Western Perfection!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 14 July 2021.

“I am sorry for fighting with you, but I am a serpent, so it is my nature to become aggressive when challenged. It is so difficult for a person not to be a creature of habit.” Śrīmad Bhāgavatam

And so too with the West! Unrelenting denial coupled with Oscar winning indignation ensues when confronted with their blatant prejudice – “I regret my bad decision…. I don’t know WHAT came over me that day (or on the 36 other occasions of me saying racist things and donning on black/brown face). I can assure you, I HAVE NOT ONE RACIST BONE IN MY BODY! (*I have racism in my bloodline, not in my bones ya suckers!)

So, will the West ever be racist?

Fuck no! Never. We, the coloured minions need to set our self identity gauge to plasticine instead of human and quit claiming victimhood. Remember, it’s the “snowflake” in us that is the problem, never the Western detritus who stole our philosophy, technology and religion sans crediting us. WHEN will we ever get over it?

Look, to prove my point that it’s our own ersatz indignation (afterall who can really be angry at Westerners, they are so cute!) which is the root of all our quandaries, I’ve compiled a list of the times we misunderstood their intentions. It’s all a joke, and the problem rests in our stoic nature rather than their rabid discrimination and pathological bias! Here we go, let me introduce you to…….

Justin “I’m pissed off at myself” Trudeau:

Isn’t it wonderful to have a biracial PM in Canada?

We all felt Trudeau’s rue (for getting caught doing blackface) and acknowledged his heartfelt apology for being an unequivocal dickhead in his days in academia. Do you know what amazes me? Even we in Australia in the late 90s knew about blackface, funny how the Canadians didn’t. But we shouldn’t be too hasty in judging their ignorance for they were busy murdering and burying their indigenous children. That kind of clandestine backyard/graveyard shift takes alot of blood sweat and tears, none of which were the white Canadians’. Remember Kivalliq Hall in Rankin Inlet only closed in 1997, which means that the oldest GEN Z was born in a time when Canada STILL thought it was ok to “civilize” (do away with) their natives! Good God!

Will we see Canada as an inveterate racist from now on? Nope. We will continue to acknowledge their “niceness” because we coloured folks are like that!

Tiger mum? Only if the psychopathy wears an Asian face!

So our ENTIRE culture is synonymous with strict matriarchal overtones, “pushing” us to the brink of achievement insanity eh? Ummmm, that was after talking to about 5 Asian women right? Sounds fair to assign “Tiger mom” to a few hundred million Asian ladies after talking to only a handful! Hey, what happens when white mother’s push their kids to over achieve, jeopardizing their life? JonBenét Patricia Ramsey, the child beauty queen who was ostensibly strangled by a stranger (case is unsolved) because her mother paraded her biological doll around like a prize, is the exemplar of stage mum gone awry. Will white mum’s get tailgated wth being materialistic? Hell no. Ramsey will be seen as an anomaly and not at all a cultural norm despite 250,000 girls in America participating in these pageants yearly, totalling a $5bil industry.

…….Lori Loughlin……Aunt Beck-your-pardon! You paid HOW MUCH of a bribe to get your comatose offspring into a swanky college? Half a million? I’m serious folks, if even ONE Asian mum was caught greasing the college administrator while surreptitiously getting her highly photogenic, but heavily lobotomized progeny to pose for bogus “athletic” shots, we would ALL have “cheater” permanently prefixed to our names – “Hi, I’m Cheater Rei Tanotsuka and you must be Cheater Aaron Song. Nice to meet you!”.

Here’s the little darling Oliver pretending she rows!

Once again because Lori ain’t no coloured momma, she gets a vacay in Mexico as part of the “punishment” package for her role in the college admission scandal! Oh sweet cheeks, you didn’t really think there would be repercussions or even a diminution in the renown of the celestial Western mum did you? We all know that incidents like these will be swiftly forgotten, and after a good 5 minutes we will again wistfully sigh “If only I had a white mum to give me the freedom to be….”.

What about the “best buddy” Western dad? Well, he’s busy inserting IUDs into his offspring and working them 7 days a week! Daddy of the decade definitely goes to James Spears, conservator and whip master to Britney!

Imagine the elation in producing a singing, dancing machine who’s blessed with an angelic mien and enough commercial clout to amass squillions. What does one do with such a daughter? Exploit her naturally!

Britney Jean Spears was 36 in the above shot (she’s 40 now), which is shocking in today’s timeline where every celebrity who looks 20 can be carbon dated back to the Bronze Age. The stress of working everyday of the week in Vegas no less, definitely hardens the edges on the face and turns the ticker into android mode. A machine – that’s all Britney is to her dad. To listen to the harrowing life beyond the glamorous facade, click here.

Will Western parents earn the consternation of the masses, incriminating the archetype with having children for a motive more sinister and utilitarian than the joy of witnessing life bloom? Nah! Only Asians will be accused of living vicariously through their kids or being exploitative. Irrespective of how many Western examples you can dig up showcasing parents to be authoritarian, abusive and psychopathic, they will always be argued to be “a single example” eventhough collectively, these stories become statistically significant!

Remember, America is the “best” country in the world, superpower and global leader in incising the shackles of oppression to emancipate the free spirit from within. Funny how they are beating the shit outta their own kids……to see the report, click here

I make fun of your genetics, you gimme money ‘kay?

“I really wanted to stress how sorry I am if the photo of me with my friends offended anyone. I have learned a valuable lesson from this and know that sometimes my actions can be unintentionally hurtful. I know everything is a part of GOD’s ultimate plan, and mistakes happen so that eventually I will become the woman he aspires me to be.” Wiley Cyrus

Of course you’re sorry…..so am I, mainly for Billy Ray not wrapping it up during one inebriated night. It amazes me how many Western celebratties, from hillbilly trash to gutter grade “supermodels” all just seemingly not to know they are racist UNTIL they get caught…..how come Western conscience requires a camera?

To watch Gigi Hadid mock Buddha and Asian eyes in one hit, click here

“According to Shanghiist, the supermodel posted to her page on the Chinese social media site Weibo over the weekend, stating that it “hurts her” to hurt anyone, and that she wants all of her fans to know “it was never [her] intent to offend anyone through [her] actions.” Teen Vogue

Guess what happened? Because the Chinese are practically the only Asians with titanium balls these days, they told her to fuck right off. That’s right, they won’t be throwing their coins towards her anorexic ass no mo!

Let’s get real, none of these generic, talentless, fame-through-nepotism creations are sorry for anything other than not being able to fleece every last penny from us. Why do I say that? Because never in the name of self reflection, do these hebetudinous hypocrites ever deliberate their mocking of cultural stereotypes UNTIL THEY ARE CAUGHT. Not one of these imbeciles voluntarily “came out” to acknowledge their subconscious racial bias until their frenemies slapped the receipt of them using black magic marker on their faces, on the cover of a tabloid.

Yet, what’s the harm done? None. We will continue to stream their hormonally imbalanced vocals, screeching out a tune that is a breeched birth between a highway accident and an abattoir. We will continue to buy more T shirts that they “designed” with Tommy “It’s a rumour that I didn’t want black people wearing my clothes” Hilfiger. Like I always say, it’s our HONOUR to have white people sanctify our image with derogation. Remember, never let something like self esteem tell you that despite some flaws, our virtues more than make up for our foibles.

Let our pride feature in the same place as our asshole…..just take the shit, and when we do speak up, ignore it! Here’s Andrew Yang proving my point succinctly.

I’m an athlete. I snagged Olympic gold in eye slanting!

I want EVERYONE to view the dates of the following stories…..these gestures are not done in a time when a “quirky” Austrian wanted to level out the playing field with burnt offerings……

“The Volleyball Federation of Serbia also published an apology, saying that it was “saddened by the recent events” and “the unfortunate gesture. We apologise sincerely to the Thailand team, people of Thailand and to all of you affected by this,” the federation wrote on Facebook. Please don’t blow this out of proportion! Sanja is aware of her mistake and she immediately apologised to the whole Thailand team. She only wanted to show her teammates ‘let’s start playing defence like them now’, she didn’t mean any disrespect. Of course, it was unfortunate.” BBC

Before we move on, White people really have to take note of their HUGE FUCKIN’ NOSES, colonising their faces like Cook on a “discovery” expedition. Look, if Sanja Djurdjevic was to feature in a part of history, she would definitely be associated with the sinking of the Titanic. Who knows what that ship hit to sink it? Sanja nose……

Is this a form of travel, or the profile of Sanja Djurdjevic?

In all honesty if I had a facial flaw so pronounced and mock ready, I wouldn’t go around pulling eyes!

Lest you want to remark that it’s only ONE racist Serb so I shouldn’t extrapolate that to mean that Serbs are racist, well how about the entire team then?

What’s that you say? The group is not big enough to qualify as racist eventhough a volleyball team compromises of 6? Ok then, I’ll double your 6! I give you 12 RACIST SERBS in one shot. Say “Chiiiiiiing!” ya feral banshees!

Isn’t it amazing that taking offence at blatant racism against us is “blowing things” out of proportion, but a slap on the wrist is all that is needed to reprimand unhinged racists? Only a turgid mind would ever argue that mocking a racial trait is a form of “defence” training…..this is so cringey it’s not funny. Serbia, with a nominal GDP sitting at a paltry 84 in ranking, should really pick up a dictionary and look up “humility”. The Thai, however you want to look at it, sit at a healthy 24, which means this group of ugly white trash aptly fit the description of….ugly, white trash!

What’s thoroughly disappointing is that we Asians once again, are NOT livid at the racism hurled onto us because the offender is white. Infact, we will do our best to protect her from notoriety! How sweet! This is akin to having a house guest drop a turd on your opulent Persian carpet, and not only are not aghast at an adult who is not toilet trained, you proceed to ask her what she would like to eat for dinner so you know which cleaner to prepare!

To watch yet ANOTHER Asian who feigns indifference to being racially bullied and instead rushes gallantly to protect her assailant, click here (watch from 44secs). Also, take note of the clip when the camera pans on Djurdjevic and just marvel at the size of her schnoz….

That’s the ladies, what about the male athletes? Equally as belligerent!

Look……a Beckham wannabe frog with his only Black friend Ousmane Dembele. These two croaked out highly derogatory remarks about the Japanese and decided to immortalize their flagrant racism on video! I give you Antoine “I oppose all forms of discrimination, but engage in them myself” Griezmann, now left holding a torn Konami game contract. SUCKED IN!

Rakuten, the Japanese Amazon/eBay equivalent, is a huge shirt sponsor of Griezmann’s soccer team, coughing up 55 million Euros per year to support these arrogant, highfalutin pricks who think their premature receding hairlines and zero skin elasticity is hot stuff. After this video leak, Rakuten is demanding an explanation of the racist taunt, however it is still keeping the contract going until next season. I hope the Japanese won’t continue to kowtow to the West on the fallacious assumption that they are honorary whites. This incident, plus the humiliating G7 PM Suga- in -the back row money shot, is an unambiguous sign that NO YELLOW is as good as a White in Western eyes. Japan Today July 8, 2021.

Ah look, the little yella one is at the back…. exactly where it belongs! Despite being the SECOND most powerful economy in that archaic group of fossils, Japan nevertheless must stand BEHIND his lesser successful White contemporaries….and yet Japan STILL feels honoured to be a part of this group.

Dear Asians, are you even remotely aware of how discriminatory the West actually is?

I have quite a few people who tell me I’m an extremist, that my assessment is not equitable nor applicable to the “majority” of Westerners. I argue the contrary. Infact, my assessment is only irrelevant to the MINORITY of Westerners and more than apt for the majority.

Here’s a little bit of history to articulate the minutiae of racial segregation to ensure that one drop of colour is all that is needed to be classed as “tainted”.

“There was a man who was well known in his community as a Negro, but who was so white that even an expert would have hard work to classify him as a black man. This man was riding in the part of the train set aside for the coloured passengers. When the train conductor reached him, he showed at once that he was perplexed. If the man was a Negro, the conductor did not want to send him to the white people’s coach; at the same time, if he was a white man, the conductor did not want to insult him by asking him if he was a Negro. The official looked him over carefully, examining his hair, eyes, nose, and hands, but still seemed puzzled. Finally, to solve the difficulty, he stooped over and peeped at the man’s feet. When I saw the conductor examining the feet of the man in question, I said to myself, “That will settle it;” and so it did, for the trainman promptly decided that the passenger was a Negro, and let him remain where he was.” Up from Slavery: an autobiography” by Booker T. Washington

….just because they no longer check your feet, doesn’t mean they don’t want to……

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