Australia 60 Minutes. Racist. Mendacious. Unscrupulous – Nil Admirari!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 18 March 2020

Meet Liam Bartlett, ostensibly an “investigative” journalist currently working for 60 bloody painful, racist Minutes, on an in-depth tackle on the coronavirus… Did I mention he has lost his friggin marbles?

Where does one begin?……. Right in front of me, lies a huge dung ball which will take 30mins to “unpack”…. Ummmm, OK let’s start off with a compliment.

How. On. Earth, did Australia produce someone like me, who is endowed with commonsense and endorsed by sanity, and concomitantly spawn a legion of imbeciles who get on telly to pass on their xenophobic verbiage as news?

Oh, sorry, you thought the compliment would include Bartlett! Hell no! I can only think of lessening a negative, such as “Liam!.. That’s the guy that inspired Mary Shelley’s greatest novel. Look, hes not wearing his neck bolts today!” or “Oh my, AI is gettin’ good… not heaps good, but a pass if you don’t look too closely… and if you don’t interact with it” and finally, “At least this one’s not hitting the fried chooks like cholesterol doesn’t matter and clothes don’t come in sizes, like Paul Murray, the Sky News blubber face I tore apart in this post“. (No, he’s not thicc, he’s a doughnut away from a triple bypass).

Back to Bartlett. He has won three international and two national awards for reporting, including the New York Festival awards for both TV and Radio and the Brigitte Bardot Award for TV (yeah I can see the resemblance… Lmao) because the standard in journalism these days really is THAT LOW.

Here’s the criteria : stoic, stupid and racist will get you a nomination, and if you don’t need to use phonetics when reading the reports, you get the plum prize! Yippee, when everyone is a winner, noone is a winner. Way to go Oz!

During these 60 Minutes’ type of programmes, 2 distinctive formats of Anglo Western media is employed to paint a Mephistophelean China.

1. Choose a Chinese sell out who will cast aspersions in every way possible, from the way China eats, sleeps and shits, to adding a litany of things China didn’t even do, but “may” do. Basically these degenerate internalised racists are trying to get the white vote by slam trashing China to the point where even the Richard Spencer types quibble “there there chingchongchang, take a breather mate, there’s shit going on in China, but let’s not be too hasty with the critique of fried rice (puts Panda Express order on hold)”.

These are the Asians we seriously hate. They are hoping that they will be heralded as a hero among white folk, because they “dare” talk about the “oppressive” Chinese government. Jokes on them. Why? We ALL look the same to white people! Lmao. Isn’t this coronavirus enough of a wakeup call, with ALL yellow looking Asians getting shit slammed for being “Chinese” even if they are not?


2. Get a genuine, independent, credible Chinese person, but edit, cut and distort their opinions, so that it conforms to the sinophobic trope you want to convey. Putting a yellow face on telly is the siren song for “objectivity”, after all Chinese people can’t be “racist” to themselves right?

60 Minutes, “Coronavirus Pandemic” has chosen option 2 this time.

So during this segment, they interviewed Gabriel Matthew Leung, “GBS, JP, a clinician and a public health authority, is Dean of the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong.” Wikipedia

This Chinese guy with a hella hard to believe Western name (Come on, really? Gabriel Matthew?! An angel and a saint in one… sometimes I just wanna scream, STOP IT Leung Gai Meng!!), is giving some pretty stoic answers, while Fartlett keeps letting rip the apocalyptic versions of a reality that GM is trying desperately hard not to convey.

At 14:35 you see Shitlett trying to goad GM into incriminating the food consumption aspect of the zoonotic diseases, but GM clearly tells shit for brains, that it’s most likely during the handling and NOT during the EATING of these animals that allowed for the virus to take on a new host, because HEAT KILLS those yucky bacteria and viruses, a fact a brain not locked in cryogenic storage can imbibe through living a normal, prize free journalistic life!

Then at 15:00, we meet a doughy faced Clooney knock off with a paedophilic smirk, telling us of yet ANOTHER food conspiracy. Now that the bat has been thoroughly DEBUNKED, he decides IT’S THE PANGOLINS that are now the yucky Chinese food that is the cause!

Firstly, do people ACTUALLY understand that the Vietnamese and West Africans eat pangolins too? If these bush tucker meals (bats and pangolins) caused deaths, these people would have DIED OUT ALREADY!! According to the West, soybeans cause low sperm counts … smh, yeah LOOK at China where the men eat soy almost daily, must be a real problem there eh? Wait, could it be a problem with ONLY a certain shade of men and not all???As my mum says so eloquently, stop blaming the porcelain throne just because you can’t pinch out a loaf!

Secondly, do people realise that China has ALREADY BANNED the trading of these endangered animals? China has been a member of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) since 1981!!!

Did ya read dat bitches?? 1981! China was WOKE before woke was woken up into our progressive lexicon!! Again : China has been a member of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) since 1981.  

People enjoy criticising China irrespective of what it does, with a perpetual pubic itch in taking a jab at Xi, like he is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and hence must be PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE for every damn thing! China has taken appropriate measures in arresting people for breaking CITES, witness the arrest of the Pangolin Princess.

Pangolin Princess.

Arrest her? The Anglo West cries foul play on human rights violations, let her go on her pangolin soup diet and Xi gets vilified with murdering defenseless endangered ball rolling creatures. WTF? YOU tell me WHERE the PERFECT line is? Don’t just throw scorn because that’s easy to do, GIVE YOUR EXACT prescription and then let US judge you!

What happens if Porky Pig gives you the bugs??

My my, isn’t it quaint when the 2009 SWINE FLU broke out, noone says it’s stupid American’s bacon avarice that lead to the pandemic?? The fact that bats have been eaten by humans for 74,000 years and pigs for only 10,000 form no logical sway.

The sheer fact that the longer you consume something, the “safer” it gets doesn’t form a “logical” point this time. Why? Because WHITE PEOPLE EAT pigs, hence it’s “clean” and Muslims are just “weird” because they can’t appreciate the delights of eating a smart omnivore!

Now, let’s look at what the pangolin science says!

Researchers at the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou said they had found a coronavirus in smuggled pangolins that was a 99% genetic match to the virus circulating in people.

Scandalous right? But hold up, this was based on ONLY the receptor binding domain (RBD)! A miscommunication happened between the bioinformatics group and the lab group leading to the hasty conclusion. When the ENTIRE genome was sequenced, the pangolin and human viruses only shared a 90.3% similarity. This, in the world of DNA is a big flamin deal. SARS in 2003 could only be attributed to bats because the match between the human virus and the bat viruses reached 99.8%!

Because to be a prize winning journalist in Australia only involves having the restraint to not consume one’s own morning dump, Retardlett didn’t bother to question the prosthetic looking Clooney on the veracity of the pangolin claim. Either that, or they both KNEW the truth but their envy, sinophobia and wanton disregard for China as a legitimate world class nation that actually has merit, precluded them from doing the right thing – give an HONEST REPORT.

Let’s talk about China. Shall we go to Thailand?

I don’t know what I dislike more, the unprepossessing humanoids on 60 Minutes, or the sheer idiocy of the logic. I’m ambivalent but don’t want to be, so I’m hating BOTH with equal enthusiasm.

This was supposed to be about China, but these baffoons go to Thailand “undercover” (they pretended to be class A racist dickheads and due to their genetic disposition, accidentally perfected the role from their respective births onwards) and tell the audience that this is OK because according to them, China and Thailand are the same. I do not say this in jest. Thailand, according to these 2 numbnuts, a completely different ethnic group, with a distinct language, their own culture is the EXACT replica of China and hence their wet markets can be taken to be the SAME.

I want to give an account of Aussie life, I go to New Zealand ok or not? No right? Why? Because the animal which is most dominant in NZ (sheeps) have a higher IQ than 99% of Aussies, and hence I would be throwing shade at the sheeps! Yet Thailand and China, according to these racist dunnybrains, are the same.

This is possibly one of the most obfuscating reports in the history of TV, designed this way to draw out pure venom in the viewers. Here’s what the mendacious fucks did.

They went to 2 different places, clearly one was a food market and the other was a PET SHOP. These unscrupulous xenophobes then ran a muddled montage of shots in the market and smuggled in shots of the pet store. Then they refused to articulate what the point was, but this lead on from the segment about pangolins as food, leading the viewers to conclude that ALL the animals shown in the muddled montage were for food consumption.

These 2 racist assholes clearly afflicted with Cotard’s syndrome, then filmed a woman working in the pet shop and asked if they could eat some of animals, to which she replied, do as you wish.

This program is all shades of a messed up shit show, produced with a solitary intent. To paint China as a nation of savages. Imagine going to America, interviewing a gun totting yank with homicidal proclivities, then drawing the conclusion that CANADIANS ARE INSANE!!! I honestly, for the life of me have no idea why Australia is this racist and the gutter level lows it is willing to stoop to, just to slander China. And all for what? For China giving Australia the greatest economic run of its life? For providing Australians with a great variety of material bling?

Australia is A PATHOLOGICAL SINOPHOBE. I am so disappointed and sickened to my stomach that I find uttering “I’m Australian” to be akin to “Imma racist cunt”. We are beginning to look ugly, very very ugly.

We never respected our aboriginals, we called the non white Europeans wogs and now we hate China from the pits of our embered hearts because we can’t bare the sight of a successful yellow nation.

Australia grow da fuck up! Also, get NEW journalists, you know, the kind who weren’t reared on the Klan’s bible!

It takes ALL the colours on the electromagnetic spectrum to make white, without US, there is no YOU!

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