Storming of Capitol Hill – Instant Karma!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 7 January 2021.

With the passing of time, the criminal will forget the reason for his crime; it is best to execute him on the spot.” from Hagakure, by Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Yeah baby! Karma these days come as swift as a kick in the nuts at a pub.

No more do we need to toil for decades or even centuries to appease a whip master who relegated us to the bottom of a hierarchy of their own construction.

No more suppliant acts begging for the approval to live a life of our own authentication. The West is on its last legs, and we in gleeful delight, applaud the sweeping of the final leg.

Trump is the face that launched a thousand fists!

Blondes do indeed have MORE FUN. Conforming to all the stereotypes of the ubiquitous “dumb blonde”, Trump fills the role with caricature aplomb.

Where do I start? From the culmination of his third grade vocabulary, to draft dodging and cheating on third import wife (with a porn star no less) after the birth of baby Baron, Trump has all the markings of the greatest turd on earth that can’t be flushed. He is callous, racist and appallingly stupid.

Yes, he is “All American”!

Those of us who have read John Glubb’s Fate of Empires, know all the signs heralding the plummet of a superpower into ordinariness. It ain’t pretty, and all the omens precipitating the West’s fall are nigh.

We know Trump is not the cause, but the mere result of the toxicity of Western rule. From the humble but vexing cruelty of the Spaniards to contemporary Anglo Western unilateral belligerence, we have ALL suffered 500 years of hell on earth. This is not hyperbole.

On 7th January 2021 (Japan date), American shit stirrers like Nancy Pelosi experienced first hand the demolition of her own home, something she wantonly declared a “beautiful sight” when Hong Kong was being decimated.

A “beautiful sight” of Richard Bigo Barnett in Pelosi’s office, sitting in her chair, using her stationery and laughing at her Constitution. This is the same thing Pelosi did when Hong Kong was on fire. To read about Barnett’s antics, click here
Another “gorgeous” sight of Barnett, this time with Pelosi’s stationery…..

I’m not taking the piss at the Capitol fatalities which have ensued thus far – the taking of a human life is NEVER an equitable price to pay for any political cause, but for those nations who have been at the brunt of America’s flagrant violations, this is nothing but balancing the scales of justice.

Trump single handedly, riled up a bunch of double digit IQ plebs to breach the US Capitol, by telling them that the election was rigged, his marriage is based on love and to drink bleach to fix Covid-19….. (come to think of it, that’s true. If you die, the virus must surely too….).

Seeing that the majority of Trump supporters are born without the benefit of a frontal cortex, they marched in manner all schizophrenic towards the place they think is the source of their grievance. As I write, 4 protesters are confirmed dead (bodily death and not just brain dead, the original malaise) Mike Pence is scurrying away from the mob because he finally admitted that Trump is not Zeus reborn, and an Indian flag is thrown in for “diversity”? Huh?

This could not be more satirical if Voltaire was still pulsing enough to commit this episode in history to literature.


This one made me GUFFAW. For all the condemnation and vitriol hurled against China for finding Covid-19 before others (due to DILIGENCE), the West now has to eat the shitty rhetoric they first espoused.

America’s ugly twin, Britain. Ah Hemler’s list of being racially inappropriate before Britain generated its OWN HIGHLY TRANSMISSIBLE STRAIN….

And now with tail between his legs…..

Oh, it’s an “entirely different thing” is it? You mean the SAME viral phenomenon in the place of first discovery is different between China and Britain? Or is it different because one is based on racism and the other, face saving patriotism?

Thank God the internet remembers…..

Note how deranged Charlotte Crawley is? So when THE BRITS CAUSE A MUTANT VIRAL STRAIN, it’s because of their “technology and integrity”?…. Must be the same technology and integrity that drugged China, manacled India and sold Diego Garcia sans knowledge of the inhabitants to America for the Yanks to use as a military base…. With “integrity” like this, you don’t need treachery!

The often perplexing modes of conduct exercised by Western rule exhibit the worse DEMONS of our nature, a contrast to Steven Pinkers’ salubrious take on the overall progress of humanity. What Pinker and the majority of Anglophone academics surreptitiously fail to mention is that China is the sole country that alleviated poverty to a statistically significant level.

Before you make the asinine rebuttal that China turned itself into a poverty stricken nation, you need to be bitch slapped outta your delusional slumber. China and India were both shockingly wealthy BEFORE THE BRITISH utilised gunboat diplomacy on them.

So now, nothing delights me more than witnessing the karmic charms of Kali working her destructive force in dismantling the mind of malice from within.

Rubbish needs to be removed one way or another…..