Do you STILL wanna wave that American and British flag, self hater?

By Rei Tanotsuka, 27 March 2020

As Marx said, being human and being free, renders one to be conscious that we are a member of a species living in accordance with consciousness.

Living with consciousness means being aware of who you are, in the context of your life. Why is the Anglo West failing so stridently in this conception? In the recent war against the latest pandemic, the Anglo West seems to have lost all commonsense and dignity. Our inner savages have taken over our so called developed selves and compelled us to become the lowest denominator… hysterical racists, fighting each other for the right to have a clean bottom.

The Toilet paper wars....

We all now know of the infamous Sydney toilet paper brawl, but feral Aussies did not stop there. No siree! Our ass obsession begat a series of other potty crimes…

Two grown men, incapable of executing common sense. Toilet paper heist….classy!
Casey Hyde, a Melbourner who is vision impaired had her toilet paper stolen from her shopping cart! New lows for Australia.

As Scott Morrison keeps trying to convince himself that Australians are better than this, better than fighting over and stealing loo paper from the vision impaired, we see real life people squabbling over these items like the apocalypse is here and the only thing that concerns them is a clean bum before they do the meet N greet with THE ONE!

And the Stars and Stripes are?….

Americans, on top of their clinical stupidity, have decided to load up on guns… I am not a punter, but imma gonna say, this is not a salubrious sign of the future. A nation that contains a substantial population that believes the world is only 6000 years old and a woman does not even need to do the missionary at a bare minimum to end up with a bun in the oven, is not going to be assuaged by logic that the coronavirus is not going to wipe them out.

This is not including the spike in online gun sales of 68% according to

Add Sinophobia, then stir

The Anglo West is predisposed to mental instability with an unabating fear of being “attacked” by their own government, viruses and the GREYS. Add to this paranoia, innate xenophobia, and Americans are ready and willing to pounce on anything that wears a yellow face! Some may want to argue that it’s ignorance, however I’m just going to call a racist, a low life racist.

If ignorance was indeed the issue, why didn’t the Anglo West blame Africans for Ebola, Middle Easterners for MERS or themselves for the swine flu? If they are “ignorant” now, why weren’t they ignorant a decade ago and label the H1N1, the Yank Virus?

This cretin who is a REPUBLICAN SENATOR, (for God’s sake, you would think that someone with a single digit IQ would not qualify to be a senator, but oh no, in America, it’s good enough) blames Ebola, SARS and MERS on China due to the culinary habits? What a Class A imbecile! Look at him! He’s a chrome domer, yet the shit coming from this guy is high school stuff. No adult can possibly be this stupid and lack this much knowledge, yet here he is….

People like John Cornyn I suspect, actually do know the truth about the origins of viruses, but because the average American’s intellectual prowess is akin to a common household pet, he has decided that this is the most expedient way to ignite racial grievances – by feigning ignorance and giving wholesale blame to China.

People generally don’t care enough to look up political issues because unlike Kim Kardashian’s ass, they have no real life implications, so they listen to a sound bite and regurgitate what they hear like it’s the infallible truth. This is why you get the following idiot spraying an Asian guy with Fabreze, not because the Asian guy actually has COVID-19, but because he’s Asian, BY DEFAULT, he must have COVID-19!

This idiotic African American, a man belonging to a RACE that has systemically been demonised for lacking intelligence and hygiene, turned latent aggression on a group that has NOT been the one to keep his people manacled! PATHETIC!

I take further issue with the self haters, the Asians who pine for the fall of China and join the others in ransacking the hard work of China’s swift and logical approach in tackling the pandemic, and denigrating its honest mistakes, as a global conspiracy. How’s that treating you? Are you able to tattoo on your forehead that you are on “other side” and be believed, or will your yellow face betray you?

Poetic Justice

It’s like providence is the ultimate Trickster. Just a few months ago, we saw the corrosive Hong Kong self haters who pined for the return of their former whip master, only to literally see that the Anglo West and West generally, really really hate yellow folk! Lmao. I could have told you that.

At the slightest provocation, we see an avalanche of Asian disdain, this can only spring forth from a well, already encased in Yellow Peril rhetoric. You can’t ignite a conflagration from something inflammable.

Here’s how much venom the French hate for us, “#Jenesuispasunvirus”.

The Netherlands decide to BEAT UP A KOREAN WOMAN for NOT having the virus, but because she looks like she “could”.

Dear JAPANESE people, YOU LOOK THE SAME AS CHINESE PEOPLE, you are getting shat on too! The following are taken from Wikipedia.

In Egypt: “According to the Embassy of Japan in Cairo, store clerks have been hesitating to serve Japanese customers, and “corona” has also become a new slur with which to abuse Japanese people on the street.”

In Indonesia: “In general, there have been reports of widespread anti-Japanese discrimination and harassment in the country, with hotels, stores, restaurants, taxi services and more refusing Japanese customers, and many Japanese people were no longer allowed in meetings and conferences. The embassy of Japan has also received at least a dozen reports of harassment toward Japanese people in just a few days.”

Dear KOREANS, YOU TOO, look the same as CHINESE PEOPLE, you are getting shat on too!!

In Palestine: “On 1 March 2020, a Palestinian mother with her daughter chanted “Corona, corona” to the two Japanese women who were in Ramallah for non-governmental aid mission. The mother then attacked and pulled the hair of one of the Japanese women who attempted to record the incident.”

Israel:An Israeli newspaper subsequently published a Korean complaint that “Israel is Treating [Korean and other Asian] Tourists Like Coronavirus.”

In Australia: Ravenswood Girls school “a private school on Sydney’s North Shore asked a South Korean student to leave her dormitory – even though she had not been to China since visiting Shanghai in October 2019 and was medically cleared when she arrived at the school.”

Dear Singaporeans, IT’S YOU TOO. Irrespective of you adopting a Christian name and nationalising English as your numero uno language, unfortunately you will NEVER be admitted to the club.You will get shat upon as well!

In London: Jonathan Mok

Dear Indians, yes, even YOU GUYS look similar enough to Chinese people to get shat on! Congrats!

In Israel: Indian immigrant beaten in Tiberias in apparent coronavirus-linked hate crime

The Point…

Dear Asians who mock the Chinese and deem them the peril… NEWS FLASH, others see YOU in the same light, you benighted fools!

Your turgid belief that you will somehow ally yourself to the other because you think you are “better” than the mainland Chinese people, are now getting a wack of reality. Sorry! To the mainland Chinese who have left China and decided to pledge loyalty to the West, good going in burning your own bridges!

Like I have said in my previous posts, how flamming stupid does one need to be, to join hands with the other, to attack one’s own? The worst part of all this, are the blunted minds who think that a Western power is going to exercise better jurisprudence for the coloured people than their own. You are FUCKING DELUSIONAL!

An Asian power bold enough to stand up for itself, deserves our reverence NOT our ugly petty, jealousy. We have historically done this, we literally have. Our self hate arose way before Japan experimented on the Chinese in unit 731, it started long before China become Communist, its origin harks back to a sibling rivalry that won’t budge even when ASIA gets raped and plundered by external powers….we can’t even temporarily put aside our grievances to halt an external threat!

Yeah, you may think you ‘only’ hate the Japanese, or the Chinese or the Vietnamese, or the Pakistanis when you tear down the latest Asian juggernaut, yet you’re being a douche bag and squelching your OWN VOICE!

Think about it carefully.

So far, in all our living collective memories, we have NEVER had an Asian superpower, even when wielding great economic strength, dare exercise imprudence to the Western powers like China has. The Japanese didn’t during their economic rise, the little dragons despite being a force to be reckoned with, didn’t either (actually LEE KUAN YEW did give the West shit, he was truly fantastic and told the Anlgo Western media to shove it). ONLY CHINA has the chutzpah because it, along with India is a BONA FIDE ASIAN SUPER POWER.

China is the FIRST Asian to retain its principles and DARE tell America to sit and SPIN BABY! Good on her. For tucked under her wings, lies the first awakened baby phoenix, the Philippines. Rodrigo Duterte that home boy, just told America it will end the Philippines- US military alliance! Yippee. Who knows which little phoenix still nestled snuggly under China’s bravado, is going to come out next?


Those of you who are still half asleep, wake the heck up.

We as individuals, derive our sense of self as an international citizen from the strength of our roots, to argue otherwise is foolhardy. Why is it, that white people walk so proudly, loudly and obnoxiously everywhere they go? Why do they have the right to assess OUR countries ACCORDING to their standards? Because of their lineage in conquering 80% of the world’s land patch. This gives them a sense of hubris not seen in any other race! They fought when it came to the spoils, BUT MADE DAMN SURE the coloured people were SUBJUGATED FIRST! It’s that simple.

When you come from strength, you as an individual, are less afraid. You are emboldened by what your forefathers conquered for you to enjoy. As Asians the dumbest thing we can do, is destroy OUR ROOTS in the belief that the fruit we bear, is just our own. White people throughout Europe rest their laurels on the British, French and Germans mainly, and they ALL walk proud.

Us Asians need to recognise that our strength lies in a strong China, India, and Japan among others

Quit shitting on ourselves just because it’s not our EXACT Asian that’s coming to the fore. BE PROUD that an ASIAN has arrived!