Asian Women White Men -Part 1

By Rei Tanotsuka, 19 June 2019

From top, left to right: Constance Wu, Gemma Chan, Jeanie Mai, Lucy Liu, Connie Chung and Coco Lee.

What do all these beautiful women have in common besides possibly an unhealthy obsession with shoes and Instagram food pics?

If you said they are all Western Asian Women, you get one point!

If you said they all exclusively or mainly date White guys, you get another point.

If you said, they are all Western Asian Women who date White guys and pretentiously claim they are advocates for Asian empowerment and broader Asian representation, you get the free trip to Hawaii, a demo model Prius and a voucher for ten servings of BUBBLE TEA!! Yeah! Congrats. Break out the champers….you’re about to go on a trip!

Ever wondered?………

Ever wondered why so many Western harvested Asian women seem to prefer White men but pass it off as just ‘attraction’? Funny how they can telepathically emote attraction to someone they don’t know, have not even seen, by simply stamping a ‘White Guys only’ docket on their OkCupid menu, sorry, profile.

If they happen to see the same discriminating behaviour by say, a white guy, stating ‘White lasses only’, you can bet yo yellow/brown/white/black ass,that she’s going quibble about the racism and audacity of said white guy.

So, let’s take that trip with yours truly and tackle this whole phenomenon with the utmost honesty you will ever be called on to muster.

Like I always say, the only thing that I refuse to do now, is sugar coat reality. I’ll take the bitter capsule every time. Why? Because I only get one shot at this thing called life and I will be damned if I spend it playing a hero on a green screen.

I’m going to go outside and when I fall, I will bleed. At least the feeling will be real despite it not being pretty……..

Let’s start the story at the beginning – Yellow Peril

An important name you should know is Kaiser Wilhelm II, the German Emperor who believed his dream of symbolic Asian motifs such as dragons and Buddhas, prophesied a future Europe overrun by Eastern barbarians.

This colourful nomenclature – Yellow Peril, later took on many incarnations especially in the Anglophone Western nations. Just in case there are any Japanese readers who asininely think that Yellow Peril only referred to the Chinese (something that Japanese people are wont to do), here’s a morsel from the ethnocentric novel, The Yellow Danger, 1898, by M P Shiel.

This is the opening description of the protagonist, Dr Yen How, supposedly modelled on Dr Sun Yat- Sen, the first leader of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party of China).

“There was something brooding, meditative, in the meaning of his long eyes; and there was a brown, and dark, and specially dirty shade in the yellow tan of his skin. He was not really a Chinaman – or rather, he was that, and more. He was the son of a Japanese father by a Chinese woman. He combined these antagonistic races into one man. In Dr Yen How was the East.”

Dr Yen How was the prototype for the arch villainous Asian – clever, sanctimonious and venal with a heart made from anthracite. Dr Fu Manchu was the progeny of Yen How.

White eyes on the yellow canvas

Another contributor to the conflagration of the Asian stature is the cartoonist George Frederick Keller. He was responsible for the above depiction of Asians which make Trump, even with his anti China rhetoric, look like a Sino loving muppet.

Keller had no qualms in painting all Asians with the same brush, using rodents as his solitary source of inspiration. The insipid cartoonist not only gained notoriety, he helped spawn The Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882. This Act put a decade long moratorium on Chinese immigration to the United States.

Note: Not only did Keller enjoy the rodent – Asian parallel, in the above cartoon he even borrowed inspiration from Udo J Keppler’s Standard Oil Octopus! Keppler’s portrayal of the stranglehold of Standard Oil on the American Congress and heavy industries, Keller now attributed to the Chinese putting their tentacles in every facet of labour leaving the White folk unemployed. Sounds quite contemporary, no?

But that was waaaaay long ago right?

In 2010, Australia decided to pay tribute to our nation’s best sniper in the Gallipoli war. Billy Sing was a trooper in the 5th Light Horse Regiment and became Australia’s most commended assassin.

Billy Sing was biracial, a son to a Shanghainese father and English mother. When the Australian mini series was made, not only was Billy a pure blooded caucasian , so was his CHINESE DAD!

This Chinese man looks white because….well, he is.

Josh Davis, the son of the director, prised the plum role of Billy and the Chinese White dad role was dished out to Tony Bonner. When called out about this blatant distortion and whitewashing of a biracial Australian legend, Davis the director, claimed that there were ZERO ASIAN men in Australia who could have played the role of the dad…..I suppose that answer was reiterated in the forth coming questions regarding a biracial actor for the character of Billy.

Here’s the clincher, the ultimate line we use when we just want to vanquish a hero who is not of the white lineage:

“Asking Tony to play it as Chinese would not only have been racist and demeaning. It was also financially irrelevant — we could not have afforded the make-up,” he said. “Whatever his genetic background, his culture was Australian. To me, he’s very representative of every Australian whose parents were not born here.”

Yep, you read it correctly, the director said that as long as the story is Australian, then an actor of any race should be able to carry it off.

So to all my Asian Australian brothers and sisters, remember to audition for future roles in historical dramas paying tribute to Bob Hawke, Dorothy Hill, Nicole Kidman and Croc Dundee. You won’t even be asked to wear White face because THE STORY IS YOURS.

To read more, click here – Billy Sing

Come on, everyone knows Straya is racist but not Hollywood!!!

Billy Sing? That’s so 2010!…….Can we please talk about something recent?? (Eye roll…).

Ghost in the Shell…….2017. ScaJo… Motoko Kusangi….really? Yes.

According to Ms Johansson, her character who goes by the name of MOTOKO KUSANGI is “a human brain in an entirely machine body, she is essentially identity-less”. Click here to read article – Ghost in the Shell

Like wow, really……..if a Japanese comic with a main character who is Japanese, is set in Japan with Japanese themes running though the plot is STILL IDENTITY – LESS, please DEFINE IDENTITY.

The Scajo rebuttal to critics who accuse her of whitewashing, cripples the ever slight chance that I may have had, of downing a sweet aperitif before the Asian identity gets torn from limb to limb and devoured by the megalomaniacs of the West, who will not only openly poach creativity from Asians but boldly claim it was not even ASIAN!

I wonder what would happen if Asians did that?…..oh, that’s right, we get accused of IP ‘theft’ even if technological transfer requirements are written in the contractual agreements signed by Western corporations to do business in the lands of the posterity of Fu Manchus.

In the 80’s, Japan was slapped with the Plaza Accord and Super 301 of the 1974 Trade Practices Act. Now China is sanctioned, put on an Entity List and like Japan in the 80’s, subjected to wanton, rancorous propaganda.

The West has such high double standards.

Ah,come on Rei, movies are entertainment. Talk about something serious! (Eye roll……)

Harvard. Serious enough for you?

In 2014, Asian American students accused Harvard of showing bias towards students of Asian descent. Click here to read a version of the story – Havard

Instead of using only objective measures such as academic scores which will render Harvard a meritocratic University, it decided to also use arbitrary measures based on personal ratings. You know qualities that are important in say, a Miss Universe pageant – likeability, courage….the ability to swallow all the projections of the doltish questioning panel. How does one measure courage… an interview….with no calamity in sight?

The justification this time is “diversity” and not deliberate sabotage to keep the Asian quotient in Harvard at a bare minimum. Oh, I get it. We need diversity in areas which Asians dominate but we don’t need Asians to be visible in the media…because….of…diversity….? I am confused but I guess it’s just me.

Wait wait wait, you want more??? Sheesh, you insatiable skeptics of Yellow Peril, you!

Rei, surely you can’t find Asian discrimination in fields we professionally excel at…..can you?

Sorry, I can.

They look the part and have the brains……ain’t gonna get em far though…….

An analysis done on America’s San Francisco Bay Area using data collected from the years 2007-2015 found no meaningful upward mobility for minorities.

White women however increased management representation by 5% from 2007 – 2015, going from 12% to 17%. Asians, Blacks and Hispanics had roughly the same chance of landing an executive position, a chance that is colloquially referred to as BUCKLEY’S, by professional analysts.

By 2015, despite being outnumbered by Asian men and women in the entry-level professional workforce, white men and women were twice as likely as Asians to become executives and held almost 3x the number of executive jobs.” THE ILLUSION OF ASIAN SUCCESS: Ascend Scant Progress for Minorities in Cracking the Glass Ceiling from 2007–2015

This report used the EPI (Executive Parity Index) measure to ascertain executive representation of each racial group in the technology industry.

EPI is measured by using the percentage of executives in each racial group, divided by the total percentage of professionals of each racial group in the industry. For example if there were 80% Black professionals and 30% of them were executives, then we would get an EPI score of .375.

An EPI score of 1, means that the executive positions held are in proportion to the total number of professionals in the respective industry.

Asians got an EPI score of .53 meaning that Asians in executive positions were under represented by 47%. In other words, a white person is twice as likely to end up being an executive than an Asian.

Fair Enough…but…. there’s no discrimination when it comes to really important issues right…..RIGHT???

Internet is for cat videos and porn you say, if Asians were spectacularly creative and innovative enough to solve real problems, they would receive ample recognition…..surely. Probably not.

Solar Panel Tech

Almost 2 decades ago, Mitsubishi Japan made a virtual prediction of solar cells which assesses an integrated system from the resources to products. The design was based on 3 scales of production at 10 MW, 1 GW and 100 GW. The findings concluded an advantage in economies of scale between the 10 MW to 1 GW range.

This virtual design was a collaboration project between industries and Tokyo University. This finding was presented at an MIT academic conference (psst, this means a gathering of heaps of smart people) and it was IGNORED.

Subsequently a decade later, MIT published a report on solar cells with basically the same finding except for the energy payback time. MIT predicted 3 years if they were used in Boston, but the Japanese report, a decade EARLIER predicted an energy pay back time of 2 years if solar panels were installed in Tokyo.

Hiroshi Komiyama, author of Beyond the Limits to Growth says,

“….Japanese make more of the results published by researchers in the United States and Europe than these latter really deserve.”

Please get this book! It is amazing for it’s analysis in so many areas. Absolutely perspective changing. Ps, I receive zippo if you buy this book, so this is not a plug to earn commission.

So …….when are we going to get to the ladies??

Weaving the tapestry to form a complete picture is de rigueur to understanding why certain weapons are utilised to impact perceptions. If we don’t go back to the origins, the conclusion we reach will most likely be flawed or outright erroneous. Now that I have whetted your appetite, you ready for the main course?

Click here for part 2 for why Western Asian women are both the victim and the perpetrator. click here to read Part 3

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  1. Here’s my article on Billy Sing since we are on the subject:
    Billy Sing

    Billy Sing and Abdul, the Terrible were staring down the barrels of each of their rifles and each knew that they would have to make the first shot count or one of them would be a dead man. Each of them has spotted the place where they have been hiding and as Abdul squeezed the trigger of his rifle, a bullet from Sing’s Lee-Enfield was already on the way and travelled over the barrel of Abdul’s rifle and hit him straight between the eyes. But let’s not jump the gun and begin from the beginning.

    Gallipoli Sniper; Anzac Sniper; Turkhammer; The Assassin and The Murderer; these are amongst the many titles that were bestowed on William Edward Sing, better known to his friends and comrades as, “Billy Sing”. Stories about Billy Sing are legend and it is mainly because of his skills in marksmanship that many of today’s surviving Anzac diggers are alive and they and their families owe their lives to the exploits of this extraordinary soldier and Aussie Digger of Chinese descent.

    William Edward Sing was born on March 2, 1886. His father, John Sing (c. 1842-1921) was a Chinese settler from Shanghai, China and his mother, Mary Ann Sing (nee: Pugh c. 1857-unknown) was an English nurse from Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England.

    Billy has a sister, Beatrice Sing and half-sister, Mary Ann Elizabeth Pugh. They all grew up on a farm run by the family and all three performed well academically.

    At the time, all citizens of Chinese and part Chinese descent experienced considerable anti-Chinese sentiment brought about no doubt by the competition in the search for gold. There had been increasing numbers of Chinese coming to the colony in the decades before.

    In the normal turn of events, only those of European descent were considered worthy for Australian Military Service and Sing would not have been eligible to enlist in the Australian Army had not the recruiting officer chose to disregard his part Chinese ancestry.

    On October 24th, 1914, two months after the outbreak of WW1, Sing began his military career in the ANZAC forces in the Gallipoli campaign. He enlisted as a Trooper in the Australian 5th Light Horse Regiment of the Australian Imperial Force. He stood at 5’5” (165cm) weighing 141 lbs (64kg).

    The Turkish terrain at Gallipoli was really made for snipers as it is on a slope with hills and hillocks criss-crossing each other. The armies on both sides had fought each other to a stand-still and both sides were in well dug-in trenches. It was a theatre well suited for sniper warfare. The Anzac and Turkish positions overlooked each other and each side sent out marksmen to hunt and stalk any soldier careless enough as to expose himself.

    Because of his skills in marksmanship, Sing had become the crack shot of the Anzacs. He became the darling of his comrades as he was able to take out many Turkish snipers who surely would have killed many of his friends and comrades in arms.

    Billy Sing became the most famous and effective sniper in the Australian Forces in the Gallipoli campaign and because of that, the Turks deployed their German trained super sniper to eliminate him. His name was Abdul, dubbed, “The Terrible” because of his skills and number of kills.

    The modus operandi is for the sniper to work with a side-kick who does the lookout for the enemy with a spotting telescope. He would then pass on the details for Sing to take out the Turkish soldier or sniper.

    Billy Sing with spotter

    Both Abdul and Sing had been lying in wait for just such an opportunity to sight each other in order to have the chance to take each other out. They had been lying motionless but alert for a long time stalking each other. Abdul was no slouch and went about his task with the forensic skill of a top detective. Whenever a Turkish soldier was shot, he would analyse the corpse to calculate the direction of the shot through examining the angle of the entry and exit wounds. He eventually narrowed down the likely area in the enemy front line from which the shot had come.

    Having determined his adversary’s lair, he set about lying in wait for Sing to appear. He would wait long hours and give up the opportunity to shoot at other soldiers lest he gave his position away.

    On the fateful morning Sing’s observer spotted Abdul, Sing was looking down the telescope and found himself looking directly into the face and down the rifle barrel of Abdul, the Terrible. What transpired next was a matter of life and death for both snipers.

    Each knew that they would have to make the first shot count or one of them would be a dead man. Each of them had spotted the place where they had been hiding and as Abdul squeezed the trigger of his rifle, a bullet from Sing’s Lee-Enfield was already on the way and traveled over the barrel of Abdul’s rifle and hit him straight between the eyes.

    The elimination of the Turkish super sniper saved the lives of untold Anzac soldiers who were holed up in the trenches.

    Having failed to eliminate Sing, the Turks then plastered his position with artillery shells but he again eluded them with a narrow escape.

    Sing saw active duty in the Gallipoli Campaign as well as the Western Front and the Battle of Polygon Wood.

    Sing was officially credited with 150 confirmed kills but would easily have gotten over 300 kills in total. In any case, he had the highest number of kills in the whole of WW1.

    Here is a list of famous World War 1 Snipers:

    Australia – Billy Sing
    Britain – Hesketh Hesketh-Pritchard
    Canada – Brock Chisholm; Henry Norwest; Grey Owl
    Italy – Ottavia Bottecchia
    Newfoundland – John Shiwak
    N. Z. – Richard Travis
    U. S. – Herman Davis

    Awards: 1. British Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) with the following
    citation, “For conspicuous gallantry from May to September, 1915, at Anzac as a sniper. His courage and skill were most marked, and he was responsible for a very large number of casualties among the enemy, no risk being too great for him to take.”

    2. Oorlogskruis (Belgian Croix de Guerre) for his initiative in leading a
    counter-sniper operation in the Battle of Polygon Wood.

    3. He was recommended for a Military Medal but never received it.

    Legacy: 1. The Queensland Military Historical Society has set up a bronze plaque
    at 304 Montague Road, South Brisbane where Sing died.

    2. In 1995, at Clermont, his hometown, a statue was erected in his honour.

    3. In 2004, in Baghdad, an Australian Army sniper team named their post
    the “Billy Sing Bar & Grill”.

    4. On 19 May, 2009, the 66th Anniversary of Sing’s death, the Chinese
    Consul-General, Ren Gongping with the Returned Services League of
    Australia officers and community leaders laid wreaths at his grave.
    Ren said, “Billy Sing is a symbol of the long history of Chinese in
    Australia and the great role they have played in your nation’s past… It
    also reminds us that China and Australia were allies through both world
    wars, and that we have a long and proud shared past.”

    Around 400 people of Chinese descent served in Australia’s military forces during the 20th Century.


    Though Sing was part Chinese and his dad full Chinese, the director of a Television mini series, “The Legend of Billy Sing”, Geoff Davis, used his own son for the role of Sing and another Caucasian as his father, thus portraying them to be of European ancestry. Politician Bill O’Chee, a member of the Billy Sing Commemorative Committee, said, “When a person dies, all that is left is their story, and you can’t take a person’s name and not tell the truth about their story.”

    Davis’ reply, “Whatever [Sing’s] genetic background, his culture was Australian. To me, he’s a very representative of every Australian whose parents were not born here…. A lot of people are sitting at the back of this bus attacking the driver. A lot of people feel they own the story of Billy Sing, but they’ve probably got more resources than me—if they want to tell that story, then tell it.”

    Hamilton’s book showed Sing as a “cold-blooded killer…[yet] a man with a sense of humour…the Anzac angel of death.” Laws and Stewart described him as “one of many Australians of Chinese descent who served with distinction in the Australian forces during World War 1.”

    The Controversy Rages on: Here are some opinions of the Public:

    Arosar Closet Grandmaster 09-05-2010 on chesschat .org: Whitewashing of Billy Sing:
    I did not know this until now. One of the greatest Australian heroes in WW1 was part Chinese (Chinese dad, English mom). His name was Billy Sing. Known as “The Assassin” at Gallipoli, Sing killed 201 enemy soldiers, including his opposite number on the Turkish side, “Abdul The Terrible”. They should’ve given this guy the VC.

    Anyway, I mention this because of an upcoming TV series.

    Garrett CC Grandmaster 09-05-2011 on Whitewashing of Billy Sing:
    The excuse seems pretty flimsy7 (can’t find Chinese actor to play the father).

    I guess that then meant that the director just had to use his son for the lead part.

    WhiteElephant CC Grandmaster 09-05-2011 on Whitewashing of Billy Sing:
    He is some hero, going to another country’s soil and killing 201 people has never met who have done nothing to him

    Arosar Closet Grandmaster 09-05-2011 on on Whitewashing Billy Sing:
    Originally Posted by WhiteElephant
    He is some hero, going to another country’s soil and killing 201 people he has never met who have done nothing to him.

    You got the same view about all the other full 100% white diggers who killed off Germans or Turks or even Iraqis and Afghans? Or you just got a problem with this fella?

    Or you’re just being a good Christian again?


    Boris a necessary evil 09-05-2011 on on Whitewashing Billy Sing:

    Originally Posted by WhiteElephant
    He is some hero, going to another country’s soil and killing 201 people he has never met who have done nothing to him.

    Yeah no doubt if we’d just left the Germans alone they would have left everyone else alone too. Oh wait…
    mate happens

    Kevin Bonham Administrator 10-05-2010 on on Whitewashing Billy Sing:

    World War I was no-one’s and everyone’s fault, a scrap between Austria-Hungary and Serbia that much of the world got dragged into as a result of a series of silly alliances. The whole obsession with Anzac Day – the attempt to found Australian nationalism on a battle we (a) had nothing to do with and (b) lost decisively achieving nothing in the process, is just irritating.

    I do find this aspect of the war – that Australian soldiers were not all just “whiteys” and that this has often been neglected in history – of some interest and I agree with AR that casting racially inconsistent actors just to save money for this sort of thing is just cheapskate and lame.
    “It is completely laudable that he will now represent Australia in a voting capacity at a world level.” – high praise indeed from foot-in-mouth firegoat7

    A still from the film The Legend of Billy Sing / The Australian

    Read more:
    the whitewashing of billy sing

    More movie whitewashing… this time, from the land down under. In Australia, controversy as erupted over a new miniseries about Chinese Australian war hero Billy Sing, the deadliest sniper who fought at Gallipoli, who is — surprise, surprise — played by a white actor: Director slammed for ‘white-out’ of legendary Gallipoli sniper Billy Sing.

    Get this. In The Legend of Billy Sing, the title role is played by director Geoff Davis’ son Josh, while Sing’s Chinese father is played by veteran actor Tony Bonner. Both of these actors are white guys. So much for the legend. Here’s some background on Billy Sing, who many consider a Chinese Australian hero:

    Sing, born in 1886 at Clermont, Queensland, to a Shanghainese father and an English mother, moved as a young man to the canefields of Proserpine, where he became a keen cricketer, kangaroo hunter and a crack member of the local rifle club.

    He enlisted as a trooper in the 5th Light Horse Regiment, and became celebrated as “the Assassin” at Gallipoli, where he had 201 confirmed kills, winning the Distinguished Conduct Medal, second only to the Victoria Cross. His sniping “spotter”, Ion Idriess, later a successful writer, described how the Turks sent their champion sniper “Abdul the Terrible” to hunt him down, but Sing shot Abdul first. Former Nationals senator Bill O’Chee, who became an army reservist when he left parliament in 1999 and was born to a Chinese father and an Irish-Australian mother, was “deeply disappointed” by the production.

    “We’ll now have people growing up thinking Billy Sing was white. But we are jealous of his memory,” he said. Federal Queensland Liberal MP Don Cameron, who founded the site of the South Brisbane boarding house where Sing died in 1943 with five shillings on his bedside, said it was “tragically wrong” to have the sniper played by a white.

    “It is plain wrong. I congratulate the filmmakers for doing the story, but condemn them for being so careless with the truth.”

    The director claims the problem in casting Sing as a Chinese Australian arose when he couldn’t find a 60-year-old Chinese actor to play his father. With a limited budget — he actually says, “we could not have afforded the make-up” — he decided to Caucasian-ify the character. And of course, the best possible choice to play Billy Sing could only be the director’s son. History swept under the rug.

    B S Goh of Australian in Asia Posted at 1:00 PM May 06, 2010
    Comment 106 of 235:
    We rubbished China when some things were not real during the Beijing Olympics ceremonies. Now how can we do this misrepresentation of a great hero? By the way have you ever wondered where the word DINKUM comes from. It is really a Chinese word. In the goldfields and in Cantonese Gin Kum means genuine gold = real stuff. How about being fair dinkum to the memory of Billy Sing the hero?
    Bill of Sydney Posted at 1:03 PM May 06, 2010
    Comment 107 of 235:
    Well the Australian people forgot about him when he got home. Like they did most diggers. Billy Sing died in Brisbane in a doss house. Poor and alone…

    This article writer’s opinion:

    It is not only shameful but also criminal for those whites who always try to take what is good, precious and beautiful from the ethnic community to be their own and it is action like this which will perpetuate to widen the gulf between the two sections of our great Australian Society (White and Ethnic). When will those in authority, whether they be in Politics, the Media or the Arts ever learn that this society and all that is good in it are contributed by all the people who live it and these contributions come from all people including people of colour? Everyone, regardless of race, colour or creed, has a stake in living in a harmonious, peaceful and egalitarian community.

    Billy Sing was a champion rifleman in peace and war. This enabled him to become one of the best marksman in the Allied Armies of the Great War. Billy lies in the lawn section of the War Cemetery

    Billy Sing’s Military Awards.

    Australian soldier & Peter Low OAM paying respects to Billy Sing’s grave

    Egypt, 1915. Lieutenant-General Sir William Riddell Birdwood,
    at right with his back to the camera, talking to the famous
    Gallipoli sniper, Trooper William Edward (“Billy”) Sing (left),

    Billy Sing in a moment of respite

    Book Cover of Sniper in Gallipoli

    Anzac Cove, Gallipoli today.

    Sniper in Action-Charles Stronge…/the-legend-of-billy-sing-miniseries.html?site……/…/story-e6frg6nf-1225862770626…for…billy-sing/story-e6frfmyi-1225862950754

    by Richard Seeto Email: [email protected] 11 October, 2011.

    Billy Sing
    Like This Page • October 2, 2012 •

    Informal portrait of 355 Private (Pte) William Edward (Billy) Sing DCM, 5th Light Horse Regiment. He is smoking a pipe and standing with his hands in his pockets. Pte Sing was born in Clermont, Qld, in 1886. His father was Chinese and his mother was from England. A horse-driver of Proserpine, Qld before enlisting on 26 October 1914, he embarked from Sydney with A Squadron on 20 December 1914. He became renowned on Gallipoli for his abilities as a sniper, shooting a confirmed 150 Turkish soldiers, and probably as many as 201, from a position at Chatham’s Post. He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) for “conspicuous gallantry from May to Sept 1915 at Anzac as a sniper. His courage and skill were most marked and he was responsible for a very large number of casualties among the enemy, no risk being too great for him to take.” On 5 January 1917, he was taken on strength of the 31st Battalion, with regimental number 355A. He received gunshot wounds twice while serving in France and Belgium, and was awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre in early 1918. On 21 July 1918, he embarked for Australia, where he was discharged on medical grounds.

    Billy Sing
    Like This Page • July 11, 2013 •

    Ray Poon, George Stanger, Ray Deed, Tony Wadeson, Colin Jackson and Ray Fogg at the gravesite of World War I Sniper Billy Sing. Photo Credit: Darren England

    Here’s another photo of Billy Sing from The Queenslander of 16 Jan 1915:

    Billy Sing Like This Page • November 11, 2012 They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.
    Lest We Forget.

    Billy is buried in Lutwyche War Cemetery Brisbane Australia

    Billy Sing Memorial
    Updated about 12 months ago
    Photographs supplied by Diane Watson Monument details supplied by Monument Australia –
    Address: Lime Street, Hoods Lagoon Recreation Area, Clermont, 4721
    State: QLD
    Area: AUS

  2. For those who are truly interested in a free and just world, I would recommend the follow up reading and watching the following references:
    1. Book: The China Mirage – James Bradley
    2. Book: The Death of Truth – Michiko Kakutani
    3. Documentary: The Man Behind the Sun” feature film
    4. Documentary & Book: The Rape of Nanking -Iris Chang
    5. Documentary: The Coming War on China – John Pilger Youtube
    6. Documentary: The Stolen Gold of Asia – Youtube

    1. Hi Richard! I think you are really in a vocal mood today, good on you! Write as much as you wish and share your views!!!!

      1. Thank you, Rei.

        Like you, I am sick to death with the White Supremacists’ narratives as it the world belong only to them.

        They can spread as many lies and bullshit as they like harking on the teachings of the Nazis which they are supposed to hate so much but secretly admire and ape their tactics of wanting to rule the world forever.

        I am unsure if China is doing the right thing not engaging in a tit for tat with the whiteman’s demonising her country.

        Since I am Chinese and every time my Motherland is rubbished, I feel slighted and hurt and when I can, I will take up the cudgel to give back some in kind to the racists so that they may not think that their narratives is all there is.

        Asian people naturally are not the combative but those racists exploit the trait in thinking just because a few Asians they have encountered always refuse to talk back that ALL others are the same.

        No, faking no, and I want to cut that nexus right from the start and will never ever remain the victim when I have a voice or arms.

        I like to contribute more in your webpage but I find it hard to find space in it to do so.

        Richard Seeto
        5 October, 2020

        1. May I use your previous post of Australia fucking up your marriage? Also PLEASE go to the nouveau Nazi Jason Reza Jorjani, I wrote about him. He is advocating for the annihilation of China. I go and harass him on twitter, please join me. Make him UNDERSTAND that he has a target on his back. Freak him out.

  3. Hi Rei, I just discovered your blog and I really appreciate the work you are doing. As an Asian male in the UK, I have always been aware of the unfair treatment and stereotypes that we have and you are helping me understand even more. Thank you for your hard work.

    1. Hi Arran, happy to know that! I know that the prejudice can be tough, but know that you are not alone and that people are aware.
      Keep telling your story and the truth. Things will change!

  4. Just because one or two of their boo thangs were white doesn’t mean that ALL they are date is white guys.
    That being said, in the Asian community. There’s the good and the bad. And then there’s neutral: they may be too shallow to truly be a strong advocate for the Asian community but that doesn’t make them toxic people. They are not doing anything to deserve the praise or condemnation for the more “deep” side of the AsAm community. (If you get what I mean)
    I know that we should praise the good ones and condemn the bad ones. But my question for you, Mrs. Tanotsuka , is: what do you suppose we do to the members of the Asian community that are neither helpful nor hurtful?