SINOPHOBIA, this is the disease that is most virulent, not COVID-19!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 23 April 2020

Why does the Anglo West “hate” China so much? Because China has always had bad ass rulers who told them to sod right off! You think Xi’s sassiness is due to China’s recent wealth iteration? Guess again. This is what our boy Emperor Chien Lung said to Lord Macartney in 1793 when he wanted to establish a permanent British diplomatic representative in China.

If you assert that your reverence for our Celestial Dynasty fills you with a desire to acquire our civilization, our ceremonies and code of laws differ so completely from your own that, even if your Envoy were able to acquire the rudiments of our civilization, you could not possibly transplant our manners and customs to your alien soil.” To add insult to injury, Chien proceeds to tell Macartney that the Brits strange and costly objects do not interest him and hence, he has no use for their junk. Damn! If only modern Chinese people had this level of chutzpah, Asians everywhere wouldn’t need to kowtow to the annoying West.

Every Chinese ruler saw through the cookie cottage and realised that irrespective of the ideology you adopt, once you plump up, you will be eaten. The only thing you can do is fight your enemy using their own sword. Kowtowing has temporary utility and only in context, never is it the solution. Throwing shade is!

War can only be abolished through war … in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun. Chairman Mao… nothing catty about that quote (sorry, couldn’t say no to a pun).

Let’s look at the China Bashing gang of the West, starting with Straya!

Australia hates China because it lacks a core identity that is not a generic version of the patented supercilious British grandeur. The kind of hubris that deems itself fit to rule over all others it proclaims as “uncivilised”. It’s ironic that to be truly urbane, one must understand other cultures not annihilate them, yet this irony is lost on the bath resistant ones and its wannabe, Australia.

Australia is also the economically dysfunctional (ED) cousin of the perpetually impotent America. Yes, Australia is what we colloquially call a “limp cock”, yet unlike America that can afford Viagra through massive fiat printing to brandish the halfie into a full salute, Australia needs to utilise a pair of winter socks and tight pants.

What can Australia do when it really wants a full erection of its own but can’t? Fervently engage in racial onanism behind the American Idol and Britain’s got Talent cast of “reality politics”, and eviscerate China through the sanctioned fabrication of “facts”.

Sky News, Lie News

Chris Kenny, one of Sky News’ political commentators, during an oil tirade made ANOTHER sinophobic trope, that China “leads the world in producing viruses”. Oh if only that were true Chris, you racist cuntipotent fool! This dipshit’s lies know no bounds – they appear spontaneously out of his black hole, and like Hawkins once thought, real truthful information does disappear forever once it crosses Kenny’s uneventful daily horizon he calls his life.

Another portly Aussie xenophobic, old life crisis on legs. What does one do when the Mrs loathes thee and your TGIF drinking mates think you’re a tragic bore? Start China Bashing! In the land of bogan racists, you’ll surely find your crew.

Here’s a study to check the veracity of Kenny’s claim ORIGINS OF MAJOR HUMAN INFECTIOUS DISEASES

Out of 25 diseases afflicting humanity, the scholarly trio of Wolfe, Dunavan and Diamond selected the following 17 to delve into: hepatitis B, influenza A, measles, pertussis, rotavirus A, syphilis, tetanus and tuberculosis), and 9 are tropical (acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), Chagas’ disease, cholera, dengue haemorrhagic fever, East and West African sleeping sicknesses, falciparum and vivax malarias, and visceral leishmaniasis)

They had 2 questions (2 being the number greater than the neurons in Kenny’s noggin) they sought answers for. Where did the diseases come from? Why are they overwhelmingly of Old World origins?

Now here’s information that Western media REFUSES TO REPORT ON, because it involves THEM, yes Western people, forsaking their damn factory farmed whoppers, freak chick KFC’s and Sunday stuffed pig intestinal bangers! When it comes to ANGLO WESTERN FOOD, we must not utter blasphemy!! Never ever say WHITE PEOPLE FOOD is tainted with sin, bacteria and antimicrobial resistant viruses. Too bad, I’m not another unthinking dolt, here it is love, a dose of reality you can’t dress up with ketchup.

Current information suggests that 8 of the 15 temperate diseases probably or possibly reached humans from domestic animals (diphtheria, influenza A, measles, mumps, pertussis, rotavirus, smallpox, tuberculosis); three more probably reached us from apes (hepatitis B) or rodents (plague, typhus); and the other four (rubella, syphilis, tetanus, typhoid) came from still-unknown sources (see Supplementary Note S6). Thus, the rise of agriculture starting 11,000 years ago played multiple roles in the evolution of animal pathogens into human pathogens.

Did you get that? 8/15, the MAJORITY of temperate diseases are from animals we DOMESTICATE!

I know, I know but what about CHINA, you don’t want to know that it’s Western factory farming that is really killing you, you want me to report on the dirty Chinese people right? Oooops, swallowed the red pill again this morning and I’m now shitting out the truth.

To an overwhelming degree, the 25 major human pathogens analysed here originated in the Old World. That proved to be of great historical importance, because it facilitated the European conquest of the New World (the Americas). Far more Native Americans resisting European colonists died of newly introduced Old World diseases than of sword and bullet wounds. Those invisible agents of New World conquest were Old World microbes to which Europeans had both some acquired immunity based on individual exposure and some genetic resistance based on population exposure over time, but to which previously unexposed Native American populations had no immunity or resistance (Crosby, 1986Diamond, 1997McNeill, 1976Ramenofsky, 1987). In contrast, no comparably devastating diseases awaited Europeans in the New World, which proved to be a relatively healthy environment for Europeans until yellow fever and malaria of Old World origins arrived (McNeill, 2006).”

Damn the truth doesn’t sound as nice as your bias does it? China is NOT the sick nation, look in the mirror if you want to find the culprit of disease!

Pom de Turds…

Ah, do you know what I love most about the British besides nothing? Their fancy accent when they utter the inimically nonsensical. If they limited their pariah like idiosyncrasies to their own unbathing brethrens, I would hold no grievances towards them – I ain’t gonna smell ya.

However, their soi disant foreign policy “think tank” (thinking – never thought of the association with the Anglo West) of the Henry Jackson Society has recently been doing some abracadabra on the abacus and come up with a reparation sum for China to pony up, that of 3.2tril pounds… and then they woke up.

You know what they say, those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones or in English terms, those who colonise through genocide, serfdom and racial oppression, shouldn’t bring up the topic of REPARATIONS.

First of all, GO FOR IT, just try this stunt. It’s like all the stupid of our entire globe has concentrated its noisome stench into the mad trio of Australia, America and Britain. We, the citizens of the world have this little device that we hold, which enables us to keep track of time. This means we have access to what happened and more importantly, WHEN. The coronavirus was handled promptly by China. This is the official timeline of COVID-19 according to the Henry Jackson Society :

“The COVID-19 pandemic originated in China, and the first government to become aware of it was that run by Chinese Communist Party (CCP). From the outset, the CCP tried to censor attempts by Chinese citizens to identify and publicise the truth concerning the origins, nature and dangers of the virus. Not all of these censorship efforts succeeded, and a considerable body of independent, corroborative data came to light. Though all information in the Chinese official media is subject to CCP control and prima facie cannot be trusted, carefully comparing demonstrably factual non-official data with suitably caveated information from official channels makes it possible to construct a coherent, fact-based picture of what actually happened, and hence to allocate responsibility.”

You see what I mean by British wanton stupidity? This is the unfiltered version of the solar deficient one’s words – China is bad, I think they lied (didn’t ask them, don’t care to), we are dirt poor, Europe hates us, we have no melanin and don’t want to work in the fields where we have 90 % of getting skin cancer, so we are making an excuse to extort money from the richest non white nation. Our accusation is to say they didn’t give us information, and of the information they did give, we don’t believe them. Basically our argument is a win win for us, and if China says anything, we stick our nose picking tool into our ears.

What the Brits mean

“Tried to censor”, is that bad? I mean isn’t that what the Brits did during swine flu?

“… as swine flu was spreading around the globe this spring, a senior disease specialist from the World Health Organization (WHO) held an urgent conference call with top British health officials. In the conversation this May, later described as “aggressive” by sources familiar with the discussion, the WHO official accused the British of concealing the extent of their country’s swine-flu outbreak. Among those with swine-flu symptoms, Britain was only counting people who had traveled to places that, like Mexico, had already confirmed an outbreak of the virus, known to scientists as H1N1. Their method left much to be desired in a country where the virus was already spreading fast. Countless Britons fell sick and were intentionally left uncounted.The Great Flu Cover-Up

Or do you mean “censor” American style, in the reporting of swine flu by using the euphemistic “Pandemic 2009”, instead of Dumb Yank Porker Flu which is more a transparent moniker for the PIG FLU THAT STARTED IN THE AMERICAS under the AMERICAN farming giant of SMITHFIELD Foods.

… the U.S. pork lobby successfully convinced Washington policymakers to stop referring to swine flu by that name, though the virus almost certainly came from a pig. At the same time, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, allied with the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Animal Health Organization, successfully prevailed on the WHO’s leadership to drop the label swine flu for the unwieldy designation of “Pandemic (H1N1) 2009.” The world’s porkiest nation got butt hurt when the flu was named after their girth… oh yeah and the animal.

Once again, white people decide they are the authorities to assign the feelings and motives of other nations. Will it ever dawn on them that they should… how can I say this cordially?…. oh that’s right, STFU? YOU only get to speak on YOUR OWN behalf, you don’t get the right to assign your damn IGNORANCE to other people anymore. Those inveigle days of prostrating to the empire are bygone times you sanctimonious pricks!

What’s your spiritual animal America?

As for the super “euphemistic” interpretation of the reporting timeline…. smh, you think the inkling China had in mid November of a virus to the official announcement to WHO at the end of December was a lull? Try this time frame! The following is from New Scientist

But if the rate at which genes mutate is about the same for this virus as for other H1N1 viruses, the number of mutations that have accumulated so far suggests it has been circulating since January – or even September 2008.” We knew about the DYPF from WHO only in April 2009.

But what I adore about these 3 sinophobic Anglo Western countries is that their heads are so far up each other’s rectum, that they can’t separate the legitimate shit that is wrong with the covid-19 narrative, from the noise.

There are real worries about the way the press is spinning this fable and the numbers are all out of wack. But since these 3 are eating from the same trough, they can’t see past their own burgeoning bellies to realise that slaughter is just around the corner.

Keep at it guys, you keep telling your children it’s a Chinese virus, because a few years later when little Betty wants to play Mei, Mei’s going pass on that. You can’t blame her either, for Betty’s grandparents were drug smugglers, her parents robber barons and Betty? It’s only a matter of time before she starts the downward spiral into turning tricks in the dark alley.

Asians, steer clear of the West. Our rising Sun doesn’t need their shade.

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