Fat chicks in Japan?… It’s STILL a NO!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 1 October 2020

This is a post I wrote on Quora earning 84ks in views, but it was DELETED no thanks to a couple of sensitive obese Western tyrants who can’t stand looking in the mirror and acknowledging though they have EVERY RIGHT TO BE “cuddly”, they can’t force the rest of the planet to applaud and give them a standing ovation every where they go!

I’m sorry to be the bearer of reality, but the truth is, to be even plump is uncouth in Japan! Most people here enjoy being slim to skinny. Am I saying this is right? No. But am I going to IMPOSE MY AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS ON THEM? No!

This is curvy in Japan! Ample breasts, smooth belly and no visible muscle tone. It is not ballooning your girth to the point of being mistaken for a beige sofa!

Leave them be! We have our beauty aesthetics which constantly maim and harass the self esteem of Asian women and men by deigning them to be “too thin” and akin to looking like a “12 year old”, why shouldn’t Asians have their version of retaliation? The Japanese don’t want to be morbidly obese and claim they “own it”! Own what? A fuckin free subscription to a triple bypass, or a voucher which gives them a discount on the ‘two for one’ seats on a plane?

The ugliness of Western ideology is unfolding right in front of us. They fail to compete in technology, academia and structuring an economy that doesn’t run on pure BS, and now? Even controlling the gluttony which besieges a NATION is a moot point! America has 39.6% of its adults being OBESE (not just overweight), England 28% obese and 67% of Australians are either overweight or obese. That’s HIDEOUS! Japan? 3.6% are obese!!! Yeah, drop the fuckin donut and pick up a gym membership ya human mountain!

I know that’s “offensive”, but what’s shutting down the truth? That’s even MORE OFFENSIVE, I’m not even fabricating a schema that is designed to denigrate anyone, I answered a question on Quora “What should not be done in Japan?”. I told the damn truth. You SHOULD NOT wear a crop top while having more folds than a fuckin origami crane! Peace does not come rolled up like that! And now, for the deleted Quora post…

“My answer may come across as offensive, but I only aim to write as honestly as I can. I am a woman, so this is something I know because my Japanese friends tell me their opinions when we talk about girls stuff: weight, food, men and other BS.


The above pictures would definitely be a “No” in Japan. If you are this generously proportioned and insist that this is “thicc” and not a medication condition (in Japan it really is a medical condition) then be prepared to get stares. They will not be stares of admiration or “owning it”, they will be stares of cringe.

This next picture with a slight side bludge would already be classed as “heavy”, and would serve as the upper limit to pulling off the crop top look (Japanese call this the “chibi T, small T-shirt).

This next picture is what most Japanese young people imagine a girl in a crop top to look like even though no-one really looks this, including the model pre-photo-shopped. That is the goal though.

I have written about this before, aesthetics is a game of cultural averages. It’s NOT a universal standard. The notion of beauty is cultural specific. Quora Posts – Beautiful by Default – Asian Straight Shooter

In Japan, plump women are renowned for their cheeky sense of humour and they must play off this role if they are to be seen as empowered. They can’t argue their way into getting other people to declare that they are sexy. They can’t guilt trip people into praising them either. The Japanese, just like most Asians are very upfront with weight. Just on Tuesday this week, one of my students, a nurse who is sturdy looking, just spits out “I’m so fat, but I can’t give up sweets…”. I honestly wouldn’t call her fat at all. In Australia, she would be average.

Recently there’s been a boom for chubby girls and they do well in carving out a niche market for themselves. They don’t however, claim that they are amazingly healthy despite their weight, or that they have to work hard to get their figures. They are straight talkers and admit that they are epicureans!

Here’s the group “Big Angels”, serenading the world about their predicament.

Big Angels are no mere mortals, they are :

“obese angels” who fell from heaven after eating too many delicious things. Prohibited from returning to heaven until they drop down to a more “beautiful” total weight of 269 kg (593 lbs), they have come together to sing, dance, and lose weight in hopes of one day returning their heavenly realm.”Meet Big Angel: A “Fat Pop Idol” Group Straight From Heaven [Videos]

Contrast this to Anglo Western plus size models who do in fact argue that the weight is NOT a cause of health problems…

Or that it’s body positivity even though historically, people have never been this big, on this scale (pun) – America’s OBESITY RATE, not overweight rate, has just reached 40%!

So in Japan, slim is still in, in fact it’s probably going to be a permanent resident in the cultural aesthetics.

I think it’s OK to be a size that YOU feel comfortable in and no-one has the right to tell you to be any OTHER size. That being said, you can’t enforce your body aesthetics onto the Japanese palette and demand that they not scrutinize it among themselves.

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    Exactly. But that’s what happens when people think their shit don’t stink. Being told how much a of a special snowflake princess they are their whole life and receiving participation trophies for coming in dead last will eventually make you believe you fart rainbows and barf candy.