A Tale of two Asians

By Rei Tanotsuka, 17 April 2020

Both are intelligent, have swag and emphatically share the same problem of Western Imperialism, why not JOIN FORCES?

Raison D’etre

Oyama Iwao, head of the Japanese Army Ministry during the first Sino-Japanese war, saw the real threat to Western Imperial powers if these 2 great Asian nations act in unison.

“Japan and China are protecting Asia from Western invasion. If those two countries go to war, the Western powers will reap the benefit. Japan and China will suffer enormous harm, and the damage to Asia could be fatal. Therefore, do absolutely nothing to provoke war.”

However, Kawakami Soroku, chief military strategist did not understand the political implications of starting a war with China, only the chances of winning. He lead the way to the first fist fight between these two great countries. What an idiot…

The lingering sentiments of yesterday, prevail today

Japanese people will tell you that the “reason” they disdain China is because of Chinese people’s mannerisms, most notably their loud voices. Most have ZERO ISSUES with the CPC party because Japan does not have Western style democracy either, and most are OK to be monitored, and consider it a blessing at times.

Eg. Only after the age of 45, is there a mandatory requirement to swallow a jug of barium for a health check, but 20 something year olds in Japan, do it as a precaution and think it’s WONDERFUL that they don’t have to pay for it. They don’t care that barium contains one RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPE, since it’s free and detects stomach issues, it gets a double thumbs up!

Most Japanese people give ZERO fs that their government CCTVs them. This is a WESTERN FEAR MONGERING concern, I have so far, not even met ONE Japanese person who had problems with being surveillanced.

Back to loud voices.

I admit that rewind almost 20 years ago, the Chinese tourists who I personally saw in Japan, spoke as though they were in competition with PA systems, it was like shouting for survival.

However, this is a real life recording that I made at a local sweets store I went to very recently in 2019. There were about 20 odd customers, almost a 50/50 split of Japanese and Chinese people. Click here to hear the recording.

I’m not cherry picking either. It is almost impossible to get a 50/50 balance of customers to highlight the fact that most Chinese tourists, especially the younger generation, are not so much louder than anyone else.

Am I saying that no Chinese people are ill mannered? Nope. I’m simply saying that they are NORMAL. When they get excited, naturally a certain tenor and pitch of vocal excitement can be detected, but it’s no longer the exaggerated hair pulling, street market screeching people make them out to be.

However, both the Chinese and Japanese never ask themselves WHY they hold it in their hearts to paint the other in the worst possible light. Why can’t they see the Western strategy of divide and conquer behind their feelings?

The Change

Source of statistics

Let’s look at the stats. Notice when the number of Japanese visitors to China changed from the 3mil range to the 2mil? Around the 2010, 2011 mark right? What happened then? China officially overtook Japan’s 40 odd year reign of being the world’s second largest economy.

I was teaching at Mitsubishi at that time and I distinctly remember one student who told me he did not care that China was now number 2, but the fact that Japan has lost its spot may decrease morale in the workplace.

Now the next bit is going to evoke ire.

Asians are PATHETIC.

I have said this ad nauseum. We, as a collective, are OK to have any other nationality rise above us either through parity or subjugation, BUT we are NEVER ok with another strong Asian nation holding the helm, be it Japan, China or India. Colour does not matter

This happened before the Meiji Restoration, before Japan had a dalliance with its inner Hyde and malebranched a substantial part of Asia.

According to historian Shiba Ryotaro, the ancient Chinese word for Japanese people is “wa”, the right hand half of the kanji is representative of someone small, hunched over and shrivelled. The only redeeming value is that the Chinese assigned the “human” kanji as a suffix, which is more than what they did for the ancient Manchurian tribes who they labelled as “Mo” or “Huo”, written with the clawed animal radical on the left.

The above is Li Hongzhang, a famous Chinese politician in the 1880s, brilliant and statuesque, he was given the moniker of “Oriental Bismarck” by the Western legations in Beijing.

This is Jutaro Komura, a Japanese ambassador at the same time as Li. He was a wee little fellow.

Now I’m not saying that they ought to be BFFs just because they are Asian, but damn, must Li shade Komura, when China was neck deep, with everyone wanting some sino booty? Why not give the Western diplomats some smack too?

Komura was invited to a banquet honouring the Chinese Emperor’s birthday, it was a gala with ALL THE FOREIGN diplomats in attendance. Li walks up to Komura, bends down and says:

“By the way, Your Excellency, as you can see, the grandest gentlemen and fairest flowers of womanhood are gathered here to represent their various countries. I cannot help noticing that you are by far the shortest person in the room. Tell me, is everyone in your country as little as you?”.

I’m not arguing that Li should have given preferential treatment to Komura, after all Japan was into the pillage too, but hold up, so were the Western nations, yet Li managed to hold his tongue towards the Westerners at a time when he knew full well, China had no friends, just a pack of wolves waiting for the blood-letting to begin.

Li should not be throwing shade at Komura, an official who understood the drawback of adopting Western values. Intelligence can’t be measured by physical stature.

Komura was prescient, even back then he knew the importance of retaining the Japanese culture and only adopting Western technology. Anglo Western ideology is NOT worthy of emulation.

“.. Japan has a strong civilization of its own, one that stands apart from Christian civilization and has its own traditions. We Japanese will learn Western technology, but we will never easily give in to the Christian culture attached to it.” Komura

Still trying to upstage each other even now to please the West!

Now, let’s take a look at what happened recently, when Japan now has the upper hand in being included in the Western gang of G7.

Abe goes and seals a deal with Europe to build “their version” of China’s One Belt, all the while throwing shade at China INSTEAD of joining China to put a kibosh on the pathological US in sanctioning anything that moves!

Abe says his version of the One Belt is “sustainable, comprehensive and rules-based connectivity.”, a jab at China’s “debt laden” strategy as commonly touted by Western media.

I have always said this, and I will continue to say it, Asians hate their own more than anyone else. I’m not advocating brotherly love on the basis of geography or melanin content, I’m asking for EQUITABLE TREATMENT FOR THE SAME ACTION.

How is it, that any Asian genuinely thinks that in times of a racial dispute, that they would not be confused for another kind of Asian is beyond my reckoning.

Do any Asians, be they Korean , Chinese, Taiwanese etc honestly think when a racial massacre occurs to say the Japanese, that the machete will stop because they are “technically” Taiwanese??

Who is Vincent Chin? What you need to know about the 1982 Here’s a lovely bed time story for those of you who claim that you can tell the “difference” between one brand of yellow vs another.

The Asian media will ALWAYS defecate on the strongest Asian power, why? Because Asians PREFER to be under Western rule.

I know this is the point, where some will retort “no we don’t, we just want sovereignty”, WELL if that was indeed so, THEN LAMBAST America for operating Guantanamo, Afghan and Thai torture sites, NOT just China for the Xinjiang Uyghur issue!

Criticise the NSA surveillance and 5 Eye Alliance NOT JUST China’s social credit system.

Talk about the CORRUPTION of US lobbying, which allows the now defunct Monsanto, (reincarnated into Bayer, with the latest court rulings of gylphosate now NOT being a carcinogen AGAIN), to continue EXPORTING CANCER to the world, in addition to lambasting China’s dodgy infant formulas!

White worship 2.0

I went to Sydney during Boxing day 2020, and witnessed the ALL ASIAN (no hyperbole) customers lining up for Western brand goods, like the logo somehow annuls the condition that most of the merch was 90% made in China, then shipped off to experience a light fingering of the tag by someone called Pierre and now, YOU want it, because that French finger, is the value you need to obliterate the hardwork of actually making that bag by a Pei.

When you surreptitiously remain subdued in your expression of what constitutes a demerit for ALL countries, by having a harangue about China, YOU ARE INFERIOR. Inferiority means you can NOT say the same thing and be treated equally.

At this point, it’s not only the Japanese media who will paint China as a monster, but elegantly dress the cloak of sinophobia in the political ideology that the disdain is due to China being communist.

Japan’s desire to subjugate China began BEFORE the CPC, just like China’s dismissal of Japan occurred waaay before the Meiji Restoration.

This is just a mask to conceal the truth- hatred of an Asian supreme power by other Asians.

Only a rare few can penetrate the veil of Imperial propaganda and understand the power of Asian unity. Out of all the things that I have read, this is one that is unerringly true, yet will never play out because Asians, irrespective of how “empowered” they claim to be, would rather be the pet of the West, than a regent next to an Asian crown.

“The samurai spirit is the light of Japan. As an Asian people, the Chinese are the strongest in their mercantile spirit. That’s also an excellent thing. If our two peoples would cooperate and each make the most of our respective strengths, then and only then would peace come to East Asia and the happiness of mankind be assured.” Jutaro Komura