Wumao Doesn’t Mean 50 cent Army!

By Rei Tanotsuka, 20 January 2022.

I used to be immersed in the world of fashion. Even though I wasn’t always on trend, I damn well paid attention to them. I often wondered how society’s glitterati managed to spark trends, or were able to embrace them fast enough to be hailed as fashionistas. All the cool kids were MAGIC… except they weren’t. They were the dress up dolls, sheparded and paraded in the media barn to perpetuate the “vision” of an over accessorised wardrobe high priestess. I give you Anna Wintour (Editor in Chief of Vogue for about 2 billion years). Tadaaaa!

If Chanel said take off one item before you leave the house, Wintour says pile on another 10 pieces of bling! That’s right, a busy dress that only causes visual congestion is NOT astigmatic enough. Ya want attention? MAKE IT CRASH!

In life, you can rule through simple brilliance or Medusa like obfuscation, where your opponent admits defeat because you have so much going on.

What has FASHION got to do with WUMAO?

*You can applaud my segue later.

Every prophetic movement starts off with a visionary who will eventually spawn a legion of imitators. Some followers will bear an uncanny resemblance to the leader, but most will morph into its polar opposite. *The Democrats originally voted AGAINST the abolition of slavery, only to emerge in contemporary society as an advocate for minorities and the oppressed.

I champion pan Asian fealty among the countries which share the Asian zone, including Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately very few understand the geopolitical necessity of a united Asian front and instead, pledge allegiance to melanin content. So it is with no surprise that I get called wumao alot on social media because I give  succour to the strongest Asian nation who can stand up to the West – China.

What I find humourous is how IGNORANT most are. They use terms to “insult” me, with ZERO UNDERSTANDING of what they are saying. So today, I’m going to explain what a wumao ACTUALLY is. The internet is rife with asinine explanations which go something like this:

“The Chinese government pays citizens 50 cents to post patriotic statements during national holidays/ new projects it wants to initiate. Eventhough the nominal 50 cent fee has been debunked, we still use the term because NONE of us have any knowledge about China and we don’t care to learn. We hate the Chinese so why should we update our knowledge base?”

THINK, people. Please THINK!

Why 50 cents? Seriously, why? If you want to really denigrate the Chinese by implying that their abstemious nature can be readily bought for a pittance, why not 5 cents (wu mei fun)?

Why not go the OTHER way, and exaggerate how poverty stricken China is by using $5 (wu mei yuan) to denote a king’s ransom? Create the propaganda that $5 allows the average Chinese citizen to retire, hence the plethora of pro China trolls!

So, why WU MAO?

Because it is a play on words of a nom de guerre of a Chinese patriot who was responsible for creating the China you now see.

Zhou Enlai – Wu Hao, Fifth Warrior

Like the fashion icon Anna Wintour who is a visionary when it comes to couture, Zhou Enlai was one of the few early political pundits who foresaw what modern China would look, and be like.

However, the distortion of any ideology or concept is frighteningly real and after a metamorphosis of few decades, the original is hardly recognisable!

Wintour combining a “wild” leopard print dress, with an immaculately coiffured bob and understated makeup, to create a look that isn’t reminiscent of a street walker……
Snooki…. a few decades later on Jersey Shore, looking every inch a powder sniffer who is hooked on hooking….
So who is Zhou Enlai? Zhou was the Former Premier of the People’s Republic of China, and to say he was a political genius is to do him an injustice. He was more than that. He really did believe in realising a Chinese nation that wasn’t beholdened to external parties.

*You can read more about him if you are curious, but the main point of this post is to highlight how stupid it is to call someone a wumao, because it has NOTHING to do with fake trolls getting paid on the net!

Zhou was one PISSED OFF young lad in the 1919’s, and rightly so! The Western fucktards of the Paris Peace Conference (post First World War armistice), decided that the Chinese territories in  Shandong Province BELONGED TO JAPAN!

Anyone with an iota of national pride would say “Fuk dat!”, and demand a redress. That’s exactly what Zhou attempted to do by founding a new publication, the Nankai Student Union Alliance News. In his articles he would expound his theories on why nationalism was important, and the need for China to be unshackled from imperialists.

Zhou was initially a one man band, writing, editing, typesetting, proofing, printing and distributing his newspaper. He then got a lucky break. A new underground movement was concomitantly being formed called the Awakening Society, and it was then that Zhou was asked to pen the manifesto.

This underground movement adopted the policy of using a nom de guerre for all internal communication and published articles. Zhou’s Awakening Society pen name was Fifth Warrior, (Wu Hao). Zhou continued to use this pen name during the early CPC days.

The moniker gets twisted

Fast forward a few decades, enter Mao Zedong’s fourth wife Jiang Qing…….

In May 1967 Madame Mao launched a fusillade of political aspersions on Zhou, desperately trying to find proof of his “traitorous” past. This was during Mao’s persecution phase where party members who posed a threat to him, were thought to be suspect.

It was during this time that an article was found  titled “Annoucement by the Fifth Warrior and Others on Their Departure from the Communist Party.”. This ostensibly evinced Zhou’s betrayal of the party, and was supposed to be the bat that knocked his political standing down a few pegs.

This “serendipitous” discovery was later found to be a “forgery concocted by the Nationalist security services to….create distrust among the CCP members….”. Zhou Enlai: The Last Perfect Revolutionary


Those of us who DON’T desire to live under the boot of a white dude just because he’s white, will be called everything under the sun for our defiance. Afterall, most of our Asian compatriots are more than willing to play second fiddle and pucker up to smooch a cellulite ridden white ass, WHY AREN’T WE?

The person who originated the term “Wu Mao” and turned it into a derogatory epithet, had good enough knowledge of the Chinese struggle. Unfortunately, s/he was one of those Asians who turn every defensive act against INITIAL Western aggression, into an Asian vice.

This is a psychosis so harrowing and cringe worthy, that an on hand barf bag is necessary when interacting with these whitewashed dickheads. This two fold maneuver to diminish Zhou’s patriotism along with denigrating the Chinese spirit to DEMAND TO BE TREATED AS AN EQUAL AND NOT AS A LAP DOG, can only spurn forth from an asshole whose reflection of pride looks like this:

No, they are not laughing “WITH YOU”, it’s “AT YOU”!

Call me wumao all you want, I’ll take that over self-hating bootlicker any day of the week!

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