the exchange with the presumptuous Dane above .. i look forward to more of your writings.

  24. I come back every so often to read your new posts. I agree with Troy another platform would be awesome, maybe a podcast?

    I wish I had your level of insight and knowledge, thanks and much respect from me on dealing with that Denmark idiot (such fragility the lengths he’d go typing that can of word vomit)..

    If I was ever back in Japan, I’d love to buy you and your husband a cup of coffee. You seem like amazing people!

    1. I will make a YT channel, kind of like a podcast but less fancy! Lol. I will talk about topics that I find amusing. Please drop by here or at Quora occasionally as I will let people know about my channel once it’s set up!!
      Thank, thank you so much for support, and if you ever come to Japan, let me get you the second cup of coffee :)!

  25. Damn you made the channel.. Go-getter!
    You sound young af.
    I expected you to sound more gruff and serious lol.
    Shame you can’t show your face cos on youtube it’s easier for newcomers that are female if they do. But I know you have reasons to stay incognito. There was a channel a while ago called ‘journey to the west’ that spoke about asian issues. They were ok but sometimes I think youtube is a more conservative environment now (than other online spaces) and just coming out with upfront views like theirs isn’t as engaging.
    Random ideas:
    People are interested in japan so if you do some walking tour or something whilst dropping your views it might get incidental search traffic from people searching travel vids etc. and get them exposed to your views.
    Another quick way to grow is rebutting bigger youtubers. There’s some deviant called hiding in my room (hapa) who posts from japan. He has some dumb stuff that can be rebutted.
    It’s kinda clickbait and juvenile but it can get exposure quick for a small channel.
    Ofc going the organic route and waiting to be discovered is ok too.
    I guess you have your quora channel to help as well. Not sure how big the crossover is though. The quora people seem more “book nerdy” whilst youtube seems more your run of the mill plebs.
    Consistency is a good thing too.
    I’m not good at that but it helps make people subscribe when they see you have a body of work and that you regularly upload. (like there’s a reason for them to sub so they don’t miss out on future vids).
    Also engagement gets people hooked.
    Eg. If you get interesting comments you can mention them in your vid or do screenshots. Most people like that. Attention in any form is attractive to humans I guess.
    Maybe even grab some comments from your quora posts.
    And just plug away and see where you at 3-4 months down the track.
    A lot of people lose heart after not getting traction straight away so maybe do stuff you like and are interested in so it doesn’t seem a chore.
    But yeh i think an important one is maybe show some of japan. You can use the location to help generate interest cos people are interested and already search japan stuff on youtube (mainly food).
    i’m far from an expert but just wanted to give some random feedback.
    Good luck and great to see you finally did it!

    1. Yes, setting up the channel was due to YOU, and a few other Quorans who I regularly engage with. I realise limiting to Quora is… Iimiting! ?.
      The Japanese footage thing is definitely a great idea, so I will include it in the future.
      I guess being superbig is not that important but having a decent number is definitely necessary because YT openly hates opinions like mine. Even Quora does and they are the most tolerant.
      All your suggestions are really great, please let me know of other channels you have seen that do tackle Asian issues, as you know I tend to be more into books and documentaries.

  26. Now way i am gonna join you loool i mean if i want to have a intellectual impact with you that’d be spooky as hell as i need to enrich my damn vocabulary!! Can’t make myself interact with someone who could cause a brain outbreak. a Nudiustertian wistful girl

  27. Hi there,
    you have bright mind and ability to express it. I am a very old professor now occasionally exercising my skills in trying to make the world a better place. I cannot agree more with what you are saying. All I do or have done is visible at http://www.mnemosophy.com I am using my skills to thrive in the rotten, biased and hypocritical West. I make it but I am angry for the last half of a century. I try to write about how should public memory help us to become bearable.
    I hope you will find it inspiring. Regardless of that, I intend to follow your precious testimonials. I did not tell: I am quite well informed on geopolitics, but when I come to China to lecture on identity and self-confidence I am always more Chinese than my audience. That will change, hopefully.

    1. Hi Tomi! Thank you for your wonderful comment. Your work looks very interesting, I will be reading up on your thoughts soon. Please continue the passion for standing true to who you are. Life is meant to be lived authentically 🙂

  28. Hi Rei,
    Just wanted to drop you a line saying I’ve read a lot of your work on Quora and on this blog and find your knowledge, rationality and verbal fire so refreshing and admirable.
    Like others I presumed you were an older man, so your real identity came as the best of pleasant surprises.
    I agree with several of your core arguments – that the west wilfully mischaracterises China, dehumanises and bullies Asian people, and as Asians we do need to stand united in demanding the respect we deserve.
    Keep up the amazing work and hope to meet you in person one day.

    1. Thanks for dropping by! It is great that my pieces resasonate with you, and yes many people think I’m an old guy! Lol
      Please keep in touch with me through this medium because Quora has once again, booted me off!

  29. Hi Rei.
    I posted this question in Quora today.

    If covid19 type A strain is closest to Pangolin Corona virus and US has most type A cases in the world, while China has mutated variant covid19 type B; is this significant as to the origin of covid19 and the whereabouts of patient zero?


    I was looking forward to your analysis, but I see Quora banned you. You shall be missed.

    1. Hiya Oso,
      Yes Quora the racist platform has edit banned me again. The West’s definition of free speech looks exactly like CENSORSHIP

  30. Hi Rei
    I have a question for you. If you don’t mind? Can ask it via quora because they’re super censorship happy.
    Do you think we should emulate you?

    By this I mean go to the countries our parents came from?

    The number of racist attacks is shooting through the roof in Europe, USA and Oz.

    It feels like a return to the 80s when I remember being attacked by skinheads and gangs.

    I always thought it had changed but I guess I was wrong. Brexit unmasked a lot of racism covid19 revealed a very ugly part of UK society I thought had vanished.

    I’m stuck because the home land is Hong Kong and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the crappy stuff that has been going on there.

    The other aspect it feels like giving in. The racists always shout fook off back to your own country and doing just that feels like letting them win. The problem is I was fighting with racists through my teens , twenties and 30s. And I feel all the fights I got into were in vain.
    The other part is I really don’t want my children to go through what I did…

    Though you and I both know that being an overseas born Asian makes us different.


      1. Hi
        Thank you for that. I didn’t expect a video.

        We had a discussion about it. We’re probably going to go for a couple of years and see if it works out or not after the UK lockdown finishes.
        If it doesn’t work out we can always go somewhere else. While we’re not rich it’s all probably going down the tubes here. Though we’re probably going to try Guangdong or Shenzhen where I have some family and we read something about an overseas born Chinese visa of some kind.

        Thanks again.

        1. Thanks for writing back. If you can manage financially, definitely go back. It feels so much better to be the majority then have to constantly watch your back.
          Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family!

  31. Hey Rei, Its SJ. About that youtube video; I just wanted to say, first of all great content and we REALLY need this in Australia atm. I’ve been speaking to some anti-racism groups here in Aust, to create a grassroots group to talk about grievances about the racism (something like a Facebook group similar to “Crimes Against Asian” group on facebook) I can feel everyone is just so angry and need validation right now; but no one wants to do it. I don’t know why? Its like as if creating a support group will rock the boat of “peace” in Australia?!?! like WTF?! I think your the first youtuber/podcaster who is willing to just do it, and say the things thats been on my mind.
    and 2ndly about the vid, I really want to share the video; and I noticed that you were talking about Andrew Yang? I think in the video; you were mostly calling him Wang. I feel like this could undermine your creditability a lilttle bit.
    This is not a criticism or anything, just want to let you know. There could be trolls commenting on it… Thats it. And keep up the great work. And if you know any support group that is actually willing to talk about the issues please let me know who I can contact. Cheers.

    1. Hi, no you misunderstood. I critiqued Andrew Yang, but in the second half I was responding to a commenter called YUKAI WANG who told me to stop fighting.
      Please share my video. I will make it clearer in the comment box.

  32. As a Nigerian born and bred in the West, your writing is much appreciated in these turbulent times. It has been very informative seeing so many similarities to my own thoughts and brought about a greater awareness of the struggles of the Asian diaspora that has been neglected for so long. Thank you for continuing to shine a light, as much of this is relevant to other groups as well. All the best.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you feel this reasonance. Africa NEEDS unity, in the same way Asia in general does too. The sooner “our” kind wakes up, the sooner our world will have a chance at parity of power.

  33. Good stuff! Your writing expresses a lot of thoughts that I have in my head, but unlike you, I am not able to turn them into sentences I could share/discuss.
    Blame it on my 10+ years of hardcore drug addiction as I do remember a time when I felt I was gifted with expressing myself through words, even effortlessly injecting wit and humor on the fly.

    These days I’m only a shadow of my former self, but occasionally visit sites that report on non-mainstream subjects such as yours. Luckily I am still able to read and understand “smart” writers.

    Oh yes, I’m an Australia Asian who was did not enjoy the general stupidity of Aust society and decided to move to an Asian country and see how I fitted in. I’ve been in Taiwan for 15 years now and even though I still don’t fit in or get along with the locals here, I stay because they tend to not be as judgy and are less likely to stick their nose in my business.

    Anyway, I was relieved to find someone else who actually saw clearly how the world really treats Asians and why. It’s a far cry from some of the tripe I’ve come across, which were usually an Asian crying because he so wants to be 100% white accepted, keeps getting reminded he is Asian and is too stupid to understand why.

    1. Hi Punx,
      If you have enjoyed expressing yourself before, why not try again.
      Writing forces coherency and you will find your mind processing things clearly again.
      The Asian struggle is very real and I only know too well the usual problem of desperately needing approval, which is bollocks. Most of us just want to be ourselves, not a cardboard white persona, lacquered in yellow.
      Thanks for the lovely message, if you ever decide to write again, lmk:)

      1. Actually I was surprised you would understand it as well as you do since you are female (right?). You should have less negative experiences from this? Or rather, it seems the females are much more welcome than guys in most social situations. And since they’re not the ones getting personally affected, many of them will carry on and turn a blind eye to the treatment others experience.

        Are you someone who doesnt turn that eye or is it because you have been subject to more crap than others?

        1. Actually, I have had very few attacks on me personally, but I know many people, plus I’m very observant.
          I know too many Asian men who have low self-esteem in the West, but not Asian men in Asia and its definitely due to the social conditioning. The denigration of Asian men needs to be addressed and not dismissed because it’s a part of Asian identity. We need to reclaim ourselves, in the context of both genders.
          Asian women are not achieving parity in the West, they are liked precisely because they are controlled, there’s a huge difference between being liked and being respected, not that they can not exist together, but at present, that’s not the case.

  34. Hey Rei check it out. Australia might be a US LLC

    No wonder they toe the line of whatever the US says.

    1. Cheers for that! Looks interesting and I just saw a bit of it. Same theory as the American though.

  35. Hi,
    If you ever do manage to fly to Slovenia, for free or otherwise, get in touch.
    I’ll make sure we feed you all the cauliflower you can eat! ?

  36. Hello!
    I’m one of your long time readers on Quora. I’ve only been a lurker, but once I realized you were unfairly banned on Quora I decided I had to drop a comment on your website to express my admiration for your impactful and entertaining prose, as well as your uncompromising, unyielding spirit for speaking up for we who are of Asian descent the world over. With the unstoppable rise of China, it is my dearest hope that all the Asian countries, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc, will be able to break free from the shackles of Western hegemony and join together in a unified regional front so that we will not be played, manipulated to fight each other to the benefit of the imperial West. The West can no longer out-compete us, and they know it. Only through their perpetual ploy of divide and conquer can they hope to contain us, to render us inferior to the western cilization, if only in perception. With the catastrophe that is the US’s coronavirus performance and the recent victory here in HK against the violent “pro-democracy” protestors and their white handlers, even that perception is being thoroughly challenged. The road ahead is still rocky and stretches far into the horizon, but we will complete this journey together. Cheers and best wishes!

    1. Thank you for commenting and your support. Please join my blog’s mailing list if you wish.
      I hope you have started to express your points as well on Quora and keep the Asian unity voice going:).

    1. Yeah, tell me what you want to say or do? The best thing is to tell the world who YOU ARE, in your own words and own your experience! Don’t let stereotypes write your narrative, rewrite the stereotype!

      1. OK one thing I really want to do is collect and archive all the lies USA has officially mentioned in regards to covid19, and compare it to China’s official statements. I am in a similar situation as you (married, unemployed/semi-retired, passive income) except that I have to deal with a newborn so let’s see how much free time I have 🙁

  37. Hi Rei,
    I came across your website as I was hoping to find others who shared my sentiments. I’ve always carried with me feelings of anger, shame, and inadequacy growing up as an American born Chinese, and reading about the ongoing racial violence against Asians in my city has only served to amplify these feelings with no outlet. Your eloquence and passion has certainly resonated with me and brought me comfort in knowing I’m not insane, and screaming into the void when I react defensively to all the casual racism and ignorance that’s being proliferated in the media and my life. The prospect of moving to another country where Asians are not the minority never crossed my mind, but I’m certainly going to entertain that idea now. If you have any tips on moving, looking for employment, and fitting in for those contemplating this type of change, I’d love to read about it. Looking forward to your future pieces!

    With Love,

    1. Hi George, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I know it feels strange to be genuinely aware of the subjugation because in reality, many don’t. Many Asians blame their own for the inadequacy they feel and parrot the lines fed to us by the West and demonise our own, rather than face the fact that our oppression is due to them rewarding us when we exhibit beta behaviour.
      Moving anyway is a huge decision, so it’s not something that anyone can advise, but I am open to talking to you. If you have Skype, Zoom etc and would like to have a chat, please lmk:).

  38. Anyeong Rei,

    I’ve been reading/listening along your works for a while and found a lot that resonates with my fears, hopes, suspicions, and burning questions regarding Asian history (and future).

    After reading your latest article “The Japan the world does not want to know” I was left wondering who made the remark “Human beings, yet not really human”. Could you point me to the source?

    I’m a Korean born in Germany and just beginning to dig into our own history. It’s like taking the red pill and falling down the rabbit hole…

    Many thanks and all the best wishes,

    1. I have linked the book by Shibata. Shibata does not do things in halves, he has the most extensive collection archives from that time period. His historical fiction is based entirely on accurate dates and documented conversations and notes.
      I don’t know the actual Korean source as like you, I wanted to see the actual document but because Western sources are not as thorough, I can’t find anything in English.
      Let me just commend you for taking the critical first step to simply QUESTION what you are dogmatically taught as the “correct” way to think. The more you delve into Korean history the more you will hate America.
      The recent reclassification of the Korean massacre is unnerving. The pitting of the North and South is absolutely abominable. Do you Euna Lee?
      She talks about her discovery upon North Korean capture that they are just HUMANS, but because this doesn’t accord with the Evil North narrative, she has practically been silenced.
      Bruce Cummings has done some good work to balance the Korean image of one good, the other evil but mainstream media has pilloried him again, for saying that the story behind the North is harrowing.
      As a Korean, you must understand HISTORY, or else it’s easy to believe the bad publicity. The Asian story is incredibly beautiful but complex.

      1. I’ve been thinking about the destruction, misery, and unimaginable human loss in the “Middle East”/”West Asia” (Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Kurdistan, …) and imagined all the Korean wars and Hiroshimas unfolding right in front of our eyes. German companies were shipping poison gas plants to Iraq (see Halabja massacre) and are currently delivering weapons to the Saudis, and so is a Korean defense company

        1. “Cold” War? Right…(East/South Asia was burning). War “on Terror”? Sure…(Middle East/West Asia is burning). Brexit? Nope, still best buddies & shuffling into a new battle formation for the pivot to Asia, the Indo-Pacific strategy, a “New Cold” war…

        2. It’s unavoidable. The rise of the Western Imperial reign has brought global dystopia. Before them, it was always regional warfare. Humans are never at peace, the only difference is violence or great violence.

          1. From my experience, many Asians have a greater/”larger” image and idea of human beings and it shows in how we think about and treat our friends, peers, superiors, opponents, … The true source for honorifics, respect for elders/ancestors etc. is not some weird, oppressive hierarchy thing, but has roots in the ideas and ideals of human existence, on individual responsibilities, and society as a whole. It can, for instance, show in the way we criticize authority – being subtly called out by younger siblings or friends for a lapse can be an extremely humbling experience. And very effective, too, as you are not bashing the person itself (which you value), but reminding him of positive ideals and responsibilities (probably what Western management has “discovered” as “leadership from below”). Not wanting to lose face is not simply avoidance of public shame or guilt-tripping, but awareness of good customs and accepting the burden of responsibility, which in turn can be a source of authority. Kindness and respect are hallmarks of a rich culture – violence is not. During our Korea trip last year, I observed random acts of kindness and affection rarely witnessed in over 30 years in Europe – two second- or third-graders in the school bus watching some videos, one absent-mindedly stroking the hair of his buddy. An old man walking past us in Yeosu harbor, reaching into his pocket and without any explanation just putting half a dozen weird looking (but delicious) dried mussels into my hand. An old hostel lady in Yeongdeungpo, a-less-than-glamorous corner of Seoul, offering to wash our clothes/underwear like your grandmother would do. ? If violence and warfare are the bulldozers, human kindness are the rainforests that need protection. With all the insanity and nastiness going on, you need to know what you are willing to fight *for* ?

          2. What a beautiful, beautiful comment. I absolutely agree with you that Asians adhering to respectful manners and giving face is part of the glue that binds us to a sense of community. It is NOT like the West of survival of the fittest in each and every turn.
            This is why I know as Asians, there definitely is a bond that we inherently imbibe that tells us to not go too far with anything, and we lose that because we try so hard to gain the approval of the West.
            We will never excise this mental bondage until we see our own magnificence and we never will with every one of our stories being turned into propaganda.

        1. Maybe it’s about time the Global South sits together on a huge round table and think really hard how to save the remaining bits of culture and (bio)diversity that is left, before the Western elites flip the final switch for their horrendous, millenarian vision of an eternal “United States of Earth” dystopia

          1. As Shibata quotes, we don’t want human history to terminate in a dead end of being “human, yet not really human” – or as Charles Chaplin said: “Unnatural men, machine men with machine minds and machine hearts!”

  39. Thank you. This is good. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs, others are actively trying to sow distrust amongst us. I hope we can overcome.

  40. When they can master the propaganda, they praise free speech, when they can’t, they shut you up and call you a threat to free speech.

  41. With your interest in spiritual matters, you’d probably enjoy a rare novel from early last century, “A Voyage to Arcturus” by David Lindsay. PDFs and Epubs are available for free download if you search.

  42. From an earlier post:

    > I sought explanations to questions which can never be satisfactorily answered …

    Perhaps the most vital insight required by Spiritual Adventurers is a clear distinction between the Physical, the Psychic and the Spiritual: not only their fundamental differences, but the manner and necessity of their interactions. The Abrahamic traditions lost what little knowledge of the spiritual they possessed after the twelfth century. The Vedic tradition has preserved this for those sufficiently determined to enquire, but Buddhism has degenerated from a philosophy into a religion, and today is equally bereft.

    ‘Tis a sorry world we inhabit.

  43. I have just been reading through your blog. Excellent content, as always.

    I am so glad you think the way that you do – your perspective much broader than most Asians I have come across. It is unfortunate that self-serving narratives have clouded the lens of most peoples intellect – and that those narratives serve a particular group with whom they share only a very superficial social/working/political relationship.

    I am glad that you have taken the time to understand and candidly talk about the political culture of the Anglo-west — and what it *really* is beneath that seemingly ‘benevolent’ (“democratic”, “liberal”) surface.

    As a Panjabi* born and bought up in Britain, several events in my life compelled me to delve into the structure of Anglo-west statecraft and narrative formation.

    *I’d rather not associate myself with the failed nation called “India”, a modern notion so detached from the realities of the societies that it encapsulates, it may as well be considered a foreign, un-Asian political entity occupying the ‘subcontinent’. India was never united in its culture and polity, and, at the moment, seems to be the only significant hindrance to the revival of Asian sovereignty. India is so morally, structurally, politically, and culturally corrupt that it would disgust me to mention everything that is wrong with it. India is sustained by:
    (1) an extremely high illiteracy rate – the bar for ‘literacy’ is extremely low and does not comprise critical thinking. Consuming propaganda is encouraged!
    (2) (social) media, PR agencies, and indoctrinated journalists. Rational, free-thinkers are de-platformed almost immediately.
    (3) emotional/cult-like religiopolitical entities similar to those rampant in the medieval era.

    Any how, enough of my rambling. Will be following your blog.

    1. Hi Tej,
      As you know, us Asians are SO EASY to divide. We honestly believe that white is ALWAYS right, and irrespective of how appalling we are treated, we will ALWAYS forgive them and smite our own over the SLIGHTEST error. Look at the latest Taiwanese news, I honestly can not fathom how stupid they are to continually see other Asians being used as pawns and willingly and enthusiastically offer themselves up for slaughter.
      People mistaken the belief that a strong Asian must be taken down because of a stupid political ideology that NOONE adheres to. They are BLIND to the fact that they have not received anything remotely close to equality for the past 500 years, yet still pin their hopes on the West. I shake my head and wonder when are we Asians going to wake up.

  44. Hei Rei,
    As a (mainland) Chinese living in the west, 2020 has been extra demanding with often toxic local propaganda. Nevertheless, with sincere gratitude to many Quora articles, esp. yours, I can still feel convinced that rational and benevolent people do exist and that we Eastern Asians should more look into the future and unite, and strive for a brighter future for all of us.

  45. Hi Rei,

    I got to know you via your answers in Quora and I am very much impressed by the coherence of your arguments, your English’s eloquence and breadth of philosophical knowledge, cutting through both Western and Asian’s traditions. May I know what is your education or perhaps professional background since it is nowhere explicitly stated (other than you graduated from Flinders). I would be greatly surprised if you are not a proper academic professor lecturing either in philosophy or social critic at a university.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi, nice to hear from you.
      My academic qualifications are not impressive. I have a Associate Diploma in Accounting and a Degree in Commerce.
      I teach English in Japan and I have my own English school.
      I don’t aim to be qualified to speak on anything other than what’s happening in my life. Everything I write about, is something I learned to explain the problems I encounter.
      I appreciate your lovely words :), but really I’m just a fool who is trying to sift through the lies, because I know there’s no truth.

  46. Hello, I discovered you on Quora just before you was banned, which is unfortunate because I learned a lot from you and felt mentally liberated to a minor extent. I’m not Asian – I have a white father and a black mother. I have never felt close to either one of my parents. What you say about white westerners really resonates with me – my own white father used to not believe there was any racism and he would blame me and my siblings for any racial abuse we suffered – he finally “saw” the racism during the Brexit referendum period when white people began to have the confidence to openly express their racist views.

    I don’t feel like I will ever get anywhere if I continue to live in the UK, but because I’m mixed race, I don’t have a country I can move to where I can proceed with what I want to do without being restricted, like how you moved to Japan to “escape” from white Australia. I greatly respect you and I genuinely appreciate the time and effort you put into your content that is free to all. Do you have any advice that I can apply to my own life? I am just so lost right now and feel trapped.

    1. Quora is filled with people who can’t stand racism being pointed out, this is why I was banned.
      The best advice I can give you is to “find” your voice. You begin with acquiring knowledge, and I mean REAL knowledge, not indoctrination. I read through so many history books written from the perspective of “my” people and this matters ALOT in developing a sense of who you are.
      If you ever need to talk, please let me know. We can Zoom.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I think what you stated about finding my own voice is correct. What concerns me is how I’ll be able to deal with being a mixed race outcast for the rest of my life – people from every race treat me as a “lesser” being. Almost everything I do is a nerve wracking experience – I have to regularly cut my scalp hair and facial hair so I look “racially ambiguous”, which is to prevent people attacking me, spitting on me, trying to run me over, etc. I’ve come to realize that if people can’t immediately determine what race I am, they are far less likely to do any kind negative action towards me. However, many people still recognize that I am mixed race. You are very fortunate to be Asian. My dad is the typical petty loser white man, and my black mother is just what you’d expect a black woman to be like. However, I despise myself more than anything else – despite my age I haven’t matured or developed much, and I clearly lack intelligence. Anyway, I will use the advice you gave me.

  47. Stay strong Rey and most importantly don’t give up. Your work is highly appreciated by the likes of me. It is good to know that you are still visible on the Web even though Quora is desperate to mute you.

  48. Hi Rei, how dare you get yourself banned from quora? No wonder I haven’t heard from you for a few days.
    I have also deleted my quora account today due to some unfair deletion from moderator who I think was bias. I am testing something out and will let you know in different platform. Keep in touch!

    1. Yeah Paul, you are here! Yippee. Please keep in touch!! Lmk what you are up to! Lol, yes I keep getting banned!

  49. Keep up the good fight for Asian people Rei. Speaking of bans, just a friendly warning – the folks at Aznidentity have an Indian head mod who thinks all Asians (East and South) have common goals. He’s banned people from r/aznidentity who criticise Indians (which is why r/easternsunrising was formed by a strong East Asian woman like yourself. If you run into problems with AI, that sub would highly respect your words and is East/SE Asian focussed. Anyway keep up your (East) Asian blog – it’s good stuff!

    1. Cheers for that!

      I got banned from rSino for posting AFWM, so I have NO IDEA what reddit is
      The censorship is as severe as Quora

  50. Many of the Chinese do understand the history from the 1800s, yet it is just too sad to review… Any closer look might lead the audience to depression……
    Thus, I truly respect your ability to explain without bias. ほんとにありがとうございます!!お疲れ様でした!It matters!! Your effort matters!

  51. Hi Rei,
    Nice writings, love the way you speak. I am in Shanghai, writing my final assignment for Australian architectural history, I wish I can use English as you do.
    Actually, as an international student from China, I would like to say, we want to go back to Australia simply because we have to finish the degree. It is about the money we spent already. Many of my friends will go back to China as they plan to, after obtaining the degree. And I do think that, at the moment, the higher education system in mainland China is far from satisfactory regarding academic resources.
    I saw your translated article on a popular Chinese platform, called Zhihu (知乎), which is a place full of Chinese people holding similar ideas to yours. Thanks for your intelligence. Hearing the BS from so-called mainstream western media is boring me.
    By the way, reading all these comments and how you reply is dramatic. I can’t imagine how you can keep talking with those people who are obviously ignorant cognitively and know nothing about China…… Brave on you. I respect.
    If you are interested in visiting Shanghai, I might be informative as an architecture student : )

    1. Hi Julia, so nice to hear from you.
      I am interested in a United Asian front because time and time again, we always get bullied by the West. With an Imperial Western power holding the helm, we always have to be number two. This is ridiculous. Whoever is the best, should win.

      The biggest problem I have is that even Asians are OK to be second best if the leader is a White person. This white worship has got to stop, this is why I call out our behaviour and point out our cultural strengths. We need to realise, not just imbibe that Asian history is great. We need to be able to argue our strengths against the West, both on a national level and individual citizen level.
      Would you mind letting me know about the article on Zhihu, please give me a link. I don’t know what that is.

  52. Wow! What a vortex! I could get sucked into this site for hours on end. Thanks for all the work you put into this Rei ?

  53. Hi Rei,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been banned from Quora once again. I recently noticed that your updates were conspicuously missing from my feed. We need your voice in this world! I’m also getting inspired to share more of my thoughts, because similar to you, I feel the ignorance is getting out of hand and staying silent doesn’t help anything!

    Hope to see you back on Quora soon!

    1. Hi Nick, so nice of you to drop by. You know going back is impossible because the moderators were looking for a reason to ban me. The last post that I made on my space says it all. They know it was ONE person going through, flagging everything but they insisted on banning me anyway. I appealed thrice to no avail.
      The good thing is, my blog here is going quite strong, much better than when I was on Quora, so that’s good.
      Please, please use your voice. The current situation is getting horrendous because we are literally going through the rise of a new global order. This is not just another rise of a new generation, this is the rise of the new family.
      PS. Please contribute here if you really want to say something. I welcome guess writers!

      1. Hey Rei, really disappointed to hear that you won’t be back on Quora. But I’m glad that you’ve been able to create a platform where you can share your voice freely.
        I have to say, after a year of getting over my Hong Kong PTSD, I’m newly motivated to write about my experiences and spread truth to the English speaking world (who is, as I’m sure you’d agree, currently drowning in delusion).

        I’ve actually created a new Quora space, “A Rational View of China” dedicated to specifically dispelling the myths that the US media uses to smear China. If that goes well, maybe I’ll start a separate website too, similar to what you’ve done.

        Meanwhile, I’d be honored to contribute a post to your site. I’m currently finishing a write-up on how an understanding of Hong Kong provides almost a complete view of the US’s unjustified antagonistic relationship towards China. Happy to send that to you when it’s complete. Feel free to let me know what’s the best method to contact you (my email address should be attached to this comment, somewhere).

  54. You really should join Mogao (as long as it survives) and make your voice heard. The community is overrun by pro-Western, pro-imperialist, pro-Christofascist “missionaries” – white people hyping white-supremacist, sino-/xenophobic politicians and policies with the usual brainless Asian pawns cheering for them:


    It’s physically painful to watch every single community, even Asian ones, getting taken over by these monsters.

    I respect your work, but you seem to be active mostly on American platforms, where you’re constantly getting banned. Why not speak up on an actual Asian-majority platform and possibly reach more people?

    1. The problem is I can’t read or write in any other language than English. I am Australian despite having Asian lineage. I don’t know other sites to write to reach Asians except American ones.
      If you can help by translating my work or know if others are willing, I would be more than happy to get my voice on Asian platforms, but noone is willing to do that.

  55. Hi Rei,

    Do you have a submission mailbox? It would be really cool! Maybe do a video / piece on why there’s some bizarre stereotype amongst Westerners that ‘the Chinese are oppressed by the CCP’? It’s a bit weird whenever I hear that

    1. We all know why there is a stereotype. The West has traditionally manipulated people into believing things that aren’t true. I advocate fighting fire with fire.

  56. You make me feer so much bettel. The way you whine and bitch like a lacist youlserf is vely funny. Just rike dumb minolity lacists evelywhele.

    1. Fuck off white piece of trash.
      I know you are an ugly, yellow stain sweating, big nose monkey. Go back to dating YO momma!

    1. I know, but he is Chinese. I saw his YouTube account and followed what he has written before. He used to be strong and attacked the Western narrative, and suddenly did a complete 180.

  57. I was attacked on reddit by asian men defending all the white wannabe asian egirls and downvoted to all hell. Women upvoted and agreed w me and a commenter mentioned you. I’ve never felt so validated honestly. Do u have Reddit? I’d love to follow u. Just so sick of how asian men seem to worship white women and stand against asian women.

    1. Yes I’m on Reddit, under my own name. Trust me, as an Asian woman who has self esteem I hate these cock suckers more than you.

  58. Hi Rei,

    It seems France caught the bug too. The ugly bug of racism, that is….
    Quite worrying times needles to say and none of us is spared. The genie is coming out of the bottle, it actually already did in the form of Brexit in Britain and Trump in the US. Sleepy Joe is sadly no better. It’s sad us humanity feels like we need to hate one another. It’s sad that what/who we are at the end of the day is failures.


  59. you dont need to worry rei the multiracial multicultural chaos that the west is becoming will destroy them in a couple of generations ,the west foundation is completely destroyed

    the jews have done all the dirty work for us

  60. Here is the complete 70-plus minutes of the Anchorage Summit first-day meeting where both Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi lashed out most openly, directly, boldly, assertively, and condescendingly at their hosts.



  61. I enjoy reading your unbiased posts, you are such a bundle of knowledge. I followed you here from Quora.

  62. Let’s call a spade a spade. Your areguments are weak. You use celebrities to show you don’t have anecdotal stories, yet you use anecdotal stories about celebrities. You own a school? Wowza!
    Oh but wait you have friends who do it too.

    I feel sorry for the students at your school.

    You were obviously hurt by a white person before and it has somehow perpetuated into a “beta” “alpha” mindset.

    To be fair, reading these posts make me cringe. I mean, you share statistics from over 12 years ago. LOL a lot changes in a decade.

    Somehow though, you have captured the audience of very few and that has given you the entitlement to feel like you are in the right. Delusional much?

    I am from Australia and if you walk in the cities, you see lots of young people dating all races and all genders.

    You are no different to the other groups out there like incels, mgtow and qanon. Its all utter shit you fill your head with to make yourself feel better.

    The bottom line is this, you ran away from australia because your fragile mind couldn’t take rejection. You flew over to japan to marry some guy who is happy that you are infatuated with white men and have dedicated your spare time to that infatuation. Then you brag about how much you have going on while you nitpick others relationships with no insight whatsoever.

    What a lucky guy.

    Oh wait, and he pays for everything….. even luckier guy.

    1. Fragile white ego. Can’t take it that an Asian woman JUST DOESN’T FIND YOU LOT ATTRACTIVE EH?

      Look at HOW PATHETIC you are. There are quite a few White cock sucking Asian women out there, yet just because I’m not one of them, you bombard me with hate?

      Here, let me give you list on WHY I DON’T LIKE WHITE GUYS:

      Not at all ATTRACTIVE! You guys think you ALL look like Zac Efron? Holyshit, most of you have disproportionately large noses, large pores and skin that wrinkles way before the 21st birthday. If I wanted to fuck a dishrag, I’d go to Kmart to buy one.

      2. So f stingy that even a 10 year-old Asian boy can out do you lot. “Oh let’s go Dutch, let’s split EVERYTHING down the middle EXCEPT HOUSEWORK!”. I ABHOR parsimonious people especially men!

      3. Horrible personal hygiene. Showering in the morning BUT NOT AT NIGHT? Going to bed dirty as a dog. This is WHY Covid-19 has worse effects IN THE WEST!

      4. Belligerent and bellicose, believing that ONLY WESTERN CIVILIZATION has contributed the most to humanity without bothering to understand and acknowledge EVERYONE ELSE’S CONTRIBUTION!

      3. Frightful yellow stains in the armpit regions when wearing white shirts. Wtf are you lot “made from” to FUCKIN’ SWEAT YELLOW???

      4. Making ASSUMPTIONS all the bloody time! Like you here. You think I would EVEN DATE A WHITE GUY to allow him TO HURT ME to become bitter? Wtf? Do you HONESTLY think that I need to be PERSONALLY traumatised by you fucktards? You don’t think I know how to read a BOOK on what you guys have DONE and STILL continue to do around the world to draw an opinion? Trust me halitosis breath, I WOULD NOT allow a white guy to touch me, let alone bloody DATE ONE. All my boyfriends ARE ASIAN and I am not changing that now or in the future!

      5. I don’t have anecdotal stories? Wtf? The problem is EXACTLY what you retarded people would rebuke. If I did use personal anecdotes, YOU WOULD CLAIM I CAN’T PROVE IT. Can’t you read? I explained this point in my post….oh, you’re white, I forgot. Ofc you DIDN’T READ, you assumed your whiteness is ALL that matters in the game of projection.

      Oi dickface, if you still feel salty, let’s Skype. You may RECORD our debate and upload it to ANY PLATFORM YOU CHOOSE ON SOCIAL MEDIA to humiliate me if you think you even have a chance of destroying my arguments.

      I have no qualms in backing my sentiments with CONCISE FACTS which show how horrid white people are historically and continue TO BE. Wait, which countries continue to stage coups and loot resource rich nations IN 2021 as I type? It ain’t the AFRICAN or ASIANS, but the f WHITES. You lot JUST DON’T BLOODY LEARN.