The Paradigm Shift -Say “No” to Whites Lies!

By Rei Tanotsuka, January 8 2022.

“A review of human history shows that what keeps people apart are not mountains, rivers or oceans, but lack of mutual understanding.”Xi Jinping

Unfortunately for China’s latest leading man, he’s wrong. What keeps people apart under the Western mandate is nothing but good ol’ fashion bigotry. Nothing matters like race when your entire conquest is based on the notion of colour supremacy.

And when you coerce the world into believing your esprit de corp is global liberation, and not blood sucking vampirism, what do you do? You MAKE SHIT UP! Reframe the world’s history until you get the centre shot, then rewrite the preamble to ALL the inventions and philosophies already materialised. That’s right, claim credit for things that were already conceived of by OTHERS, as YOUR GENIUS! This way, you can indoctrinate the offspring of your “competition” into a cycle of self loathing so potent, that even after unnecessarily carpet bombing them twice over, they will still think of you as their SAVIOUR!

White came first… it rightly should!

Who are these blokes in the painting? You know Charles Darwin right? Ever heard of a sinister unqualified “scientist” who shares the same initials and first name? No? I give you Charles Dawson, an amateur archeologist who pulled a “hoax” on Western mainstream science by claiming he found evidence that our ancestors hailed from Sussex, England! Yep, Dawson maintained we modern day bipedals descended from “Eoanthropus dawsonii“, aka “Piltdown Man” (the name he gave his skull “serendipitously” found in Piltdown Sussex). His fraudulent bric a brac skull wasn’t disproved for FORTY YEARS, which meant that for two generations, people firmly believed that the white stock is the primogenitor of modern day humans.

I know your rebuttal, you’re going to claim it was an honest mistake, afterall in 1912 maybe that genuinely was the scientific understanding of the day! Yeah, right……and maybe I have a lovely beach front property I can sell you in Guantanamo Bay!

The “superior” scientific standard of the West has been touted to rest its on its “objectivity”, but in reality it’s so far removed from being apolitical that it’s tantamount to propaganda. Do you honestly believe, even back in the early 1900s that Western science was supposed to be conducted under the auspices of conspiracy theorists and the clinically insane? No right? However, if your “findings” happened to coincide with the imperial agenda, then GO CRAZY with your horseshit pie. Pile on some whipped cream, add a cherry on top and fetch yourself a handsome title!

“Charles Dawson, an English barrister and amateur antiquarian, was born July 11, 1864. Although he lacked any formal scientific education, Dawson managed to get elected to both the Geological Society of London and the Society of Antiquaries….”. – Scientist of the Day.

Any “scientist” of yesteryear who was adamant on proving the right to rule by White people was due to divine providence rather than hardcore prejudice, was probably elected to preside over a prestigious institute of some sort.

Western science, a cruel sport!

Not only does Western science OUTSIDE of physics stem from unmitigated bias, it’s positively entrenched with satanic savagery. Noone who has even a rudimentary interest in anthropology, can ever look at the West with respect because of its wanton abuse on human subjects in the name of science. Here’s what the Germans did in honour of their “lofty” pursuit in trying to prove that Black people are infact, NOT human.

I ask anyone with even a 2 digit IQ, how can you even think you need “proof” that this is NOT a human being……

…….but this IS????

The following 2 quotes are taken from this paper: The homecoming of Ovaherero and Nama skulls: overriding politics and injustices, by Vilho Amukwaya Shigwedha The University of Namibia.

Another German scientist involved in the illegal trade of human skulls was the anatomist Wilhelm Waldeyer, who received Ovaherero body parts
from the concentration camps in GSWA…..Leonard Schultze, a zoologist, is recorded to have noted that the mass killing of the Herero and Nama people presented opportunities for ‘physical anthropology’ to flourish; thus he interpreted the mass killing
of indigenous people by the Germans as an opportunity to take parts from fresh
native corpses, a welcome addition to the study of the living body. The anthropologist Eugen Fischer came to GSWA on behalf of Freiburg University as soon as the death camps opened to collect African skulls for ‘race science’ studies…….Fischer studied and made tests with the heads of 778 Herero and Nama dead prisoners of war. Severed heads were
preserved – numbered and labelled as Hottentotte, the German colonial name for the Nama. By measuring skulls – facial features and eye colors – Fischer and his protégés sought to prove that the native races were inferior (as he put it) animals.”

The usual caption for these barbaric theatrics would go one of two ways. Either:

“We were trying to bring civilization blah, blah, blah….”.


“Well, the strong conquers the weak….. survival of the fittest blah, blah, blah”

What the West surreptitiously leaves out is: “We are pusillanimous jerks who wouldn’t DARE fight the natives bare fisted because our inferior muscle agility, coupled with ill conceived battle strategies ensure that we will get our lilly white asses served in the cauldron. So, we fight dirty via machines. It is NOT AT ALL HONOURABLE TO FIGHT AN UNARMED OPPONENT AS A MAN, but then again, we were never men, so what does it matter?”

In Western “victory” chronicles, we are always told that the natives were weak or didn’t fight back. NEVER was this the case. Western people FIGHT DIRTY, whereas their opponents even in war, fought with honour and esteem.

According to Rachel Anderson, a letter written
by a German missionary to his colleagues captures the violent sentiment among Germans in Herero land, supporting the annihilation of the Hereros:
The Germans are consumed with inevitable hatred and a terrible thirst for revenge, one might even say they are thirsting for the blood of the Hereros. All you hear these days is ‘make a clean sweep, hang them, shoot them to the last man, give no quarter’. I shudder to think what may happen in the months ahead. The Germans will doubtless
exact a grim vengeance.”

Let me translate the above. The Germans got REAL PISSED and wanted to kill ALL the Herero people because they WEREN’T WILLING TO LET THE GERMANS KILL THEM “PEACEFULLY”. I shit you not, this is really how White people think!

Western medical science – The File Drawer Effect.

In Rupert Sheldrake’s The Science Delusion, I learnt something that shocked me to the core – placebos have the SAME EFFICACY as real medicine. Another accomplished Western induced standard that is as impotent, as it is deleterious.

So what is the “File Drawer Effect”? It’s a form of publication bias in the scientific community, where scientists only publish a portion of their data ie. best results. By selecting NOT to include negative or inconclusive findings, you can see how this practice grossly skews the outcome.

Now remember, the Western “standard” is what the WORLD needs to adhere to, so basically our current pharmaceutical research system is faulty irrespective of where the testing takes place. Scientific publications need to pass through three filters:

1. The data chosen for publication by the scientist. This has implicit bias through selecting the “best” result as opposed to publishing ALL results.

2. Editors for journals only chose the kind of findings which are suitable for publication.

3. The objective “peer reviewed” process contains its own limitations, because expected results are more likely to be published than results which oppose mainstream views.

Now hold the publication bias in your mind, and let’s move onto placebos. Blank pills work if the patient and doctor BOTH believe it to be real. Prozac (the anti depressant of choice for “ladies” – Lady Diana and Lady Gaga) was proved to be more effective than a placebo during clinical trials….. however this held as much truth as a platonic Epstein friendship with a teen.

Prozac produces some well known side effects like nausea and insomnia. Even in double-blind studies, patients who experienced these effects could deduce that they were given the genuine article, rendering the placebo less effective.

“However, in several other clinical trials, Prozac was no better than the placebo. One reason could be that in these trials the patients had less experience with antidepressants and were less able to recognise the side effects. However, the drug company, Eli Lilly, did not publish the results of unsuccessful trials, which were revealed only because an independently minded researcher, Irving Kirsch, managed to obtain the data using the US Freedom of Information Act. He found that when all the data were taken into account, not just the positive results published by the manufacturers, Prozac and several other antidepressants turned out to be no more effective than placebos, or than a herbal remedy, St John’s wort,”“The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry (NEW EDITION)” by Rupert Sheldrake.

This vacuous “logic” is probably the reason why the FDA requires a WHOPPING 55 YEARS to release it’s Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine data. Eventhough the FDA ostensibly reviewed Pfizer’s work BEFORE licensing the vaccine to be used for the masses, the paperwork may contain information which when held under scrutiny, would be questionable. Afterall, what could possibly be more soul soothing than the melodious ring of the cash register?

Based on company financial statements, the Alliance estimates that Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna will make pre-tax profits of $34 billion this year between them, which works out as over a thousand dollars a second, $65,000 a minute or $93.5 million a day. The monopolies these companies hold have produced five new billionaires during the pandemic, with a combined net wealth of $35.1 billion.”Relief World

Ok Rei, so you say the West sodomized our history and health, but what about the ENLIGHTENMENT?

I’ve asked this rhetorical question before, and I’ll ask it once more. Do you know what I like most about Western ideology besides nothing? It can BULLSHIT with the straightest poker face at the craps table without batting an eyelid…..WTF did I just say? I don’t know frankly, but it certainly makes as much sense as MOST OF THE GREAT ENLIGHTENMENT THINKERS.

Crediting the Age of Enlightenment (1685-1815) for bringing us out of our virgin sacrificing and bastinado fetishising ways, is akin to expressing utmost gratitude to a sadistic torturer who gives us a choice between BBQ sauce or mustard on the turd burger he just whipped up for our dinner. While it’s better than just assuming tomato sauce works on dog shit patties, in the end, it’s still hard to digest (a few puns for ya in one sentence!).

John Locke, the English philosopher commonly credited with inspiring America’s Founding Fathers to pen a ditty paying lip service to the deplorables (who will eventually birth a nation of open and closeted KKK’s) was an insipid WACK JOB.

The energy used for the West’s most brilliant minds, must fall far short of the oft touted 20 watts…….did Locke run on solar sans photovoltaic cells?

Once again, we get a White dude trying to justify two types of slavery, the legitimate and illegitimate kind. Trust me, it wasn’t just Locke. Dr. Rômulo da Silva Ehalt (researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory) expounds on the biggest moral quandary facing the Jesuits back in their heyday, when they were trying to kidnap some nihonjins for free labour. Which coloured munchkin deserves to be ENSLAVED? Decisions, decisions……oh the ethics of it all!

Alessandro Valignano also started having doubts about the acceptance of the enslavement of Japanese……. [In] A Dialogue Concerning the Mission of the Japanese Ambassadors to the Roman Curia,…….we can see criticism against the enslavement [of] Japanese, we see that
Valignano divided slavery in general in two types: the sad slavery (tristem servitutem) of African Blacks, and the positive enslavement of Japanese…… “tolerable slavery”. – Jesuits and the Problem in Early Modern Japan.

So Locke is supposed to have been an intellectual behemoth with a spark of divinity so bright, that rays shone out of his slackened buttocks every morning. The pursuit of liberty and happiness in the American psyche, ostensibly emanated from his quill, (probably dipped in the blood of an enslaved Black infant) and shot straight into the heart of the nation that DEMANDED EQUALITY FOR ALL…… except if you were Asian, Native, Hispanic, Black, female etc.

In Second Treatise of Government, Locke states that you may kill any man who intends harm onto you, even if he causes you no actual harm. The logic being, the would be assailant (if he ever got his paws on you), would kill, maim or subdue you. Because you have a divine right to live your life unencumbered by any external force, you may snuff him out!

Locke also “believed” in racial equality!
“……….the knowledge of which is the eldest line of Adam’s posterity, being so long since utterly lost, that in the races of mankind and families of the world, there remains not to one above another…..”.

Finally Locke was emphatic that state induced slavery is NEVER justified. The only time when slavery is kosher, is when a fight ensues between two people and the loser (because he is one party to a belligerent act) becomes the captive. The victor then, has the right to enslave the loser. Locke succinctly states “…….the perfect condition of slavery, which is nothing else, but the state of war continued, between a lawful conqueror and a captive….”. Once an agreement between the 2 parties is reached however, “……the state of war and slavery ceases, as long as the compact endures….”.

Sounds good……. EXCEPT……..

“……Locke authored The Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina (1669), which explicitly supported hereditary nobility and slavery: ‘Every freeman of Carolina shall have absolute power and authority over his negro slaves …’ Second, they show that Locke owned stock in the Royal African Company, which ran the African slave trade for England.”Aeon

Ain’t he a SWEETHEART? On the one hand, Locke declares that everyone has the birth right to live a life unhindered, and on the other? Let’s MANACLE Black people and trade ’em as a FUCKIN’ STOCK OPTION! Hey everyone, let’s short morals, and long profits!

You think that’s bad? Not yet, wait for the punch line.

Naturally, one would think Locke’s conspicuous bipolar morals was indefensible right? Wrong. There is STILL a coterie of academics TODAY, who want to argue that Locke WASN’T RACIST because he only eloquently worded the Carolina Constitution, and didn’t “mean it”. Apparently Locke’s mate, the Earl of Shaftesbury and his squad made him do it. Post co-authoring a constitution that would make a KKK grand wizard proud, Locke then went on to pen a succession of diatribes AGAINST slavery, as every plaster saint is wont to do.

Was that the punchline? No. This is!

Surely you jest, that’s as low as it gets! Even for the alabaster skins with a heart of cold, you can’t get more gutter than that! Oh yes you CAN!

Now remember the enlightenment period ended around 1815, which means everything in the wake of this momentous epoch of learning should at least be less harrowing than the Dark Age……

The PUNCHLINE: Frederick Douglass (1818-1895), a “recipient” of Western enlightened values, recounts his public transport experience as a “free black man” in America.

My old and dear friend, J.N Buffum made a point against the company that they “often allowed dogs and monkeys to ride first-class cars, and yet excluded a man like Frederick Douglass!”

Lovely! The fact that ANIMALS were illustrious enough in Western culture to RIDE FIRST-CLASS, but fellow HUMAN BEINGS who Western “scientists” were desperately trying to classify AS ANIMALS couldn’t, confounds me no end.

HOW THE FUCK DO WHITE PEOPLE EVEN THINK? Seriously, what’s the ACTUAL thought trajectory? Visual and auditory input = occipital and temporal lobe = frontal cortex = ASSHOLE = verbalisation?


What flummoxes me, is our OWN pretence that the West has given us everything we have. This is patently a joke! They have not only fibbed about their own achievements, they’ve mutated our portrait from this……

……into the ugliest, white, buck tooth bastard who insists that he is the REAL ASIAN!

The NEXT time someone tells you that you can’t trust data or information coming from China/ Russia/ Iran but some how, you can trust Western PROPAGANDA, question why YOU DON’T RETALIATE. Why is it, that despite a compendium of lies perpetrated by every generation in the West, MUST WE STILL INSIST that their word is the sanctioned truth? Are we really this STUPID?

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