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By Rei Tanotsuka, 26 June 2019

In judging of a community, we have to consider, not only how much of good or evil there is within the community, but also what effects it has in promoting good or evil in other communities, and how far the good things which it enjoys depend upon evils elsewhere.” Bertrand Russell

Captain Exceptionalism : All the heroes in America fight for one truth – economic hegemony! Don’t other nations dare look out for their own interests above US corporations! We stand for democracy/plutocracy/hypocrisy
(same difference )!

Really, what’s wrong with free trade? I’m not talking about commodities, I am talking the free trade of ideas, political structure and social governance….except, imagine this ‘free trade’ with a caveat. It only flows one way, from a country that has democratically elected a reality star to be the Commander in Chief, to every other obsequious nation willing to sustain a permanent wedgie to appease it.

Gaddafi’s Dilemma When America told Lybia what to do

Muammar Gaddafi was an anomaly. He became Lybia’s defacto leader in 1969 and maintained a 41 year rule. He usurped King Indris in a revolutionary bloodless coup d’etat.

Within his 41 year reign, he turned Lybia, from one of the poorest African nations into one of the richest. Gaddafi’s Lybian Arab Republic government ensured that free education, health care, electricity and heavily subsidised housing was provided to all citizens.

He was an advocate for anti- colonialism and gave support to Nelson Mandela’s movement, the Palestinian Liberation group and the Irish Army. He was very anti Zionist and very pro Black Civil Rights.

If you read his Green Book, you will find a man who is a lot more philosophical then the West paints him to be. Click here to read the PDF – Green Book

A Dictator’s Philosophy

Political struggle that results in the victory of a candidate with, for example, 51 per cent of the votes leads to a dictatorial governing body in the guise of a false democracy, since 49 per cent of the electorate is ruled by an instrument of government they did not vote for, but which has been imposed upon them. Such is dictatorship. ” Gaddafi on the fallacy of democracy which is infact, dictatorship by differing degrees.

The latest age of slavery has been the enslavement of Blacks by White people. The memory of this age will persist in the thinking of Black people until they have vindicated themselves.” This is an issue that is a lot deeper than what the West is willing to contend with, it does not only rest with reparations.

The same holds true of the crowds who, because of ignorance, fail to practise sport by and for themselves. They are fooled by monopolistic instruments which endeavour to stupefy them and divert them to indulging in laughter and applause instead. Sport, as a social activity, must be for the masses, just as power, wealth and arms should be in the hands of the people.”. This is the stroke of brilliance in the mundane that the world refuses to acknowledge about Gaddafi. Sports, hobbies, spirituality are analogous to everything else which has value in life. Why are we content to be spectators when nature has ordained us to be participants?

Did he deserve to be violated with a bayonet?

The oft repeated recriminations against Gaddafi is human rights violations, yet few venture beyond a headline. Gaddafi was in a geopolitical quagmire which saw him halting the onslaught of Al Qaeda terrorists and the influx of Africans into European nations.

People who question the veracity of this, need only look at the depredated state of Lybia and the European refugee crisis now that Gaddafi has been removed, and juxtapose this with the Lybia under Gaddafi’s rule. Click here to watch a prescient Gaddafi

Lybia is now a failed state.

The hubris of the American Empire to castigate those who exercise due diligence by prioritising their own needs above those of America, are punishable by death. The spurious claim of liberating citizens from a despotic leader by the American Empire is a plot that has been put on a loop, yet despite its contemptible screen play, cheesy BGM and starring a bevy of actors suffering from Cotard’s Delusion, it still remains a box office hit.

Time and time again, every empire has failed to produce a higher standard of living and being when they put the colonised in manacles while extirpating their culture which took centuries, if not milleninna, to build. The successful empires of Kublai Khan (Mongolian) and Cyrus the Great (Persian), allowed the local culture to perpetuate and flourish, a notion entirely anathema to Western ideology.

If you can’t even understand air conditioning, what makes you think you can understand human nature?When America told Japan how to design.

According to Kenko Hoshi in Tsurezuregusa, Japanese homes were built to withstand the high humid Summers but were poor heat trappers in Winter. The Japanese overcame the drawback by layering clothes and keeping warm over a hibachi (heater).

As per usual, after WW2, the West decided to bombard the Japanese with their swanky air conditioning units and advised the Japanese to design homes with more walls and less shoji screens (Japanese paper partition). Considering how small Japanese living premises are, this lead to a low adiabatic efficiency of the home which rendered huge amounts of energy to cool in Summer. The poor insulation compounded the problems in Winter too, causing condensation to form quickly, resulting in a mold and mildew problem in homes. Paraphrased from Beyond the Limits to Growth by Hiroshi Komiyama. Click here for the book (I receive no commission)

The Shoji screens on the left are highly suitable for Japan’s muggy Summers. The locals in every country, have evolved an ecological way of life that is in harmony with its climate and philosophical outlook.

Redesigning the Japanese home based on American climatic adaptions resulted in a myriad of issues for the Japanese, including the elderly being more prone to disorientation due to temperature differences within the home.

Traditionally, when the Japanese were left to their own devices, they were capable of designing well ventilated homes suitable to the erratic weather conditions of Japan.

Once again, to simply export Western concepts to other places sans alteration leads to vexation, not gratitude. Introducing something foreign into the system without an evolutionary adaptation period is at best, a gross inconvenience and at worst? A destruction of a civilisation.

When America told India to how cultivate rice

According to Vandana Shiva, an Indian scholar, physicist and activist, India used to have over 200,000 varieties of rice alone, now 90% of Indian crop varieties have been exterminated.

Post WW2, America and the World Bank decided to promote the chemical fertiliser industry under the highly deceptive banner of ‘Green Revolution’.

The Green Revolution was America, once again exercising unilateralism in deciding for India, what was ‘good’ for them, this time, via agriculture.

In order for India to secure a loan with the World Bank, they had to abide by America’s demand to use genetically modified Monsanto seeds and all the add ons, like fertilisers and pesticides etc. The modified seeds, unlike the heirloom Indian varieties, were not evolved to withstand the droughts and weather conditions of India, leading to abysmal harvests.

I have read a lot of ‘debunkers’ on the deleterious effects of Monsanto products and this is all I have to say.

Will they use Agent Orange as a herbicide? Click here watch a 3 min video on the devastating effects of this toxic defoliant.

Will they drink a glass of Round Up to prove that Monsanto is producing beneficiary products with no carcinogenic effects as touted by ‘independant’ scientist, Dr Patrick Moore? Click here to watch Dr Moore getting reamed!

Bottoms Up! I dare you, double dare you!

Will they rear their own children on produce based solely on terminator seed crops? Terminator seeds are sterile seeds incapable of fertilisation. Click here to read – Terminator Seeds

My guess is a resounding NO. Yet somehow, when it comes to imposing dubious chemical cocktails globally, it is not only excusable, but unequivocally championed as a liberator of poverty, a promoter of democracy lending to a girth expansion of the plutocracy.

America, BUTT OUT!

I am calling out the Western empires and America specifically.

How can any one nation, have the bellicosity and haughtiness within its 243 year old life, to believe that it has the key to unlock the complex nature of the civilisations which have evolved to be the contemporary Chinese, Iranians, Indians and every other damn nationality that exists?

Since I opened with Russell, I will close with him as well. This is what he thought of the Western forces in the 1920s and prior, forcing its will upon a weak China.

They Understand their own country, and we do not. If they are let alone, they will, in the end, find a solution suitable to their character, which we shall certainly not do. A solution slowly reached by themselves may be stable, whereas one prematurely imposed by outside Powers will be artificial and therefore unstable.

Click here to read the Hypocrisy of the West

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  1. Hello Rei-san, i miss your thougtful answers in Quora. About America, i feel nothing but disgust

    1. Hi Cassidy! I couldn’t even let you know but Quora banned or temporarily blocked me thanks to an Asian self hater.
      He is an Australian Taiwanese guy who can’t stand any criticism towards western power structures. It really is appalling. He said he will get me banned and I was shocked that that was all it took.
      I am hoping that the ban will be temporary but it just goes to show that the West is not enlightened in the way people think.
      Quora has in the past been very fast to buckle down on my answers critical of American or Western hegemony so it was opportune for them that Ronnie Kao(the banner) flagged me.
      They told me that I could appeal but guess what? When I hit the appeal icon, I’m blocked.
      Please come here or join my mailing list to keep in touch.
      All I want to do is provide another perspective.

      1. I’m glad to hear from you again. Not just Westerners are racist, many Asian Americans too which i find stupid and ridiculous. The West developed because they colonialized many Asia and Africa countries. The US abducted German scientists and still blamed China is the copy cat. Hypocrisy at it finest lol. But you know, despite the fact, so many Asians believe in Western superiority. But young generation nowadays seems to have more balanced view about the West life which gives me hope. I wish for the developement of China and Japan – 2 countries i admire most. What do you think about young generation in Asia ? Thank you and have a nice day

        1. Hi Cas!
          The issue of Asian on Asian hate is very real. This is part of the divide and conquer strategy employed by empires. I see it all the time. In Japan, it’s hatred between Japanese to Chinese and Koreans. In America, there’s a general dissin of Asians full stop. Google some Asian American comedians and its sick what they say.
          The jokes aren’t even funny, it’s just full of self hate. This is the big reason why I wrote about Asian women and white men topic.
          It’s insidious. This problem is waaay too big for any one person to solve but we must always aim to be heard. It doesn’t matter how many listen, it’s just important you speak up.
          For the longest time Asians we’re taught to stfu. That was our virtue, remaining quiet despite being violated. What’s worse is that Asians are so divided it’s ridiculous.
          It’s like if America is attacking China, then Japan jumps in to clap. When America attacks Japan, South Korea quickly comes and plunges into Japan along with America by taking its industry instead of taking a stand against the bully.

          I am some one who unfortunately is an anomaly in this world. I abhor grotesque unfairness, this has lead me to having “enemies” enough to get me banned. This happened with my YouTube channel too. It wasn’t even a big channel but because I don’t agree with the mainstream narrative, I had 2 strikes launched on me. A third would mean my channel gets taken, so I closed it before that happened.
          I also left my ex job because I took a stand. This is a lone battle, and many will not understand why I fight. Sometimes it’s just the right thing to do, not necessarily the most beneficial thing to do.

          1. Hi Reisan, i totally understand your frustration when fighting a lonely and uncertain battle. Just let you know that you are not alone, there are thousands of intellectual Asians like you who are proud of their origin and don’t give a fuck about what the West told them to do. Even in Japan, the country is considered to be the most pro America one, if you know them long enough, they will be direct with you about how you feel about Americans and other Westerners, not the prasing you often hear. But do you think that deep down inside us, we are more insecure about ourselves than Westerners ?

          2. Hi Cas,
            No the West are way more insecure than anyone else. Do you know a really beautiful girl? The kind who genuinely has a pretty face? Notice that rarely will she ever talk about herself as being attractive, yet the girls who just “packaged” well, tend to be verbose about their own “beauty”. Outwardly the talker seems more confident but she actually isn’t. She needs constant ego stroking and acknowledgement. This is the West.

            Asians and Blacks generally do not ask nor claim to be the best. They want to show you their achievements but they don’t need your constant praise. China and India were always super economies historically and they never actively sort to trade with anyone, this is especially true with China. However if others wanted to trade with China, she was OK but she never insisted through the employment of military like the West.

            The reason why you see so many Western people always praising themselves is because of an inherent weakness in their own assessment. Have you had a chance to read my newest post on the most beautiful women. Please read it. This is the constant brainwashing the West needs to do to stay at the top. Constant reaffirmation lest we “forget” their greatness.

        2. The US did NOT abduct German Scientists, if by that you meant Wernher Von Braun, his brother Lothar and the rest of the V 2 team from Peenemunde. Lothar used to be our neighbor after retirement. They actually waited for the US to come and get them before the Soviets did. But they WERE smuggled into the US across the Mexican border in order to get around the prevailing anti Nazi sentiment.

  2. Rei : after posting outrageously wrong and false statements on Quora you have disabled Comments ! If you want to make false charges against India ( ‘ they victimized China ‘ ) on behalf of China then you have to be “man” enough to fight, do not run and hide.

    Also you are a loud proof of the adage that a ” little knowledge ( in this case about Semiconductors ) can be dangerous”. FYI the HiSilicon arm of Huawei cannot manufacture any chips ( unlike Intel ), they are a Fabless design house ( just like QCOMM ). They can’t get their Kirin with AI features made within the PRC ( despite heavy investment by the Red Emperors of Beijing, SMIC China’s leading Foundry is still 2 generations behind ) and Huawei has to go TSMC, and Taiwan of course depends on the US for protection against Beijing and will jump to Trump’s commands.

    Huawei got its start in Cell Phones around 1995 by pirating technology from Motorola, the pioneer of Cell / Mobile phones. Motorola was lured by the CCP with promise of giving it monopoly over the PRCs then nascent Cellular Infrastructure ( Base Stations ) and set up Engr. Design offices in Beijing etc. After getting free training the Chinese Engineers started walking out with proprietary documents and joined Huawei. Incidentally Moto was jilted, the CCP awarded Base Station contracts to Huawei with tech stolen from Moto.

    You seem to be conditioned by your “education” in Australia. They are a bunch of two timers, since WW II depending on the US for their illegal possession of native lands while WHORING for Communist / Neo Imperialist China ( like Kevin Rudd the ex PM of Oz ).


    PS : please also stop pretending that you know anything about India, Hindu and Buddhist religions or Vegetarianism

  3. Hi
    I am the guy who argued that you cannot excuse your own agression, with others agression. But your (incredibly hatefull and agressive answer) was deleted. Did you delete it yourself? I know I would be embarrased if it was me) But it was probably Quora.
    I like your homepage. And I am sorry that you dislike the western world so much. You are obviously filled with hate. I think you need to try to analyze and understand where the hate comes from. I mean, you are blaming the americans – in english – for introducing american architecture in japan. If it is really as bad as you tell, dont blame the idiots who invented it – blame those who follows the idiot.
    Do you know that when the japanese started conquering asia, they were all over welcomed as liberators. Then, when they were thrown out again two years later, the americans were welcomed as liberators. “They were much worse than the whites”.
    It took the japanese less than two years to turn the natives from admiration to hate.
    Just saying.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about. You read my opening page and decided what my policy is?? What an idiot!

      I did not erase my Quora response, why would I? You are the typical unthinking idiot who I enjoy assailing. An unbridled Western apologist.
      Where are you from? I really want to talk to you live so I can give you a piece of my mind.

      People like you, sicken me. Everything I wrote in my answer on Quora, I fully stand by!

      Quora is a typical Western, censoring bot! They precisely take away people’s real opinions, and YOU IDIOTS SUPPORT THEM BY CONTINUOUSLY demonising China so you don’t have to face the fact that we are under the same damn fate!
      This is what makes you pathetic, you enjoy being tethered to authoritarianism by pretending the “other” lives so differently. We just got censored you flamin moron!!!

      You also know NOTHING ABOUT JAPAN! You have no idea how annoying a decent percentage of White Western people are! I already wrote many posts, and you? What an imbecile to read my intro page and decide my experiences on the very page THAT SAYS “INTRO”.
      Do you even know, you are the arrogant asshole run of the mill White douche I allude to?? Read a headline and make up your own damn story! Typical!