It’s OK, we only hate the CHINESE!!! Honorable mention, all Asians.

By Rei Tanotsuka, 19 February 2020

Bust of Shen Kuo

Were we ever going to be fair to China? Hell no!

We all marvel at the genius of Da Vinci, a true renaissance man – art extraordinare and father of many scientific inventions, he is immortalised in contemporary art, folk tales and the media…. what about Shen Kuo?

Da f is he?

Shen Kuo was the Chinese Da Vinci, wait, let me REPHRASE THAT, Kuo was KUO!

To reclaim our voice, we must let our own achievements be measured by our own currency. To compare ourselves to a Western standard is already a problem! Woke? Check!

Chinese polygot

So, back to Kuo. Kuo was a polyglot, he knew things you didn’t know, and you know nothing he didn’t. His knowledge extended to these branches agriculture, ethnography, classics, all arts, archaeology, geology, medicine, cartography, metallurgy, meteorology and zoology.

You think he was a bookworm nerd like yours truly? Nope, he held roles as diverse as the director of the Bureau of Astronomy and if you wanted a treaty to be drawn up with the nomads, who ya gonna call? Call Ku-o!

Oh, in his free time (I personally eat delightful snacks and read when I have time to blow), he went ahead and built pumps that drained a few thousand acres of swampland… you know, to help out the villagers when he had a few hours to kill… then before he had a few rice crackers and a glass of warm soybean milk prior to catching his zzzz’s, he invented a new water clock… as one does.

So why is it that almost no one around you knows about the Shenster? That’s the point, you weren’t SUPPOSED to!

You’ll hear about the wreckless Chairman Mao (completely out of context btw) and the GLF that he instigated, killing many.

The West chooses to let us know about this version of the Khans

You’ll hear about the barbaric Mongols killing everything with a pulse in a salubrious manner. Yet you’ll never hear of Ogodei Khan’s international, interfaith debate held in 1254, when in search for true knowledge, he invited Buddhists, Muslims and Christians to a public debate in Karakorum! The best bit about this debate? He served alcohol!

Yep, the crazy son of a Khan served up endless rounds of mares’ milk, inducing everyone (except the Buddhist) into song and dance!! Koranic verses, interwoven with Christian hymns after a coupla litres of dairy grog! Can’t wait for the remix!

When the Asian crew already reached the pinnacle of human civil developement, using a chin wag to search for the truth instead of flaying the opposition, almost 3 centuries later, the West still hadn’t developed the decorum to have a civilised debate. In 1517, the priestly scholar Martin Luther, inorder to express his view, had to nail his 95 revolutionary protests to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. As much as WE WANT to believe that the West are pioneers of free speech and debate, it is simply NOT true.

There was no concept of interfaith dialogues in the West, not even almost 300 years after the ‘barbaric Mongols’ reached that milestone. The only way to express your opinion was through a one sided movement followed by retribution by the opposition, which is exactly what happened in the Protestant Reformation lasting 30 years, wiping out 8 million people!

A quick Google search of the world population in the 1600’s tallies around 500mil people, which means the Western way to ‘express an opinion’ results in the elimination of 1.6% of humanity!

If we never hear of the positive achievements of Asians in the past, what makes us think that the Anglo West is going to have a change of heart, and start praising our achievements now?

Australian media’s Chinese bone picking….

I just watched a segment of Sky News, an Australian news cable channel, and saw this absurd claim when I Googled their propaganda spiel.

Award winning….. was the award for real life Shrek lookalikes? If so, Paul Murray gets my vote! Real news…. from unproven sources and hearsay. Honest views…. from sinophobes!

In the future, when anthropologists decide to dig up our remains, this channel will definitely be a major contributor. Coprolite can be studied to detect what we fed ourselves, and this news channel is full of shit!

This is what you get when you cross a kindergarten graduate with easy media access, an unprepossessing, flagrantly turgid ‘news reporter’ . If the goal post is cast this wide for journalism in Australia, I’m going get my deceased budgie to apply.

Firstly, let’s get snarky. The reporter on Sky in this segment, Paul Murray, fell outta the fugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, and when laid bare on the cold earth, was mauled by a pack of rabid wildlife (eventhough Oz doesn’t have rabies, the ones attacking him managed to get infected) that were suffering the most acute attack of seizures, leading them to not only scratch him silly, but make an unprecedented viral dump on his face. Paul Murray, in short, is an ugly prick.

The title of the segment I will critique is called “China never wants to admit fault”, by Murray. It was published on 16 Feb 2020.

I sometimes wonder if the severity of sinophobia clouds logic to the point of hysteria, and hence everything that is vociferated is just hot air, bad breath and an assault to the frontal cortex when trying to decipher the inanity.

Murray makes these spurious claims about Xi, in a way that appears to be conspiratorial, diabolical with a degree of malice reserved for global destruction. Here’s the list!

1.China knew about the COVID 19 before the rest of us did!

Yes, I paraphrase not in jest! This imbecile with an Aussie twang, ACTUALLY thinks the country to FIRST discover the virus because it originated there (as current information attests), is CONSPIRATORIAL! I, for the life of me, have never ever come across another quasi human who has uttered something so pitifully insane, that I wanted to literally smash the TV screen.

How is this even a point? Guess which country first announced MERS? Saudi Arabia. The first case was traced back to Jordan. Now, go look at a map, they are approx 1000 kms apart. The distance from Wuhan to Beijing is approx the SAME DISTANCE!

Which country first annouced the ebola outbreak? Congo. The first case traced back to Yambuku and Nzara.

WHAT? You mean this oxygen imbibing bipedal who is one species behind, hasn’t FIGURED OUT that the country of origin of a virus, is usually THE FIRST TO KNOW? How is this cretin on air? Does he think geography is pseudo science?

2. He claims Xi Jinping knew about the virus, making a declaration to FIGHT the virus on 7 January in a formal meeting, ALMOST two weeks before his first public announcement of the coronavirus.

Ummmm. Da f is wrong with fat Murray? Am I the ONLY one who sees NOTHING wrong with this?

Am I the only one to recognise that China’s Bugatti response time is worthy of COMMENDATION, not CONDEMNATION? This is from WHO regarding Ebola.

“A “mysterious” disease began silently spreading in a small village in Guinea on 26 December 2013 but was not identified as Ebola until 21 March 2014.”

This is the lag time when MERS was reported vs first known.

“Health officials first reported the disease in Saudi Arabia in September 2012. Through retrospective (backward-looking) investigations, they later identified that the first known cases of MERS occurred in Jordan in April 2012. ”

Am I the ONLY ONE who understands that there will always be a LAG in implementing something like a lock down of 48 CITIES?

Am I the only one to have reservations in announcing an EPIDEMIC in haste?

Murray clearly thinks locking down cities should be as easy as dialing up his nightly pizza delivery order of double cheese, extra salami, onion, garlic, lard crust, pan style pie!

Yeah Pork Murray, that’s right, lock downs should be a phone call away! I mean after all, if your gouty fingers could do the “walking” and dial up a heart attack and get it delivered to your squalor in 30 mins, a 48 city lock down involving 500 MILLION PEOPLE, should take, oh no more than a damn day right? Anything longer MUST MEAN Xi wants the world to die by infecting everyone with a virus that is now pinned on a nationality!

Yep that’s right racists, why don’t you actually say what you say behind closed doors? Call it the Chingchong virus, it’s THIS RIDICULOUS already!

Am I the only one who understands that NO OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH SO FAR, has even implemented a formal LOCK DOWN of entire cities???

Am I the ONLY one who can see that China is clearly trying damn hard this time. Why? Because like it or not, China DOES NOT want to be hated. It is GENUINELY TRYING!

I personally think this is OVERKILL, (pun), because the common flu is way more insidious!

As I write NOW, this is the latest stat available to me.

Common flu:

“In the U.S. alone, the flu has already caused an estimated 26 million illnesses, 250,000 hospitalizations and 14,000 deaths this season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”


Are we hysterical? YES. Is it because it’s CHINA? F YEAH!

This honestly makes NO DAMN SENSE. The fatality rate of COVID 19 is 2.1% with over 2000 of the current deceased being mainly Chinese. As I type, it says 2 Iranians have died. The normal flu mortality rate can fluctuate from as low .1% to 2.5%.

3. Finally, in order to not appear as an unbridled, card carrying racist, Murray commands that we all go and eat at a Chinese restaurant on the weekend. Yeah, the only traitorous aspect of this ton of ghee anthropomorphised, is that gluttonous appetite of his. Yes, he will bend a principle (since physical bending is out of the question) just so that his cheek bunions can remain buoyant enough to keep his fat head afloat on cable TV.