Is she turning tricks? No! She’s just EMPOWERED!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 30 August 2020

Once upon a time clothes were used as a form of protection from the harsh elements of nature….

then it inferred status through colours and fabrics….

and people wanted to be recognised as nobles…

followed by feminism…

finally every woman and girl dressed like a common street walker and called it EMPOWERMENT… WHAT?

Western Feminism gives rise to half a woman

Sketch by Rei Tanotsuka

Once again I’m back to write another scathing attack on the perils of Western ideology, this time regarding the interpretation of Feminism by the masses.

It behoves me to commit to print my opinion of the dull masses who INSIST that a woman teetering on 13cm stilettos, underboob cupped only by the “will” of gravity while specialising in the art of deep throat as a librarian, is somehow a force to be reckoned with.

This is the type of banality which envelopes the Anglo Western sphere, demanding equitable social standing for Hooter waitresses and ophthalmologists alike. Yes that’s right, someone who spent 12 years of rigorous study and doing internship, while paying a king’s ransom for the privilege to be a medical professional, demands the SAME RESPECT as a girl who can overflow a D cup and put a dick (pun) in his place if he gets smart with her when she delivers his buffalo wings….

If you should DARE utter a sentiment contrary to this, the retarded minions will call you out for:

1. Being a misogynist irrespective of whether you are a man or woman.

2. Claim you DON’T KNOW what you are talking about.

3. Ask you if have you ever thought how slut shaming and wack dressing was used to denigrate women, so it’s EMPOWERING for women to reclaim the right to dress LIKE A SLUT under their own… terms… for themselves… because naturally women are… slutty… alone. WHAT?

Ariel Winter (above, doing grocery shopping) represents the dichotomy of being a contemporary American “sweetheart” – cast as the virgo in a society advocating for her to be a tart at heart, Ariel surreptitiously proclaims that women SHOULD EMPOWER EACH OTHER, yet smites the female intellectual by denouncing her through the splaying of her butt cheeks at every photo op. Those who argue that a woman can have half her ass hanging out and be perceived as a cerebral heavyweight are DELUSIONAL AND STUPID. Name ONE real life person you know who has a PhD and featured in a Playboy spread concomitantly. Don’t give me that stupid social media, Insta shot as “proof”, you don’t know these people in real life. You can’t vouch for the qualifications they claim they have.

The West has not EMPOWERED anyone or anything. All that it has taught its daughters to do, is to DEMAND to be treated like good time girls. At least a generation ago, boys had to  come up with a line and the dinner fee to lure you into the back of their fuck truck, these days, inorder to “outdo” the “boring” ladies, the West has instilled the urgency for its girls to take one up the butt, and mandated fisting as the new first base! Increase in assing

In the same way that America debases the greenback through MASSIVE money printing to keep the stock market afloat (ridiculously setting new records when there is an inordinate number of the unemployed, coupled with no real life economy), the West’s daughters are trying to keep their sexual value at the loft, while sucking every cock and ball on all fours, gag faced and asphyxiated, looking particularly docile and not at all EMPOWERED.

Now Ariel plays Alex Dunphy, a dead straight nerd in Modern Family.

Considering how EMPOWERED Alex the character actually is in her no nonsense academic excellence in shooting for the stars as a Nobel laureate or a millennial female Richard Feynman, Ariel would have EMPOWERED a legion of young scientifically minded girls if she didn’t resort to these cheap lurid attempts to gain attention. I KNOW ALEX DUNPHY is not Ariel, but that’s just the deal. We need to see more women in these roles as voices for a demographic that doesn’t exist on screen usually, at least not in a 3 dimensional way with witty retorts and scintillating bite backs.

Ariel herself is locked in a Bermuda Triangle of wrecked sexual self esteem. She shared her adolescence with Sofía Vergara and  played the dowdy sister to Sarah Hyland for 11 years. There is very little chance that Ariel herself would not have wanted to be recognised as the “hot girl” offset considering she is a real living human being outside of her role. Ariel’s America is not the hearth championing for cerebral might, it’s home to Hefner, Weinstein and Epstein promulgating the right to diddle actors and children all under the beatification of politicians and oligarchs. The Anglo West is nothing but a grotty canvas for exploitation and it always has been this way.

To argue that any one of us lives in a bubble, immune to the effects of others is fallacious because every time I venture back to Oz, I notice the ubiquity of side boobs, and lower butt cheeks sagging behind each trollop step concomitant with the frequency of the tabloid exposé of celebrity bits. Real life people do indeed mimicry the Hollywood clique! I don’t care if you think I hold antiquated views, at least I have the brains to not chase the same ridiculous train wreck into chaos as the “liberated” masses.

Australia’s most famous Feminist intellectual Germaine Greer, in the Female Eunuch said that women divorce their sensual tactile proclivities from their intellectual faculties. “So the sensual and intellectual are even more widely separated in them than they are in their brothers. If the sensual retains its hold, they prefer to work with their hands, cooking, sewing, knitting, following a pattern designed by someone else. The designers, the master-cooks and the tailors are men.”. This is no more pronounced than in sexual aesthetics, where exposed erogenous zones are all done with the intent of capturing the male’s gaze. I can even accept this because what are we, but the product of the carnal instinct, however what is duplicitous is the asinine explanation of doing this “for ourselves”. No, the fuck it’s not doing this for ourselves!

There’s NOTHING more physically insecure than going out in public, sans a bra, underboob concealed by a strategically placed string. It’s not safe in Australia where bogans can give a persuasive tug and certainly not in America, a country renowned for lead contamination in the waters, gun totting pre schoolers and a diet heavy in Monsanto. Compound the above ‘poverty of fabric’ look with sky high heels which have an ankle fracture rate of only 99.99999%, there is NO WAY any woman with a functional frontal cortex will dare argue, it’s for “ourselves”. Dressing for ourselves involves elastic and pepper spray… elastic for the aftermath of the buffet and spray for those bastards who want to fight us for the closing time chocolate fudge!

Remember, the Female Eunuch was written in a different life time almost, way before internet and way way before hanging asses became every day fare:

“The stereotype is the Eternal Feminine. She is the Sexual Object sought by all men, and by all women. She is of neither sex, for she has herself no sex at all. Her value is solely attested by the demand she excites in others. All she must contribute is her existence. She need achieve nothing, for she is the reward of achievement. She need never give positive evidence of her moral character because virtue is assumed from her loveliness, and her passivity. If any man who has no right to her be found with her she will not be punished, for she is morally neuter. The matter is solely one of male rivalry. Innocently she may drive men to madness and war. The more trouble she can cause, the more her stocks go up, for possession of her means more the more demand she excites. Nobody wants a girl whose beauty is imperceptible to all but him; and so men welcome the stereotype because it directs their taste into the most commonly recognized areas of value,”.

Is showing skin empowering?

So why a rant on sexual liberation? Because it’s NOT liberation if it’s MASS INDOCTRINATION!

Dressing like the town hook up for all, does NOT infact bolster our self esteem, enabling us to achieve more and compete with greater virility. It’s the exact OPPOSITE!

“Whatever the cause, the fact of the matter is that the sexualized images of women in the media are highly prevalent. Young women, seeking to fit in by looking stylish, adopt these images without giving the decision serious thought. The difficulty can come when they struggle reconcile their inner and outer selves. They may feel that they are as competent, ambitious, and deserving as men, but don the attire of the women these men might want to date, rather than work with.” Psychology Today

Continuing with this trend, the team of social psychologists headed by Mariam Liss of the University of Mary Washington (in the above article), wanted to know if women were empowered by the “thong” (g-string or t-back) and being “trashy”, or was it a nouveau form of oppression where being young, slim, busty and peach bottomed were once again, held to be synonymous with a woman’s worth.

“Through a series of validational studies, Liss and team investigated the relationship between enjoyment of sexualization and a variety of related feelings and beliefs. Their results clearly supported the “oppression” argument.”

So as the West continues its decline, economically, spiritually and socially, the traditional nations associated with sexism and female oppression, are churning out female billionaires, scientists and engineers like a new global order is afoot!

Our world in 2020, has exactly 100 female billionaires. 61 of them are Chinese.

70% of STEM graduates in Iran are women, and the UAE countries while a tad behind, still register 60%. Quartz.

Australia, America and the UK range from 33-35% of female STEM graduates.

I’ve written about this on Quora and the comeback to these unnerving statistics for the Western dreamer?

“Well China kills its baby girls!”

“Women can’t even drive in Saudi Arabia!”.

The most adorable point of the ineffable Western ego is the inability to reflect on the possibility that THEY may be WRONG. Instead of taking heed that Fatima and Su Li are overtaking little Dorothy, they argue on propagandised points designed to pillory any nation that doesn’t adhere to Western insanity.

Besides women being given the legal right to drive in Saudi Arabia from 26 September 2017, but for arguments sake, let’s say that they still weren’t allowed to go for a spin. The fact that a Wahhabi Muslim woman probably had a hand in designing YOUR CAR kinda takes the sting out of it. You are nothing but the END USER to the tool she made!

So as you continue to encourage your daughters to dress in hook alike outfits made for public fingering, the East is minting out the kind of girls that the West guaranteed would materialise under their doctrine of minimal dressing and moral promiscuity! Good luck!