Jason Reza Jorjani wants “Death to China”, but that’s “not racist” according to the West!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 10 February 2021.

You’re such a useful person, it’s a shame that you’re so short.” Kenmotsu replied, “That’s true. Sometimes things in this world don’t go the way we would like. Now if I were to cut off your head and attach it to the bottom of my feet, I would be taller. But that’s something that couldn’t be done.” Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai, by Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Say it again Samurai! That’s right, while I can’t STOP Western racists from curating their delusion and mendacity, I can call them out by taking a gargantuan dump on their hypocrisy and stupidity.

Thanks YouTube!

I am a philosophy nerd. I proudly profess my love for dwelling in the sanctity of thoughts tailgating all the events in my life and being part of the dull masses, I get recommendations from YouTube to find “my people”.

A while ago, I was introduced to a “philosophy” channel, Thinking Allowed, hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove. Mishlove is an affable, well intentioned creature, obviously someone who has once piped up a bong filled with ayahuasca to induce a state of “ego death”. He wrote a book about Ted Owens, a one man freakshow who touted the ability of psychokinesis. Owens also claimed he was a contact or commissioned consultant for aliens (I’m talking E. T and not a foreigner from another earthly country), and was able to command thunder or some such force of nature to destroy planes…. I forget the exact script, but you get my point. Now I personally am a skeptic, but admire Mishlove’s dedication to the wackos of our wonderful world, and hence I continued to watch his uploads with gusto… mainly for the ego boost of making me feel entirely normal next to these loonies.

Enter Jason Reza Jorjani…. (He leaves his white hood and “Death to China” bandana at home during interviews)!

I then came across Jason Reza Jorjani on Thinking Allowed, an Iranian American and KKK member of the highest order, but in TOTAL DENIAL OF HIS RACIST PROCLIVITIES.

I give you Jorjani, sinophobe extraordinare with the ubiquitous all-American hairline induced from a Monsanto heavy diet. Remember, this montage covers his follicular trajectory within the past 5 or 6 years….. Americans REALLY do accelerate… (in aging).

Hairline going…..
…… going……
….. almost gone.

Now what Jorjani lacks in hair, he makes up for in jowls. Not only do we see him morph from an “on the cusp of puberty” 14 year old, to a Jeff Bezos mid life “I quit my trillion dollar empire to play in space” crisis, the progeria happened in nanoseconds! Basically the speed of his receding hairline is in tandem with his burgeoning racism towards the Chinese and as you’ll see further on, towards all coloured people who are now saying “NO” to White people distorting their history.

I LIKED Jorjani, as many will attest, he does indeed have a very interesting knowledge base, however is it enough to overcome his rabid hatred for the Chinese? Nope it doesn’t.

What Jorjani is espousing, is nothing short of genocide for China. He literally wants America to push THE BOTTON on the Chinese. He is a callous, cruel and malevolent ejection, borne from an emotional refugee state of mind and clearly that of a lesser than ideal physical specimen of manhood.

He is typical of the whitewashed Iranians like Patrick David (another disgusting Iranian American, China hater, read about him here), who, instead of pondering the value of lex talionis (Roman law – eye for an eye) on the country that DESTROYED HIS HOME (America), decides to channel his hatred towards a country that is LITERALLY HELPING HIS OWN PEOPLE escape America’s sanction wrath. If this isn’t self hate, tell me what is?

Show me the PROOF!

I’ve been calling out this sick, son of a bitch for a while now and I want everyone who reads me to sear this in their mind – it’s not just the fact that he is a common sinophobe, but that there are idiots who genuinely believe that he’s NOT RACIST. This is what makes the whole situation a harrowing reminder of the genocidal campaign of WWII exacted on another group of people who “deserved it”.

People are desensitised to Chinese deaths.

Just imagine if an Asian person advocated for China to PUSH THE BOTTON on say, Australia, can you IMAGINE the vitriol and YouTube or Twitter censorship that would ensue? The entire channel or account would be instantly shut down! Yet because Jorjani is a proponent for destroying THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ASIAN COUNTRY in history, people are not only turning a blind eye, but wholeheartedly defending this piece of shit.

“Chinese virus”, another FUCKTARD who can’t understand the difference between political pejoratives and MEDICAL NOMENCLATURE. “joint forces”….mmmm let’s see, how DO WE USE ‘join’ and ‘JOINT’? Remember Jorjani is ostensibly SO CLEVER that “normal people” just can’t grasp his genius….
in much the same way Jorjani can’t grasp verbs and adjectives.
If you want to read this IMAGINARY story of what MAY HAPPEN, click here. Read the article and you will laugh till your belly hurts, passing gas like you skulled a beans and cauliflower smoothie on top of a pizza filled stomach. This crap is priceless! I don’t want to spoil things for you, but let me just say, it involves JEAN – CLAUDE VAN DAMME. Anyone who reads this and thinks “Damn, is this what the Chinese are up to?” is a fuckin’ IDIOT!

Note how Jorjani sans shame, proclaims he “predicted” this! That’s because he’s a sinophobe whose frontal cortex manufactures the EXACT same product as his large intestine….

****************Digression **************

You know how I keep saying that Westerners are as dumb as dog shit and have ZERO original thoughts, but force everyone to praise their “critical thinking skills”? Here’s a prime example of what I mean about their copy ‘n’ paste brain. The article that Jorjani alluded to was printed by The Guardian, a British news publication. Using a Van Damme movie as reference for a serious topic is already banal enough, but the Anglo Western deadbeat journalists around the world thought IT WAS AN AMAZING REFERENCE and decided to pilfer the idea.

How bloody UNORIGINAL, but hardly surprising considering that Europe was split asunder by one Deutsch monk (Martin Luther) who DARED question that maybe confessing to an imaginary sky daddy is ineffectual in going up, rather than down, after you kick the can. Noone in the West DARES contradict the mainstream view lest they prove to be that sordid stitch that unravels the fabric of White supremacy.

******This is an excerpt from The Guardian, a British media publication *****
You thought I misplaced the NBC article right? Nope, this one’s from Oz. The Australian media is the grand sheep of them all, because they almost pasted the entire article and slapped their own brand on it. This is akin to the school idiot who prints the name of the student he copied off, but changes the date thinking he thwarted the system ……

Excusing Jorjani’s genocidal campaign

The following is the kind of defence Westerners would put up to protect a genocidal maniac who wants to LITERALLY kill a successful Asian nation. The argument is that he is “too clever” for us “normal people” to understand, so we shouldn’t judge him on what he says EVENTHOUGH he is championing for the nuclear murder of 1.4 billion people!

Jenny Tettero, a fucked up Dutch white supremacist who I battled with in the comments section, tried to claim impartiality because she was “above the fray” of earthy demarcations of nationality. Yet she staunchly REFUSED to declare, even in a stupid YouTube comment section, that she would still support Jorjani if he had said “Death to the Netherlands” instead of “Death to China”. The hypocrisy and flagrant sinophobia blows my mind!

What did I do?

I contacted Mishlove and showed him the receipts of Jorjani’s genocidal tweets against China and overall hatred for a COUNTRY THAT HAS LITERALLY DONE NOTHING TO HIS HOME OR PEOPLE!

Jorjani gets, sorry GOT, a lot of air time on Thinking Allowed because of his friendship with Mishlove. He is a popular guest. Maybe it was a coincident, but I think my tweet is what caused Mishlove to denounce Jorjani’s political stance, for not long after my contact, Mishlove made this video.

To watch, click here

Mishlove, though he did proclaim that he disagreed with Jorjani and was unaware of what he advocated outside of their philosophical discussions, nevertheless continued to operate a gofundme account on his behalf. What is this akin to? Well, it’s like saying “I don’t agree with Hitler, but what the heck, I’ll raise some capital for the quirky Austrian. I mean, I’m sure he doesn’t really mean he’ll physically kill the Jews… maybe it’s just a figure of speech…”.

This is PITIFUL. There’s no way I’d ever go E-begging, and frankly I don’t have to. I GENUINELY AM SMART, not a damn racist dressed as an academic. I am finance savvy enough to have created a delicious income stream so that I don’t have to resort to begging from the povo masses for my supper! *snap*

I unsubbed (not that it makes an iota of difference) from Mishlove’s channel because I don’t want to support anyone who is as well versed as he is in human psychology, but FEIGNS IGNORANCE to the catastrophe of what Jorjani is pining for.

the best blood on both sides will stain the ground.” Great Speeches by Native Americans

This is the most disturbing part…..

I want you to scroll up and look at the donations towards this cretin for his ‘private life’ which stands at a paltry $1770, but look at the coins being thrown at his “lynch China because it’s Promethean” fund. A whopping $14,910! Anyone who is fishing out a patina covered penny from their jean pocket for Jorjani, is DEFINITELY aware of what he stands for and yet they AGREE TO FUND HIM for his project.

This is a convoluted way of declaring support for the annihilation of China, and for White supremacy to continue its reign.

It’s not Jorjani who matters. Why? Because unfortunately for him (but fortunately for us), he has a backpfeifengesicht face with a personality that emanates the warmth and charisma of a dead titicaca frog…

He will NEVER get far in promoting his “radical” ideas (read – radical to morons who’ve never read something called books, because everything he says is lifted from other authors in the past), but there will be someone in the future who will have the charisma to pull it off, and then bang, we are going to pen another painful chapter in history.

People seem not to realise that Hitler did NOT think to exterminate Jews in isolation. He was NOT an aberration of the West, but the culmination of Germanic thoughts a long time in the making.

Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche, a General attorney and psychiatrist respectively, argued for the right to terminate people they deemed to be “unworthy” of existence, this included the handicapped, terminally ill, old people and DELIVERED BABIES which were the result of unwanted pregnancies. The genesis of the most sanguineous political ideology in human history, did not begin on racial grounds. The reason why people were swayed to the idea of state sanctioned murder of certain demographics, was precisely for the fact that these two were not politicians. Hilter then used their works to pin his movement to science rather than admitting that his wanton hatred for a group of highly capable people, resulted from nothing more petty than sheer envy.

Binding and Hoche argued on grounds of economic value which lead to the conclusion that killing a new born is akin to abortion because their economic value is on par! This is HOW MESSED UP the Western mind is.

Never forget, our whole global movement for population control is nothing but the asinine conjecture of the British scholar Thomas Malthus. This pommy prick, instead of faithfully adhering to truth that British colonial rule in India and opium smuggling in China, is the root cause of induced poverty of these two great civilizations, propounded excess population as the driver of poverty.

I have said it before, and I will reiterate it once more – White people have done NOTHING but cause chaos. In a future post I will break down everything they claim they contributed to our world, as being nothing more than a grand COPY AND PASTE job of Indian and Chinese knowledge and technology.

Jorjani will turn tricks for a penny….

Do you know what is satisfying? Watching ass wipes kowtow to reality.

Jorjani, the sanctimonious, higher than thou “intellectual”, peering down on us peasants from the ivory towers of academia, is nothing but a poor professor… Boo hoo.

He deserves to ROT. He does not get the right to live IN PEACE AS HE ADVOCATES FOR WAR! After all, how many times can you make excuses for his Mephistophelian doctrine of hatred against coloured people? Can you excuse him…….

….. after joining a coterie of “white is right” HOODlums (pun intended)……?

A cracker and a wannabe cracker, discussing the merits of belting and birching….


Then how about getting his nylon, grandpa boxers in a wedgie because Jesus was recognised as a BLACK MAN in some countries including Italy? Can anyone else see his psychopathy here? “Lucifer will become white hot…”. What in Satan’s cauldron has he been drinking to say such STUPID THINGS?


How about giving a reason for his unbridled sinophobia that is NOTHING short of grotesque?

Let me quote this existential pest: “To think that an alliance of America, Russia, Iran, India and Japan would be needed to defeat a China that would otherwise be capable of near-term world domination tacitly implies a very high estimation of Chinese civilization.”

Any Chinese person reading this, and doesn’t see the malevolence in what he is saying, but can actually argue it to be complimentary, deserves TO BE HUNG.

This is the severity of what Jorjani is saying. The countries he is highlighting to “defeat China” have something in common INCLUDING JAPAN. They have nuclear weapons, or enough PLUTONIUM SOURCES TO BUILD NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Jorjani is not alluding to trade wars like banning Tik Tok, this mother fucker is talking about bombing China into OBLIVION. The petty, balding, jowl bearing, Persian history whitewashing self hater, is championing for the cremation of ONE OF THE OLDEST, MOST ENDURING CIVILIZATIONS IN THE WORLD!

He is beyond reprehension and deserves all the vicissitudes in life which should befall him one day.

Not only is he a coward, he does not have the chutzpah to proudly wear the blame of being the global grim reaper, instead, cloaking his pro WWIII stance under the guise of a perverted interpretation of a Promethean outlook.

I’ll tell you what is truly Promethean – having the FORESIGHT TO PUT A KIBOSH ON SELF EXTINCTION! Ffs, how stupid are Western intellectuals?

Joseph Needham, one of the greatest scientists in the UK and a polymath to boot, travelled around China in the 1940s. Why? Mainly for his love of the ladies, but also because unlike his other bath resistant compatriots, he had the gut feeling that in no way could China be backward if it is a continuous civilization for 5000 years. Speaking to locals in China, and lamenting the state of affairs caused by the Japanese occupation, Needham was informed that Chinese inventors had materialised machines capable of flight and concocted explosive poisonous gasses ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO!

The difference being that the Chinese knew this would lead to catastrophe and an irreversible change in human nature so they executed the inventor. I know that sounds barbaric now, but think how prescient and humble they are. They prioritised the well being of the masses OVER INDIVIDUAL GREED AND BENEFIT, something NO WHITE PERSON WOULD EVER DO!

Back to Jorjani’s comment, if you are so dull as to not understand that there is NOTHING COMPLIMENTARY in what he is saying, let me rephrase it for you.

You tell a girl that she deserves to be violated in the most imprudent ways by 3 different burly guys, one for each orifice until she is “defeated”, then you chuck in “3 oversexed guys would be needed to defeat you, a girl that would otherwise be considered the most desirable woman in the world. This tacitly implies a very high estimation of your beauty and worth.”


You would not DARE to argue that this is ANYTHING but the most vile sentiment ever to be expressed, because both you and I know that words which spurn from the darkest recesses of a diabolical mind, contain nothing but the most poisonous nature.

Jason Reza Jorjani, may you suffer for all the suffering you seek in others.