Is Xi the one? Strong Asian men vs the pretenders.

By Rei Tanotsuka, 16 November 2021.

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“For Chinese people both at home and abroad, a united Chinese nation is our shared root, the profound Chinese culture is our shared soul, and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is our shared dream. The shared root fosters eternal brotherhood, the shared soul links our hearts, and the shared dream holds us all together –” Xi Jinping

Is Xi’s strong sense of national valour the reason why cheesy erotica is penned by Western women who dream of hand cuffing him to their boudoir? Is the exoticism of powerful Asian men so embedded in their psyche, that spitting out a banal novel is the only way to realise a latent fantasy?

A blurb from Sandra Coupland’s doltish fiction of erotica: “She’s a lonely, overworked waitress in a downbeat Chicago pizza joint, and he’s the president of the People’s Republic of China on a tour of the United States. Their stressful, boring lives are about to heat up like a pizza oven after a chance encounter outside Manny’s Pizza Barn. “Call me Xi Dada,” he says.”

This isn’t a one off by the way. Apparently another volume of word porn exists, vis a vis “Hu’s that guy?” written during Hu Jintao’s stint as President of the PRC.

Ever wonder why some Asians command the West’s attention while others never get noticed irrespective of how much they try to assimilate? 

I’ve written about Asian women who only go for White men under the pretense of, well, every bloody thing under the sun, today I got the reverse for ya. Asian men who secretly pine for the White broad and white applause, but pretend to only be hankering after them because the Asian sisters sold out first. Ah gimme a break, beta!

Since I’ve thoroughly pissed off whitewashed Asian women, I’ll now piss off whitewashed Asian men who wear the Asian pride mask, but is clandestinely DYING for a blondie to complete his profile!

So what does the West think of Asian men like Xi?

The West doesn’t “think” about Asians at all. The West has only one modus operandi – projection, and it always reserves it’s most callous ejections for Asians.

In the same way that Western women harbour fantasies about doing some sexercise with the Jingpingster (taming the man who is responsible for 1.4 billion lives), Western men dream of breaking bread with him so that they crack open the Chinese market for the vultures of Wall Street. In short, everyone wants to fuck Xi, but just in different ways.

Unlike the pantheon of Japanese leaders who desperately want membership to all the G spots (G7, G20), Xi won’t kowtow to Western free market hypocrisy and eviscerate China’s economy, all in the vain hope of gaining the adjective of being a “good” Asian country. Xi’s priority is to ensure the well-being of 1.4 billion Chinese lives, rather than “earn” a seat at the G7, content on being the lone Asian who gets to sit at the table, but not eat.

Have I let the cat out of the bag in gaining Western respect?

The sad Western indoctrinated Asian men who keep lamenting their lack of prestige and clout despite minting out ivy league degrees, banking at least six figures, all reinforced with a six pack, remain clueless on the dynamic that forces the West to admit defeat – patriotism TO THEIR ASIAN ROOTS, and crushing Western hegemony by ruthlessly REFUSING TO PARTICIPATE IN THEIR RULE-LESS GLOBAL GAME OF DYSTOPIA!

Many comatose Asian men honestly think that by becoming the following images, they have “arrived”. Don’t believe me? Go check out social media sites promoting “empowered” Asian men. It’s pathetic as hell, a game of vanity based on how intimately they can MIMIC WHITE GUYS.

The ubiquitous “look at me with a run of the mill blonde with her tits out” shot. This guy is always pretending that he too loves to “tan” (like a White guy) eventhough he doesn’t want to leather up his epidermis and actually hates the heat. These types always try to slip pass the fact that his “hot blonde” is just a plain Jane with a halo mop. It’s always the White girl that hot White guys aren’t seen with, that these wannabe white Asian guys get. Wait, let me have it – you’ll accuse me of being jealous. Jealous of what? I’ll give you the SAME rebuttal I gave my Asian sellout sisters, I DON’T WANT TO LAND YOU! I’m simply pointing out the truth. Go look at the girls good-looking White guys get, then look at the recycled heap on the arms of the “made it” Asian guys. When did you ever see Megan Fox even entertain the idea of dating an Asian guy, let alone actually date one? What about Gigi Hadid, you splutter….ya got me there genius! Yes Zain Malik is of Asian Pakistani lineage……but have you, as a yellow Asian fella looked in the mirror to see the difference between your mug and Malik’s? And on that point, highlighting an exception and evincing it as the rule, makes you even MORE PATHETIC.
The “all tatted up and no where to go” shot. While every Fred and John aspires to be a Beckham or Renaldo, but think the shortcut to training 12 hours a day is to ink a sleeve, the Asians are just content to be the Doppelganger of the everyday Walmart Fred and Chipotle John…… pitiful is an understatement. So you wanna look “gangsta” chomping down on your xiaolongbao at Sunday yumcha, but don’t dare use your intimidation to fight the assholes who put your ancestors in the opium dens, internment camps, and is contemporaneously beating the shit outta your people for a natural virus. Using your tatt stat for internet whining is so……..(yawn!).
The “Hey, I’m ripped AF, WHY can’t I get women to suck on command?” cringe whinge. These Asian guys never once question the SANITY of injecting roids sorry, I mean downing “protein shakes”, to the shrinkage of their nads perpetuating Asian men’s most denigrating meme…..
The greatest irony is that after ALL THAT EFFORT, Asian men in the West are still regarded as second rate.

Dear duplicitous Asian men, if you are peeved that Asian women outright declare their preference for your white counterpart, you are no better. Infact on all accounts you are worse, because she doesn’t lie, you do!

Can you in all good faith, not see why your worth is on par with household lint eventhough on paper, you should be the biggest catch since Moby Dick?

I often wonder why we Asians as a collective, adamantly REFUSE to think for ourselves and parrot everything our whip master teaches us to say. Do you honestly think anyone can possibly know you better than YOURSELF? No right? Then LEARN to think for yourself by understanding WHO YOU ARE. Pull the IV drip that reinforces western supremacy out of your oversized forearms, and know your own history!

Still think I’m full of it eh? Here’s my point aptly illustrated on a national level. The Japanese, especially post WWII and the bubble economy bust, has been the West’s most supplicating pet – shaking hands, wagging tail and playing dead when it comes to defending Okinawa against American based military rapists, however what level of respect has this garnered from the West?

To see Shinzo Abe, former PM of Japan grovelling to the Yanks after they twice bombed his kimono clad ancestors to kingdom come, click here…….yet, do Americans “see” him?

Well, not enough to see his extended hand placed out for a shake……

To watch, click here

They also don’t “hear” him enough to even remember WHAT BRAND OF ASIAN HE IS!

It bemuses living in Japan, when my Japanese students tell me how physically “different” they are to the Koreans and Chinese……yeah, so different that all of us yellow primates are so readily distinguishable. And then the Polaroid developes and you can’t tell who’s who. Click here to watch Trudeau do his thang! Thank God this gaff only happened once……no?
To watch, “Who’s that Asian again?”, click here.

I know your retort, you’ll exclaim that Trudeau is  as aware as a dead door knob in an antique shop which no spirit wants to haunt, so he doesn’t count. Well, how about the beret wearers?

Yeah I know, I know……the frogs have a weird accent so who knows what they are croaking… they don’t count either……
Come on now, we’ve reached British ROYALTY! These are the people who turned stereotypes INTO THEIR LITERARY WORKS, and conquered 80% of the globe. Are you STILL going to argue that White people can really tell Asians apart but it was just an itty bitty faux pas?

Why you’ll never win playing their game.

Sometimes I wonder, how can it be that we don’t see the “Stop!” sign, flashing in neon, one feet ahead of us, and land ourselves ass up in the pit? Is our astigmatism THAT BAD?

The West has literally violated every rule on the planet to circumvent the outcome in their favour, and then coerced us to “admit” that it is WE, who  violated THEIR “rules based” order when we still somehow manage to GET AHEAD! Are you outta your mind? How can you reiterate this asylum grade calumny with a straight face?

Do you honestly think your six pack is going to break the net and catapult you as an objet du désir? Even if you get technically perfect abs, it’s your face that’s going to be the issue. A Michaelangelo sculpted jawline? Now it’s your voice. Get vocal lessons to turn your mezzo-soprano into bass? Well, it’s just YOU then!

When you get to be the judge, jury and executioner what aren’t you going to do? You’re not going create conditions where you and your posterity will suffer at the hands of the “other”. This will be “unfair” accorded from your standpoint. Here’s a joke I heard regarding White people’s definition of “equal opportunity”.

3 men are offered the job of top engineer at a prestigious company – an American, a Brit and an Indian. Here are the qualifying questions.

The interviewer asks the American : “When did the Titanic sink?”. The American answers: “May 31, 1911”. PASS!

The Brit gets the next question: “How many people died when the ship sank?”. He replies: “1,500”. PASS!

The last question goes to the Indian: “Can you name all the victims? No? Oh what a pity. FAIL!”

And remember this is the quicksilver argument constantly used: “We the West, give EVERYONE equal opportunities to succeed in our society. Why, everyone needs to only answer ONE question but unfortunately, the coloured folks CAN’T DO WHAT WHITE PEOPLE CAN! Don’t blame us. It’s not racism that did you in, you just aren’t as qualified!“.

When inventions and great ideas had their genesis in the East, the pilfering of Chinese technology wasn’t “IP theft”, and the smashing of Indian weavers thumbs when they produced the best and most competitive cotton, wasn’t morally reprehensible. Only after unscrupulously benefitting from us to get ahead, did the West suddenly think ideas were worth protecting, and that swearing industry workers to Non-compete agreements was necessary in keeping an edge.

*After Shashi Tharoor made the smashing and amputating of Bengali weavers thumb’s under British colonial rule public, the internet has been rife with “debunkers” calling this an outright lie or a misunderstanding of a figure of speech. All I have to say is, IRON TONGS ON INDIAN WOMEN’S BREASTS. Does anyone really think smashing the thumbs of their competition is “beneath” the Brits?

Learn to value what YOU stand for!

Quiz: what’s the difference between the following two blokes?

Ah duh, one’s a tinder profile and the other is Bruce Lee you quibble. WRONG!

One is an anonymous Asian white wannabe, complete with useless muscles pumped to cartoonish proportions at the local gym, barely able to open a bottle of low carb carbonara sauce for his zucchini “pasta”.

The other? A body honed to PERFECTION for the love of an Asian tradition, full of agility, retaining high muscle memory in MAIMING, IF NOT KILLING A WOULD BE ASSAILANT. In other words, a bloody useful HUMAN BEING. The first picture is what the Asian social media boys use to prove they’ve “made it”, the second? Bruce Lee is what EVERY ASIAN MAN untainted by the West naturally IS.

Aesthetics for the sole purpose of vanity WAS NEVER AN ASIAN VIRTUE! All the great effigies of stoic beauty littered in Asian history bear witness to the vicissitudes hollow beauty brings, go read up on Yang Guifei and Hikaru Genji.

Asians NEVER EVER (before Western brainwashing) thought that appearance should be uniform. Our appearance SHOULD BE the outcome of genetics and a reflection of our calling or more aptly, our dharma or life duty.

Yes you may indeed have the face of an angel, but if you spend 3 decades chiselling out archangel Michael out of marble, you’ll end up with hands which reflect that! That my friend, is REAL BEAUTY. When you can tell someone has lived a life through their appearance, time and sentience, have done their jobs by giving MEANING to our rather inconsequential lives. Hands which have built irrigation systems or raised the next generation of Olympians aren’t going to be as smooth as a baby’s bum and they SHOULDN’T BE! A face that has seen sorrow and expressed felicity, isn’t line free and frozen like a popsicle!

However, once again how fuckin’ stupid are Westerners? Very, is the answer. I’m a librarian, yet I look like a 14 year old MODEL. I’m a neuroscientist, yet I look like a 14 year old MODEL. I’m an archeologist specializing in Egyptology, yet… guessed it, I LOOK LIKE A BLOODY 14 YEAR OLD MODEL! The irony? Western models these days look like shit!

Only the West is superficial enough to create a nugatory zeitgeist where looks alone bring fortune. This wouldn’t be so detrimental to society if there wasn’t such frenzied participation, but because the West is innately boorish, it has its progeny vouching for a world of uselessness syncopating with debauchery, leading people to act like this…..

To watch a “filial” daughter pay her final respects to her father BY POSING FOR HER GRAM, click here.
The twins of “WTF X YUCK”. I’m serious, if you don’t think there’s anything wrong with them, there’s something wrong with YOU……click here to watch the spawns of Satan who couldn’t cut it in hell, so they decided to recreate daddy’s pleasure pen on earth,

Sorry for the digression, back to the Asian guys calling out Asian girls, but secretly wanting to be a member of the white club!

The anonymous Asian beefcake is the one always lamenting about his lot in life, real Asian men like Lee, just get things DONE!

Whites learn from him.

Blacks learn from him.

Yellows and Browns learn him.

Women the world over, want him to be their baby daddy.

He is a fuckin’ god because he never fucks with God! If we are created for a purpose, he never doubted his. This is what makes everyone turn their head and pay their respect, and though they may not necessarily succour to his brand of philosophy, the have enough deference for him to shut up.

The Asian nerds on the other hand don’t know who they are.

Are they standing up and mocking their sell out Asian sisters because they secretly pine to be in their shoes? It clearly appears so, with them salivating at the opportunity of getting their genes diluted with blue eyes and skin of untreated cotton.

Are they making strident statements against Western imperialism initially, only to accidentally hit a line of commiseration with the most oppressive race on the planet, and upon winning the windfall acceptance, change allegiance to become the most enterprising face of self-hate, a la Andrew Yang? Highly probable.

So, what EXACTLY do you think you are fighting for? “NOTHING” is the answer dweeb!

Quit the “Freedom of speech” rhetoric that wasn’t even our problem!

Do you know the litmus test for finding a whitewashed, lobotomised Asian? Ask him/her about the importance of free speech. If they tell you it’s very important because traditional (insert Asian brand) culture never allowed them to speak, you can pretty much write them off as an IDIOT who knows NOTHING about their roots.

Here’s the synopsis. All Asian culture has some resonance, if not a whole lot to do with Confucianism. This is just a fact. China had many tributary states throughout history, so even though copying Chinese thought and custom WAS NOT DE RIGUEUR, it was TRES CHIC to do so. Hence, every Asian tributary state became mini Confucians inorder to become part of the cool clique.

In the same way we try to inject Americanism into our daily lives today, Asia held the same awe for ancient China. China’s greatest hater today Japan, had nothing but admiration for it in 500 CE. Japan’s first national law, the Seventeen Article Constitution was modelled on Chinese Confucian ideas. The reigning Emperor Shotoku credited this Constitution to be the birth of Japan’s political metamorphosis from backward country to civilization.

So what, you say? So this!

In the analects, in very FIRST BOOK (ok, I’m on Kindle, I know Confucius never thought his musings would end up this way) contains the passage that highlights the IMPORTANCE OF SPEAKING UP!

The superior man bends his attention to what is radical. That being established, all practical courses naturally grow up. Filial piety and fraternal submission, are they not the root of all benevolent actions?”

Everything that is accepted as the norm now, started its life as a revolutionary thought! So how can it be that Asian culture advocates for people to mute their voices? Confucianism champions GOING AGAINST THE TIDE, IF THE TIDE IS SWEEPING YOU TO A DEATH BOULDER! Muting one’s voice and silencing dissent is a WESTERN MANDATE, NOT AN ASIAN ONE!

Confucius was a REBEL in his day. His philosophy went AGAINST the prevailing ethos at the time, which was reminiscent of early Western capitalism. He saw the erosion of time honored feudal values which acknowledged the Emperor as a father and the citizens as well cared for offspring, in favor of individual states which behaved like the West, each vying for supremacy in gaining control of the centre of China, which was known as Ho-nan at the time. Going retro with the morality spiel IS ALWAYS “RADICAL”.

If you think you have a problem with what I just said, WHY ON EARTH DO YOU THINK JORDAN PETERSON “MAKES SENSE”? This is the EXACT script JP is using to make his mark in our instafame society, yet somehow because he’s a White guy, it seems reasonable. Promulgating values harking back to our ancestors who established a system that kept everyone ALIVE in  circumstances much more trying than ours, is a virtue!

Sun Yat-sen, the daddy of modern China used Confucian morality to build the backbone of his renowed San Min Chu I (Three principles of the people) socio-political theory. Idiots around the world will argue that Sun was a proponent of Western ideology because he was a Christian and borrowed ideas from his faith, and channelled it into his political theory.

Bollocks is what I have to say to that. Confucian ideas were ALREADY IN PLACE espousing egalitarianism long before the notion of a nailed carpenter’s son ever got credited with do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

When you want to fight the oppressive forces squelching your voice, DON’T EMULATE THE GROUP THAT IS A PROPONENT FOR SELF CENSURE!

As an Asian you must learn what you NEED. You need to create a playground that is FIT for you to WANT to play, not just blindly accept that you must participate in a game where rules are so erratic that even when you win, you still lose.

Why Western women lust over, and Western men give acknowledgement to people like Xi and Lee is precisely because these Asian men are willing to WALK AWAY AND NOT PLAY. Once you understand this, you hold all the power!

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  1. Agree on many points, but Bruce Lee was obsessed with aesthetics. The guy was applying electrodes to his abs because he wanted that perfect six pack. He was a showman, obsessed with gaining white approval. He spent his time teaching Kung fu to Hollywood celebrities. He also married a white woman, so it kinda undercuts your point. In addition, he never participated in any real fighting tournaments while they were going on in Brazil.

    Yes, there were MMA fights going on in Brazil as early as the 1930s, and Lee never participated in any of these. Instead he was giving cringy interviews to white media about “be water”, so he’s kinda everything you’re railing against in your essay.

    You know who didn’t care about aesthetics and focused on fighting? Mitsuyo “Duke” Maeda. Jigoro Kano. Masahiko Kimura. These guys went to a very racist Brazil and beat the crap out of every challenger.

    Oh, and let’s not forget Antonio Inoki, the man that put Mohammed Ali in the hospital.

    Do more research please.

    1. “What’s more, Lee refused to accept roles that featured Chinese people in a negative light, and in doing so, lost out on certain opportunities. He ultimately moved back to Hong Kong due in part to the difficulty in finding appropriate roles.”

      This fact is RENOWNED. You are nitpicking to prove a point.
      Lee’s body did NOT ARISE from vanity.
      You are also INSANE to claim that Lee used EMS for a six pack, do you actually know WHY he used them?
      This is the most intense form of training possible. He was perfecting his art AGAINST the electrical resistance. Have you ever tried to pick up stuff while using a good quality EMS pad? It’s bloody hard. He was practicing his craft WITH THAT HINDRANCE! There’s a video of his old crew explaining this in Chinese!
      Where are YOU getting your info? From Western media AGAIN?

      Him marrying a White woman is NOT an issue. I don’t have problems with interracial marriages at all. The problem is the selection of a partner BELIEVING that they are culturally or racially SUPERIOR which is what alot of Asians do. The fact that Lee taught Abdul-Jabbar, or came to understand their cause through their friendship is testimony that Lee was NOT a White worshipper in the least.
      Everyone knows that through his friendship with Abdul-Jabbar, he went to study and read up on the Black cause for equality.
      Also you don’t really understand what his water philosophy is all about do you? Firstly, it’s from Confucius and secondly he applied it to ATTACKING THE ENEMY! Smh, maybe it’s YOU who needs to do a little more research….

  2. Crackerkycks gaslighting with intentionally biased-false info as usual, pulling a Trannytino bullshit again. Pinkoids…