Asian Women White Men – Part 2

By Rei Tanotsuka, 19 June 2019

Some people who only grew up with Caucasians weirdly say that dating someone Asian would be like dating ‘my brother.’ But that’s because they grew up in Omaha, where the only other Asian person in town was their brother! But there is truly nothing more sexy and beautiful to me than Asian men. Certain men are so sexy, no one can deny it. Ali Wong

Finally another Western Asian sister who finds Asian men gorgeous!
TG I’m not the only one!

So, let’s quickly rehash part 1

We learned that Europe’s greatest fear is an Asian colonisation of Europe. This lead to the excoriation and inversion of Asian virtues ie. industrious became avaricious, gentle became weak and a strategic analyst turned into a malevolent schemer.

Next came the whitewashing of any great Western Asians so that the lay audience would only see heroic feats as being achievements of the White race. All signs of Asian creativity is stealthily repackaged to be a White tale.

Then to further paralyse the Asian community, subtle discrimination using arbitrary measures were employed to keep Asians out of prestigious learning institutions. Equally dubious forms of assessment were used in professions to keep Asian numbers in executive positions artificially low.

Finally if subtly was not enough of a wrecking ball to knee cap Asian ascension, then ignoring or outright banning was employed.

Divide and Conquer

Fu Manchu: “Would you have maidens such as these for your wives?” he says. “Then conquer and breed! Kill the white man … and take his women!”
The glorification of the defiling of Asian women . Suzie Wong and her white knight.

What do these two images and story lines have in common? Yes, they both involve Asians with Caucasians. However, this point of commonality bifurcates into a gender split which will eventually result in the gulf between Asian men and women.

The Desired Outcome

These early Hollywood portrayals of Asian men and women were disseminated throughout the world at a time when America was coming into the forefront as a super power.

After World War 2, America became the undisputed new Empire whereby the dollar replaced the Sterling Pound as the global reserve currency. With that, it was able to wield more might than it could ever foresee or comprehend.

The byproduct of this success was the unbridled right to weather any vicissitude with pomposity. This almost divine ordination to rule and change everyone else into the American model of civility was idiosyncratic to a country which bore the genetic thirst to rule by any means.

How will it achieve total subordination of other nations other than using brute force?

By selling the world its supremacy through reiteration that the American values, the people, the life style were all to be emulated via media. Every body who was not American, should desire to be one. And what does America look like? It looks white.

Splitting up Asian Men and Women

The foundation of any society begins with the family. Once you fracture the unit, you are left with a group of people who will not pledge allegiance to anything. We are animals who thrive in communities, this is how progress is made. If you want to halt progress, destroy the natural affinity of the members in the respective community by pitting them against each other.

China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she awakes she will shake the world.” Napoleon Bonaparte

As she sleeps, be it most opportune to separate her daughters from her sons, so that upon her rise, shake as she may, she will first have find her lost children.

That is what America has attempted to do and it has parlayed this orchestrated acrimony between Asian men and women by telling both sides, that within their hearts, it is not the fellow Asian that she or he desires, but the White saviour.

Loop the message and push it further each time

There is a time honoured strategy to subjugate a group and then have the oppressed not only not revolt against you, but wholeheartedly thank you for the auto-da-fe of their self esteem while pining for your approval to further sodomise other members of their own group.

The strategy goes like this:

  1. Annihilate any semblance of normal human dignity and self esteem by repeatedly assailing them with negative assessments of natural biological characteristics. In the case of Africans, it’s the Afro hair and voluptuous lips. In the case of Asians it’s the epicanthic folds of the eyes, and smaller body stature. Turn any natural advantage into a disadvantage. Africans with their great physique is malaligned and equated to a beast of burden stereotype while Asians with their industriousness is equated with greed.
  2. Simultaneously reiterate the “goal” which is to look and act white.
  3. Segregate the pure race and biracial progeny. The closer to the white spectrum, the higher the “value” quotient society assigns them. This begins with academic privileges and ends with better professional opportunities.
  4. Once ingrained, the indoctrination is self perpetuating. Asian men and women in this case, will genuinely “feel” that they are just “attracted” to a White person. They will also feel honoured that they could get a white person. The word ‘trophy’ will be part of the interracial marital lexicon. The manipulation will not be apparent until you actually have the chance to go back to your roots.
  5. Richard Darwkins, originator of the meme hypothesis got it right. Ideas travel from person to person and once a meme catches on and takes root, everybody thinks identically about an issue even if they don’t agree with it.

Undesirable Asian Man Myth

Don’t believe me? Who believes that Asian Women prefer White guys over Asian men? I see quite a few hands. Do you want to know the truth? They don’t.

Whaaat? So how did this “truth” start? By Okcupid’s 2009 survey. Media coverage of this particular topic were quick to point out the 2009 result. Why? Because it fit the Western bias towards Asian men.

The OkCupid survey done in 2014 showed complete opposite results, but were retractions made or the topic revisited? Nope. Why? Because it did not fit the narrative of the undesirable Asian man anymore.

Once the Western media could not get their confirmation bias, they were disinterested. Click here Ok Cupid

Look at the report yourself, in 2009 Asian Women preferred Asian men 10% and White men 16%. In 2014, Asian Women preferred Asian men 24% and White men 18%.

Carefully track the survey and except for the plunge in 2011, Asian Women’s assessment of Asian men had steadily increased until it eclipsed that of White men in 2014. Yet the media continuously espouses the 2009 version of reality heralding the unthinking masses, and this includes Asian Western men themselves, who continue to push this narrative.

I can emphatically state, that here in Japan, the staggering majority of Japanese women would not even contemplate, even in jest, of dating or marrying another nationality or race. The interviews you ‘see’ on the media are grossly cherry picked examples to only show those Japanese women who are ok to engage in exogamous relationships.

How do I know? I am a big organiser of ‘ Goucom’, Japanese group dating. I am the fixer upper. Because I know so many people, I end up being asked to arrange these group dates.

If I still have you here, I suppose you now want the nitty gritty details of science to back up my theory. .click here to read part 1, click here to read part 3

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  1. I agree with you on many points, but I just want to add something. I don’t find Asian American men attractive, but I DO find Asian men from Asia (China, and to a lesser extent Japan and Korea) to be attractive. The thing that really set the American and non-American Asians apart was the “chip off the shoulder”/2nd banana vibe. Asians from Asia largely do not have this, but sadly this mindset infects lots of American Asians. I compare the Asian movie stars in Asia versus the Asian talent in the US/UK and it’s no contest–the Asian actors in Asia are by far better looking and have more charisma than the Westernized Asians by a country mile. BTW, I am American Asian but I no longer live in the US.

    1. I see what you mean. The Asian men in Asia are really different. They exercise humility which goes a long way. I’m glad you read this. It’s something we should have a healthy discussion on. The animosity needs to be halted and you expressing your opinion so succinctly, is wonderful! Thank you Michelle 🙂

    2. Don’t you think that’s because the US would NEVER should an Asian American man on screen as attractive as those from Asia?

  2. Good article series Rei. However, I think the section on the undesirable Asian male myth is not quite correct. If you are saying that Asian women overall prefer Asian men, then yes of course. Most people marry their own kind (race, ethnicity, religion, age, social status and so on). The point about undesirable Asian men is the degree to which Asian women marry out compared to other groups of people. Asian women marry out (nearly always to white men) as a social phenomenon that can be seen in many countries – America, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, East Asia and South East Asia. American 2015 marriage data show that Asian women intermarry at 1.7 times that of Asian men:
    “Asian women are far more likely to intermarry than their male counterparts. In 2015, just over one-third (36%) of newlywed Asian women had a spouse of a different race or ethnicity, compared with 21% of newlywed Asian men.”

    This phenomenon is also seen in Australian 2006 data:
    “Women from three Asian countries–Thailand, Japan and Philippines–have much higher intermarriage rates than men from these countries with people born in Australia. This pattern of higher rates of intermarriage for women than men is seen for all the East and Southeast Asian birthplace groups”

    Japanese women marry Australian men at about 2.7 times that of Japanese men marrying Australian women. For British, Canadians and Americans, the ratios are about 1:1. Perhaps these Japanese women are the social outcasts, as you write about.

    Anyway, refreshing to see an Asian woman who has seen through white supremacy, sexual racism, internalized racism and knows how history and media have shaped those things.

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      My main point is to point out why those Asian women, like Candace Wu are the way they are. Advocating Asian recognition on the one hand but refusing to date Asian guys irl.
      This hypocrisy is due, not to natural selection, but brainwashing.

      The most common quibble you will hear are lame reasons such as not being attracted to Asian looks. I give scientific proof that this is an excuse for the social stigma of dating Asian men, not because of a true unattraction ordained by nature. This is a cultural indoctrination scheme designed to create a gulf between the two genders.

      Also, you need to be careful when reading the literature.
      Have you noticed that none of the usual data supplied, shows total number of Asian men vs Asian women sampled but only percentages.

      There’s a Korean stat going around showing that Korean women in Korea who marry American or Canadian men, to be around 20% whereas Korean men marrying American/ Canadian women to be around 11% or something like that. I debunked this one a while ago so I don’t remember the numbers concretely. The aim of this report was to show that even in Asia, Asian women prefer white men.

      If you actually look carefully at the stats provided you can know why.

      Firstly, the sample size of the men was twice that of the women ie. They asked 10,000 men vs 5,000 women.
      Secondly, the number of foreign Western men who go to Asia is usually way more than Western women. So the number game is once again at play.
      Thirdly, if you actually do the maths, it turns out that in absolute numbers in the survey, the Korean men married exogamously more than the women. It was simply the percentage that showed Korean women marrying exogamously more because that was the aim of the article.

      Think about it logically, ofc a smaller sample size would skew the numbers up. Ie out of 3 people, even if one is a dwarf, I can say that in my latest survey 1/3 of the population are afflicted with dwarfism.
      If I extend this sample size to 10, it would be 1/10.

      If you notice, every report basically shows percentage which is easier to misconstrue than absolute numbers based on exact sample sizes.

      Another point in viewing Westen white men and Asian women stats is the reality of mail order brides.
      If you look at Ukrainian stats you will find the exact same trend. The women who marry Western men outstrip Ukrainian men. Why? Because simply coming to a Western nation requires a VISA. Very few men are OK to marry for a green card compared to with women.

      These are what I would call “freak economic conditions”, a phenomenon that would not happen if not for fiscal deficits in a nation. This is not exactly love or attraction. It’s a meal ticket.

      Finally, the crux of this whole issue is, if there are only two variants, then the results are interconnected right?

      If there is a preference for Asian men to consistently marry Asian women, which means that the partner is ofc an Asian woman, then the overall real figure has to be, even in Western countries, that the majority of Asian women are choosing Asian men. Because you can’t have Asian men marrying Asian women without actually getting an Asian woman to marry with, if the total number of the genders are the same.
      As for Asian women marry out more than the other races in the States, once again it’s probably due to numbers. Compared to Blacks and Hispanics, Asians are the least in numbers.
      There’s another study done in Canada which shows that as the Asian community grows in different parts of Canada, endogamy increases. This is diametrically opposed to the oft repeated line of Asia women “settling for Asian men because they can’t get White men.”
      This shows the exact reverse. When the pool of Asians increase ie. more options, then Asians choose their own.
      The high rates you see are more likely due to freak eco conditions rather than a natural alignment of Western men with Asian women.

      Ps. Stay woke. Keep fighting the good fight

      1. I’m a black guy with a preference for black women so I have no real reason to be reading this but this is interesting as hell the way they manipulate data like that.

        I recently found out that they manipulate data when it comes to black American men as well. There’s this stat that says that 70% of black children in America are born to single parent households. It really makes black men seem like shit fathers. When you actually look into it though, you find out that it’s not true at all and over 80% of black American children have a father present in the home, the parents simply aren’t married (a cultural thing) so these women who have been raising children with one man for the past ten years are counted as single mothers.

        The way the majority twists statistics to smear minorities is insane.

        1. I write about Asian issues alot but trust me, I know a lot about African American and Australian Aboriginal people too.
          These two groups are experiencing the EXTREME forms of white people, Asians are in the middle.
          Asians, compared to how black people are treated is “soft” and even at this level is harrowing.
          You have to read Fanon’s work if you want to understand what the manipulation against black men is in terms of destroying his psychological profile.
          If you know the truth about your people, you must be vocal. It’s the collective courage of us “little people” being consistent, that will change society. Don’t buy into white propaganda and don’t perpetuate it!

          1. I concur. I am reading your blog and amazed at some of the similarities of the research it possesses from some of the internet circles I regularly visit. Your assessments in general are absolutely spot-on and brilliant.

            For a bit on Black Americans: The same meme is pushed about black women being undesirable and masculine no matter the independent experience of any black women. Any narratives or scientific researches that proves that wrong is outright dismissed or ignored because the propaganda machine by white people to black people is extremely powerful. Any individual experiences are dismissed, treated as a joke, even those whom consider themselves to be “woke” are dismissive at propagating this meme. I find that in many things regarding non-white people I am outright ignored if I disagree and people with the memetic ideas are considered “approved” in their line of thinking no matter how factually wrong it may be or no matter how many contradictions exist. The mass information age and the internet has made stereotypes regarding some more esoteric matters that would generally be more hush-hush or less outwardly spoken in the past like dating or sexual stereotypes really difficult to beat, I think.

            I would love to talk about it more like you did with the Asian stereotypes here and be more factual but I find people are incredibly dismissive of blacks who don’t assign to the memes and pop culture stereotypes of themselves no matter how they present their data since popular opinion and mass information reigns over all. It’s a psychological war that uses words and ideas as its method, is all.

          2. I agree with you that the demonisation of
            Black women is atrocitious and the reason why this happens is because they SEE THROUGH the BS and usually don’t kowtow to white men. Look at the media entertainers, the top ones ALL go with Black men. This is the ultimate threat that White men especially CAN’T STAND.
            Remember during the days of slavery, the Black woman didn’t get a choice, she had to “be available” to the white master and this gave rise to the fallacy that white men were pined after. They weren’t.

            This is the point of contention I have with Asian women, we are the OPPOSITE of Black women and those who achieve any fame, ALL have a white husband! If we ever got an Asian Beyonce, you can be sure as hell, she ain’t going to be a Jay Z, he’s going to be a Harold Smith. Ali Wong is practically the only Western famous Asian woman who married an Asian man.

            Make no mistake, I’m not AGAINST interracial relationships, I think all love is permitted, but I can’t know what I do and not say something.
            I have no qualms with Asian sisters being with African, Indian, Arab, Greek, Slovenian guys etc JUST ANGLO WESTERN WHITE GUYS. Why? Because they have WRITTEN IT DOWN that their intention is to dilute the blood of coloured people, to make them civilized. They literally use the language “BREED OUT”.
            I don’t think there is anything wrong with falling in love with anyone, but historically and even NOW if you manage to get a group of white guys drunk, you will hear these “jokes” about spreading their seed for the betterment of humanity.

  3. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up.

    The words in your post seem to be running off the screen in Internet explorer.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you
    know. The style and design look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon. Thanks

  4. I’m Japanese American and the rampant white fetishization among Asian American women (and Asian men too if we’re being honest) is one of the reasons I’ve been thinking about moving to Japan for good.

    In my early 20s, I developed a preference for black and Hispanic women, partially due to proximity but also because it was just better for my mental health. Black and Mexican women were more likely to be open to dating an Asian guy and when they rejected me, despite the fact that they statistically prefer men of their own race, they never felt the need to tell me that my race had anything to do with why they rejected me. They just told me no and let me go on about my day, unlike Asian women who sometimes feel the need to proudly announce that they have no interest in Asian men, like they have something to prove.

    It made me bitter as fuck toward Asian women up until I took a trip to Japan and lived with some relatives for a few months. The women there treated me like any regular guy. Even a rejection I got felt good. I had a Japanese chick tell me that she wasn’t interested in me, a Japanese American, because shes not into foreigners. It was like a different world.

    I came back to the States at the beginning of 2020 and I’ve been trying to force myself to make black and Hispanic women my preference again since Asian women are once again off limits, which just feels gross. My preference is Asian women and I don’t want to make a black or Latina woman feel like a consolation prize because I can’t get what I really want.

    Of course this isn’t the only reason I want to go back to Japan, the USA is falling apart and it’s pretty obvious that the West is done for, but it’s a big part of it.

    1. I will tell you something that YOU MUST keep in your mind. No normal Asian woman in Asia prefers a white man over an Asian one. This is Western indoctrination designed to make you feel inferior because when Asian men first went over to the West, the WHITE WOMEN MARRIED THEM. This pissed off the white men. Notice how white men have problems with ASIAN AND BLACK MEN? This is because white women were attracted to the “exotic” originally.

      I can tell you that none of my Japanese female friends have ever wanted to be introduced to foreign men for dating (I used to know alot of single girls), they all said they wanted to be introduced to Japanese men. The “I want to date a White guy” is MINISCULE and the ones who say this are either physically or emotionally unattractive to the average Japanese guy.

      That being said, white worship in the form of visible advertisement is ubiquitous. White people are used to front pachinko stores, and even mannequins will feature blue eyes and brown hair.

      1. I saw this one video of this white guy filming a survey thing or whatever, asking girls in either Taiwan (or China I don’t remember which one.)
        And then there was one girl he asked and she stated that she has never dated a guy within her nationality but she’s dated foreign guys (she was a non-Westernized AW, btw)
        I was like…WHAT??? I mean, as sad as it is, it’s one thing if she was from America and from a place in America where there’s mostly whites and very few Asians.
        But nooooo this chick is from China and she’s never dated a single Chinese guy but she’s dated foreign guys? That says ALOT about someone like her. That is an obvious sign of white worship. Especially since foreigners in China are way smaller than Asians in America, population wise.

        1. But they are very very rare. I had one Japanese friend who was exactly the same, she had never dated a Japanese guy at all. Here’s the thing though, when I introduced her to my then bf (now husband) he instantly said, he knows why. In Japanese standards she’s known as “ugly” – very wide face and a wide toothy smile. Yet I hear from the White nationals here that she’s “hot”. I think the best illustration is Lucy Liu. I know NO Asian Asian would even say she’s pleasant looking, she’s regarded as extremely unattractive, yet in the West, she’s “sexy”. I repeat, the normal or goodlooking Asian girls never date outside, this is something that long term white guys know.

          1. “But they are very very rare.”
            Who? The Asian women from Asia who have a “no-Asians preference”? I hope so.

            East Asian beauty standards tend to be way more strict than Western beauty standards. (Except towards skinny white guys. But for everyone else, they’re pretty picky.)
            I’m considered chubby by American standards but in Taiwan? At 164 lbs and 5’7′, I’m likely larger than the average MAN in Taiwan. Since I’m pale skinned and I have brown hair, (and for context, I’m half Taiwanese, half white but I look slightly more Caucasian) I’d probably be considered a reverse butterface. (Pretty face, not so pretty body)
            And my mom is 110-ish lbs and by Taiwanese standards, she’s rather plain looking but of average size. I’ve shown people at my school pictures of her and they all said that she was pretty.
            Most Asian girls I’ve seen (even the supposedly “plain looking” ones) I thought were quite attractive.
            I’ve also seen dating videos with old white dudes and Filipinas and the Flilpinas were by most people’s standards….ugly or homely looking.

  5. As the mixed race daughter of a white male-Asian female couple, I honestly prefer both white guys and Asians guys so IDK what that makes me lol.
    Anyway, my feedback on your article is that for a lot of Asian females in places like the U.S., they’re not into Asian guys because the Asian population is so small and they’re mostly just attracted to people they are used to seeing and the Asian dudes they see are mostly their relatives. So I think those types of people need to be cut some slack.
    That being said, I guess you make a good point on Asian women preferring white guys over their own kind.

  6. “The normal or good looking Asian girls never date outside, this is something that long term white guys know.”
    That might be a bit of a stretch but I do agree that oftentimes, it’s very common for the Asian woman in WMAF to be plain looking or unattractive, at least by Asians standards.
    Whenever Asian men date white women, 99% of the time, they only go for the really cute, pretty white girls. I can’t imagine most of them being open to dating a chubby/plain white girl.

    1. This is the truth. I’m sorry to be the bearer of shocking news.
      I have heard this most often from my white male mates who have lived in Japan long term and can actually discern a good looking Japanese girl.
      It’s in China too. Don’t take my word for it, listen to a white guy fess up.

  7. “That is what America has attempted to do and it has parlayed this orchestrated acrimony between Asian men and women by telling both sides, that within their hearts, it is not the fellow Asian that she or he desires, but the White saviour.”
    That is so true!
    Asians (even Asian men) are told to chase after the whitey. Obviously we know about Asian women and white men (duh!) but even with the inverse gender, they tell the Asian man to chase after the cute white girls.
    I see more AMWF in the media than AMAF.
    AMAF is better than WMAF or AMWF.
    I say go to hell to anyone who opposes interracial pairings but I think the AMAF union is better than WMAF or AMWF because it symbolizes Asian love and Asian power. (Like how black male-black female pairings symbolize black love.)

    1. Very few realise the Gulf that is deliberately effected onto Asians, only the very few truly woke ones understand that BOTH sides are being played.