Asian Women White Men Part – 3

By Rei Tanotsuka, 20 June 2019

The past is ours, and there is nothing more secure for us than that which has been.” Seneca

For Asian women, this has always been the traditional image of happily ever after………

Rehashing Part 2

In part 2, I spoke about the media indoctrination to intentionally create a chasm in the natural pairings of a community.

Using media to continuously reinforce the notion that it is a White partner that Asians desire, it creates antagonism between the 2 genders. Each believing that the other secretly harbours the desire for something “better”, they begin to drive each other away through pride.

The following scientific points, I will provide links to, but not really elaborate on. Weaving everything together, with Part 1 and 2 is paramount.

Fusiform gyrus and posterior cingulate cortex (PCC)

Race effects have been observed in two brain areas traditionally associated with face perception, the lateral fusiform gyrus and PCC, with greater activity to racial ingroup than outgroup members .”

This report basically states that the notion of ‘ingroup’ causes more brain activity than ‘outgroup’. Ingroup is defined as people who are on our ‘team’ and not on race specifically. However, given the fact that most of us are reared by our biological parents in a community which is most closely aligned to our background, the ingroup generally pertains to those of our own race.

These couples will always look more natural for the majority of people. This has less to do with social concepts such as racism, rather it’s a visceral response due to the biological structure of the brain.

Most attractive faces are………universal

Average faces are generally considered more attractive so faces closer to the person’s ‘prototype’ face should be considered more attractive. Furthermore, individuals often show preferences for self-resembling and parental traits in their prospective partners ― especially traits associated with the opposite sex parent 

This study highlights what we already know. Cross cultural attractiveness is uniform, ie. most of us will regard Sofia Vergara as attractive. There is a caveat though, those who live in multicultural societies showed bias towards the stereotypes perpetrated in that society.

The Attraction Documentary

Want to watch a cheesy documentary on sexual attraction? One, comin up! click here – Attraction Documentary

If you want save an hour and prefer to watch cat vids instead, let me give you the take home points of the documentary.

Despite the average bloke laying claims that he wants a girl who has a great personality with an intellect capable of wrestling down Richard Feynman, that line is as truthful as the Stable Genius (aka Trump), laying claims that tariffs won’t hurt American citizens. Men look for an hour glass figure….preferably with heavy tops and wobbly bottoms.

I know we did……….but we would prefer it if he bought it.

Despite how many times we ladies sing ‘Independant Woman’ while putting on our Chanel suits to our board meeting and protesting that we don’t need a man to provide for us, unfortunately we are just suffering from Pinocchio syndrome too. This documentary proves that as a man’s perceived economic and professional status heads north, so does his sex appeal.

None of these findings are novel, they are imbedded in our biology so they will be stagnant facts.

Now, this is the difficult part. Finishing the tapestry…….

If left undoctored, time and time again science and common sense shows us that we are more attracted to what is similar than what is different. We naturally find people of our own race more attractive.

However, findings also reveal that part of attraction does fall in line with societal indoctrination on what is perceived to be favourable characteristics. We also get influenced by what society deems as unfavourable.

We learned that in especially, Anglo Western societies, a deliberate attempt has been made to neuter Asian achievements. Decreasing Asian visibility is akin to muting our values, if we can’t see it, we don’t know about it.

We discovered that media influences are definitely real and if something is repeated often enough, the proclivity to agree with it is overwhelming.

When we reiterate Asian men are undesirable ad nauseum, those within the sphere will gravitate towards this belief even if their experience does not align with this faux claim. They will start remembering all the times when the propaganda rang true and forget all the times when it did not because of confirmation bias.

As I showed you in part 2, the claim that Asian women preferred White men over Asian men is factually incorrect. Like everything, attraction ebbs and flows.

Note: Not to be entirely cynical but guess what else happened in 2014? China’s PPP (Purchasing power parity) officially surpassed America’s. I’m not concretely declaring that the rising economic prowess of an Asian nation was a big contributor to viewing the Asian man with new eyes, but I am not betting against it either. My prediction? 2030 will see a huge surge in the attractiveness of Asian men especially with an upcoming India being thrown to the mix.

Now we can acutely see why negative Asian stereotypes are put on a loop and how it affects our assessment towards fellow Asians. The deliberate attempt to decrease visibility so that no Asian coherent voice can argue back, makes Asians look weak and hence not desirable. Reinforcing the desirability of White people to each gender further creates the gulf between Asians, leading to competitiveness in sexual status. Genetic evolution via reproduction is the core reason for survival ordained by nature, so the striving to attain the highest sexual value is not banal, it is innate.

What should we do?

Firtsly, realise that the old Eastern mantra of work hard and you will be recognised is a FARCE. This is exactly what Nietzsche was alluding to when he chastised Christianity in his Ubermensch works. Instead of having the gumption to claim what is rightfully your achievement, you ‘graciously’ let the other guy act as your proxy. Guess what? The world won’t see you, they will only see your proxy. Asian men need to kick up a fuss as grand as the African Americans.

Who else remembers the #Oscarssowhite movement? The Blacks and Whites were off limits, so who did they make the stooge? Asians. Sacha Baron and Chris Rock being the total cretins that they are, could not even hold a public event without resorting to racial stereotypes. Pathetic.

Every injustice you experience, blog about it, tweet it and tell friends. Don’t make up excuses for it. This way people won’t feel the isolation of being targeted. One is solitary, 2 is a pair, 3 is the beginning of a movement.

Secondly, stop blaming each other. This is the precise desired outcome of any ruling group, dividing and conquering once the the bonds of a group weaken.

Constance Wu, after being questioned about her Asian Activism in Hollywood but not dating Asian men, swiftly retorted that the Asian guys who question her policy, are just incels.

No they are not. Refusing to acknowledge the very real antipathy some Western Asian women have for Asian men is a travesty. It literally goes against science, commonsense and history. If you really are proud of your Asian lineage, you do not dismiss the concerns of your brothers with a pejorative remark. This is akin to saying the fact that most people in the West are getting bigger is not an issue because it’s only gluttony.

Asian men, do not criticise your sisters until you truly understand what is really bothering them.

Not to be sexist but even now in a country as ‘liberated’ as the US, Asian women in executive positions are still minuscule. As is common knowledge now, the highest earning demographic in Anglo Western Countries are Asians.

What does this really mean?

It means, when it comes to the sexual value of men, Asian men have already made the cut! They are the top earners on average and remember with increased income and status, comes perceived attractiveness. What is holding them back is literally their refusal to acknowledge when they are getting discriminated and speaking up about it.

Why are white guys perceived to be powerful? Because they always assert their opinion, in fact they demand you listen.

Why is this important? Think about it. There is an antiquated saying which everyone still knows, ‘She is spoken for’. There is a similar saying in Chinese too. A man who will assert himself is dangerously attractive because it means he will PROTECT you. This is a primal desirable instinct that women have for a partner.

And the Hollywood Asian ladies?

Gemma ‘I will only date White men’ Chan. A serial White man dater who claims she is proud of her Asian heritage.

Guess what the Asian Women in Hollywood are really fighting for? They aren’t fighting for more Asian men to appear on the big screen, every one knows that. Heck, they don’t even want him in their selfies……not even as photo bombers.

What these Asian ladies are really trying to do, is like Asian men, reach the top of their sexual market. Unlike men however, status matters little. It is still all about the looks and Asian women want to be up there with the blondes!

Ask any of them to their face if this is true, they will vehemently deny this and write what I say as heresy, but I can tell you as a women, this is solid. You are missing the point if you argue, ‘oh but Asian women are attractive.’ No, they don’t want to be exotic girlfriend number 3 attractive, they want to be recognised as LEADING lady attractive.

Why do they want that? Go back to the Fu Manchu movies. They want to be the girl who you are willing to kill for (this is hyperbole btw). Being indoctrinated to believe that the White way is the right way, they think that if the apex crew desires them, then so should you with equal aplomb!

This urgency of being the first choice comes about on both sides precisely because Asians were conditioned to not be. Earning this value back is going to take a while considering how many have already been brainwashed.

There will be those who will read this and say ‘ what a crock of….’ and make the rebuke that we have always reproduced with anything that had a pulse. This is not true at all, we have always bred for characteristics pertaining to values as soon as we began the agrarian life. Back then, it was sturdiness, a robust constitution and a happy disposition. These days we have gravitated towards different values.

In summary

Even though there is hyperbole regarding this AWWM phenomenon, the reality is that it is still a minor trend. It does not threaten the extinction of any race. However, to jettison the concerns is equally fatuous. The issue of especially Asian Women who write ‘White men only’ on their dating profile is definitely an issue worth exploring, not only for the whimsical world of dating but for social psychological research.

Anyways, will be here…..having tea….with my crazy, living room dancing Asian husband. Happy navigation in the perilous world of dating! Cheers

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  1. I just want to comment on the Western Asian female talent like Gemma Chan and Constance Wu. I don’t know if you have noticed, but the kind of Asian look that gets promoted and pushed in the West is very different from the kind of look that gets pushed in the East. While no one would say Gemma Chan or Constance Wu were fug, they would not be considered an “alpha beauty” in the East at all, not like Fan BingBing, Li BingBing, Vianne Zhang, or Yang Mi. I understand the ambition in being considered “leading lady” material–after all, who really yearns to be a 2nd banana? This media invisibility for Asians is a distinctly Western phenomenon. You will never hear an Asian superstar like Fan BingBing (who is like 3 or 4 times the movie star that Gemma Chan is based on box office and endorsement opportunities she had before she got nabbed for tax dodging) say stupid crap like “We just want a place at the table” or “I don’t want to be the only Asian or British Asian movie star” (Gemma Chan said these 2 statements, seemingly unaware that there are Chinese media stars who have way more fans, box office mojo, and endorsements than she does). Fan BingBing would insist she made her own damn table (she has claimed that she made it up the entertainment food chain without guangxi, but that’s actually not true, but you know–ego), so why would she want a place at anyone else’s table? Her own table is probably grander in her mind. It’s Gemma, the Western Asian woman, who thinks being asked to be at someone’s table is the highest achievement. This is why I avoid “Asian American” entertainment. There are plenty of sexy, charismatic Asians who aim (and achieve) in building their own table, but you most likely won’t find them in the West.

    1. Bravo! Power to the truth! The Western Asian actress, like I said, don’t really care for Asian empowerment, it is more a cry for personal recognition.
      I agree that Asian Asian women are completely different. I learned that after living in Japan.
      Thanks for the Fan Bing Bing info. She’s gorg btw!

      1. Thank you for your reply. Also, there was something else I noticed (and I’m sure other people have noticed it too but haven’t really mentioned it yet)…Asians with Gemma Chan’s and Constance Wu’s (and Lucy Liu’s, MIng Na Wen’s, etc) physical traits simply have a higher market value in the West rather than in the East. It serves them to be more “attracted” to white men because Asian Asian men would find them mediocre or too unremarkable looking. I have been reading your work, on Quora, and you had mentioned that there were specific types of Japanese women who preferred dating foreign men. Constance Wu can nab a leading lady role in America, but that’s not going to happen in China–not when her competition includes people like Fan BingBing and Dilraba Dilmurat. Constance Wu can dismiss Asian American men all she wants, but she doesn’t even register on an Asian Asian man’s radar. Their attitude is that some mediocre looking girl they wouldn’t notice even with tons of makeup and high priced styling with a stumpy body doesn’t want to have sex with them–so what? So you can see the insult/negging goes both ways. In China, they like their movie stars to be tall and long (the talent in China ALWAYS adds to their height to pad their vital stats). The Asian actresses that have “dream girl” status in Asia do in fact date and marry Asian men. I’m not excusing the close minded dating preferences of many Asian women in the west–but from a self interest standpoint, it really makes sense because their stock would dramatically be lower in Asia. Let’s be honest–East Asian beauty standards are extremely hard to measure up to, and in some ways Western ideals are more achievable for certain Asians based on their natural physical attributes. Lucy Liu’s eyes can be attractive in the West because it looks exotic, but in the East it just looks “ok”–large eyes (which are actually natural and pretty common in southern and Western China) are the ideal. Freckles and tans are cute or attractive in the West, in the East it’s considered an imperfection that must be corrected or eradicated at all costs. And of course, Westerners allow for larger bodies, while Asians are much stricter on that end. So for some Asians, going “east” would be a disaster in terms of their sexual market value.

        1. The beauty standards are completely different in Asia and Western Anglo nations. This is something I try to explain to my white men friends who always tell me Japanese guys are just jealous because they get Japanese girls.
          I keep saying that that is not true. The Japanese girls who go with Western guys, generally are not considered to be attractive to Japanese men.

          Quora just banned me btw. There’s a Australian Taiwanese guy who hates the fact that I advocate fair judgement for China and call out Western hypocrisy. He got me banned. His name is Ronnie Kao and his posts are all about trashing Chinese people. He’s genuinely sick. I’m shocked that it only takes one person to ban another.
          Asian on Asian hate is very real.
          I hope you will drop by here often as I can’t post on Quora anymore thanks to this White guywannabe.
          Please help me spread the message. We need to actually make our voices heard. I got quite a lot of views on Quora, and now I’m shut out.
          Anyway, have a great day.

          1. OMG I’m not surprised when you said this person is Taiwanese. Sigh. Really reminds me of family I can’t stand being related to. I’m sure they would say the same about me I’m sure. That’s terrible that you got removed from Quora, but u guess that site is going down the tubes anyway. I visit this site often so please keep up the great work! I know writing all this is hard work. I recommended this site to my sister, but she doesn’t love to read as much as I do. Self hating Asians (and people of other ethnicities of course) are unfortunately very common. While colonialism definitely plays a part, dysfunctional family dynamics are also heavy contributors to this onerous mental malady. One of these days I will say something about this because I think it’s a topic that must be addressed. Unfortunately I must smell the flowers at this moment or the people in my vicinity will be upset with me. You have a loyal reader here!

          2. Thank you Michelle! Hopefully Quora will be a temporary ban but Idk. If you don’t mind sharing, why do you think differently from your family?
            I do too. My parents are pretty much like everyone else. They delight in hearing about bad news in Asia.
            All they talk about is the corruption and bad stuff yet they don’t contrast this to more appalling Wester ideology of plunder, pillage, invade and brainwash.
            How did you actually break away from the indoctrination? For me, as a child I did think China was hideous and it took coming to Japan to see things differently.

          3. I too got shut out a couple of times because I write as I speak and would not guild or alloy the truth as I see it.

            However, people from all walks of life keeps asking me for answers.

            I write on Quora not to garner kudos or upvotes, I write using my precious time to try to rebalance the wrongs and lies heaped on China unrelentingly and unjustly.

            Otherwise, I would rather sleep.

            I admire your pluck and your honesty as well as skills in writing your posts.


        2. Some rambling thoughts,

          I think there may be two ways to interpret this. “Average” (if we had to pick a word…) western asian women in acting roles may look a certain way either because 1. that’s how the west likes them or 2. average asian women in western films is intentional.

          Given how the west systematically tries to neuter asian men with various tactics (making them sidekicks, invisible, homosexual, etc), I wouldn’t put it past them to at the same time put only mediocre asian women on the big screen to keep their self esteem down. (No asian woman can be better than a white woman!) being the implied message which leads back to the “white is right” message the west always tries to embue.

          I don’t think Gemma or Constance hold a candle to most white leading ladies but someone like Song Hye Kyo just as one example, is more beautiful than 99.99% (Ok… 100%) of white leading ladies, in my opinion.


          1. Beauty is subjective but what isn’t is representation. The whole “Crazy rich Asians” was entire Asian funded project. This would have never been made if it was left to mainstream Hollywood. Invisibility is a powerful tool, if you are not seen, you don’t exist.
            It’s also not a deliberate attempt to put a mediocre Asian actress, beauty perception is not universal.
            I have so many White Western men friends who wax lyrical about how gorgeous their gf/wife is. Being exposed to the Asian definition of beauty, it is quite different to say the least.

          2. Hi J, I just set up a mailing list. If you have the time please drop over and join :).

        3. On Chinese forums, there are people who find Lucy Liu and Gemma Chan beautiful. Why is there a need to pit beautiful people against each other and rank them – “Oh East Asian movie stars are hotter than West Asian ones”? You seem to imply thin women like Fan Bing Bing are universally more attractive than women with curves like Sofia Vergara, and that women with curves are all fat. I acknowledge there are many people who prefer super thin women but there are also many who prefer curvy ones. Many Chinese people love Kim Kardashian’s looks.There is no beauty standard that is universally superior but rather a variety of beauty standards and preferences.

  2. Thanks for writing this.

    P.s. Adding comments with a burner email in this day and age… but would love some sort of mailing list I can sign up for more content!

    1. Lol, I will be adding that soon. I should have some system of keeping readers… Confession, haven’t figured it out yet! Lol. I will add one tonight or tomorrow.

  3. I would like to respond to your question but it’s going to take a while because there are many aspects that shaped my perspective. Do you have an email address that I can send a message to? The answer is long and would have to be broken down by aspect, so the idea is I send an explanation one aspect at a time. For example, generation REALLY plays a big role. The old generation is going to be very different from Generation X, the Millenials, Generation Y, and even today’s 10 year olds! This is due to the current geopolitical context each generation grew up in. Also–when (if it happened) did the immigration occur, and WHY? The reasons for immigrating will greatly impact the individual perspective. What political faction did one’s family come from in the motherland? Being on the losing end of a political struggle can engender resentment and is a strong reason for immigration. What are the person’s individual physical traits? What are the person’s natural talents and limitations, and how has the environment help or hinder this person’s chances for social and economic advancement? If you want to know the answer(s), then I just need your email address. But it may be too long (lol) so I understand if you think it would be too much at the moment. It’s not really any one thing. Currently, my immediate family is not anti-China, but neither are they pro-China. But I do have some relatives that are rabidly anti-CCP and are evangelical Christians. I suppose the less said the better.

  4. In the buildings at the Number 3 mine, white men shot Chinese workers, killing several. The mob moved into Chinatown from three directions, pulling some Chinese men from their homes and shooting others as they came into the street. Most fled, dashing through the creek, along the tracks or up the steep bluffs and out into the hills beyond. A few ran straight for the mob and met their deaths. White women took part in the killing, too.

  5. Hello Rei. I don’t check Quora very often, but I got your post in one of their emails, then found your site, then read these 3 articles. I’ve been teaching English in China, Thailand, and Korea for 3 years. I’m a white guy who benefits in that market. I left the tech market after my first wife died.

    From your posts it sounds like you are very lonely. Maybe I’m wrong and you are happily married, but the tone comes off as very bitter. I’ve made very good friends with many families in China, Korea, and Thailand. Some Asian-Asian, some Asian-White. They deeply love each other and their children. They struggle for success, time, homework, and status. No one cares about Hollywood. Family time is spent together, having fun and laughing and studying, cooking, etc..

    This is what I love about Asia. In the USA, the toxic judeo-capitalism has corrupted everything: our banks, our media, our healthcare, our labor unions, and they even attack traditional marriage and family. The core of a successful civilization. I find this heartbreaking. They sold everything for shekels and are liars on a grand scale.

    My opinion on your three articles is that you should simply fall in love with the person who truly loves you. I’ve been lucky to experience that twice. The first one died from cancer and I miss her deeply. The second one has filled my heart with grace and humility. I don’t care what color they are, I only care that her eyes shine brightly and her smile lights up my world.

    As for the West, I only speak for the USA. I don’t know much about Australia. Many of my friends are supporting Andrew Yang for 2020. How do you feel about him winning and USA having a Taiwanese-American President?

    Cheers, BK

    1. Dear Batou,
      Yes, you are indeed wrong. I’m married to a lovely Japanese entrepreneur, I have my own school and investment properties.
      I spent a lot of time in the past pursuing financial goals and in that time I have had a lot of experiences dealing with and suppressing the racism I experienced.

      Responses of your kind are typical from the White community who assume that their assessment of the situation is the inerrant word of the Almighty, rather than their own opinion, which accounts for nothing to the person receiving racism.

      If you bothered to read the Asian Women posts, I recommend you also read my “Getting Woke” series to see the Western superiority beliefs still prevalent now. One of my more recent posts, “This is English Teaching in Japan” further breaks down the racial hierarchy that you claim no longer exists.

      If you think I’m attacking interracial couples, you are missing the point. I’m attacking the narrative of the coupling by Western society, that of seeing the Asian women as grovelling up to the White man and of the “inferiority, emasculated Asian man” tag the West purports is the stereotypical Asian man.

      What you judge as “loneliness” is what I call having cause for existence. Having something to fight for, instead of chasing dollar signs gives meaning to our humble existence. I’m fortunate enough to be in a position now, to have something to fight for, equality of press treatment and the ceasation of wanton propaganda against my fellow Asian brothers and sisters.

      I respect your opinion to refute claims that White people incur racism wherever they go, but you let me reserve the right to tell it like it is.

      1. I think both you and that white dude are both very much valid in your experiences and viewpoints.
        My take on this is that Asian pride and fighting against white supremacy and defending your Asian brothers is a good thing but I, personally, dislike extremism.
        But as long as you respect my opinion/views, I can respect yours too.
        (I’m not saying you got to respect white supremacist views though. I only mean as in if we’ve got different takes on this whole thing. Ya get what I mean?)

        As someone who is half Asian, half white, I don’t know how much of a voice I have on this. Do I have more of a say on this more than a non-Asian but less than a full Asian?

        1. Nope, you have a FULL VOICE on this topic. It’s ridiculous to say that you have half an opinion, you are entitled to your thoughts. On the same token, it is just YOUR THOUGHTS (as mine are to me) and not a prescription for right or wrong.

      1. Sry, I just read the question at the end.
        Having Yang become the first Taiwanese American president, has the same meaning as Obama, nothing much.
        If you still haven’t figured out that irrespective of which party wins, wars will continue, the education budget will not increase, neither will infrastructure or health.
        America does not have multi party elections, it has multiple faces for one party. Just like, what they said about Trump, Yang or Tulsi, it’s going to be business as usual after the initial hype.

        1. Oooof. Looking at the past 50 years of warmongering, I know you are probably correct. Perhaps I’m naive, but with Yang and Tulsi, I sincerely hope that enough people with love in their hearts can stop the wars. In my opinion, stopping the war machine is the #1 issue.

          As for the Japan ESL article, my main takeaway was the lack of teamwork. It seems most of your stories focus on people behaving badly. You seem to claim that white people are more responsible for this than other people, while at the same time recent numbers indicate that white birthrates are in decline.

          Regarding beauty standards, I’ve been living under the impression that the Asian obsession with whitening skin creams is of their own making, that dark skin is associated with the poor classes laboring out in the sun all day. Today’s Asians seem perfectly capable of forming their own cultural trends and biases with little or no participation from whites.

          I’d extend that statement to say the most Western MSM has lost all credibility. Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, NYT… all pushing for more wars. Always blaming Russia, Iran, China bogeymen while ignoring the elephant in the room. Half of the US Congress has Israeli passports.

          I agree with you on racism in ESL. I have Asian friends who grew up in USA/CAN/AUS who can’t get jobs. I think it’s ridiculous. Yes, it obviously works in my favor. On the other hand, Askenazi Jews run the USA tech industry now and it favors SJWs with teams of East Indians. Most of my colleagues get butthurt and complain about it, but I decided to just bail and try something new. Let the SJWs run Facebook and Twitter. I don’t care. I’m using LINE, WeChat, and KakaoTalk =)

          I don’t understand why Asian nationalist leaders still require their schools to teach English. It seems like most government schools are terrible at it. Why not just make it an elective?

          What about white guys that bend over backwards to learn the native language and culture, but still hit a rice ceiling? Do you think all white ESL teachers should just leave Asia and go home?

          1. You see, you must look at things not from a snapshot in time, but through a continuum.

            I never said Asians wanting fair skin is white emulation, in fact that’s one thing I disagree with. White people mainly think this, and through media brainwashing Asians assume this now, where it was never historically the case. Do you understand what I mean by the Western propaganda machine being toxic? Perpetual repetition spins out lies!

            As for White English teachers, I don’t know how you read the articles to walk away with incompetence alone. Put it this way, the White men who I personally know have been quite vocal in expressing their feelings about their assumed racial hierarchy position.

            They literally say things like, “we do not have to pay for sex. We are white”, constantly talking about their male hood size, criticising Japanese men”, with White women, reverse the gender.

            The amount of brain washing is rampant. Forcing Japanese people to take on a new identity to learn English, asserting the Japanese to be heinous when there is racism without realising how much discrimination happens in the West to Asians and black people.
            I do not think every single white person is racist, ofc not but the Western philosophy of everything being a binary is toxic.

  6. Thank you for the response! I’m happy to dig deeper into your writings, but could you please spare a moment to answer the Yang question?

  7. Hi Rei, was delayed for a week. Just catching up on emails. =)

    Continuum also implies change. You’ve detailed many of your painful experiences as a child, and those carry as much merit as anyone’s childhood. We all bear the sins of our elders to that degree. Prejudice is real, of course.

    But change also allows improvement. So, it seems that the school you worked for long ago had incompetent owners and managers. They in turn hired bad teachers. Perhaps if they were a bit more resourceful, they could have hired better teachers. But that’s in the past, so let’s move to the present.

    Now you have your own school. Given all the wisdom and knowledge you’ve accumulated, how do you manage your school differently? How do you improve the performance and teamwork of your teachers? How do you make their best efforts align with the expectations of parents? Are white teachers welcome at your school, or do you only hire Asians?

    If you have any posts that speak to these questions, I’m happy to read them. I love teaching English and always appreciate good leaders and mentors. Thanks again =)