So, what exactly is “White Privilege”?

By Rei Tanotsuka, 23 March 2020

Things that white people say… Smh!

White Privilege is the ability to fabricate reality according to one’s mental deterioration. You don’t have to apply medical terminology to medical matters.
White Privilege means that you can literally be a mendacious marauding corpulent toss rag, and STILL HOLD A HIGH POSITION in society.
White Privilege means that what you don’t eat, begets you the right to call what has sustained others for countless generations, as DISGUSTING!
This is her Quora profile! What a salubrious epithet for xenophobic cow! She writes for SCIENCE? Yeah sure, the EXACT scientific terminology for food that white people don’t eat is “DISGUSTING”? Find me the peer reviewed paper to support that! To skip the following Quora saga, GO TO *SUMMARY*.
White Privilege means, that you can call yourself a TRIAL LAWYER, yet you don’t have to subscribe to the PHYSICAL LAWS OF THE ARROW OF FRIGGIN TIME! Yes, another shit for brains, conveniently minces the time line of events, JUST so she can have an excuse to exercise her racism. Then, in an epiphany of unsanctioned stupidity, she thinks it’s LOGICAL to equate her OWN opinion as representative of America, eventhough the official American political body is literally spitting out conspiracy theories of China. So on the one hand she says American politicians don’t represent America, but apparently ONE CHINESE POLITICIAN SPEAKS FOR 1.4 Billion people! The lead in American water is showing up now! Look at the idiots calling themselves ‘professionals’!
White Privilege is exercising full cuntipotency in being mind blowingly stupid and racist simultaneously. Who said men can’t multitask?


Quora is a platform that is rampant with xenophobes, not as much as say FB or Twitter, but it’s doing well. I would say it houses a fair portion of racist moderators too. Many a time, the racists won’t get censored, but their victims will, hence I will write up about the idiotic Quorans here, a place where clemency doesn’t need to be exercised. We are dealing with bonafide racist imbeciles who CAN’T EVEN SEE how blindingly racist they are!

Caveat: there are many many “white skinned” people who are not of this persuasion. I go into details on what white actually means in this YouTube video. Before proceeding to read this, maybe a quick click here, (go to 14;40) to listen to the definition to you give background on who I’m talking about specifically. White Privilege does NOT extend to all people who have white skin.

The Winner is…….

Today’s dunnybrain champ is going to be Max Waterman, a true inadvertent racist dickhead in every sense of the word. But let’s face it, everyone I featured could rightfully have snagged the crown.Why him?

Why not?

He is a common racist-in-denial we see everywhere, the kind who claims his imperialistic proclivities are just “noble traits”, and that his way of viewing the world is inerrant and GOD forbid, never racist!

So let’s talk about how people like Max generally think.

First he makes a comment on a topic which he has NO FUCKING IDEA about. I’m talking about a blank hemp canvas, so blank that it is still in the preliminary stages of being a recreational drug. His knowledge hasn’t even segmented into a textile yet. However, he thinks on the basis of him being white, that that in ITSELF qualifies him to speak.

The first thing this dyed in the wool moron asks is, in what way was DRUG SMUGGLING into China ILLEGAL? Jesus bloody creepers, can we get a crown now? I don’t even want the pony parade, just let me crown HIM NOW!

He implies that because it WASN’T illegal in Britain to DRUG THE ENTIRE CHINESE NATION, then China’s in-house laws don’t apply. Yes, he’s that dense. I point out the obvious racist overture in his comment, to which he, in true Quoran racist form, turns the table on ME, and says I’m racist for calling out his racism!

Then, because he can’t even read a McDonald’s menu properly to order up a heart attack, proceeds to use the most common come back white supremacists use to shade us Asians IRRESPECTIVE OF THE FACT THAT WE WERE EDUCATED BY THEIR LILLY WHITE ASS TEACHERS in their home turf – the “English must not be your first language.” line.

Clearly logic and English are not this idiot’s language at all, first or otherwise.

Despite the fact that I literally wrote “drug smuggling” in my initial post and in the subsequent correspondence, makes no difference to his understanding. He interjects “Max logic” and decides, in true Trump style mendacity, that I never said that.

It’s like he doesn’t understand the concept of a digital footprint! I can literally scroll up and see what I’ve written, and yet this Class A corprophagic imbecile declares victory by saying that I never wrote “drug smuggling”, eventhough it’s staring him in his plain, bargain sale mien!

He really went out by the way, to try to prove his dialectical prowess by telling me that historically drugs weren’t illegal. Because laws are human creations and ever evolving, we can’t say Britain did anything “illegal” at that point in time.

Oh, no shit Emmanuel Kant! It’s like this son of a goon thinks this spark of COMMON SENSE will lead to my down fall, his version of a Jordan Peterson/ Cathy Newman moment in his little mind.

Yes, laws change and items will shift between the bounds of legality, HOWEVER I SPECIFICALLY USED “SMUGGLING”, the term in itself means illegality!

I sometimes wonder how it would feel to be THIS WANTONLY STUPID. Would I know if it’s raining? Can I detect hunger? Will I be able to tell when I’ve been fed shit by our world, or would I just think it’s a chocolate smoothie?

I can bet my favourite snack, that Max the racist rat, will counter claim my vitriol on his racism by telling me he can’t be. I’m just taking a stab, but a white guy in China? Me guess is, he has a Chinese wifey.

His marital papers, he will proudly boast, is the stately documentation to prove that this white knight wack job, is anything but a feeble minded racist.

Hold up, let’s lookie here shall we?

I’ve been living in Japan for almost 20 years and I know enough white guys who HATE JAPANESE PEOPLE (read Japanese men), but love fuckin the women to be tantamount to a conspiracy. Is this a sign of racial equity or one of a racial malady?

Don’t give me your ipsisimositous logic of your sexual satisfaction being representative of racial equality! How ridiculous! Some guys have a racist dick (like John Mayer whose pole only stands in full salute for white chicks), whereas others have a United Colours of Benetton “up look”, what colour you bang and wed, has no baring on your equitable racial stance!

Thomas Jefferson was down with the swirl, mingling his latte fetish for Sally Hemmings, his biracial maid, all the while OWNING HER.

Your dick is NOT the mascot for your sense of justice, racial parity or social ails!

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