No you Cretin, China did NOT create Covid-19!!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 17 August 2020

So last night, I watched a great interview with John Perkins, the guy who did the American Empire’s wheelin’ and dealin’ back in the day, complete with coups and assassinations. Perkins was entertaining, but the prick who interviewed him was so sinophobic, that it must have taken insurmountable restraint to not tourette out “I hate China”, “… let’s kill China”.

Meet Patrick “I am Sinophobic to the 33rd degree, David”.

Why doesn’t he disappear for…. ever?

This is the interview I watched, and I enjoyed the bits where David shut his pie hole and let Perkins share the sordid details of being what he calls, an economic hitman.

*FYI I don’t watch Valuetainment much at all. I have seen snippets, and even at 5 minutes a pop, I find David UTTERLY annoying. It was Perkins that engaged my attention, not the muppet faced David.

To watch, click here

You can tell David was dying to bring up China, and a hint for those of you who have never seen him before, he will only placate his demeanour if the interviewee is anti China. If the interviewee does not agree with his insane accusations SANS PROOF (he’s American, so his imagination coupled with the horseshit that he espouses is evinced as PROOF), he gets visibly agitated.

Perkins is no simpleton and gave great push back to David’s PATHETIC accusation that China created covid-19 to destroy America. Naturally, the follow up to the imbeciles who propagandise this lump of shit is :

1. Why would ANYONE use a weapon or tool to maim or  kill their nemesis, but have ZERO control over it? Anyone who possesses even a solitary functioning neuron can hypothesize the tool falling into enemy hands and being used to annihilate themselves instead. Even the Nazis who created all kinds of bio weapons, said the cardinal rule is to find the antidote before you mass employ the weapon, this is why Tabun, the Nazi organophosphorus nerve agent was never used!

2. Why would China use an INTERNECINE bio weapon, instead of an economic or technological weapon which will have no ramifications on itself? Why would it use something that maimed one of its most important manufacturing hubs? Why would it occur in WUHAN FIRST?

The moronic David, not content with Perkins common sense rebuttal, exacerbates his incredibly asinine theory to argue that proportionally, China has suffered less damage than the US, so it worked out overall for China’s diabolical proclivities. Is David mentally RETARDED?

First of all, to make that claim, we would need to ascertain that China has created the technology to foresee the future to know that it WILL SUFFER LESS THAN AMERICA. Now remember, according to La Place, that is indeed theoretically possible if WE KNEW THE EXACT POSITION OF EVERY SUBATOMIC PARTICLE ON THE PLANET at a point in time… yeah, I rest my case.

Secondly, inorder for China to conjecture a lesser degree of economic loss, it would have had to some how know that America would incentivise its hospitals with a tranche of cash to report covid-19 patients AND concomitantly know that America’s CDC would revise its death qualification from mandatory autopsies to ascertain the EXACT cause of death, to conjecture from symptoms of Covid-19…. which for most, appear EXACTLY like THE FLU.

Minnesota State Senator on Covid-19 death counts

What we can gather from David is that he’s INCREDIBLY stupid. The fact that he knows how to make money is NOT an INDICATION of his ability to analyse a political strategy enabling a nation to supersede the current empire. His level of strategical prescience is akin to a preschooler. When Perkins redressed the question of retaliatory measures by the US, if that nano chance of China creating a bio weapon did indeed materialise, what would David himself do, if he was in a position to exact revenge?

David, in pure school boy petulance literally said, he would ban citizens from China and EVERY OTHER COUNTRY that allows Chinese people to their country, and countries which have connections with those countries… yep, I kid you not, this piece of SHIT, a 40+, fully GROWN ADULT MAN, said this! The fact that there are approximately 40 countries that have a sizeable portion of Chinese people doesn’t in any way, make David rethink his strategy.

This means inessence, that David would ban the whole bloody planet!…. and we all pine for pre Trump days! I honestly think David believes Chinese people only go to white Western countries and doesn’t know that they are in every inch of the globe. Why doesn’t he know this? Because he doesn’t know a SHRED of Chinese history.

Perkins then asks David, where would he get his phone from? David rattles off a bunch of countries like Estonia and India…. Ummmm, those COUNTRIES WOULD BE BANNED UNDER HIS OWN MANDATE! Yes, there are Chinese people in INDIA AND ESTONIA! It’s like David thought he was getting fat cells when brains were given out, and asked for a fifth of the average….

His hysteria and myopic racism is borne out of poor education, poverty of curiosity and latent fear. America DESTROYED HIS HOME IRAN, and instead of having the temerity to confront the REAL ENEMY, he chooses to intravenously feed his hatred for his own cowardice on a country that shared his blood line’s story. That of being the VICTIM of Western Imperialism and NOT the perpetrator.

Watching David, I cringe. You know how you talk to children and when you relay a story about a megalomaniacal co-worker in baby speak, they give you a fantastic answer that runs all shades of crazy?

“oh you should kick him on the legs, then punch his face, and…and fart…. poo… wee wee on his face.. haha… kick. Tell mummy..”

That’s David, but he shares non of that cherubic innocence which allows one to give SUCH A STUPID ANSWER A PASS.

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