Kenny Leu – A Shot Through the Wall, or Through the Brain?

By Rei Tanostuka, 5 December 2021.

The reason why we suffer from foreign oppression is our ignorance; we ‘are born in a stupor and die in a dream’.” Sun Yat-sen

I got a notification on the socials a little while ago, on Reddit “Asian American” precisely. I am not a fan of this head space, but what can one do to participate in our global conversation, but to swim with the sharks?

This is what I saw.

Upon reading about another Asian “crushin’ it”, I quickly checked the trailer……

To view, click here

Now I confess, I HAVEN’T SEEN THIS MOVIE only the trailer, so maybe there is an empowering message like Leu says. Maybe we are about to embark on a difficult but honest conversation……

But here’s what I also know, when White people feel singed, they create a nouveau class of social scourge to take the fall of the iniquities they’ve dispensed. Am I saying this movie shouldn’t have been made? No. Am I saying that we shouldn’t confront racial dilemmas which go beyond black vs white? No.

What am I saying?

I’m saying READ THE ROOM! Anti Chinese sentiment in the US is at an all time high. I’m not talking about a caustic comment here, or a spicy retort there, I’m talking unbridled disdain to the level of declaring China, America’s greatest nemesis, a role traditionally reserved for the Putin crew.

I absolutely can’t fathom why people have so little knowledge of catastrophic events which shaped  history that still carry reverberations to this day. WHY hasn’t someone in our community bothered to read a damn book on how persecution occurs on a national level?

I’m not talking about the Chinese Exclusion Act or the lynchings during the gold mining era. I’m questioning the sanity of NOT UNDERSTANDING how “othering” turns into a sanctioned genocidal regime. How is it, that we can’t SEE what is happening right infront of us?

2 recurring motifs vindicating gratuitous Asian killings

Surely I can’t be the only one to see the iteration of scapegoating Asians followed by wilful harm exacted onto us right? How many renditions of this process must we see, before we start protecting ourselves?

People look at this Tweet and nonchalantly shrug it off as another dumb yank, firing off an imbecilic comment. The point that is stealthily missed however, is that EVERYONE in America, from renowed intellectuals to sibling wedded hillbillies, all have China in their crosshairs. Where America leads,  Europe even if reluctantly, follows. People forget that the THIRD REICH was but an imitation of American political ideology in their persecution of Jewish people.

We have reached the beginning of December 2021. It’s almost been 2 years since COVID-19 was callously maligned as a result of unsavoury Chinese cultural practices, yet WE ARE STILL the preferred face to bloody up. COVID-19 wasn’t the cause, it was the EXCUSE!

The following video is the SEPTA train attack where a young Chinese girl got beaten up by a group of African American teens after she tried to intervene in their harassment of a group of young Asian boys. The Chinese girl (I can’t find her name) is a supporter of BLM.

To watch African American teens pummel a Chinese girl in public transport, click here

Under the video, I saw 2 comments which are worth highlighting.

Let’s address the first comment by Cheryl K. The lack of Asian unity to the point where we let fellow Asians who are defending us get beaten to a pulp, is cancerous. We are still at the evolutionary stage of “Fish” (response only)  where others are already sitting in the “Reptile” nomenclature (plotting revenge and instigating warfare). We are even too bloody gutless to help those who HELP US! This happens all the time in the online Asian community where I, as a proud Asian woman would get banned BY OTHER ASIANS FOR STANDING UP TO WESTERN HEGEMONY.

Yes you can argue that the Asian boys (the initial group the anti Asian thugs were attacking) were “young”, but they were all TEENS. The teen years are when we are generally most obnoxious, with the erratic syncopation of hormones with the frontal cortex guaranteeing altercations, yet what do we see? Asian boys at the peak of hormonal vivacity being limpidly dead, too scared to do fuck all, except watch their Asian sister get pummeled. These are the SAME LOSER BOYS who later in life, would pen a 10 page disquisition on why Asian women swipe left on them, expecting sympathy. Go look at the usual  “pro Asian men” sites, (livid Asian guys who always trash talk Asian women for dating White guys) are they talking about the Chinese girl who defended them? No right? They are EXACTLY what I elucidated in my previous post – jealous of the infamy of Asian women being desirable, because they themselves secretly salivate for White approval.

The second point by Corn Pop needs dissecting too. People who are less whitewashed, would rightfully point out that the reporting of the race of black attackers especially, is done to create  division between the coloured folks. I don’t disagree with this sentiment, however this is NOT the entire story.

The “divide and conquer” narrative maybe the seed, but it’s not the fruit. The fruit of manufacturing a schism between Asians and Blacks has resulted in legitimate bad blood between the 2 communities now. The fatal shooting of Black Latasha Harlins by Korean Soon Ja Du sparking the Rodney King/L.A Riots, initiated a succession of racially charged events between the yellow and blacks. To deny this, is at our own peril. *By “own” I mean for both Blacks and Asians.

Who benefits from this? White people!

How many people today, understand what Ali understood? Not many that’s for sure. The great game of the races is now lost in a bog of nouveau political correctness, where unscrupulous intellectual deviants like Jordan Peterson has assigned a new sobriquet for racial awareness – “low resolution” thinking. Remember, when it comes to incriminating White people with RACISM, we have to get the name, DOB, timezone, astrological chart, DNA and the 12 apostles to witness the racist attack or else it’s just “low resolution” thinking. Yet the West has no qualms in incriminating China of conducting a genocidal raid as an immutable fact, eventhough THEIR OWN INTELLIGENCE SAYS THERE’S NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE to make such a proclamation.

Why you ask, would White people gin up antagonism between Asians and every one else?

Because White people need to pay their dues, and they want to split the bill with ASIANS WHO ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO FORK OUT HALF THE TAB!

I’m going to illustrate how much hatred is sitting on the fence, waiting for the slightest bit of degradation in vigilance of especially America. Every nation manacled by the Imperial West is lining up for a payback.

The most eloquent and opaque nation in seeking “retribution” is China. Xi Jinping is letting the West know that China is NOT the sitting duck of yesteryear.

China has stood up. It will never again tolerate being bullied by any nation. Yet it will never follow in the footsteps of the big powers, which seek hegemony once they grow strong. Our country is following a path of peaceful development.”, by Xi Jinping The Governance Of China

Others are less subtle. I personally am championing for these guys!

Sharing the home with the world’s most stable network of White Supremacists, live the Red and Black children of America. Years of torment, oppression and ridicule has left a legacy of bitterness, marinating in every social and political crevice just waiting to be served up!

The Native American Indians have been trying to break out the moves to a “Ghost dance” since 1890.

The Ghost Dance was a religion founded on the vision of a Nevada Paiute named Wovoka: he believed that if the participants danced hard enough and long enough, all the buffalo would come back, all the Indians’ ancestors would come to life, and all the white people would be buried.”  Great Speeches by Native Americans, by Bob Blaisdell.

Black injustice has concomitantly produced a litany of grievances waiting to be made good.

“The Armageddon is gathering now; The sign is on every oppressed man’s brow: The whites who think they are ever so smart Do not know other men can play their part: When the opportune time is almost here Black, Yellow and Brown will be everywhere, In union of cause they’ll stand together And storms of the bully boldly weather. Their gases and shots, and their rays of death, Shall only be child’s play-a dream of Seth, For out of the clear, sleeping minds of ages, Wonders shall be written on history’s pages: Our buried arts and sciences then shall rise, To show how for centuries we were wise:” The Tragedy of White Injustice, by Marcus Garvey

If you read the above quotes and laughed them off as a silly pagan dance and another piece of impotent rhetoric, you are in denial of the pent up anger of these 2 demographics. White America hasn’t just had a dalliance with racism, it has firmly exchanged vows and consummated the marriage!

The American legal system has locked up innocent Black men like Alfred Woodfox FOR 44 YEARS IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for joining the Black Panther movement, and only recently exonerated Kevin Strickland after 43 years of imprisonment for a crime that evinced no proof of being committed by him.

This is in conjunction with a compendium of lies told to the Native Americans when expelling them from THEIR OWN LAND leading to the staunch belief that White people are absolutely not to be trusted.

“….a century and more of deceit and hypocrisy has naturally taught him to distrust the paleface, through their unfulfilled promises and double dealing. Only as an exception has a paleface appeared who in truth and in fact was a friend.” The Quarterly Journal of the Society of American Indians. January-April, 1913.

In Africa the avaricious and vindictive nature of the West in its control of the resource rich continent, has given rise to a group of patriots who understand that their sacrifice only imbues their people to see through the hypocritical nature of these insidious whip masters. One day, the West will receive it’s comeuppance.

“Even if they succeed in assassinating me, it does not matter! The bottom line is that they want to eat, and I am stopping them. But I shall die peacefully, for never, after what we have succeeded in instilling in the consciences of our countrymen, they cannot control our people as formerly.”, Thomas Sankara

In short, White people are headed for a whoop ass of such epic proportions that the next load of shit they espouse, will be uttered from their butthole…. which will then sit firmly on their face.


Clamour to pay the bill. “Oh dear White people, can we? Can we please alleviate your pain by allowing the centuries of vile racism you exercised on every continent of our globe, TO BE PARTIALLY COUNTED AS OUR SHAME? Anything to please you. Why, we will even call acknowledging our “racism” against Black people as progressive and taking a lionhearted approach in addressing our inner demons! Did we do good?” – quickly runs to fetch the arsenic laced stick our whip master throws for our panting pleasure. Fetch beta!

Dear Asians,

You PATHETIC, hebetudinous dumbshits originating from the East. YOU of all people who is contemporaneously getting your head smashed to the floor, with your Grandma receiving a baseball bat to her face, GENUINELY think it’s a good thing to say WE ARE RACIST TO BLACK PEOPLE DURING AN ASIAN INFERNO?

WHEN were we EVER racist to black people BEFORE WHITE INDOCTRINATION? Go rummage through the history books, you stale pieces of unthinking dolts! You think you are being original in addressing this issue NOW? You want to bowdlerize white atrocity because you think you are not bludgeoned enough? You *every expletive under the sun*, are playing EXACTLY into the hands of the most sanguineous and self righteous tyrants who ever roamed the earth!

This is the exact tactic HITLER USED right before building his bloody ovens!

The broad masses of a nation are not made up of professors and diplomats. Since these masses have only a poor acquaintance with abstract ideas, their reactions lie more in the domain of the feelings, where the roots of their positive as well as their negative attitudes are implanted. They are susceptible only to a manifestation of strength which comes definitely either from the positive or negative side, but they are never susceptible to any half-hearted attitude that wavers between one pole and the other”. The world’s most infamous Führer.

Surely Rei, you are employing hyperbole regarding genocides…..this is modern day US, that will NEVER happen!……And then you woke up!

“Most often, genocide follows sequential steps. It starts with the formulation of the idea that a targeted group is a problem and that the problem should best disappear. This is followed by exposition of the idea, its justification, legitimation, its adoption and implementation. Often there is also post-event rationalisation (explaining it away) and then a final step, denial that it ever happened” Australia’s Unthinkable Genocide, by Colin Tatz.

White America, by utilising the “Asian privilege” card, has surreptitiously reassigned Asians with equal REPRESENTATION on charges of racism against Blacks and Latinos based on factors such as average earning capacity, and the disproportionately high number Asian tertiary graduates. Now YOU join in your own public lynching BY ENTHUSIASTICALLY NODDING ALONG, agreeing with the anti Asian choir that we are indeed, racist?

What Leu quaintly calls Asian “representation”, is nothing short of a gladiatorial battle cry for an Asian and Black smackdown, leaving US in a mess as the white adjudicator once again, walks away UNSCATHED! The racial theatrics will pan out to be a White guy acting the part of a legislated deity, advising the bloodied and bruised Asians not to “hurt” the Blacks, as we ALL once again prostrate to White divinity and reaffirm the mantra that WE COLOURED PEOPLE CAN’T SOLVE OUR OWN PROBLEMS!

Hey shit for brains, are you aware THAT WE ARE DISCRIMINATED EXACTLY like the other “minorities”? We WORKED for every damn “privilege” we supposedly got.

It flummoxes me how innately we succumb to every white suggestion. Whether it’s the Japanese employing the German tactic of “simultaneously” declaring war as they attack, (leading to the infamous sneaky Asian sobriquet); to China allowing flagrantly Sinophobic Western academics such as Jordan Peterson to pocket a healthy wad of Chinese money (by editing out the inflammatory remarks in his book about one of China’s greatest contributors, Mao Zedong), we invariably bend over backwards to have a White face within our propinquity.

Dying again will be our fault, through our own volition

Whatever YOU as an Asian think you’ve done that warrants a redress, is not even remotely palpable. You are just an IDIOT in calling yourself out when you accidentally stubbed a toe, while your white “counterpart” customised a torture chamber to defile EVERYONE’S RIGHT TO LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS.

Goodluck believing in your “racism”, I for one, am not stupid enough to fall for it.

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  1. Hi…
    I read the majority of your articles on this website. I found in most you could insert “Black” in place of “Asian” and the context would not change. Foundational Black Americans (FBA) believe that “America’s” enemies are probably not FBA enemies. The Red-party nocturnal mammals, the Blue-party nocturnal mammals, and “DEM-OL’ Civil Rights” nocturnal mammals that you see in politics and corporate-run media do NOT speak for FBA. Nor should you believe any shade of the 1st/2nd generation immigrant nocturnal mammals. White Supremacy accepts them as long as they join them in crapping on FBA. FBA are trying to find our OWN way now. My heroes, in this order, are Malcolm X, Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke (see youtube), and John Horse. They are NOT George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln.

    I would like to ask if you have considered this article:

    Black people, world history has shown us that we HAVE no friends. NO ONE has ever come to Africa to do us any good. – Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke

    1. While I can’t and won’t speak on behalf of Black people, I can see that all the pigmented people have been dealt a raw deal by Western imperialism. Very very few are out of the slumber in the way Malcom X, or Sankara is. Chimamanda is a brilliant woman who takes the West to task with such laser precision and eloquence that I’m surprised she isn’t famous to the point of being a household name.

      As for Africa having “no friends”, this is also wrong. China built the Tazara railway linking Tanzania to Zambia in 1975. For reference, in 1975 Tanzania had a per capita GDP of $308USD, while China sat at $180USD.

      China was helping out African countries when it was POORER than them. Friendship between nations isn’t about having a beer at a pub, it rests with tangible infrastructure and a genuine giving of technology and know how in building industries for future commercial exchange. This is not “calculating” but a simple fact. Friendships between nations are based on mutual benefit.

      Reading Western indoctrination is indeed highly corrosive, if you want to know Africa’s friends read about the real African patriots then you will know Africa does indeed, have friends via who supported the African patriots.

    2. This article cited hate crime source up to 2014 and even said it doesn’t cover current attacks.

      here are the sources I have:

      She even said who the number 1 offender is against Asian. this one says 85%, wow. realistically, I think it’s 90%.
      If blacks accuse Asian of racism, they need to stop committing violence against Asian. It is just that simple. If blacks want police not to kill them, just obey the law.

      I agree with her that white people is not the issue when it is black Asian issue.

      why so many black on asian crime? simple, white people fight back. asian people is an easy target. But asian does not owe black people anything. Who put black people into jim crow laws, slavery and discrimination? it’s not asian. Asian is not powerful enough discriminate anyone yet.

      1. Please learn more about history. What you see infront is not always what’s happening behind.

  2. Hi, Rei…
    It would be very rude of me to not comment on the actual comments that you posted. You’re exactly right, of course, about the white supremacists & the white supremacist corporate-run media whipping up “Americans” (i.e. non-FBA) to have this irrational/illogical hatred of the Chinese and any Asians sympathetic to the Chinese. As it’s been said, “America’s” enemies aren’t FBA enemies…nor mine. What all critical thinkers know is that, for the 1st time in nearly 553 years (1493-2047), since the Pope in 1493 began White Supremacy by saying that white people could reduce all non-white people to servitude, the next rulers of the world will be NON-white people (the Chinese). White Supremacy has NO nation that they can pass off to that can take up the mantle anymore. FBA has no real dog in that fight. White Supremacist are worried (rightly) that FBA are not going to be led around by the nose to fight Chinese for White Supremacy (which we won’t), and are not going for the nocturnal-mammal-talk that we should “hate” the Chinese people (which we don’t).
    On that note, to reference your post, if that Asian woman had taken out a gun, 9mm, or AK-47 and shot at or shot those dumb-ass Brothers until they ran away, I would have had nothing to say about it. As Malcolm X said, “Be peaceful…be courteous…obey the law…respect everyone…put your hands on me…send you to the cemetery.” I 100% believe in Malcolm X’s Doctrine of Self-Defense. I don’t believe in the nocturnal-mammal talk of “turns de other cheek.”
    I have to say, I thought only FBA had our share of nocturnal mammals. It was a sad sight for FBA to see, all of those Chinese nocturnal mammals in Hong Kong not too long ago, HOLDING UP A BRITISH FLAG, singing “De-Ol’ Spirit-chals”, demanding that the British come back and rule over them! Now THAT was some “Noctural-Mammal – ing” that I haven’t seen this side of Candace Owens!
    I always attempt to look at what white supremacist corporate-run media says DID happen, as well as looking at what they never say DIDN’T happen. White Supremacist have been/are SUCH liars! They attempt to make FBA agree that we don’t deserve Reparations (estimated at between $14 – $22 Trillion now). When I must talk to white supremacists, “Jes’ Cut Da Check!” is the FIRST conversation I want to have. Just as if someone personally owed me $500! There is NO WAY I believe that Chairman Mao, who had genuine sympathy for FBA plight in the US, “killed 60 million Chinese”! First of all, who the hell is gonna let you rule over them after you’ve killed 60 million people?! That’s only something a white supremacist would try to get you to believe! President Xi says he wants to return to Maoism. I can only hope that is true. Another White Supremacy lie is that there really WEREN’T any signs in the early 1900’s in China that said “No Dogs or Chinese Allowed.” Another White Supremacist lie – their “Founding Fathers” were really AGAINST slavery! They must think FBA are “Boo-Boo-The-Fool”…
    Have you noticed that you never hear about the actual judicial Sentences handed down to these “anti-Asian Blacks”? Notice that for all of the “crime in Chicago” that somehow the “White Supremacist Race Soldiers” can’t seem to arrest any of these Black “thugs”? It would not be above the aforementioned police to let out these crack-heads to do these crimes, bring them back to jail, and either not charge them, or let them return to their cells and let them be treated as kings? Have you ever seen in any of their actions the “White Jesus” that they DEMAND you worship? As Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke said “The arrival of The European into the world have been a disaster!”
    Finally, do you think these immigrant-Asian nocturnal mammals have realized yet that the white supremacists have been swelling Asian heads with the “Model Minority” and passing special Asian hate-crime legislation for these SOLE purpose of getting them to spy on the Chinese for the US? And they are REALLY gonna fall for it! I have sympathy for Chinese. As I said earlier, there are very few of any of these U.S. 1st/2nd immigrant nocturnal mammals that I would have any sympathy for – or trust. When they get over here, they become white supremacists and much different and team up with the real white supremacists to crap all over us. Hell, as Malcolm X said, you can’t even trust YOURSELF 100% percent of the time, much less trust anyone else! I admire the People’s Republic of China as a whole, and wish them luck. All racial groups should have their own economics, and educate their own children – especially FBA. However, any Quid-Pro-Quo with any other group that can benefit FBA, I’m all for.

    1. I’m actually really happy to hear from you. You have totally awakened to all the indoctrination fallacies used to subdue our natural urge to rebel and see through the soft power tactics too.

      There’s absolutely no difference in the way we have been ruled under the West- Red, Black and Yellow people are ALL deemed inferior. For some reason ASIANS FEEL PROUD that they are used for scapegoating purposes, like the movie that Leu is happy to promote.

      Maybe it’s because I am Asian so I feel it more accutely, but we have NEVER produced powerful and effective orators like
      Louis Farrakhan or even a decisive figure like Beyonce, who dyes her hair blond but nevertheless does a BLM performance at the Superbowl.

      All Asians do is either totally succumb to the rulers like Gemma Chan (only dating White guys and never Black or Asian) and feeling pleased to secure roles written for White people to illustrate that she can “pass”, or like me who see through the BS but is villanised by BOTH mainstream White and Asian communities who think I’m “extreme”, (eventhough Britain ruled Hong Kong for almost 160 years devoid of the right to protest without being blacklisted and zero suffrage). I point this out only to hear that I’m the “bad” one.

      I wish Asians would adopt a more salient and less respectful attitude to White people. I have no idea why we bark so loudly against our own infront of our former whip masters. It really is appalling.

  3. Later this week, I’ll offer commentary on:

    * How the “Five Civilized Tribes” of Native Americans owned Black slaves & fought FOR The Confederacy, just like their antebellum Southern white supremacist “brothers.”

    *How it took the Union Army in the 1860’s to force Native Americans to end enslavement of FBA.

    * The Dawes Rolls and the origin of the “Five-Dollar Indian.”

    *How Native Americans teamed up with white supremacists in the 1930’s to have all the black Native Americans thrown out the “official” Native American tribes, because they and the white supremacists did NOT want FBA to receive any Native American benefits given by the U.S.

    “Knowledge Is King” – Kool Moe Dee