The Bill is Coming Due

By Rei Tanotsuka, 2 April 2020

Looks cute eh? But what if this little bugger was a petty asshole, hellbent on global annihilation? Shouldn’t we PUT IT in its place? Our world is currently lead by primates endowed with the teeniest, tiniest brains- the Anglo Western monkey. Thankfully, nature has seen it fit to turn the tide of rulership back to the natural order, that of the East. Mountain gorillas were never meant to be lead by pygmy mormosets!

The Anglo West is a composite of several countries replete with citizens who are mostly blind patriots, or… drunk. A legion of the gullible who are awash with the supercilious notion that it is they, who brought forth civilization in taming the savages.

It behooves me to vociferate the plain truth, that the Anglo West has made a multitude of enemies due to its unwillingness to exercise prudence in treating others with simple human respect and dignity.

The following is a list of the specious logic employed by the Anglo West in its treatment of others, where the injustices are remembered and grudges held. We KNOW what you have done to us, and we are not going to TURN THE OTHER CHEEK… we are biding time, waiting for the opportunity.

Don’t think you have gotten away with what you have done to the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Vietnamese, Philippines, Africans and Middle Easterners. We ALL remember!

American logic 1 – only love something that earns you accolades

“A friend of mine who’s very dark put a turban on his head and went into a restaurant in Atlanta before they called themselves desegregated. He went into a white restaurant, he sat down, they served him, and he said,” What would happen if a Negro came in here? And there he’s sitting, black as night, but because he had his head wrapped up the waitress looked back at him and says,”Why, there wouldn’t be no nigger dare come in here.” Malcolm X

American mental turgidity is notorious. The rest of the world really wonders, does all that stupidity come from one spring, or do they parcel out the task, making bulk orders to the mentally impaired and criminally insane?

The above logic of loving one but hating the other, though evidently identical, does not only pertain to the treatment of African Americans. Life under Pax Americana would be nothing short of Alice’s Wonderland where the smallest, most feeble minded, lead the global cerebral heavy weights into dystopia.

Malcom X in the 1960s, already penetrated the hymen of American society and saw that the chaste virgin masked a whore, who sold her soul to the devil just to drape her body in blood diamonds. She stole, mutilated and sacrificed human sanctity, promoting pigmentation to a hierarchy of perpetual subjugation just to justify her sadism in inflicting pain on 22 million human beings.

310. That’s the number of years African Americans toiled WITHOUT A CENT in remuneration.

Your and my mother and father, who didn’t work an eight hour-shift, but worked from “can’t see” in the morning until “can’t see” at night, and worked for nothing, making the white man rich, making Uncle Sam rich.” Malcolm X.


American Logic 2 – Goad another nation into physically striking first, just so you can bomb their ass outta their mouth

Japan was the first Asian power to try to defeat the West. Unfortunately, it employed the Western toxic strategy of oppression and manipulation, which lead to it being a menace instead of the beacon of Asian empowerment.

The Russo-Japanese War was fought out in Korea and China. Japan’s intention at that time was to prevent Russia from becoming the dominant Western power in the East. When Japan won, do we in contemporary society even realise what a boon that was for ALL ASIANS?

Okuma Shigenobu, a senior statesman at the time said “The war, the Japanese feel, proves that there is nothing the Westerners do which Asians cannot do.”

It inspired India’s Jawaharlal Nehru to quip “If Japan could make good against one of the most powerful Europeans, why not India?”

Unfortunately, after this first epic win, Japan immediately earned a seat at the international Imperial nations table. Theodore Roosevelt, another disproportionately packaged American President feared for dear life that a Herculean Japan would re-tip the balance of power of the whiteys in Asia. You think that’s just my interpretation? Hell no. This is what he wrote to a bff.

“there will be a real shifting of the centre of equilibrium as far as the white races are concerned.” Yep, Roosevelt’s dumb ass concern was once again, confined to white racial dominance.

America, along with Britain, eventually cornered Japan by refusing to trade with it. As we all know, Japan has few resources, so putting embargoes on essentials like oil and metals, was akin to ripping out the IV drip. The ugly twins that is America and Britain, wanted to starve out Japan and NO ONE that has the Bushido ethos, is going to perish without a fight!

Japan fell for it. The “Pearl Harbour Plus other Yank territory attack” maneuver, resulted in the mushroom clouding of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, after which, an American scientist quaintly denied that the radiation from the bombs, “cause” people’s spleen to spontaneously drop out of their butt holes.

According to that American scientist decked out in a brigadier general’s uniform (sick cosplay at work) at a press conference in the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, when quizzed about the aftermath of hurling such a diabolical weapon on such a small country, fervently denied that atomic radiation was the cause of bleeding tongues and explosive internal organs because the bombs were dropped from a very high distance… Yeah, I’m serious, he actually expressed that sentiment.

Here’s another prized quote from General Leslie Groves post bombing: “Groves also testified before the Senate that radiation poisoning was “without undue suffering” and “a very pleasant way to die”. Let’s pray that Americans get reciprocal “pleasant” deaths too.


Let’s switch it up, Logic 3 belongs to the Brits – Create an Untouchables caste, then blame it on the Hindus

Because Western philosophy can’t grasp the concept of unity through diversity, it decides that it can’t exist. Why? Because it’s too stupid to fathom the possibility, and instead of exercising humility and being humble enough to learn, it decides to jettison such a notion.

The Hindu caste system traditionally comprised of 4 distinct groups, the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. Each caste pertained to a body part belonging to Brahma, with the head, shoulders, thighs and feet corresponding to the classifications respectively. Now, did you catch that? All the body parts BELONG to the Divine, which means though each occupation sanctioned through the caste differed, they were not seen to be “unequal” in the way Western interpretation deems them to be.

The Indians were already a thriving civilisation by the time the pasty people who rarely bathed, visited their shores and strong armed them into being exploited for their resources.

The Brits, hailing from a geographic land patch that is as frigid as their hearts, decided to give the Indians the mandate of collecting a certain amount of moolah through taxation. The Poms were adamant that they didn’t care how this was administered. These European blood suckers (not hyperbole, the Queen, Big ears, Donut Willy etc are all descendants of Queen of Teck, a daughter of one of Vlad the Impaler’s sons) just wanted money because……it buys happiness, spouses and the illusion that they are ‘special’.

This was done naturally via the corporation of the East India Company which has a nexus with the man we credit for Easter and Christmas.

Notice the 3 crosses dividing the E, I and Co?

At that time, the British made a rule, a rule that no one else knew about or agreed to, but something that they just ‘believed in’. You know, the thinking clarity and depth of a dull 3 year old who you suspect needs to get doctor clearance that s/he’s not “special”? The rule was that any country that the Brits invaded, oops ‘discovered’, that didn’t have adherents to the Christian faith, was a country that they could exploit and subdue. What? Yes, rules are rules baby, even if you don’t know about them!

In order to create disunity between brothers, they employed the oldest trick in the book, divide and conquer, conjured up by the Romans and used by every Imperial power since then.

The Brits gave imaginary positions to select Indians, to arrest an imaginary crime of not paying enough taxes, which landed the accused the moniker of a criminal. This lead to stigmatisation, rendering the ‘crims’ unemployable by main society, and then having to settle for the worst jobs on earth, such as collecting fresh human shit, grunted straight outta the distended chocolate starfish, leading to the image of filth and impurity, leading to further stigmatisation. When you get enough people being unable to pay their taxes, and then criminalising them, you have created not only a ghetto, but a bonafide new underclass, a class outside of the Brahma’s divine body and into something undefined, untouchable.

The notion of Dalits did not even enter the Indian lexicon until the 1870s, after India was unfortunate enough to break bread with the stingy bathers.

The Dalits have only achieved mild social elevations, the great majority, like African Americans in America, remain at the very bottom of Indian society.


We are all SICK and TIRED and ANGRY. WE ARE PISSED AS HELL. Hell hath no fury like unity of the oppressed!

We have seen all your tricks, and we are beginning to wise up. This revolt against Anglo Western dominance is only a matter of time, you better hope that we believe in EQUALITY, for if we decide we feel the sting more than you think you exercised in your slap, you better pray to every idol you have ever known. There’s alot of bad blood and alot of very pissed off people.

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